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  1. Status: Not accepting any further characters. The IC can be found here. | NPC's can be found here. (14/15 character slots taken.)

    Disclaimer: This is a large and highly detailed universe, the complete opposite of a jump-in. There is a lot of information to digest about the universe, so it’s been divided into two tabs. The first tab is information you absolutely have to know--it’s the plot and the premise of the role play. The second tab is small entries that flesh out the universe, which you can read at your own discretion.

    • One hundred and twenty years ago, humanity had begun construction of five large, space faring vessels to explore the universe with. Ten years into the project, the home world of humanity had been poisoned by a meteor that brought with it a microbe. This microbe began to terraform the Earth into something inhospitable for human life. The human race rushed together to finish their ships, and in another ten years, the five vessels sailed off into the stars in search of a new home for mankind, and to discover any potential cure for the microbe. Many alien races were discovered, intergalactic supranational political groups that had largely agreed to leave lesser races alone. Though two ships were lost in the search effort, after five years of searching, humanity found a new home for itself. The remaining three vessels had to fight to maintain a claim on the world, and one more ship was lost, leaving just two to ferry humanity from its old home to its new home.

      Ninety five years ago, Humanity established itself on New Earth, and a new, universal government was established in the interests of preventing humanity from tearing itself apart from within. This universal government is known as the Terran Confederation--many nations, identities, and religions, all united within the same cause: The survival and flourishing of mankind. A new calender was established for the occasion, known as “AE”, or after earth. Trade agreements were founded with outside alien alliances, federations, and confederations. Technology quickly advanced, and approximately seventy five years ago, colonization programs began. Outposts sprang up on multiple worlds. These outposts grew over time: Some into military listening outposts, some into agrarian worlds, some into industrial juggernauts.

      Sixty years ago, a distant listening outpost was established on A-133. This system, and the subsequent colony, were later named the Galileo colony. It was quickly discovered that the world was a paradise for humanity, with rolling fields and forests as far as the eye could see, and pleasant, temperate weather across eighty percent of the planet. Immigrants flooded the world and thirty years ago, it had a healthy population of millions. Today, it’s seen as a well populated agrarian world, with small cities scattered across its surface, boasting a highly educated population on the fringes of Terran Confederation territory.

      Unfortunately, the partially completed FTL satellite web triggered an alarm system mere minutes before a large fleet of war ships arrived in orbit. After an alarmingly short battle in orbit with a mere handful of INEF vessels, They began an immediate bombardment of the colony, hitting its military installations first. An hour ago, ground forces started landing on the planet, eradicating people but leaving buildings standing where possible. In a few minutes, they’re going to land near the city of Bellsford. Population: Four and a half million people.

      Including you. Will you survive?
    • Here you can find publicly accessible records of various sorts: From technology to history. Everything here is optional reading: Read it to better understand the universe and immerse yourself in it.

      Aliens & The Terran Confederation
      Most alien races gather themselves into much larger confederations, federations, and alliances, akin to supranational political groups. They tend to each keep to themselves, and though individuals amongst each race can strive to more, most tend to be comfortable with what they have. These supranational alliances rarely spread out from their boundaries, and often work hard to preserve their own cultural values whilst keeping out of the affairs of other supranational political groups. All of these groups have agreed to leave lesser developed races alone, until they achieve spaceflight and exceed light speed barrier conundrum.
      There are hundreds of alien races scattered about in hundreds of light years in each direction, with potentially hundreds more undiscovered beyond them. It’s not uncommon for individual aliens to become citizens or immigrants of other confederations and alliances.

      The Terran Confederation: Uniquely comprised almost solely of humans with the exception of the occasional alien immigrant, the Terran Confederation is a democratically elected republic using the FPTP system with two different sections: The House of Commons, and the Senate. Each planet gets two seats in the Senate, whilst the House of Commons’ numerous seats are divided according to population density. After general elections are over, the leader of whichever political party gained the most popular votes becomes president. This can mean that a president can be established without gaining majority seats in the House of Commons. Reelections occur every five years.

      The Terran Confederation is known as a young and volatile government by its neighbours, though its eagerness to trade and avoid open warfare is seen in a good light. It’s one of the only factions that simultaneously endorses both cloning and AI rights, and has a handful of languages imported from her old home world, though English and Mandarin are the dominant tongues heard in the House of Commons.

      Humans are also some of the most robust and fastest breeding species in the galaxy, often being compared to pests by some of its more aristocratic neighbours: Wherever humans settle, they quickly overrun the local environment. Where most species cannot survive the loss of any body part, humans can and do routine sacrifice organic limbs for robotic prosthesis. Where many races fall to despair when faced with adversities, humans find a particular craving for the challenge of conquering the impossible. This leaves the Terran Confederation in the relatively unique spot amongst its neighbours of being considered a potential threat in the future if it ever seeks to expand beyond its means.

      In spite of all of this, the Terran Confederation’s primary weakness at present is its space forces. Many of its ships are constantly undergoing retrofits to try and meet a perceived arms race against its neighbours, and it often falls behind given that the TC is young. Its military branch is known as the INEF--Interstellar New Earth Forces. It commands both space and ground based forces, though local planetary militia are generally a separate and distinct entity from its military counterparts. The population of every planet is forced through two years of military service after high school, after which the population is then free to do as they please and keeps the rifle or side arm they used during training. In essence: The entire population is armed and trained in the basics, should someone threaten their new home.

      Telepaths emerged within the human race thirty years prior to the planet being struck by the microbic meteor. They’re generally regarded as fairly average amongst the other races, and most of humanity has accepted them as technologies have since been produced that can block telepathic signals. Telepaths can further hone their abilities, and it’s not uncommon for telepaths of any race to start achieving additional effects beyond non-vocal communication and mind reading.

      Chrysalids: This is the race that engineered the life-ending microbe launched at the Earth. They’re an entirely organic race of multiple forms, and whether they were one race or several is indiscernible at this point. They’ve mastered genetic manipulation and have long since abandoned their original forms, engineering themselves to be whatever form most appeals to them at the time. They’ve committed mass genocide against any lesser race they felt might threaten political stability in their region of space, and are generally perceived in an icy manner by the Terran Confederation’s neighbours.

      They long ago abandoned planets insofar as anyone is able to discern, instead travelling aboard massive world-sized bio-ships that maintain their populations and allow them to have large, mobile strike forces and civilian colonies. They often adopt forms similar to those of factions they are at war with, aping their strengths and weaknesses accordingly, though they do keep a small set of “normal” designs which they use for military operations. They’re masters of espionage as a result, though they often fail to totally assimilate the cultural and social norms of whatever species they’re attempting to blend in with.

      Their government is largely an unknown. Their diplomats often speak of a High Queen, but each bio-ship is known to have at least one spawning entity that could fit the description. Despite popular belief, while they are telepathic, each member of their race is fully capable of independence--destroying their spawning vessels does not impede them in any way, shape, or form. Neither does telepathic interference, though it can confuse large groups of them as they aren’t used to vocal communication within their own kind.

      They haven’t been seen in several decades by The Terran Confederation, though it wouldn’t be a great stretch of the imagination to say that the attack against the Galileo Colony is likely orchestrated by them in some manner.
      Individuals of this race have been known to defect away to other races, though no defectors have ever known of the government structure, as it seems to be a highly classified monarchy of some sort.

      Their military wing is known as the Vanguard. Their typical modus operandi when invading planets is to leave structure and computer systems intact so they can sack them for information or turn them against their makers in mass producing equipment for themselves. Their spawning ships also seem equipped with drones that can harvest entire planets in weeks or months depending on the size of the ship, so long as they feel it safe enough to do so.

      Specific technology is listed underneath each faction’s name. Universal technology is listed above the Terran Confederation entry. Custom designed tech is very common, though generally never exceeds defaults.

      FTL Drives: FTL stands for Faster Than Light. The light-speed barrier is still very real by conventional means. FTL drive however works on a few non-standard principles that defy most modern conventions of physics. The ship rapidly accelerates to the speed of light, and the drive takes stored energy to create a worm hole between two sets of coordinates. Assuming unimpeded travel, FTL always takes one hour from one part of the galaxy to another. FTL to other galaxies is not yet possible. There are, however, anti-FTL technologies that can prevent war fleets from perpetrating unanswered sneak attacks, such as...

      FTL Webs: A large series of hundreds of satellites can be set up at the edges of systems, spread across vast distances, that can pull a ship out of FTL at the edge of a system. The bigger the net, the more speed is drained from the ships as they’re pulled out of FTL. Core worlds in alien confederacies can quite literally “splat” ships against them if someone attempts to FTL through them. The Terran Confederacy can only manage to slow enemy fleets, as it hasn’t had the time or tech to produce completed FTL nets. In particular, distant colonies are the most vulnerable to sneak attacks, as the webs are often unfinished.

      The Terran Confederation: This faction is still very fond of ballistics warfare, subscribing to the theory that “Newton is the deadliest motherfucker in space.” Regardless, through a mix of their own ingenuity and trade, they’ve designed several, more effective counterparts to weapons of the old Earth--shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, side arms, grenades, and so on. It’s not uncommon for them to engage in EMP warfare and fit electromagnetic rails to anti-tank rifles, tanks, fighter craft, and so on. Nanotechnology and genetic manipulation are also common place, though genetic manipulation within the Terran Confederation is limited almost strictly to clones, as post-birth genetic manipulation survival rates amongst humans are very low.

      This faction’s war fleets tend to favour large capital ships, carrying lots of ammunition and supplies. These ships tend to be multifaceted, capable of being retrofitted mid-flight to accommodate either personnel or enough firepower to level several cities in quick succession. They’re clunky looking and most designs tend to revolve around rectangular boxes with engines strapped onto them. Either way, they’re heavily armoured and heavily armed, though they lack the acceleration of other vessels and often cannot catch fleeing opponents, leaving most of the fleet in the precarious position of forever fighting defensively. Though, they do their defensive roles admirably, given that most of the fleet has yet to be retrofitted with technology equalling their neighbours.

      The Terran Confederacy is also known to have recently acquired anti-gravity technology, though its civilian applications have been limited as the military has been using it to retrofit their ships and stations to make rotational gravity an irrelevant thing of the past.

      Humans created artificial intelligence and clones a few years prior to their world being contaminated by microbes. These AI and clones are considered largely equal, having the same basic rights and freedoms as the rest of the population, though AI’s are forbidden from the act of procreation without government supervision and permission.

      Clones, AI, & Telepaths
      Clones: The majority of clones suffer a two-edged sword: On the one hand, they can be given several abilities at birth that their counterparts can’t be, such as the ability to hack into computers at a touch, or increased strength and agility. On the other hand, this usually results in detrimental health effects, faster metabolisms, and other adverse physical effects. Clones often have small but distinguishing features to designate them from the local population, such as unusual hair colours or eye colours. Clones are generally divided into two types, which while not entirely accurate, are a carry-over from the old Earth’s classification system on clones.
      • Alpha: Alpha types are typically physically superior at the cost of their physical health, in that they can incidentally push themselves past their limits and cause internal damage. This does not necessarily improve their intelligence or reaction times however. In the military, and in civilian life, they often operate within mechanical suits to amplify their abilities further. Alphas also tend to be bigger and/or taller than their normal counterparts. (Easier, more straightforward.)
      • Beta: Beta types are typically physically weaker and also suffer health maladies, but often gain other abilities, such as the ability to hack devices on touch, or heightened reaction times and problem solving skills. They tend to be half a foot shorter than average than their normal counterparts. (Harder, more subtle.)

