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What are your favorite colors?

  1. Red/Red Variant

  2. Orange/Orange Variant

  3. Yellow/Yellow Variant

  4. Green/Green Variant

  5. Blue/Indigo/Blue Variant

  6. Violet/Purple/Purple Variant

  7. Pink/Pink Variant

  8. Brown/Brown Variant

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  9. White

  10. Grey

  11. Black


  13. Other! (in case I missed anything)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Because why not :D​
  2. Sure, why not. I picked orange, green, and black. Orange is best, green and black are second tier.
  3. Eeeew, your taste in colour is as bad as Brian May's taste in hair styles.

    Git gudder taste in colurs, scrubface.
  4. I might have taken offense to that if you weren't an inferior being from an inferior country that throws an unnecessary U in words like 'color.' <3
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  5. Purple and black because I'm an edgy teen. Once I'm eighteen though, switch black with blue.
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  6. Grey, blue, and black. I would have liked to pick white also.
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  7. Green master race.
  8. my favourite colour is Eggnog.
  9. Orange and pinks.
  10. I like my blues and whiteees.

    After playing Wadanohara I have come to hate the colour red. Fuck it.
  11. Gray, because I'm edgy like that.

    It's a color of neutrality, and ambiguity, of the area between two extremes. It's not pure, but it's also not nessesarly dark.

    It's just gray.

    Also lets factor in that my favorite animal is the Gray Fox and we have a match.
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  12. *colour, untermensch.
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  13. Hey, you know what it is. (Black and yellow, black and yellow)

    Seriously though I'm a big fan of purples and bright blues.
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  14. Black looks the coolest.

    But Black Cars in the summer are a bitch with the way they attract heat and turn the car into an Oven.
  15. Blood red. Man I sound like a teenager whose trying to be edgy saying that but I do weirdly like that particular shade of red, if it has another name I do not know of it. A light green is nice too, saw something called Treefrog green, it was very light and just soothing to look at.

    Speaking of colors my brother's favorite is brown and he is the only person I know who had a reason for having a favorite color other than just liking it. Chocolate is one of his favorite things so by that logic he made his favorite color brown.
  16. I like cool colors cause i'm cool that way :afro:
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  17. Blues and golds
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  18. Blues are amazing. Don't dis the ultramarine.
  19. Did someone say ...




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  20. [​IMG]
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