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Paige walked through the woods at a brisk pace. It was around 2 in the morning but this was the time that she felt most alive. Her long dirty blonde hair blew out behind her. She was content to watch the moon through the gaps in the trees and breathe in the crisp fall air. Luckily she had a high body temperature or she would have been freezing. She had on her usual patrol gear since, technically, she was supposed to be on patrol. Her gear consisted of skin tight leather pants with mid-calf boots, a tight T-shirt and her gun that was in its holster resting on her hip.

She ran her fingers along the curve of the handle taking comfort in the way the cool metal felt. She brought out her gun, coming to a standstill and brought it up to eye level. She closed one eye and aimed a tree about 50 feet away. The shot rang through the night and her ears rang as she walked up to the tree, examining where it went in. She saw that it had hit directly in the middle of the trunk, splitting a branch in half. She smiled to herself and continued walking, putting the gun away as she left.

She shifted into her wolf form and started to run through the trees. A week ago she wouldn't be having the thoughts that were racing through her head right now. But there was a lot that could change in the span of 7 days. She knew that now. In the past few days, her parents had split up causing fighting among many of the wolves in the pack considering that her parents were the "co-alphas" of her pack. She had also learned that her boyfriend had cheated on her with some wandering skank of a wolf. A lone wolf. Can you say trashy much? She snorted through her nose causing a cloud to form in front of her for a split second before it was gone. Oh and you can't forget that her favorite uncle had just committed suicide earlier this morning. She couldn't help but think that her life was falling apart.

She slowed down as she came within hearing distance of the houses. A plan had formed in her mind without her knowing and she was debating on what to do. Soon, she had reached her house. A quaint little cottage with two floors. She knew her parents weren't home; they were out on patrol like she was supposed to be, so she opened the door and walked up the stairs to her room.


Two days later, Paige walked down the path to her new school. She looked around nervously, checking to make sure that nobody from her pack was here. She knew that they probably wouldn't look her, in the human world, yet. It had only been a day since she had left but she really couldn't be too careful.

Since she wasn't looking where she was going, she bumped in to someone causing her books to go flying everywhere.

"Oh my gosh!" She bent down to pick up her books. "I'm such a klutz! I can't believe I bumped into you like that. I'm so sorry!" She looked up at the person. It was a guy. Probably around her age. She froze. This was her first encounter with a human besides the landlord of her new apartment but she had only talked to him over the phone and left the money in the mailbox. She had never, ever come face to face with a real human before. Never.
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"No, it's okay, I should have been giving you some more room," Dean was shaken out of his own imagination as the girl ran into him. He didn't drop anything, although his messenger bag swung around and threatened to pull him onto his back. He managed to keep his balance though, brushing back a dislodged curl of his black hair.

He dropped down to one knee and began to collect some of the books that had scattered farther away, not really paying any attention to her yet. It wasn't until he'd gotten them into a stack and held them out to her that he was aware of her staring. It was more than a little awkward, and he didn't know what to make of it. He certainly didn't feel like he deserved to be stared at. And so far as he could tell there wasn't anything on him.

But, being honest, he was finding it hard to control an urge to stare at her. She had a kind of beauty he didn't see often around the school.

"Well, I guess we'll both have to pay a little more attention with where we're going," He said at last, trying to break the awkward ice.
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Paige stared. She tried to remember her training on humans. They were just like us. Only with dull senses and more dangerous. Or was it less dangerous? She couldn't remember. She supposed she would just have to wing it. Plus, if she was going to survive in the human world she had to find friends right? She needed help and support.

She opened her mouth to speak but only a squeak came out. She cleared her throat and tried again. "Y-Yea." She tried a wavering smile. "I'm Paige by the way." Her voice sounded stronger, more confident as she was getting used to being around this creature.

Suddenly, the bell rang. She wrenched her eyes away from the boy and stared at the school. "That's.... I should probably go..." She turned to leave but then stopped and looked back at the boy. "What's your name again?" She tilted her head slightly. I habit she had taken from her wolf side.
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She wanted to know his name? That was further than he'd gotten with most girls recently. The way she tilted her head as she asked the question... he wasn't sure what the right word for it was, but he found himself tilting his head to the side in response so his eyes stayed on the same plane as hers.