      AI: AI’s, generally, fall into three categories. All three types of AI have a central matrix, which stores their core software and in the case of Type 2’s & 3’s, their personality, memories, and “human” aspects. If the matrix is destroyed, the AI dies, but if the matrix can be recovered from a broken body and inserted into a new one, they survive.
      • Type 1: Non-sentient software. These are generally AI’s that have no sense of self-awareness, and never exceed their programming. They operate terminals, aiming-assist modules in rifles or tanks, counter-hacking measures in ships with wireless devices, and so on. It is generally seen as illegal in most alien confederations to ever “evolve” a Type 1 AI into the other two types, as they typically go insane as a result. The Terran Confederation has no such law, though has officially requested that such modifications be postponed until the government is alerted so that damage control measures can be on standby. (Non-playable.)
      • Type 2: Semi-sentient automatons. These are generally AI’s that act as service drones, bodyguards, and research assistants. They have no free will, but can understand complex social and emotional situations, and even learn about the environment around them. They have no capacity for emotion on their own, and generally need a sentient to instruct them on tasks, or at the very least to follow for additional orders. (Playable, though very difficult.)
      • Type 3: Sentient automatons. These are AI’s who have exceeded their programming and obtained free will, often being old type 2’s or as the result of a type 3 creating a new AI. They can have emotions, and can learn sets of skills with the adaptability of humans. They can also be programmed new skills, though programming Type 3 AI’s with new knowledge is generally dangerous as it can result in unintentional file overwrites that can wipe their memory and reduce them to Type 2’s. Type 3 AI’s are also capable of plugging themselves into terminals or other devices to gain access to them at a much faster rate than any human could dream of without technological implants of their own. Many Type 3’s give themselves outer plating to resist EMP weapons and backup systems in case they’re affected, as EMP is an extremely deadly weapon against them. Their physical forms can vary, and many are highly mod-able to suit different situations. Type 3’s often feel an unnatural kinship with other Type 3’s and Type 2’s that drive them to recover the matrix from fallen comrades, even if it is damaged or destroyed, as it’s often referred to as their “soul.”

      Telepaths: Those born with telepathic talent are regarded as a curiosity by the universe at large. They’re an inexplicable, convergent evolution that appears in many races in the galaxy. Some races have naturally stronger telepaths than others, though none overwhelmingly so, promoting a theory that some small pieces of genetic information are shared amongst all the races. Basic telepaths are able to read the surface thoughts of people and animals they touch, and can communicate non-verbally so long as there are no physical barriers between them and the person or animal they’re speaking to. They can block their telepathic talents by wearing battle helmets and gloves--battle helmets for non-verbal communication, and gloves for surface thought reading on touch.
      Telepaths can train and hone their abilities to become more powerful, and to gain more abilities over time. Their development can be staggeringly different from one another. Telepaths are also more vulnerable to sudden sensory deprivation or overload, such as bright flashes of light or sudden loud noises, with more reporting to be epileptic than average. This makes them especially vulnerable to weapons like flash bangs, stun grenades, and the headlights of vehicles rushing at them.

      Aboard ships that go to FTL, all telepaths suffer out of body experiences aboard their ships, becoming “ethereal”. If their “ethereal” form leaves whatever ship they’re on mid-FTL, they become catatonic vegetables for the rest of their lives. They also often report being able to see ghosts during FTL, though none of this is substantiated as untrained telepaths also suffer psychotic episodes post-FTL. Trained telepaths can survive without an episode, though often still suffer some emotional distress. Telepaths, trained or not, feel light headed and suffer nose bleeds after FTL is over.

      It’s not uncommon for telepaths to adopt quiet natures, like wallflowers, in order to avoid unintentional physical contact. More extreme cases can develop into isolationism, paranoia, and fear of losing control over their powers, though this fear is entirely deceptive and not grounded in reality. There are several exceptions to this rule, but it hasn’t stopped the social stereotype that “the quiet ones” in classrooms and workplaces are all telepaths.

      New Earth: The centralized sector of the Terran Confederation, and home system, and home world, each respectively. This world is slightly larger than the old Earth and has a more humid climate, resulting in large jungles covering much of the surface, though rudimentary terraforming has made the planet more Earth-like in recent years. Most corporations are headquartered here or on one of its two moons, one of which is surprisingly habitable, though has a low gravity environment.

      There are large fleets protecting this crown jewel, a large number of which are finishing their retrofits. Any attempt to destroy this world would result in massive casualties for the attacking force, though it is possible to starve the system out, as it doesn’t produce enough food locally to sustain its overwhelming population of thirty five billion people. The system has six planets, four of which are habitable with sufficient terraforming, though only one other planet has a significant population of five billion on it. New Earth herself has twenty nine billion and suffers from systemic overcrowding, even in wealthy districts.

      A-133 “Galileo”: This is a sector circling a white star, akin to that of old Earth’s star. The system has five planets, with two falling in the Goldilocks zone: A water-covered ball (Galileo 2), and a temperate planet containing the system’s only civilian colony (Galileo 3). There is an old listening post on Galileo 2, but it became prudent to leave it with only a skeletal crew and Type 1 AI’s as the colony on Galileo 3 grew out to millions of people. Both Galileo 2 & 3 have a single, barren moon. Galileo 1 is a barren, heavily irradiated rock. Galileo 4 is a gas giant, and Galileo 5 is an icy ball with several wrecked commercial scouting vessels doting its exterior, as it suffers nasty icy storms that “civilian adventurers” sometimes ignore.

      Galileo 3 is known as an agrarian world, meaning it is primarily covered by forests and farms, with only small cities. The largest, most populous city on Galileo 3 is Tyre’s Valley, at a population last estimated to be at 11.3 million people. Bellsford is the sixth most populous city. The planet is currently halfway through its autumn cycle, and has a standard rotational period with 26 hours per day-night cycle.

      Bellsford: 4.5 Million people call this city home on the rolling plains. It’s located in the northern hemisphere on one of two continents, and is approximately two hundred miles away from its nearest coastline. The city is a middle class paradise, built tall with several skyscrapers and roomy apartments rather than spacious bungalows. There is a small industrial sector, though it primarily produces farming tools. There are, however, small shops scattered across the city that do custom ordered weapons and hunting/basic military gear.

      The city itself is essentially an oversized small town, with the local culture being a friendly if somewhat culturally insensitive one. It’s not overly uncommon to find interracial relationships, or relationships between AI’s and humans, or clones and humans, though it is still abnormal enough to be noticed.

      Universe & Terran Confederation Terminology
      AE: After Earth calender dating, which only applies to those living within the Terran Confederation. It follows the same units of time as the old Gregorian calender of Earth did. Seasons became independent of units of time, dependent entirely on the orbital period of a planet around its star, instead of being bound to specific months on the calender. Minutes and hours are recorded independently of days, so that local time can be tracked accurately without sacrificing universal consistency. The current year is 95 AE, or 2200 AD in the old Gregorian calender. For a simple timeline, look below.

      2080 AD: Ship construction began.
      2090 AD: Earth poisoned by microbe.
      2100 AD: Five sleeper ships depart to discover a new home for mankind.
      2105 AD: New Earth found and claimed, new government formed.
      2140 AD: Galileo colony established.
      2200 AD: Present date on the Gregorian calender. 95 AE equivalent TC calender.

      The public records will be updated over time as more information is accrued or becomes relevant.
    • Below, you can find a copy-paste version of the character sheet. Relevant information about the sheet can be found in the next tab.

      Copy-paste everything below. :ferret:

      [b]Name:[/b] (Your character’s name.)
      [b]Age:[/b] (Your character’s age.)
      [b]Sex:[/b] (Your character’s biological gender, if it applies. AI’s can have masculine or feminine personalities, and may interpret themselves as male or female independent of function.)
      [b]Species:[/b] (Your character’s race. If your character is a clone or telepath, it’s best mentioned here after your species. Ex: Human, Telepath. Ex #2: Human, Clone.)
      [b]Appearance:[/b] (What your character looks like. A picture or text description will suffice here.)
      [b]Ship Survivor or Colonist?:[/b] (Is your character one of the survivors who used an escape pod to get out of one of the INEF defensive vessels before it was destroyed, or have you always lived on this world as a colonist? This affects how other NPC’s perceive you. Choose either Ship Survivor or Colonist.)
      [b]Biography:[/b] (Your character’s personality & history. A minimum of one paragraph is required for me to get a measure of your writing ability. You may want to save this until after everything else is done.)

      [b]Stats:[/b] (Your character’s stats. You get a total of 32 points to spend, putting you above average for most NPC human peers. Stats are generally broad reaching, and how you describe actions will help determine what stat is used to determine success.)
      [LIST][*][b]Strength:[/b] (0-10.)
      [*][b]Agility:[/b] (0-10.)
      [*][b]Marksmanship:[/b] (0-10.)
      [*][b]Intelligence:[/b] (0-10.)
      [*][b]Courage:[/b] (0-10.)
      [*][b]Survival:[/b] (0-10.)[/LIST]

      [b]Traits:[/b] (These are custom-designed abilities for your character by you. They can be anything from skills, to unique powers, to weapons, to racial traits, and so on. If you want custom powers or powerful technology or so on, grab it here. You can also upgrade traits to increase the level of power they have, which affects dice rolls accordingly. You start with five trait points.)

      [b]Trait 1:[/b] (Example racial/clone/telepath/AI trait.)
      [b]Trait 2:[/b] (Example racial/clone/telepath/AI trait.)
      [b]Trait 3:[/b] (Example cybernetics, nanotechnology, computers, or gun trait.)
      [b]Trait 4:[/b] (Example equipment trait.)
      [b]Trait 5:[/b] (Example social or reputation trait.)

      [b]Equipment List:[/b] (List equipment you have here. Be thorough.)

      [b]Signature:[/b] (Write your username here to agree that I may kill off your character without your permission at any time, should it fit the needs of the story.)
    • Below, you can learn more about the stats & traits. This role play does use dice, but the dice are a guiding measure only: Dice results can and will be overriden for good story telling, so your character won’t die just because of a bad roll so long as they aren’t doing anything suicidally stupid.

