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Are you interested in joining? (I'll PM you when it's up.)

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  1. Teaser
    Sixty years ago, a distant listening outpost was established on A-133. This system, and the subsequent colony, were later named the Galileo colony. It was quickly discovered that the world was a paradise for humanity, with rolling fields and forests as far as the eye could see, and pleasant, temperate weather across eighty percent of the planet. Immigrants flooded the world and thirty years ago, it had a healthy population of millions. Today, it’s seen as a well populated agrarian world, with small cities scattered across its surface, boasting a highly educated population on the fringes of Terran Confederation territory.

    Four hours ago, the partially completed FTL satellite web triggered an alarm system mere minutes before a large fleet of war ships arrived in orbit. After an alarmingly short battle in orbit with a mere handful of defensive vessels for the colony, They began an immediate bombardment of the colony, hitting its military installations first. An hour ago, ground forces started landing on the planet, eradicating people but leaving buildings standing where possible. In a few minutes, they’re going to land near the city of Bellfields. Population: Four and a half million people.

    Including you. Will you survive?

    Colony Galileo is a role play about a group of colonists and military survivors in the near-future attempting to survive a siege and subsequent invasion by an alien threat, until friendly forces can break the orbital siege. I'm using this interest check to see how many people would like to join it. I'm aiming for somewhere between 10-15 people. It's a highly detailed, sci-fi universe with inspirations from all manner of science fiction.

    If you're interested, let me know by posting in this thread. If you have any questions, please ask--I have lots of this material already written down and can likely answer any questions y'all might have now!

    Spots will be given on a first come, first serve basis. I'm aiming to get this RP up by the weekend, maybe a little later. :ferret:
  2. Looks pretty good. I'll throw my interest out.
  3. WANT.
  4. First come, first serve? Pfft, I prefer nepotism.
  5. I would like to express my interest here.
  6. Will there be anything in the realm of psychic powers and/or equivalent things? Just curious.
  7. Telepathy is a thing. Here's an entry on it.

    Telepaths: Those with telepathic talent are regarded as a curiosity by the universe at large. They’re an inexplicable, convergent evolution that appears in many races in the galaxy. Some races have naturally stronger telepaths than others, though none overwhelmingly so, promoting a theory that some small pieces of genetic information are shared amongst all the races. Basic telepaths are able to read the surface thoughts of people and animals they touch, and can communicate non-verbally so long as there are no physical barriers between them and the person or animal they’re speaking to. They can block their telepathic talents by wearing battle helmets and gloves--battle helmets for non-verbal communication, and gloves for surface thought reading on touch.

    Telepaths can train and hone their abilities to become more powerful, and to gain more abilities over time. Their development can be staggeringly different from one another.

    Aboard ships that go to FTL, all telepaths suffer out of body experiences aboard their ships, becoming “ethereal”. If their “ethereal” form leaves whatever ship they’re on mid-FTL, they become catatonic vegetables for the rest of their lives. They also often report being able to see ghosts during FTL, though none of this is substantiated as untrained telepaths also suffer psychotic episodes post-FTL. Trained telepaths can survive without an episode, though often still suffer some emotional distress. Telepaths, trained or not, feel light headed and suffer nose bleeds after FTL is over.
  8. Never tried a Sci-fi, but sounds cool.
    Would like to join. ^^
  9. Ooohh.... Interested, especially in a Brovo roleplay.
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