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What is your school experience?

  1. I am still in High School.

  2. I dropped out of High School.

  3. I graduated High School.

  4. I am currently in college.

  5. I dropped out of college.

  6. I have graduated college.

  7. I have done ____ vocational schooling.


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  1. I am curious, as a curious Diana will often be! How may of our members go out to get continued education? I think education is great and VERY important, especially if can get a scholarship or can afford to go to college. Despite the fact I think our education and college system is a whole load of crap. >>; *cough*

    So vote in the poll and tell us about your school experience!

    Ahem! As for me, I did not graduate high school. D: Nor did I get a GED or go to college! At the time school wasn't a good thing for me. At the present date, I don't have a need or desire to go to school, or the attention span to learn anything. Although in the future I might enjoy taking some classes!
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  2. I'm in college, and the learning experience is rather enjoyable, as now I'm doing subjects relevant to my interests and career choices.
    I may be failing miserably, but that's hardly the point.
  3. Graduated UC Riverside with a B.S. in biological sciences. I had further schooling but not for a degree. Still trying to work on landing a career in an allied health profession.
  4. I'm a senior in high school (yes, I know I recently turned seventeen, and no, I didn't skip, I'm just young) looking to get a degree in Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology. Right now I'm really hoping for the University of Chicago to take me, but I'm applying to a long list of places. They can't all reject me... right?

    Ah, anyway. I really enjoy learning, but I do best in a lecture-test environment, so I've done not-so-great in some classes due to busywork. I'm that rare person who actually does better reading than getting my hands dirty doing it so I love getting handed a reading assignment and told when I'll be expected to know it by. If I have to build a diagram and draw a few graphs, I just wind up confusing myself with all the variables and get caught up in the details rather than learning the subject matter plain.
    Of course, I'd always rather be learning things that are actually relevant to my interests... hooray senior year and no math classes, but double science and history!
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  5. I've got a bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) with an emphasis in Graphic Design, and a minor in English.

    And before you say “oh she’s just another graphic artist" there is a HUGE difference between graphic design and graphic arts (the least of which is at least four years of school or equivalent experience) and the types of jobs the two fields are expected to do. I have a whole rant on the topic but I leave it at that. I just felt the need to clarify because you'd be surprised at how often I've caught people interchanging the two . . . sorry, I'll go away now . . .
  6. I'm currently attending community college. When I go to register for winter classes, I'm going to ask about petitioning to graduate, finally. I've spent so much time moving due to drama and failing relationships, so it's taken forever just to get my AA completed. e__e

    My plan as of now is to apply to University of Oregon. If all goes well, I'll go in with my transfer degree and resume my studies! I want to work on a degree in Paleontology. :]
  7. I have a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology.

    I currently work at a private exotic game ranch. It's not really what I want to do but for now it's fine - networking got me the job pretty quick at least it's a foot in the door for the animal and wildlife world.

    My parents saved up for my college education beginning when I was pretty young and I was never a rebel - I always just assumed I would go to college; it was obviously expected of me and I had no real reason to resist or go a different route. I'm the only one out of 4 offspring who has a degree despite my mother nudging all of us in that direction and I don't begrudge her for it at all. I enjoy biology and I've always been interested in animals so this suits me; I'm good at looking at all the angles of a situation and finding a compromise. Wildlife biology is both a science and an art - it's research but also dealing with people who don't have the understanding that you do of what is going on and what particular changes may mean yet have the means to fund you or ignore your suggestions.
  8. After a total breakdown that was a long time coming, I dropped out of high school in my final year... But now that everything has mellowed out, I'm looking into getting the rest of my credits and then possibly, hopefully, studying to become a massage therapist if I can :)