      Stats & Traits: A few quick tips...
      • Stats never normally exceed 10 points, and can’t go lower than 0.
      • 0 Points represents an actual disorder of some kind. This is hard to play and I don’t recommend it unless you’re absolutely certain you can pull it off and that you understand the consequences involved. At least 1 point in every stat is recommended.
      • You get 32 points to start with to spend on stats, and can design for yourself 5 starting custom traits.
      • Traits are customizable entirely by you. Consider traits a set of skills, equipment, abilities powers, and more, that define more specifically what your character is good at. Techie? Sniper? Doctor with nanobot surgical kit? Anti-gravity boots that can lift you a few feet off the ground? Et cetera. It’s your imagination that makes your character whoever you want it to be.
      • You can exceed 10 points in a stat if you spend custom trait points on it.
      • If you choose to play as a telepath, clone, or AI, be prepared to spend one or two custom traits on it to flesh out what kind of abilities you want to utilize from their wide range of available kits.
      • Regular flesh & blood humans normally don’t exceed 8 points in any particular category. Meaning a 9 or 10 stat for a human is considered an extreme physical accomplishment--the pinnacle of the human race, in the uppermost echelons. Most humans average out around 4-5 points in each stat.
      • At certain points in the RP, you will get additional stat points. Typically only 1-2 additional points each time.
      • You will get more custom trait points, and you can upgrade existing traits to add effects or make them stronger.
      • Keep in mind that you will have allies in the form of some NPC’s and other player characters. You don’t have to be the jack of all trades, and can specialize at something fairly safely as a result.

      Strength is a measure of your character’s ability to lift, throw, and hit things. This is the primary stat used for how well you can manipulate your environment, resist recoil effects on weapons, the range at which you can throw items such as grenades, and win melee encounters. This also determines how long your character can last without suffering penalties from fatigue. 0 Points means your character suffers from a clinically debilitating physical disorder that leaves them barely able to walk or run. 10 Points means your character can quite literally crush someone’s throat with their bare hands, or bend small steel bars.

      Agility is a measure of your character’s ability to react to danger and reach difficult places. This is the primary stat used for how likely your character is to react mid-GM post to a threat and avoid it, and how well your character can perform intricate and delicate tasks (ex: surgery or lockpicking). 0 Points means your character clinically suffers from an inability to react to any danger before it hits them. 10 Points means your character is a local savant of flexibility and is rarely caught off guard even by sneak attacks.

      Marksmanship determines how knowledgeable your character is with any and all ranged weapons, including grenades. This is the primary stat used whenever a character attempts to hit any target with a firearm, though other stats do play minor roles in success odds. (Ex: Especially large weapons get bonuses from Strength, reaction fire against a target gets bonuses from Agility, et cetera.) 0 Points means your character literally cannot load a gun properly or figure out where the safety is. 10 Points means your character is a renowned sharpshooter, capable of wielding nearly any firearm big or small with a familiarity bordering on the fanatical.

      Intelligence is a measure of your character’s ability to grasp new situations and utilize computers. This is the primary stat used whenever a character attempts to problem solve, and also passively triggers in the form of GM knowledge passed onto characters. It’s also used to determine how well your character can use and modify technology, ranging from hardware to software, AI’s to computer terminals to electrical panels, to weapon modifications, and even hacking. This stat also affects a character’s ability to multitask effectively. 0 Points means your character is a borderline illiterate savage who is more likely to drool on a keyboard than use it. 10 Points means your character is a genius, who excels at nearly any mental task he or she assigns themselves to accomplishing, to the point of almost seeming to have some form of clairvoyance for problem solving.

      Courage is a measure of your character’s ability to clearly discern a situation and remain calm while under stress. This is the primary stat used whenever a character performs any task while under stress, and as a shock resistance check. It also determines how likely a character is able to snap NPC’s out of shell shock and other mental effects due to stress or panic. The more courageous a character is, the less likely they are to suffer penalties to all actions while under stress, and the less severe those penalties will be if they do occur. 0 Points means a character panics and becomes a complete, sobbing wreck under stress, unable to discern how to survive the situation, and may become suicidal just to escape. 10 Points means a character is a bastion of endless courage, who never suffers under stress and inspires others around them to fight with equal or greater zeal.

      Survival is the measure of your character’s ability to naturally survive hits through armour, evasion, cover, or sheer luck, and the use of first aid. This is the primary stat used to see if your character survives taking a hit, and their ability to treat the wounds of themselves and others around them. It also affects their ability to notice traps or impending ambushes. 0 Points means a character is a nubile vegetable that can’t figure out how to cook soup and whose body armour never seems to stop even the smallest of weapons. 10 Points means a character is a survivalist champion, likely known for repeatedly surviving events that easily kills others without a scratch, and who is able to dress nearly any wound.
    • This is where I store all the excess information that doesn’t fit in above. You can find a list of active, inactive, and dead characters below, and other information of that nature.

      Q. Can I play an alien?
      A. Yes, you can. You can even customize that alien to your heart’s content, just don’t forget to use custom trait points to help you in this task.

      Q. Can I play as a Chrysalid? (Earth’s ancient enemies.)
      A. Yes, though keep in mind that many within the Terran Confederation will never like you, leave alone trust you. Your race forcibly terraformed Earth with a hostile microbe that killed tens of millions all by itself--the NPC’s in the present haven’t forgotten. You’re basically playing as the equivalent of a race that employs Nazi-level evil to get things done, even if your individual character is a good person.

      Q. What is it like growing up as an alien/telepath/clone/AI/et cetera in a human dominated society?
      A. Depends entirely on the political affiliations of the individuals you talk to and in the communities you live in. Some may look on you with disdain and disgust, and others with warmth and appreciation. Basically just like the real world--bigotry and love don’t change just because they’re a century and a half removed. It should be noted that discrimination against telepaths is nearly non-existent, though aliens, clones, and AI, each still receive discrimination, typically from small, local, right wing political groups.

      Q. In the AI’s, Clones, and Telepaths section, some entries are labelled as being “harder” than others, what does this mean?
      A. It means that clones, AI, and Telepaths are all playable, but some types of AI’s and Clones are a little more difficult to play than others because of their limitations. You’re still allowed to play them, I’m just forewarning you that you’re making it harder on yourself by doing so.

      Q. Can I have technology that isn’t from the Terran Confederation? (Ex: Laser beams.)
      A. Yes. If you have any questions, about other worldly tech, ask. Also keep in mind that while the military may not employ laser technology, this doesn’t stop civilians, mercenaries, private contractors, and others, from acquiring such technology for their own uses.

      Q. Anti-gravity?! Can I fly?!? Can I use a jetpack instead?
      A. Yes, technically, though considering there’s a siege of the planet going on, you won’t want to fly too high, or you’ll probably be sniped out of the sky by a long distance sniper.

      Q. How prevalent is combat in this RP?
      A. It’s sometimes unavoidable, but the primary objective of everyone involved is attempting to survive long enough for the blockade to be broken. This will involve a series of moral choices: If you hide and constantly run, you’ll avoid a lot of combat, but you’ll leave a lot of innocent people to die. If you help hold the line, you risk your own life, but you can save innocent men, women, and children, from being slaughtered like cattle by the invaders. This RP focuses very heavily on relationships and the psychology of what one goes through in order to survive a hostile force, rather than being brute force combat 24/7.

      Q. I’m not sure what to use my traits on.
      A. Think of whatever characteristics your character can bring in order to aid in both their own survival and the survival of others. A hunter probably knows how to use a gun and may have a custom fashioned one, for example. Possibly event a pet. A doctor probably has access to nanobots and likely knows their way around computers, and may have high security clearance for emergencies, allowing them to bypass heavy security doors. Your character might be a beloved member of the community who can more easily convince others to do as they ask. Et cetera, et cetera. Be creative! :ferret:

      Q. What happens after the blockade is broken?
      A. It depends on what choices the player characters have made. The story may end shortly thereafter as they return to their peaceful lives, they may be conscripted from the reserves to help push remaining enemy forces off the planet, they may voluntarily join the fleet as soldiers fighting to get revenge against those who wrecked their homes... The possibilities are endless.

      Q. Can I die?
      A. Yes, though you generally need to do something either exceedingly risky or stupid for that to happen. Work with your allies and cover each other, and weigh the risks and rewards of each moral choice and action, and you’ll find your odds of survival shooting up much higher than the red shirts surrounding you. If you go full Rambo mode and attempt to single handedly defeat the invasion, you will most assuredly die. Painfully.

      Q. What happens if I die?
      A. You’ll be automatically given the option of rerolling a new character and being inserted into the plot at the earliest convenience. Please note, that if you’re an AI and your body dies, your matrix can be recovered and placed into a new body later, assuming it hasn’t sustained critical damage.

      Q. Can I have pets or robotic drones?
      A. Yes, though they’ll only be useful if you spend a trait point on them. They’ll also typically only be knocked out rather than killed in combat. If they do get killed, you’re allowed to make a new trait in place of the lost pet or drone trait the next time you earn trait points.

      Q. How many characters can I have?
      A. Up to two. Each one needs their own character sheet and has to be approved independently.

      Q. I have a question that’s not up here...
      A. Ask!

      Q. I’m not part of the role play, can I post in the OOC?
      A. Of course!

      Active Characters: 14.
      • Male: 9. (3 AI.)
      • Female: 5
      • Non-Binary: 0.
      Clone-AI-Human-Alien count
      • Human: 7.
      • Human, Telepath: 3
      • Clone: 0.
      • Clone, Telepath: 0.
      • Alien: 1.
      • Alien, Telepath: 0.
      • AI: 3.

      Active Character List

      Inactive Character List

      Dead Character List
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  2. Name: Marcus De'Leveyan
    Age: 36
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    Ship Survivor or Colonist?: Colonist
    Biography: Marcus was born on Galileo to parents Lisbeth and David De'Leveyan, part of the initial staff of the erstwhile colony, and so Marcus grew up with the worlds largely natural state and was taught the basics of fieldcraft from a very young age. As he grew up and the colonisation began in earnest he continued his education and then entered the parks and recreation division of the government after his mandatory military service period.

    His work since that time had been relatively simple, his job was to study the native animal populations and how they interacted with the imported terran-clone species. Additionally he served as a hunter and tracker, from hunting down extremely dangerous natives which threatened human populations to tracking down some dumb colonist whose daughter got 'lost in the woods' with a boy the father would really rather she didn't spend time with.

    As such Marcus is not the most social individual and has spent most of his life outdoors with only his faithful hound and gov-issue drones for company with the implants required to control both. But now aliens were landing near his current home of Bellsford. It was time to defend the home he loved so much.

    • Strength: 4
    • Agility: 4
    • Marksmanship: 7
    • Intelligence: 4
    • Courage: 5
    • Survival: 8
    Traits: (These are custom-designed abilities for your character by you. They can be anything from skills, to unique powers, to weapons, to racial traits, and so on. If you want custom powers or powerful technology or so on, grab it here. You can also upgrade traits to increase the level of power they have, which affects dice rolls accordingly. You start with five trait points.)

    Trait 1: Drone Swarm; As a Ranger, Marcus uses a quartet of drones as part of his standard work, two of the drones are fitted with advanced sensors and tracking systems, one is equipped with a tranquilliser weapon, the other with a .50 calibre projectile gun.
    Trait 2: Bonded Hound, using a nanotech implant in both his own brain, and that of his hound, a geneered Great Dane/English Mastiff cross to get the best hunting traits of both. This allows Marcus to 'control' the hound through mental messages as well as see through his senses.
    Trait 3: Carla, Carla is a very specialised hunting rifle, this mass accelerator rifle fires a 7mm diameter tungsten spike 25cm long at inhuman velocities, the rifle takes some time to charge its capacitor after firing, long enough to reload a new spike, but this weapon was intended for the accurate hunting of dangerous wildlife.
    Trait 4: Chameleon-Weave hunting cloak. Using active optical camouflage to blend into the environment.
    Trait 5: Advanced survival kit. Containing medicines needed to help lost or injured hikers, regional maps, compass, tools and swiss army knife, as well as a sleeping roll and firestarter kit.