"Uh... Dean," He replied as he straightened up, shrugging to adjust the load of his bag, and his tongue wound up gluing itself to his mouth. He returned her smile as best as could, trying to hide the intense struggle going on in his mind on what to do next. Well, he knew what to do next, which was to keep the conversation going and walk with her as long as possible. His next class was in the direction she had started. He stepped up beside her, stammering for a moment before finding his words.

"Dean. And you said your name was Paige? Well, uhm... my next class is down that way to. So we should probably get moving, right?" He tried to put on his most confident smile as he spoke.
Paige looked at him strangely. Class? She thought. What was a class again? Then she remembered. It was where they taught you things. She turned back to Dean.

"Uh.. Yea." She smiled at him. "Class. Right. I have..." She tried to remember what she had. Then she remembered. "Ecology! That's right. It's room..."

She frowned. She couldn't remember her schedule. She started to search her bag and then remembered that she had stuck it into her ecology text book which was..... She looked around for it in her arms. It wasn't there. Then she remembered that Dean had taken some of her books off the floor. She reached over and got them from him. She smiled and looked in her textbook.

"B305..." She looked up at him. "I don't know where that is..." She frowned again. "Can you help me?"
Dean's mouth might have dropped. He couldn't tell, his mind was too busy reeling to keep up with minor things like that. He could not be this lucky. He could not be this lucky. It was impossible, literally impossible. He'd never won anything better than second-place in an elementary school raffle drawing. When he was five and his mom had let him pick out a scratch off card for her to play, he'd picked the one with the spaces aligned just right so that they won less than the card cost.

So that he and she would have the same class right now... he was dumbfounded, to put it simply.

"That's where my class is!" He blurted out at last, taking a step forward and excitedly waving her on, only to realize that this was probably laying it on too thick. He coughed to clear his throat, and tried to sound calmer as he continued, "I've got that class too. C'mon, I'll show you the way."
Paige giggled at Dean's enthusiasm. She walked after him as he waved her on.

"Awesome! You can teach me how this whole school thing works." She rolled her eyes. "I've never been to school. Ever." She laughed. "I've also never had friends outside of my pac- uh town...." She glanced down at her shoes. She had almost said pack. That would have led to some awkward conversations. She just hoped that Dean didn't pick up on the almost slip up.

She looked back at him and smiled. "So which way do we go?" She pointed at the right side of the building. "That way? Or.." She pointed at the left side of the building, crossing her arms in the middle so that her arms were twisted. "That way?" She smirked at him and dropped her arms. The wind picked up then, blowing her hair around her face. She turned slightly so that the wind was hitting her head-on so that her hair blew back like a dirty blonde flag.

Suddenly, a group of boys walked by them. They looked about her age. Maybe a little bit older. When they saw her, they stopped and stared. She looked back at them and waved, smiling to be friendly. They looked at each other and smirked. She tilted her head a little bit as one of them, he looked like the alpha of the group, broke away and started to saunter towards her.

"Hey." He had a deep voice that had a tinge of huskiness to it. He was attractive. Like the guys she would see in the movies.

"Hey." She smiled at him and shifted her weight to the side.

He jerked his head towards Dean. "This guy bothering you?" He gave Dean a hard look.

"Nope. He was just showing me around." She didn't like the way he was looking at her. Like she was some sort of valuable item and he had to be the only one who had it. "And we were just leaving. I'm new and I don't want to be late for my first class." She smiled tightly at him. He just looked at her like she might be joking. She sighed and rolled her eyes. Grabbing Dean's wrist, she started walking towards the school. "It was nice to meet you though! Maybe I'll see you around!" She winked at him then turned back to Dean. "Hopefully I don't though." She said under her breath.
If Dean's head hadn't already been spinning, then it was whirling now, so much happening at once. He was taken aback, if she had only been homeschooled up to now she certainly never showed it, seeming to have the confidence of someone who'd been doing this all their life. It was hard not to find her confidence infectious, or to dislike her for it.

"Uh... well, you picked the right way," He said as he followed her, not sure what to make of how quickly she had brushed off those guys. He'd just begun to open his mouth to find an excuse to leave before she stepped in and then pulled him away. He was more than a little speechless as his eyes met hers, not sure how to follow up on a moment like that.

