Color Challenge #1: April Showers bring May flowers

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  1. Whenever I think about spring, I see tulips and soft sun. Robins bouncing around in the bright green grass and the trees just starting to bud with pretty little flowers. The most common colors used in referance to spring are pastels and soft colors. This brings us to this weeks challenge!
    When you see the word PASTEL, what do you think of?

    This can be done in any art style you desire, but please try to include things that are as "roleplay" related as possible. This could be a scene, person or thing from a current or favorite RP!

    I would love to see RP memories put down on paper, but that's just me ;P
    Please have your submissions in by June 8th!!

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  2. This sounds interesting, but I don't understand the challenge.

    ...What are we supposed to write/draw?