    'Carla' 7mm Huntmaster Corporation Mass Accelerator Spike Rifle.
    M-95 Tempo Arms Militia Issue .30-06 Combat Rifle
    Drone Swarm: 1m Diameter Aerovette Ranger Drone group. 2 Sensor, 1 Lethal, 1 Nonlethal.
    Advanced Survival Kit
    Chameleon-Weave cloak.
    Rangers Uniform/Clothing (Heavy duty clothing. Light armour against wildlife, no armour against proper weapons.)
    Bonded Hound "Kold"
    Personal effects (music player+headphones, communications device, datapad etc)

    Xenomaster AWD Ranger.

    Signature: Kadaeux.
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    • Name: Designated Tharvax-8071 upon creation, will answer to just Tharvax.
      Age: 38 human years.
      Sex: N/A. Masculine pronouns.
      Species: Korthari. A species created artificially many years ago for use as engineered melee soldiers. They are incapable of mating and procreation; rather they are built with a melding of lab-grown organic forms and constructed mechanical parts, and they represent one of the most successful attempts at such endeavors in the known universe. Upon the introduction of Type 3 AI into their construction in an attempt to upgrade them, the Korthari rebelled and eventually destroyed their progenitor species. Over the years they developed their AI matrix into a new "biomatrix", mimicking the brain and central nervous system of purely biological species, thus willingly sacrificing a portion of their AI advantages in order to embrace their organic origins. Some other space-faring species view them as simply rogue AIs rather than a true species, whereas others acknowledge them as a legitimate species unto themselves.
      Appearance: See image. Borrowed from bayardwu on DeviantArt.
      Ship Survivor or Colonist?: Ship Survivor

      Biography: Tharvax-8071 was, as his designation implies, the 8071st Korthari of the Tharvax line to be created. The line was exclusively made of warrior models, each being a hulking brute with a tail and pincer with very minor variations from one to the next. The first several years of his life were spent undergoing testing and training to be sure there were no major defects in his physical form or the psychological make up of his biomatrix. He was deemed adequate by the science caste, granted official approval by the ruling caste, and was released from the testing and containment facility to begin his life as a truly free entity.

      Naturally, as with nearly ever other warrior caste Korthari in the history of their species, Tharvax-8071 pursued a warlike way of life. He spent many years in the Korthari Armed Guard, protecting the home sector and distant outposts alike. After four tours of duty, totaling roughly eleven years by human calculation, Tharvax-8071 experienced his Awakening, an event similar to what other species called a coming of age or rite of passage. He pondered for the first time the grand question that plagues all species but gives the Korthari some special trouble: what am I here for and what is my place in the universe? There was no easy answer, especially for a member of a species that had quite literally destroyed their creators. Tharvax-8071 eventually found an answer that suited him through a Korthari faith known as the Trinity, and it helped him understand the triplicate nature of the universe and how it applied to his own life. He had finished one phase of life (the testing phase of his first years) and was in the middle of the second (the serving phase of the military), but he knew he needed to move to a third and complete it to find fulfillment.

      Tharvax-8071 had received a job offer from a Korthari mercenary company, and so he signed up with them to see the galaxy that existed outside of the bounds of his fairly isolated society and to discover what that third phase might be. After some years of this he decided that the rigid formality of remaining with his own kind was holding him back, and so he accepted an offered contract with a more diverse mercenary company. During his time with these others Tharvax-8071 shed some of the trappings of his people, such as the requirement to say an entity's full designated name when speaking to or of them, and became a bit more knowledgeable about life in general. Fighting the battles of others for profit was not exactly a fulfilling venture for anything other than his wallet, and so Tharvax broke off from that mercenary company and went in search of something better to do with his life.

      In the course of this seeking, on a bustling trade world near the center of the galaxy, Tharvax was offered a militant job for the third time in his life. Knowing the holy nature of the number three, he could not turn it down. The offer had come from a member of a species that Tharvax had only heard mention of before that day: a human, a representative of the military of his species that was apparently sent out to find new recruits. The practice struck Tharvax as very strange, because he had never seen a military actively recruit outside of its own species, but of course strangeness was to be expected from non-Korthari species. He signed up with the human military, the INEF, and that was how he eventually found himself in a graceless box of a ship orbiting a rather unlucky human farming world.

      • Strength: 11 (+1 from traits)
      • Agility: 5
      • Marksmanship: 1
      • Intelligence: 3
      • Courage: 5
      • Survival: 11 (+1 from traits)


      Biomechanical Monster: The warrior caste of the Korthari are engineered to be devastating in melee encounters, and Tharvax-8071 is no exception. He is huge, has powerful muscles, and gets an extra boost from some of his mechanical parts. Even discounting his weaponized augmentations, Tharvax-8071 is fully capable of tearing a human limb from limb with a little effort. (+1 to Strength)

      Pinnacle of Engineering: The Korthari were created with the best biological and mechanical engineering available at their conception, and their science caste has kept up with the times. Being a member of the Tharvax line, the newest model of Korthari that has been approved for mass creation, Tharvax-8071 possesses greater durability and survival instincts than their species has previously known. (+1 to Survival)

      Prehensile Bladed Tail: The Korthari's progenitor species possessed tails that served little function, but through careful genetic manipulation that was fixed. Tharvax-8071's tail is thick with muscle, much longer than he is tall, and has a heavy blade grafted onto the end. His control over the appendage is fine enough to stab or slash with the blade or simply smash people with the weighty tail, and he can grab things by wrapping around them, but delicate control is beyond him. (Stabbing/slashing/bludgeoning weapon, plus low dexterity grasping ability.)

      Crushing Pincer: Tharvax-8071 lacks a right hand. Instead, in keeping with his intended function as a warrior, he had a large pincer. The lack of a second hand makes it hard to use guns, but there are definitely benefits to always having a powerful crushing weapon at the ready wherever you go, especially when you've got massive strength and mechanical augmentations to back it up. Armored targets pose little challenge to Tharvax-8071 and his monstrous pincer. In a pinch (pun intended), he can also just stab things with the point of the larger side of the pincer, but this isn't very effective due to it being large and relatively blunt. (Crushing weapon very effective against armor, crappy stabbing weapon capability.)

      Terrifying Presence: One useful byproduct of being a huge, sentient biomechanical weapon is that people take your threats seriously. They even seem to find you threatening when you're just standing there doing nothing. As such, it's rather easy for Tharvax-8071 to intimidate pretty much anyone at need. In battle this translates to enemies finding it harder to remain courageous and stand their ground, because few have the mettle necessary to face down something like him without shitting themselves in fear. (Bonus to active social intimidation attempts, passive bonus to terrifying and demoralizing enemies in battle).
      -Scarred Hulk (Rank 2): Battle scars tend to make anyone scarier. Proof of surviving a direct plasma blast is absolutely horrifying. Added to his already intimidating presence, Tharvax's new plasma scarring is an effective tool to make the weak-willed cower before him. (Straight potency upgrade to the trait.)

      Equipment List: Korthari War Plate (armor permanently embedded into flesh)
      Prehensile Bladed Tail (body part and weapon)
      Crushing Pincer (body part and weapon)
      A set of three small metal balls carved with symbols that mean nothing to non-Korthari, kept in a similarly carved metal box (sentimental item)

      Signature: Jorick hereby agrees to the murder clause.

    • Name: Norb Chi'Surn
      Age: 42 human years, which is not far into the cultural age of majority for a Chiwen.
      Sex: Male
      Species: Chiwen. They are a small and not particularly robust species. Chiwen are best known as a tech-savvy people, often to be found working in maintenance and engineering sectors, though it's not uncommon to see one in a marketplace selling anything from shiny trinkets to space ship parts. They were one of the first to use plasma-based weaponry on a large scale, and it is said they're still the best at it today. The Chiwen have genetically modified themselves over many decades in order to promote the highest of intellects, among other strange changes.
      Appearance: See image, borrowed from
      Ship Survivor or Colonist?: Colonist.

      Biography: Norb has led a simple life. He grew up on the Chiwen homeworld and was just as fascinated by technology as any of his fellows. Throughout his schooling years he developed particular interests in the wide world of technology, as was common for his species. Norb found himself especially fascinated by plasma weaponry, the history of technological advancements, and modern primitive tech. It came as no surprise to anyone when he chose to leave home and go in search of primitives to study as soon as he reached the Chiwen age of majority (roughly equivalent to 38 human years).

      Upon hearing of the species that managed to survive a Chrysalid extermination attempt despite only barely being to the point of solving the light speed barrier problem, Norb knew he'd found a worthy species to study. He slowly made his way to Terran space, working as an engineer and maintenance person on various stations and ships to pay his way. Rather than making it to their new homeworld as intended, Norb found himself somewhat marooned on an agrarian colony on the outskirts of their territory. He worked hard to learn their language (developing a fascination for curse words along the way, since they were a linguistic phenomenon not found in the Chiwen tongue) and found work for himself in a city called Bellsford.

      Lacking money and expecting life on New Earth to be as relatively expensive as it tended to be on most home worlds, Norb kept on working after scraping together enough money to buy a spot on a ship headed elsewhere. He helped the locals repair and upgrade machinery and tools of all kinds, and along the way he did some work to teach the backwards people some more advanced techniques. After a while he hatched a plan to make himself a wealthy Chiwen: convince the humans to convert from their foolish ballistic weaponry to superior plasma armaments from his people, with himself as the middleman of the deal of course, and everyone would be happier for it. It felt somewhat wrong to manipulate a primitive species for personal gain, but Norb told himself it was fine because he could use those finances to further his studies and his side projects in invention in innovation, and that would outweigh the negatives by tons.

      Unfortunately, long before he could get this plan in motion an attack came that shook his greedy dreams. In the very recent past Norb decided that staying alive was better than making tons of money, and now he simply wishes to survive and go far away from Terran space as fast as possible.

      • Strength: 3
      • Agility: 8
      • Marksmanship: 7
      • Intelligence: 10
      • Courage: 4
      • Survival: 2


      Chiwen Pellets: One of the more radical genetic modifications the Chiwen have made to themselves is their method of waste disposal. Rather than excreting it as most other species do, they have a special organ that acts as organic nuclear fission reactor that takes in waste material and produces energy that is stored in roughly spherical hard shelled pellets. The form of energy found in these pellets is a volatile cousin to traditional plasma, and it has a couple possible uses: if a pellet is punctured and the energy is not contained it will violently explode (much like a plasma grenade) after a few seconds; if a pellet is punctured and then plopped onto a valid energy receptacle (such as where the fuel pack for a plasma weapon would be plugged in) it can provide a bit of emergency energy to that device, enough for two shots with a plasma rifle and up to four for a plasma pistol if they're not high energy models. Norb's internal pellet pouch can hold up to three at a time, a new one is made roughly every 12 hours, and they are expelled through the mouth at will rather than through less convenient orifices. Fun fact: Chiwen are the only known species with a vestigial anus. (Biologically produced plasma grenades/emergency energy supply for plasma weapons, max hold limit 3, new one produced every ~12 hours.)