He had to try, though.

"Well you seem pretty confident for having just moved here. More confident than I was on my first day. Where did you live before?" He asked as he followed close alongside her, trying to speed up so that he was just a step in front of her to better lead her through the campus, but also to hide the fluster on his face as he tried to understand this new mystery girl.
Paige watched as Dean's face turned red. She giggle under her breath. She followed him throughout the school but stopped short as he asked her where she lived before this. She grabbed for a place that was human.

"Uhh.... Where I lived?" She laughed nervously. "I umm... I lived in...." She remembered hearing about a big city that everyone knew. It was.... "New York?" She laughed again. She wasn't very good at lying. She never lied to anybody so she was a bit out of practice. Plus being put on the spot like that didn't help. She fought the urge to ask him if that was right. Damn. This was going to be a lot harder than she first thought.

She couldn't help but admiring the way his back muscles moved as he walked. She watched them as they rippled under his shirt. Sure, she had seen guys with muscles. The whole pack was filled with muscles and testosterone. But she hadn't realized that humans could have muscles that even remotely compared to her packs.

She left the world and started thinking about the pack. She would miss them but she needed a break right now. It was just too much for her to deal with. Plus the human world didn't seem as bad as they always said. If Dean was any example then everyone in the werewolf world was totally off about them. Her thoughts seemed to go every which way as she mindlessly followed Dean. She probably wouldn't have realized if a big honkin' ogre had ripped off the roof. It probably wasn't smart on her part but she was too far gone to even care about that.
"Really? You don't have a very strong New York accent, Not- not that that's a bad thing or anything. I mean I was never a fan of it but that doesn't mean it's bad or... Or if you do have an accent you should use it, you shouldn't try to hide who you are or anything..." Dean was talking fast and ended it by trailing off, not ever quite sure where he was going when he spoke but not wanting to stop and seem like one of those moody, quiet types.

The redness in his cheeks didn't stop as he looked back and saw her eyes on him. Was she staring at him? He didn't think of himself as anything special, just an average guy. Whatever she was doing, he didn't want to jinx it by saying anything.

He stopped as they reached the door, out of sight of the small window set in the wood as he tried to collect himself, bring his cheeks back to their normal shade. "So... I think I can handle this, if you don't want to or... I don't know."
Paige was snapped out of her thoughts as Dean started to talk again. He started to babble a bit about her accent. But she thought it was kind of cute. She smiled a little bit at him. Of course she had an accent. It just wasn't any kind of accent that could be placed. In human terms, it was probably a mixture of British and Australian. A lilting tone that she used but had trained herself to speak in a typical American accent.

"I didn't live there for very long." She managed to get out. The lie had just slipped out. "I mean, I don't really have a New York accent. I wasn't there long enough to pick one up I guess. I move around a lot." Boy was that an understatement. But he didn't know that.

He caught her watching him as the walked and turned red again. She couldn't understand why he kept doing that. Her cheeks only turned red when she was angry or hot. He didn't seem to be either of those. Then she remembered something she had read about humans. They would flush a red color when they got nervous or embarrassed. Though why he would be either of those she had no clue.

They stopped in front of a door. She peered into the window as he spoke to her. She didn't really hear him though. She was too busy worrying about her first class. He had barely finished talking when she whipped her head back to him and locked eyes with his. "Is this the room? The class right? This is where the class is?" She looked back into the window of the door again but it didn't look like anybody was there. Then she realized that he had been speaking to her. "I'm sorry." She grimaced. "I tend to do that a lot... What did you say though?" She tried to give him an endearing smile.
Dean was normally the kind of person who couldn't stand being ignored, who would glower or clear his throat or make some other sign of his displeasure until he had his audience's attention again. Ironic, considering that he usually wasn't all that forward socially. Or perhaps because of it, that he spoke so little he wanted to be sure he was heard when he did?

Either way, it didn't matter, his frustrations seemed to shrink as she smiled. She did have a wonderful smile. He shook his head shortly, as if to clear it, trying to counter his usual bashfulness with a show of confidence as he returned her smile, saying, "This is the place. I'll handle it, come on."