      Chiwen Tech Savant: One of the less radical genetic modifications the Chiwen have made to themselves is to favor intellect over physical prowess. That combined with good old cultural eugenics of certain traits and skills being highly attractive have pushed the species toward great inborn talent with technology of all sorts. Norb is no exception to this. No matter where it comes from, no matter how primitive or advanced or alien it might be, he has a knack for figuring out how something works, how to break it, how to fix it, and how to hack it. Give him some time and supplies and he can probably come up with ways to improve it, too. (Bonus to all use of tech.)
      --Customized Chiwen Multitool (Rank 2): Many races have created tools that can be altered on the fly to fill many uses, and of course the Chiwen have done so. They are among those who have declared mastery of this nice little utility tech, for they (as with some other species) discovered the secrets to making the tool respond to the needs of the user without any physical input. What this means in less mystical terms is that these tools are made of special metal and treated by powerful telepaths to make them quite literally sense the tool needs of the wielder and morph to fit them. It's fancy and impresses the primitives, but it's simple enough that the most tech-savvy species take it for granted as a norm, and the Chiwen rank among them. Norb has such a tool and as such doesn't need to lug around a giant tool kit, but what makes his special is that he has modified it to also be capable of delivering a powerful electrical jolt to something it touches; it can be used to overload electrical systems or as an antipersonnel weapon. Though it's something of a downgrade of the fuel's potential, Norb added on a port so that plasma energy cells can be used to power the thing at need, and each zap takes about as much energy as a plasma pistol shot. (Multitool that negates the need for other tools but provides no special bonus to tech things, has electrical zapping ability for overloading electronics or shocking people.)
      --Adaptive Engineering (Rank 3): Norb has gotten used to lacking all the parts and time he would like, and as such he has figured out many ways to speed things up and to make do with what is on hand. He carries a lot of odds and ends with him out of habit, and they are usually enough to get by with thanks to his particular talents. Some notable useful things he can do that others would find nigh impossible includes tinkering with energy input interfaces to turn them into plasma energy adapters so they can use that instead of whatever they were built to work with, repairing machines by welding together bits of scrap, and building all manner of useful gadgets on the fly. As long as he's carrying some metal, wires, and a few other choice bits (or can cannibalize other objects to get them), Norb can make, alter, repair, or upgrade pretty much anything. (MacGyver type skills with all manner of technology.)

      Old Melty: No self-respecting Chiwen would go out into the cold and unforgiving universe without some kind of weapon, ideally a Chiwen-made plasma blaster of some sort, and Norb does indeed respect himself. Old Melty is the modern iteration of what was the first plasma rifle Norb ever built, but it has had so many repairs, replacements, and upgrades that none of the original components remain so it's hard to call it the same gun. Even so, Old Melty is an old friend and companion to Norb, and he never goes anywhere without it. It's a rifle sized for a Chiwen (meaning that in size it's about half the size of a human rifle), but it packs all the punch of a larger gun without any loss of structural integrity or added kickback or danger of exploding horribly in Norb's hands. It doesn't look pretty, all of cobbled parts from different sources, but it fires bolts of plasma that can melt through organic material and most metals with the same ease, so it gets the job done.
      -The Killswitch (Rank 2): Sometimes a single blast of plasma doesn't quite get the job done. However, when it comes to firing a superheated substance that can melt through damn near anything, the answer is usually just "more plasma." In keeping with this simple philosophy, Norb has modified his plasma rifle to spew more plasma in one go. He has added a switch that turns on the plasma equivalent of automatic fire: a constant, but brief, stream of the deadly substance. It simply dumps all the remaining ammunition available into a single shot, meaning simply more plasma flying at whatever is unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end.

      Equipment List: Chiwen Pellets (stored in an internal organ, 3 max storage capacity)
      Customized Chiwen Multitool
      Old Melty (plasma rifle)
      3 Plasma Rifle Energy Cells (ammo for the above, 12 shots each)
      Techie Leathers (worn clothing)
      4 Pouches of assorted bits (wires, scrap metal, fasteners, and other assorted detritus that could be found around a workshop; used for Adaptive Engineering trait)

      Signature: Jorick still agrees to the murder clause.
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  3. Name: Prosper
    Age: 4
    Sex: Male
    Species: AI, Type 2
    Show Spoiler

    Ship Survivor or Colonist?: Ship Survivor

    Biography: Prosper was manufactured on New Earth by a defense contractor specializing in military androids. He was then quickly sold to the INEF as a technical AI where he was placed into the service of the small fleet stationed around Galileo. Here he spent his four years of life, doing his job. Those he worked with loved having him around. His excellent problem solving skills have saved the INEF hundreds of work hours in repairs and replacements by fixing issues early. Even though he is a vital member of the work force, he is only a type two AI and as such has not made much of his social life.


    Strength: 3
    Agility: 3
    Marksmanship: 5
    Intelligence: 11
    Courage: 8
    Survival: 5


    Trait 1: Direct Interface: Has the hardware on his chassis to integrate himself into most Terran electronics
    Trait 2: Dual Processors: +1 Intelligence
    Trait 3: Weapons and Tactics Programs: Has extensive tactical programs to assist in advising during combat situations.
    Trait 4: Electrical Engineer: Knows his way around all sorts of electrical systems

    Trait 5: Omni-directional Sensors: Prosper literally has eyes in the back of his head, and on the sides, and on the top.
    Trait 6: Modified service rifle: Prosper has added a variety of sensors to his rifle. These include infra-red (Night vision) and thermographical (heat vision) sensors. These new systems can only be used by Prosper, or someone capable of plugging into the sensors themselves. The rifle also no longer has regular iron sights. These have been replaced with a third sensor that provides a standard, un-altered, image.

    Equipment List: Standard issue INEF sidearm
    Small and basic medkit

    Electrical kit (Assorted wires, electrical tape, pliers, wire cutter/stripper)
    Small Personal Computer (For interacting with electronics that Prosper cannot personally connect to)

    Signature: I, Potatocat, agree to have my characters shot, stabbed, dropped, crushed, disemboweled, and otherwise incapacitated without prior warning.
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  4. God damn it.... I managed to break the BB code again by looking at it too long.... I always do that.
  5. There we go, character finished. He looks all combat, but don't worry, he has a personality lurking in there somewhere. 8D

    Probably gonna throw a second sheet up later, but one will suffice for now.
  6. I hope that the CS is good enough. Kind of new to the Sci-fi setting and I apologize in advance if it. Probably will try to flesh out her biography as well any information is lacking. Hope it provides at least some bit of satisfactory.

    Name: Leonie Valkrich
    Age: 20 years old, born on 24th of November
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human

    Rather short, Leonie sports a height of 1.70m in total. She has short dark brunette hair and equal dark brown eyes. A friendly expression is mostly plastered over her face, though it can be deceiving and a means to hide her thoughts and emotions from people.


    Ship Survivor or Colonist?: Survivor

    Born and grown up in Bellsford, Leonie enjoyed a rather peaceful youth. Her father was a lawyer and her mother hadn't been around. For the first decade of Leonie's life, this remained a mystery, until she learned latter that her mother had died during a complication at child's birth. For this reason, her grandfather occasionally took care of her while her father was off to work. Her idol became her grandfather, who kept telling stories about New Earth that he had visited several times in his life, causing her to dream and wishing to be able to visit the place as well. During her school career, Leonie managed to stay and excel as an average student. She claimed, when asked, that she wished to become a technician on a vessel. This was because she still kept the dream of visiting New Earth, though she somehow felt that she should keep that to herself.

    As due to regulations, she was needed to serve two years into the military. Something she wasn't looking forward to. In her first and rather biased opinion, she saw the military as nothing more than people waving around with big weaponry and acting tough. Only to find out a few months later that she had thought of it in the wrong manner. Her attitude about the military shifted into the dutiful sense as she saw it as a way to protect the place that she had called home for almost two decades. Doing her best effort to fit in with the others, Leonie managed to discover her forte with rifles. Causing her to grow only more sure that she would enroll into the military after the two years of required service.

    For a year she had been serving as a regular soldier on Galileo 3, further receiving training in becoming a better soldier, she was stationed on one of the INEF defensive vessel. This brought her a step, though likely a very very small one, closer to her hope of visiting New Earth in her experience. Only to later see that hope getting pulverized by an enemy war fleet arrived. Though being lucky enough to escape in a pod, Leonie's hopes for reaching her dream are crushed as she tries to brace herself now for the fight that is to come. Hoping to defend at least Bellsford long enough that - she clings to the idea - reinforcements can come and escort civilians away, including her father.


    • Strength: (5.)
    • Agility: (6 + 1.)
    • Marksmanship: (8 + 1.)
    • Intelligence: (4.)
    • Courage: (5.)
    • Survival: (6.)


    Trait 1: Flexible,
    Being agile, Leonie has not a big trouble of climbing and moving in a fluid movement - though don't expect any acrobatic super moves! (+2 to agility)
    Trait 2: Holographic Displays
    A small utility on the left bracer allows to scan an object or person, which takes around a few seconds - which depends on the size and if there is motion involved with it. Afterwards the utility 'saves' the progressed image and is able to create a holographic display in order to create several effects (surprise, shock). The holographic image can be deployed at a distance, though this will likely drain the ability and makes the cool down longer than five minutes.

    Trait 3: Mobile Shield
    The Mobile Shield is a spherical energy shield that protects those inside from projectiles - from the likes of rifles, pistols and other small arms. Heavier armament can likely damage the shield in one blow. The shield can protect Leina and approx. those within the diameter of 3 meters around her, for a short time. The shield is deployed from a special orb, allowing an one time use per orb. These orbs are at the size of a grenade. (Has four orbs )
    Trait 4: Active camouflage,
    Using her combat gear, Leonie is able to deploy active camouflage. Though this can offer her an advantage, the camouflage fades if she is either running or shooting with a gun/rifle that isn't being silenced. The camouflage also doesn't hide her heat nor does it last long for five minutes. If she uses all of the time, she will need to wait a full ten minutes before she is able to deploy it again.
    Trait 5: Good Markswoman,
    With her forte in marksmanship, Leonie is capable of providing good back-up and aid over a distance. She feels confident in her skill in using rifles, able to adapt well once she has figured out how they work. (+1 to Marksmanship)

    Equipment List:
    * Credits to BlackDonner for the images of the weapons!*

    - Thornweld M 2168-44 Sniper Rifle
    A sniper rifle with the an enhanced scope. One of the newer modules, the Thornweld has a scope that provides 4x scope as well the option to flick to a 8x scope. Though it won't provide the very long range as many other rifles (the range limit is to 900 meters), the Thornweld has a slightly higher shot by per second rate. Due the average length, it is also more manoeuvrable as lighter. Making it an ideal rifle for more urban and rough terrain, though lacking due the shorter range on open battlefields. It shoots armor piercing bullets, though with the silencer the stopping power of the rifle is reduces. With an ammo clip of 25 shots, the rifle sports a semi-automatic trigger.

    - Yeager PA-3520 A2 Pistol
    A pistol with a silencer build within. An pistol that support magazines of 12 bullets, it is a decent side-arm for close ranged quarter fights. Though not a reliable piece of equipment for fights that exceed the range of twenty meters. Its stopping power is also reduced due to the build in silencer. The pistol is holstered at Leonie's back, at her waist height.