He nodded towards the door as he opened it and stepped inside, already excusing their lateness as he explained how he was just helping a new member of class to find the room and similar explanations so quickly and smoothly that the teacher didn't have much choice left but to just wave them towards a pair of open seats at the far wall of the room. Dean flashed Paige a short smile as he moved towards one of them, sliding down into the chair and hoping that she picked the seat next to him.
Paige walked into the classroom right behind Dean. She had noticed that he had gotten a little bit frustrated with her but it quickly vanished. She had to remember and try not to make him feel like that again. She was just about to turn down the aisle and slip into the empty seat beside Dean when someone stuck out their hand and stopped her. She looked down at the person. It was the guy from outside. He smiled up at her.

"Aren't you going to introduce yourself to the class?" He grinned mischievously at her. "I'm sure a lot of us want to know all about you." He winked at her and a bunch of the other guys around him laughed.

Paige held her chin high and gave him a smile that, although it could pass as being sweet, had a definite edge of malice in it. "Of course! How silly of me to forget my manners." She smirked at him and walked to the front of the classroom. She looked at the teacher for permission to which she nodded. She smiled and faced the class.

"My name is Paige Aleino. I'm 17 and I just moved here from New York." She looked straight at the boy. "I've already made some wonderful friends here." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm and a few of her new classmates snickered. "Umm... That's it I guess."

She smiled and walked towards her new seat but not before she stopped in front of the boy again and dropped her voice saying, "I grew up with muggers and psychos. I can take your puny ass any day." Her eyes glinted with annoyance. The boy's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. She turned on her heel and sat down in her new desk and looked at Dean with a smirk on her face and a wink.
The day seemed to pass by quickly, like a blur. Probably, Dean figured, because of Paige. Their schedules mostly matched up, and they managed to stay pretty close all day, nothing that Dean was going to complain about. As the last bell rang he found himself standing in the side of the hall next to her, as the usual mad rush of students trying to escape the school passed them by.

He felt his tongue starting to stick to the roof of his mouth again, he'd been so caught up in spending time with her and showing her around the school that he hadn't considered what to do with the school day ended. As he stood there he shuffled his hands into his pockets, finding his voice and asking, "So Paige, uhm... Where are you living? I mean, not that I'm trying to stalk your or anything, I was just wondering how far away it is and... uh...

"Do you need a ride home?" He managed, with some difficulty, to blurt out at last. As soon as the question left his lips his cheeks and ears felt hot, though he hoped it didn't show, at least not badly.
Paige's day went by in a whirl of different classes. She was lucky that Dean had a lot of the same classes as she did or she would have probably gotten lost. It was a huge school and her classes were in random parts of the building. Luckily, Dean stayed relatively close throughout the day. At one point, a group of guys had stopped and talked to her, surrounding her in a circle but she had managed to get away from them. She had never really thought of herself as pretty. She didn't like her human form as much as he wolf form. But it seemed like a lot of the boys at this school thought she had a pretty face.

The final bell of the day rang and Dean stopped to the side of the hall. She saw some people from other classes rush by and she waved at a couple that she had talked to. Others just stared. She turned to Dean who was acting rather uncomfortable. She had to smother a smile at his expression. He looked so confused and tongue tied. Finally he spoke.

"Do you need a ride home?"

She smiled at him as his face and ears grew red. It would be nice to have been able to say yes but she wasn't entirely sure where she was going. She had no place to go to for the night and to be honest, she hadn't really thought about that part of running away. She figured she could just go to the woods and sleep there but now that she thought about it, it didn't seem like such a good idea. Her pack might have sent wolves to patrol all of the woods in the area. Hopefully they wouldn't send any into the human places.

And yet, there was something about Dean that made her want to say yes. And that's exactly what she did. She was getting good at talking to the humans. They werent' really that much different from her packmates. Sure, they smelled different and they weren't as confident but they acted similarly and they had most of the same features aside from the whole shifting thing. She nodded at Dean.