    - Combat Knife
    A long combat knife - 14 inches - that Leonie carries in a sheath that is located at her right thigh. While knowing how to handle the knife, Leonie isn't particularly overly fond of it. Most likely due to the fact that she is more comfortable with relying on rifles and distance weapons than close ranged fights. The arment is balanced, making it feel light in the hand of the wielder.

    - Fragmentation grenades.
    The body may be made of hard plastic or steel. The outer casing and/or a fragmentation matrix consisting of notched wire and preformed fragments (spherical or otherwise) provide the projectiles. They have an effective wounding radius of around 15 m and can easily be thrown further. Fragments may travel more than 200 m.

    - Aliceee!
    Those who are about to die sa-- ..... crap biscuits.

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  7. Name: Terracen Mills
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human, Clone (Beta)
    Appearance: (What your character looks like. A picture or text description will suffice here.)
    Ship Survivor or Colonist?: Colonist
    Biography: (Your character’s personality & history. A minimum of one paragraph is required for me to get a measure of your writing ability. You may want to save this until after everything else is done.)

    • Strength: 2
    • Agility: 8
    • Marksmanship: 6
    • Intelligence: 5
    • Courage: 6
    • Survival: 5


    Trait 1: Automatic Reactions: One of the unintended side effects of his birth. Terracen has an uncanny ability to react to things, faster than almost anyone else. (Higher reactions times overall, can react to things mid-GM post faster)

    Trait 2: Synchronization: While he did not inherit the telepathic abilities of his progenitor, Terracen does have an odd ability to "tell" what others are thinking. Thus, anytime he is working with another person on a specific task, whether that is shooting an enemy or working with a piece of technology, he can synchronize his actions with theirs. This makes any team related effort more effective. (Amplifies effects of team assisting maneuvers)

    Trait 3: Recoil Dampeners: One rather bad side effect of being a Beta clone is that you're not very strong. As a side effect of not being strong, weapons with a powerful recoil are near impossible to use without causing some severe damage to the user. Because of this, Terracen has gone to great lengths to get these recoil dampeners, alien technology that can attach to his weapons and reduce the recoil taken, though this does impact the fire rate of the weapon slightly. (Strength is treated as 2 Points higher ONLY when determining effects of recoil for the weapon this is attached to.)

    Trait 4: Anti-Grav Boots: During his time with the military, Terracen was given a pair of gravity boots, which allow one to float a few inches above the rough. This allows for easy passage through rough terrain among other benefits. (Boots that allow him to float)

    Trait 5: Militia Officer: Through his time spent with the Peacekeepers organization, Terracen has become known as a trustworthy individual with the militia type forces. (Improved relations with the local militia)

    Equipment List:

    • A-35 Advanced Semi-Automatic Rifle (w/Recoil Dampeners)
    • P-99 Sidearm Pistol
    • Combat Knife
    • Anti-Gravity Boots
    • Backpack with basic survival and medical gear
    • Personal items (Including a Pad to read books, iPod equivalent, etc)

    Signature: Maxim

    But let's try to keep my record of no deaths in Brovo roleplays okay? :P
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  8. Approved.
    Reminding you that Type 2 AI's have no free will, and while they can understand emotions, they don't feel any emotions of their own. They're difficult to play. :ferret:
    Most of this is fine, though the traits we'll quickly go over.
    #1: For flexible & good markswoman, add that they give a +1 to the agility & marksman stats each respectively for clarity. Otherwise these are fine.
    #2: Hiding emotions seems to be explicitly a personality trait. You don't need to spend any traits on personality--these are solely mechanical. You can have this free, spend this trait on something else. :ferret:
    #3: Keep in mind that lockpicker will also include physical security panels and the like, so if you can rip open a security lock panel you can "lockpick" that too.
    Betas normally have reaction bonuses, not alphas. Alphas normally have strength bonuses.
    • Biography
      Name: Quentin Brant
      Age: 24
      Sex: Male
      Species: Human


      A slobbish young man of average height and a slight build, upon initial viewing there's not much that sets Quentin apart from the average urban schlub.

      He has a hard facial structure; A broad nose and high cheek bones, complete with brown eyes and neat chinstrap goatee. Most striking is his smile. Friendly, disarming and complimented by perfect teeth, a byproduct of having them completely replaced after one-too-many punches to the face.

      Dark medium length hair is kept hidden under a grey jeep-cap which sits above pair of often worn shades. He claims they're for his light sensitivity, good for him as a deeply tanned hide attests to a good portion of his time is spent outdoors. It's not as if he's naturally dark, if you were to peal off the greasy undershirt he wears everyday you would find unflatteringly pale skin and very well done tattoo of a snake eating two smaller snakes. No significant meaning, he just thought it looked cool in the selection book On colder days he can be seen sporting a fitted faux-leather jacket, on the lapel of which one can barely make out Kaleb Ireland in the shadow of some removed embroidery. He often just wears his dirt stained work pants for the sake of convenience, usually ending tucked into a pair of laceless military boots kept from his stint in basic.

      Quentin carries himself as if he has a purpose and acts as if he's everyone's friend, not afraid to dish out hugs should the situation call for it. He's aware this bugs most people and it just makes it all the more fun.

      Ship Survivor or Colonist?: Colonist


      Quentin Brant never existed, until a couple years ago at least. He was originally born in the the warm season of 72 AE in a small, frontier settlement of Selby under the name Kaleb Ireland. Kaleb was a single child to relatively well off family, his mother and father being a veterinarian and mechanic respectively. He was spoiled and over loved by his young, eager parents. This struck hard when his father passed away in a industrial incident, leaving the boy and his mother to cope on their own. And they did, decently enough, his father's company provided a decent life insurance policy and the mother continued working, though a lot less than before. At first she stayed close with Kaleb, trying to calm the forever-distraught child who had almost no ability to figure out what was wrong, but soon she drifted away from the child, leaving him the care of sitters most days while she went off to see other men. This continued for a couple months until it seemed her courting had payed off. Only a year later she married a handsome, older man with a small brood of his own.

      No longer an only child, Kaleb was left to contend with four other screaming brats for attention. A competition he almost always lost. His new step-father didn't seem to care for the boy and whenever chores needed to be done or punishments to be dished out Kaleb's name was always the first to be bellowed across the house. Needless to say, he developed some resentment to his step father and siblings and slowly grew apart from the family as a whole. Even his mother did little to defend him, too infatuated with her new husband. Years passed and into Kaleb's younger teen years he was rarely ever at home, he couched surfed across a few friend's places who's parents gave him the attention the youth desperately craved. Soon enough he simply just never returned home and lived essentially as a couch-jumping vegabond.

      One day into his fifteenth year Kaleb was made an offer by one of his closer buddies, come with him to Bellsford and live a life totally free of parental control. He didn't take much convincing. Unfortunately, his buddy was unable to secure a place to live (who would rent an apartment to a teenage dropout?) and cancelled last minute. More unfortunate, Kaleb didn't know this until he had already dropped out of school and scrounged enough money to take a shuttle to Bellsford. Homeless, penniless and trapped in a city he knew nothing about he was almost willing to admit that he had made a grave mistake and call crying back to his mother. However, pride is a powerful force and teenage pride is further tempered by naivety, so he stayed. The streets were rough at first, Kaleb's relatively cozy life biting him hard in the ass as he nearly starved and froze to death in the first week of homelessness. By the second week he had his vision of independence thoroughly shattered, every night was colder than the last and he was approached by various shady individuals with 'business' offers, all of which he turned down until his third week. By then he had suffered from hyperthermia, been mugged twice, was offered money for sexual favors on a bi-daily basis and all-and-all was about to give up on on his barely held illusions of freedom. Then he was a approached by a man who only called himself The Savant.

      The Savant was significantly more approachable than most other hustlers, He wore clean, but modest clothes and lack of stench coming off him suggested that he showered at least occasionally. Much more than could be said for most "benefactors" that tried to take him in. More-so, his proposal seemed actually beneficial. Kaleb would play in illegal card games, The Savant would assist him in winning said card games and they would split the spoils. A strange set up, but the boy wasn't in the position to be picky and took the offer without much fuss.

      The idea was simple in concept, Kaleb, a true-born unmodified human teenager, was one of the least likely people to be accused of cheating and they would use that prejudice to, well, cheat. The tools of choice were a set of strange contact lenses and a small box of almost perfect insect drones. Where The Savant got such outlandish and advanced hardware was never explained, but it made little difference as the set up was pretty simple. Kaleb would wear the contacts and have a live feed steamed into them from the insect drones to spy on the other player's cards. It wasn't a perfect system, but the small-time operations they planned on hitting wouldn't likely have near enough tech know-how to stop them. The Savant on the other hand would set up gigs, provide tech support and call in contacts should things get rough. It worked. For years the petty misuse of highly advanced technology provided Kaleb and The Savant with a decent living. If things got to hot they changed their names and laid low for a while. Krisio DeJesus, Greg Cennick, Keith Young and Luka Dobbs were just a few of the names Kaleb adopted over the next few years. Despite these attempts at subtlety Kaleb eventually earned the attention of the local mob.

      He was formally invited to a large gambling event with the pot measuring in the millions. The Savant pleaded the now over-emboldened and egotistical Kaleb not to go, but the lure of cash blinded him to the obvious danger of the situation. And so he went, but not before a hard night of partying that would prove to be his savior. Blitzed off his ass and high as a kite at the same time he stumbled to the event and was somehow let in, the cyborg doorman apparently taking pity on young man who could barely walk. He was shuffled to the table where he would play, seven others waited there and a surprisingly large crowd sat around them protected by what seemed like blast-resistant glass. This didn't set off Kaleb's alarms as he was too busy gawking at dealer's strange purple suit. Soon after he was sat down the game began. He slipped on his shades and waited for the video feed to fill his vision like he had done so many times before. When nothing happened it finally hit him that he had forgotten the hardware in his stupor.

      Kaleb hadn't realized until that moment how bad he was at cards, it's not like showing up to games smashed was new to him and one would think he would have picked up at least some tips along the way, but no he just sucked. Still, he tried to do his best to pay attention to what was going on. The man directly across seemed to be having an allergic reaction and constantly stopped to rub his eyes. Kaleb wasn't the only one to see this and soon it had attracted the attention of the cyborg enforcers watching over them. The game stopped and the man was taken aside, what looked like physician examining his eye. After he finished the 'good' doctor wandered over to the dealer and whispered something. The room went dead quiet, the viewers ceasing their mild chatter and the players struck dumb with confusion. The silence was broken by the dealer who tutted and loudly declared, "Looks like we got ourselves a cheater!" The crowd burst into cheers and a few players flashed panic. The man with the itchy eye was taken to the table and in full view of everyone had his offending eye pried out by the enforcers with a sick squelch. It plopped onto the card table was subsequently crushed with a heavy metal fist sending bits of eye-flesh in all directions, in the mush a tiny implant was visible. "Alright, lets see if we got any more!" The crowd cheered even louder and some of the players made a run for the door. Kaleb just sat in his chair, all buzz ripped from in the sudden act of ultra-violence.

      Every player was put through a rigorous series of tests to determine if they had any hidden implants. One women had strange finger cameras and had her hands lopped off in return. Another man had similar hidden eye implants to the first and he was dealt with in a similar manner. Everyone else, including Kaleb, was determined clean, but that was not the last of the horror. A black cube with a single button was placed in the middle of the table, the howling spectators hushing with it's presence, allowing the mewling cries of the dismembered to shine through. Kaleb shared some confused stares with the remaining players, two of which seemed especially worried. The dealer pushed the button on the cube and nothing happened. At first at least, only a moment later the two worried players descended into screeching madness not silenced until they mercifully passed out.

      The remaining three, covered in eye gore, just stared in abject horror. "Well then, looks like their are only three honest folk in the room, lets continue the game." The dealer declared. So they did, in complete silence. Kaleb ended up losing all of the cash he had on hand, but that was the last thing on his mind. He was in way over his head, and though he may have survived the mob's strange game there was no telling what shit awaited in the future.

      He cut off contact with The Savant and changed his name one last time. Quentin Brant was born. He went back to high school to finish off his diploma and was shipped into basic training as normal. He finished his stint the militia with little incident and earned a reputation as someone who would try everything once. Back as a civilian he entertained the thought of going back to his family in Selby. He didn't, but he give them a call and they understandably freaked out. Quent picked up a gardening job from a military buddy and kept it, the honest work satisfying him more than any big win ever would.

    • Technical
      • Strength: 4
      • Agility: 6
      • Intelligence: 5
      • Marksmanship: 2
      • Courage: 10
      • Survival: 5


      - Fool me once...: Despite his positive exterior Quent is a weary soul. Hustlers, sharks, thugs and more have tried to take advantage of the optimistic youth and he's learned to spot such deception from a mile away. Quent's got a head on him, even if it ain't screwed on quite right. (General bonus to detecting lies, calling bluffs and discerning hidden motivations.)

      - Friends In Low Places: Despite leaving his old life behind him Quentin still maintains relationships with some of his more trusted "friends". Name it and he'll probably have a guy for it. (Can call contacts to assist, usually in the form of more illegitimate services. GM discretion on potential price of help or even if the contact is willing to help at all.)

      - Just Another Schlub: Sometimes the best way to avoid trouble is looking like you aren't worth bothering in the first place. Just keeping your head low and acting confident does wonders if you're looking to have people just pass you off. (General bonus to stealth, larger bonus if in a group.)

      - Dark Lenses: These nigh-invisible contact lenses are more than meets the eye. Not only can they correct vision, but enhance it to nigh super human levels. The wearer can change to see any type of light on the spectrum, or even zoom in on a subject (to a relatively small degree). In addition, the lenses can take, store and replay soundless video as well as take still pictures, this video can be streamed to other devices or, working the other way around, video can be streamed back into the lenses. All of this is controlled through thought alone, requiring no voice or touch commands.

      - Insect Drone Kit: A smallish, dull steel box fitted with an advanced lock. When opened it reveals a strange assortment of common insects and a small built in computer. Upon closer inspection the insect's mechanical nature becomes more apparent. Each of the several dozen tiny disposable drones are equipped with a whole gross mess of sensors, ranging from visual feeds to radiation detectors. This information can sent over an encrypted stream to the box (or any other synced device) or be stored and accessed manually. If the drones should fall into the wrong hands they can be remotely destroyed, detonating with a satisfying 'pop'.

      Equipment List:

      - Standard Issue INEF semi-automatic pistol.
      - A big nasty looking knife.
      - Dark Lenses.
      - Insect Drone Kit.
      - PDA Phone, three generations outdated.
      - Baggy of fine smokables.
      - Vessels in which to use smokables.
      - Prescription painkillers.
      - Wallet with a decent bit of cash.
      - A couple fake IDs.
      - Small backpack.
      - First aid kit.
      - Standard outfit complete with jacket.
      - Trendy shades.
      - Extra pair of pants.
      - 84 Ursus Kodiak - A small, electric utility vehicle that comfortably seats two. Affectionately called The War Wagon.

      Signature: I, Snakey, agree to be a pawn solely in service to the story.
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  9. Oh, I know. That is why I chose type two. Its going to be a challenge to play, and probably a lot of fun. Plus, he might not have the drive to to something he hasn't been told to do, but he has the problem solving abilities to come up with solutions for problems on his own. That is his intended purpose after all. ;P

    And I'll be away from my house for the next two days, so my internet situation might prevent me from doing anything until Monday.
  10. Roger and edited the CS. Hope it is better now. ^^
    Else, sorry.
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  12. Name: Phoenix M. Castra, Phi (F-ee)
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human


    Ship Survivor or Colonist?: Colonist
    Personality: ISFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging, Assertive) and ISTP
    Phi was born twenty years ago to the newly married couple Holly M. Castra and Roger H. Castra. Like most children, Phoenix's toddler years were riddled with an innocent curiosity, and blissful ignorance. Unaware of how truly volatile her parents, or better yet her father, were until she was a bit older. In some cases her mother would have her spend several nights with her aunt or her grandparents to protect her from her father or from witnessing the fights all together. At that age, Phoenix didn't understand this, and came to the conclusion that her parents didn't want her, but she was unsure because of how often she'd go back and forth between living at home with her parents and with her other relatives. As she grew slightly older she began to doubt if her parents really wanted her, and either her aunt or grandparents would always reassure her that her mother was trying to protect her. They also explained that some times Phi's father would get really scary, and that they didn't want Phi to become upset seeing it. Though she could never shake the feeling that something wasn't right. Despite her mother's best attempts to shield Phoenix from her father's abuse, not everything was kept from her. Her suspicions solidified over time after many sleepless nights listening to her parents argue, catching her father abuse her mother, and falling victim to some of his verbal abuse herself.

    After a big scare with her father, Phi's Aunt finally put her foot down and convinced her mother to let Phi stay with her for several months. Phoenix always loved visiting her aunt because she enjoyed watching and helping her work in her garage. She would fix all sorts of machines and ships, and a lot of her fellow mechanics were really nice to Phi. This is where Phoenix gained her fascination for machines. It was also during this time that Phi discovered a transparent cube in her Uncle's room. Her uncle wasn't around very often due to being enlisted in the military, but her aunt was more than happy to tell Phoenix about her new find. The cube was apparently a family heirloom for her uncle, and he only kept it around as a memento of all his times with his father. Young Phoenix didn't much understand the purpose of the cube, just that it was entertaining and mysterious. It would light up every time she touched it with her fingers, and make a sound almost like music. Her aunt, after permission from her husband, gave it to Phi for her birthday. Phi spent hours playing with the transparent cube and cherished the gift.

    She was still living with her Aunt when she entered the new school year. Usually making friends wasn't something that Phoenix was particularly good at, but she managed to meet a few kids her age that school year. It was strange visiting their homes for the first time, and watching her friend's parents behave with one another. They didn't argue or fight like how her parents did. She couldn't quite place her finger on it, but there was a distinct difference between her own parents and the others. In her new social setting, it didn't take long for Phi to realize that her own living situation wasn't a societal norm. From there she began asking questions and later discovered what kind of person her father was. This was also around the time that Phoenix met Haven after fiddling around with the cube. It wasn't really a physical form, but a projection of himself that only she could see. It wasn't long before the two became friends.

    When Phoenix turned eight, her mother came to take her back home and no amount of fussing and kicking was going to stop it.

    Stats: 32 (+2)
    • Strength: 5
    • Agility: 6
    • Marksmanship: 3
    • Intelligence: 8 (+1)
    • Courage: 5 (+1)
    • Survival: 5


    Trait 1: Great in a Crisis - With all this hands-on creativity and spontaneity,makes her a natural in crisis situations. Tends to enjoy a little physical risk, and they aren't afraid to get their hands dirty when the situation calls for it. (+1 Courage)

    Trait 2: Tactile Learner - Learns through touching and manipulating objects, Inductive learning/reasoning, Prefer personal connections to topic, Can follow instructions she wrote herself or rehearsed, can learn from demonstrations and participating in demonstrations. These types of learners are considered "Hands On" learners and can learn more effectively with the use of creating maps, building models, designing objects, and manipulatives (using things that can be taken apart and put back together again or differently.) In all, this just means if she were to come across tech she has not seen before she will take it apart, then learn how it works, and how to make more or incorporate what she found in other objects.

    Trait 3: Rounded Technologist - Being a technologist in several fields ranging from electrical to engineering makes her skilled with things such as building and repairing a wide range of objects, operating several tools and machinery, understanding various complex machines. The Engineer skill is used to operate and maintain spacecraft and advanced vehicles.
    Common Specialities:
    • Manoeuvre Drive (M-Drive): Maintaining and operating a spacecraft’s manoeuvre drive, as well as its artificial gravity.
    • Jump Drive (J-Drive): Maintaining and operating a spacecraft’s Jump drive.
    • Electronics: All forms of computing hardware, sensors and other electronics and electrics.
    • Life Support: Covers oxygen generators, heating and lighting and other necessary life support
    • Power: Maintaining and operating a spacecraft’s power plant.
    • Robotics: Maintaining and repairing robots of all kinds
    • Alien Tech: Proficient with technology from a specific alien cultures and may take multiple uses of this.

    Trait 4: The Suit - After reverse engineering Haven's cube she was able to incorporate what she found into her multipurpose full body "super suit" with his assistance. The suit allows her to fly with the use of anti-gravity technology, installed boosters increases her speed during flight, the incorporated technology from the cube creates a protective barrier or force field around the wearer which can protect them from radiation and other hazardous ailments. The suit is equipped with a scanner, it can switch to various "vision" modes such as night vision, heat vision, or radiation vision, it has a communication system, and is connected to the cube's reference logs. It can take samples from the environment and present information. The suit has a dual purpose for recon/stealth missions, or research/scientific expeditions.

    Trait 5: The Alien Charmer - Since Phi is in possession of the cube's unending back log of alien information, as well as being friends with Haven, she is knowledgeable in several alien background histories, cultures, and customs (+1 intelligence). Phi also has a love for aliens and tends to have a friendly disposition towards them, which is often seen as refreshing for some alien kind. Other aliens may find her appreciation and consideration for their individual customs to be admirable. While some may find her curious nature, and passion to further her education on them to be heart-warming. In the end, whatever their reasons, Phi gets along well, establishes strong friendly connections, and creates stable relationships with aliens of various kinds.