"Sure. But I'm not going home yet. Do you mind if you drop me off by the park?" She figured that the park would be safer than the woods since there were more people that went to the park. The wolves would only go into the non populated areas so she would just stay near the humans and hope her scent didn't get caught.
Dean was surprised and trust be told somewhat thrilled to see Paige blush, it seemed to make her more approachable, more human, that she could feel as embarrassed as he did. He did his best to smile comfortingly as he nodded and started to walk towards the parking lot, half turned to her and motioning for her to follow as he said, "No problem, the park's on my way home, come on."

But... the park? Why would she need to go to the park? It wasn't entirely out of the ordinary, he supposed, but he didn't hear much about kids going there after school. Especially after school. Did she like to jog, or... or was she going there to meet someone? Dean was suddenly hit with a wave of concern that she would be trying to make an appointment with a guy. He didn't know why, he barely knew her, but... he wanted to know her more, and he didn't want something in the way.

He slid his hands into the pocket of his jeans as he looked back at her, trying to sound as casual and friendly as possible as he asked, "So... if it's not too rude of me to ask, why are you going down to the park?"
Paige shifted her feet uncomfortably on the floor. She hadn't expected him to want to know what she was doing. Lying wasn't something she did. It just wasn't natural for her. When she was with the pack, her thoughts could be heard whenever she was in her wolf form so it wasn't like she could hide anything anyway. So she never actually could lie. And now she was being put on the spot to lie to someone who she was beginning to trust. She sighed and looked anywhere but at Dean's eyes.

"Why? I- uh... I just like it there. I don't know..." She shuffled her feet a bit more. This was harder than it had seemed. She looked around a bit more and then tried to meet his eyes but quickly looked back down again. She couldn't lie to him while she was looking directly at him.

"I just like to walk there. It's... comforting. Reminds me of home." She mumbled the last sentence so that he might not hear it. She had let it slip and she doubted from the pictures she had seen that New York had all that many woodsy areas. "I'll just walk home later."

Suddenly, she heard her name being called from down the hall. She looked up. There was a girl walking towards them. She had long blonde hair, bright green eyes and the physique of a supermodel. She was followed by 2 other girls who were just as pretty and perfect as she was except one was a brunette and the other was a red head. The blonde looked familiar. Paige figured she was from one of her classes and tried to remember her name. Then it clicked. It was Blaire. She was in her English class.

Blaire and the two girls reached Paige and Dean. Blaire was smiling at Paige and ignoring Dean. Paige glanced at Dean and gave him a confused look but looked back to Blaire when she started talking.

"Paige!" Blaire flashed her a dazzling grin and the other girls followed suit. "Hi! You're new right?" She didn't give Paige a chance to answer. "Great! So I know how hard it is to have to move around all the time." She rolled her eyes for emphasis. "So I just wanted to come over to invite you to a little get-together we're having on Saturday."

She gestured towards the girls behind her. "Lexi will pick you up around 5 and bring you to Ava's house so we can get ready!" The brunette and the red head waved as Blaire said their names. Blaire reached into her purse and pulled out a piece of paper and wrote something down on it. She handed it to Paige. "Here's my number. Call me tomorrow so we can set this up ok?" She smiled at Paige again. "See you around!" She turned around and walked out the door.

Paige stood there for a few seconds, stunned at what had just happened. She turned back to Dean. "What just happened?" She laughed a little and shook her head. Humans were weird.
Dean blinked in surprise as Paige turned to speak to him, a twinge of nervous humor in his voice as he said, "Well... I think you just got... shanghaied." The word just popped into his mind as he was searching for it, he didn't consider that she might not know what it meant. He knew enough to see what was happening, they wanted to impress the newcomer. Get here pulled into their circle early.

As much as he knew that it wasn't his place to decide, his lips ever so briefly formed into a frown. He just met Paige! He didn't want to to see her pulled away like that so soon. But what could he do? It was her decision to go to the party or not, and he wasn't going to try to make her decide one way or another. His arms crossed over his chest as he nodded back towards the parking lot. "Don't worry about, they won't bite if you don't go. C'mon, it's not too far to my car."

It wasn't, really. He was at the school early every day to reach one of the tricky-to-pull-into spots near the entrance. It wasn't as though he had much better to do with his time.

"Well, if you like it there, that's good enough for me," He started to say as he walked, his steps leisurely. "I've haven't been to the park in... years, I guess. Just not somewhere I usually have much reason to go to."