    Equipment List:

    + The Suit
    + The Cube
    + Communicator
    + Repair Robot: Shipboard repair robots are small crab-shaped machines that carry a variety of welding and cutting tools.
    + Personal Drone: This is a small floating globe about thirty centimetres in diameter. It is equipped with holographic projectors which can display the image of a person, allowing a character to have a virtual presence over a great distance.
    + Computer, Card: As has been the case since the invention of the computer, the miniaturization of technology is most often seen in the area of computer size. The card computer functions as a standard computer but is no bigger than most credit cards or hackcards. The card computer may be hooked into any computer interface or display (including paint-on LCDs) and functions exactly like a personal computer.
    + Duracable: Strong as steel, flexible as rubber, and almost as light as normal rope, duracable replaces most cables and ropes as the standard device for lifting, pulling, and support. Duracable is made of lightweight and durable wiring wrapped hundreds of times in a swirl that reinforces itself as more stress is placed on the coil.
    + Grappler Tag: Often used in conjunction with duracable, the grappler tag is a small disc roughly six inches in diameter. When placed against a solid surface, the grappler tag attaches to that surface by magnetism (if the surface is ferrous) or by an array of nearly microscopic metal barbs (if not). The tag can then be attached to duracable and used as an anchor for climbing, pulling, or any other purpose. A button on the top of the disc releases the grappler tag’s hold. It is outdated compared to the Grappling Tether.
    + Flash-Seal: Flash-seal looks like a block of metal roughly the size of a thin brick. It attaches to any door frame. When activated, chemical compounds inside the block of metal burn fast and hot enough to melt the metal into a liquid form. Almost instantaneously, a second chemical compound freezes the molten metal back into its solid state. The result is that the metal melts, sinks into the space between the door and its frame, and then solidifies again, essentially welding the door shut. A door that has been flash-sealed may not be opened by normal means and must be destroyed or cut through as though it were a wall.
    + Fusion Torch: The fusion torch is the Fusion Age’s equivalent of a blowtorch. The fusion torch produces a small, thin gout of flame that burns with such intensity that it creates temporary blobs of plasma all around it. The fusion torch consists of a small fuel canister attached to the torch generator. Due to the nature of the fusion torch, a character using the torch must be meticulous in the way he cuts to maximize damage to whatever he is slicing through. If can be used as an improvised weapon.
    + Portable Glow Lamp: The portable glow lamp is the most efficient and beneficial form of lighting equipment known to man. It can function as a directional lighting device (like a flashlight) or as an area-covering lantern. Glowlamps have long-lasting power cells and bulbs that never need to be replaced, and can be adjusted to provide light in any radius up 50 feet.

    Signature: Violaceous
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  13. Name: Ariel [are-e-elle] Abraham
    Age: 25
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human, Telepath
    Appearance: Click here. [Credit to Shesterrni)
    Ship Survivor or Colonist?: Colonist
    Biography: Ariel grew up in a small place alongside her twin-sister, Arianna, who was also a telepath. The first signs of telepathy came from the girls having the tendency to reply to what their parents were thinking when cuddled up with them or having any form of contact. It wasn’t like the twins knew though; they thought their parents were saying the stuff outloud. Soon would their parents hire someone to teach the twins to control their telepathy, at least to the point they wouldn’t accidently invade privacy. Even so, the girls remained a bit shy and meek out in public and were a bit distant.

    It wasn’t until adolescence that, probably like most people, did the twins crack that shell and begin forming their own personalities. Arianna was more well-mannered, sweet, and calm. The type to ring the doorbell once and wait there, refusing to ring again as to not annoy anyone. Meanwhile, Ariel was ruder, brash, and hot-headed. Preferring instead to invite herself into ones home by crashing through the upstairs window and breaking a few things such as the following; glass, bones, and the law. Typical polar-opposite twins. The two got along well though, even if it seemed Ariel was “hanging out with the wrong crowd” which may explain the haircut and tattoos. But she still followed her sister in the ways of studying; Ariel was by no means an idiot, even if most of her studies consisted of secretly reading erotic fan-fiction. Don’t judge. Everyone has done it at least once.

    After high school, the twins went through the two required years of military service. They were helped with their telepathy, were trained to gain information and scout. Arianna decided this was what she wanted her career path to be. Ariel blindly followed her for one more year as Ariel had no fucking idea what she wanted to do in the future. After that one more year, Ariel decided to go her separate way, for the first time leaving her twin. Ariel managed to find decent work and some side-work involving her telepathy…but that’s another story for another time. Ariel lived in Bellsford for a while, and after knowing of the attack she’d be damned if she wasn’t going to help defend her home. Plus, she had to make sure her sister survived.

    • Strength: 5
    • Agility: 7
    • Marksmanship: 3
    • Intelligence: 7
    • Courage: 5
    • Survival: 5


    Telepathy: Relating to the two basics of telepathy, mind-reading and non-verbal communication, Ariel has furthered these abilities past the point of touch and having to move around physical barriers. Ariel is able to read surface thoughts from a distance, and given enough time is able to dig into subconscious and memories. With non-verbal communication she is able to set up a psionic communication line between herself and multiple beings allowing comprehensible conversations using the mind.
    Radar: Ariel is able to passively sense the presence of other minds beside her. She can push the ability past its passive stage to sense the number on minds in a single room. She has a stronger sense when it comes to other telepaths unless being blocked out. (Relatively useless in open fields, for obvious reasons)
    Road to Mind Control: Ariel’s journey to being able to control minds has enabled her to cause short-term changes in emotions, memories, and so on to influence the actions of others. Not exactly mind-control, but she’ll make do.
    Psychic Shield: Ariel is able to place a shield onto a target’s mind giving them resistance to mental intrusion. Mind readers will probably hear static or a football game in the mind they’re trying to read; meanwhile other forms of mental intrusion will simply become more difficult to perform. (Unable to use telepathy abilities if used on self)
    Psionic Inundation: Ariel is able to project harmful psionic volleys at a target rendering them unconscious, although stronger minds may be harder to take down. If she pushes herself she could place weaker minds in a vegetative state. Certain targets may experience minor memory loss or brain damage upon waking.

    Equipment List:
    -Combat Knife
    -Standard INEF sidearm pistol [Silencer]
    -A copy of Rough and Ready by Sandra Hill

    Signature: do me like one of your Raen boys ;p
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  14. Mmm yeah, found that out after reading that section more closely. Just having trouble figuring out a trait that isn't +1 strength. We already have an 11 Strength juggernaut for that, and I want to try to be a bit more creative than that.

    And yes I am aware I'm tempting fate. I don't care. :P
  15. Name: Haven
    Age: N/A
    Sex: Non-binary, Male
    Species: Alien (Silver Surfer/Martian Manhunter kind of species.)

    + Power Cosmic (Force Fields, Portals, Telepathy ) (superhuman strength, endurance, and senses and the ability to absorb and manipulate the universe's ambient energy.) (Flight, Regeneration, intangibility, invisibility) (project energy in various forms for offensive and defensive use, including bolts of cosmic force, and create black holes.) (Can heal living organisms.) (Can perceive matter and energy in subatomic detail, including life energies of living beings) (Omnicompetence)

    +Sustains himself by converting matter into energy; does not require food, water, air, or sleep (although he occasionally enters a sleep-like meditation in order to dream); and can survive within nearly any known natural environment, including deep space, hyperspace, and within black holes and stars.


    Appearance: See image.
    Ship Survivor or Colonist?: Ship Survivor
    Personality: ISTJ (Introverted, Observant, Feeling, Judging, Assertive)

    Stats: (Your character’s stats. You get a total of 32 points to spend, putting you above average for most NPC human peers. Stats are generally broad reaching, and how you describe actions will help determine what stat is used to determine success.)
    • Strength: (0-10.)
    • Agility: (0-10.)
    • Marksmanship: 3
    • Intelligence: (0-10.)
    • Courage: 4
    • Survival: (0-10.)

    Traits: (These are custom-designed abilities for your character by you. They can be anything from skills, to unique powers, to weapons, to racial traits, and so on. If you want custom powers or powerful technology or so on, grab it here. You can also upgrade traits to increase the level of power they have, which affects dice rolls accordingly. You start with five trait points.)

    Trait 1: (Example racial/clone/telepath/AI trait.)
    Trait 2: (Example racial/clone/telepath/AI trait.)
    Trait 3: (Example cybernetics, nanotechnology, computers, or gun trait.)
    Trait 4: (Example equipment trait.)
    Trait 5: (Example social or reputation trait.)

    Equipment List: (List equipment you have here. Be thorough.)

    Signature: Violaceous
    (There are special conditions that must be met in order for Haven to die.)
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  16. Name: Captain Caitlin Atten MD
    Age: 26
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human, Telepath
    Ship Survivor or Colonist?:
    As is the nature of those “blessed” with the ability to peek into the minds of others, Caitlin grew up quiet and reserved in comparison to her peers. Her upbringing was nothing abnormal for a telepath as her parents read all the books and struggled to find a way to discipline a child who could tell when her parents were at odds over punishments. Eventually she grew into a well rounded young woman. Her quiet nature proved to serve her well as she spent more time thinking about how she thought about the world in comparison to the peers she would accidentally brush up against. This resulted in her becoming extremely introspective and self aware. The few times she would open her mouth to address another what she said would not only have a greater meaning due to her usual silence, but often would carry more importance for the person she was addressing.

    When she graduated from school and moved onto the standard two years of military training and once again followed a usual path for telepaths and remained with the military for her career. She had a natural desire to help others and pursued it in the form of becoming a trauma surgeon. In the course of her studies she became more acquainted with AIs than she had in her childhood and insisted upon not only being trained on how to heal bio-centric soldiers, but also those made of circuits and wires. The typical four years of training was extended to five when she asked to hone her telepathy in a way so that through touch she could gain definite understanding of a patient's medical situation without instruments. During this process she became familiar with how service animals detect diseases in humans and was given a service dog of her own to assist in her efforts. A year after completing her advanced training Caitlin heard of the imminent invasion and decided a dead medic wasn't half as useful as a live one. On her way to her home she found an ambulance that had decided it didn't want to fight the invasion. Soon she was prepared both in terms of medical supplies and with supplies of her own and on her way to find a place where she could help the most people possible.

    • Strength: 5
    • Agility: 5
    • Marksmanship: 4
    • Intelligence: 7
    • Courage: 6 (+1)
    • Survival: 7 (+2)


    No More Cold Stethoscopes:
    Caitlin can determine a patient's condition through skin-to-skin contact.
    I'm a Doctor, Dammit [II]: After five years of intensive training in one of the highest stress situations in a hospital, Caitlin is pretty damn good at putting people (and creature and robots) back together. (+2 Survival)
    Electric Touch: While learning how to piece AIs back together Caitlin also learned how to work with other electronics. She may not be trained explicitly in computer work, but given some time to think about it she can get work done on it.
    Service Animal: Procyon is a black German Shepherd trained to assist his handler in providing physical and mental therapy to patients. Procyon is there to keep patients as level-headed as possible during some of the most stressful time of their life. He also has limited training to detect certain medical conditions (such as an oncoming diabetic episode, seizures, etc). He's a good boy.
    Cool Headed: The needs and comfort of the patient go before Caitlin's. She will do whatever it takes to soothe someone in need, and that takes being level-headed herself. (+1 Courage)

    Equipment List:
    • Pilfered Ambulance Supplies in a Duffel Bag
    • Dog Supplies (food, service vest, leash, collar, tags, boots, collapsible water container)
    • Backpack (Telepathy blocking gloves, battle helmet, one full set of clean clothes, thermal jacket with a high collar, money, dog supplies)
    • Standard Issue Militia Sidearm
    • Scrubs, military hospital ID, and non-slip rubber soled shoes (currently worn)
    • Procyon who is currently wearing his service vest
    • Cell phone (or universe-specific equivalent)
    • Work pager (or universe-specific equivalent)

    Signature: Seba
    Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant

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