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  1. lana is just starting her first year of college but this isnt a normal college she finds that on her 18th birthday she has fully transformed into a vampire! everyone else in this college is also all types of monsters she is amazed and scared. will she meet other people who have just found their true forms?

    please write your age what species and what you look like and hobbies ext. ^^
  2. [​IMG]
    Makiro Haruno
    age: 19
    Species: Vampire
    Hobbies: Piano, Guitar, Video games, Sleep
  3. name:lana
    light bubbly friendly shy at first but outgoing when you get to know her kind she gets snappy easily
    what she looks like down there haha ^^
  4. loves inside eating icecream sitting down cats

    hates mints dogs being cold rain the colour orange ._.
  5. so how should we start o.o
  6. haha i guess we'll bump into eachother while looking for our dorm or something? sounds chessey huh? impressed haha
  7. i love how you character is dark an mysterious and im just here like HAI
  8. My character be a nice guy once you get to know him and alright lol
  9. -walking along corridors looking at the door numbers with a box in her arms-
  10. Walking down the corridor his backpack on and his head down his music blasting in his ears, he bumps into a girl holding a box and bumps into the wall also looking at her. Removing one head phone from his ear his eyes scanning over her before he spoke to her " Sorry"
  11. drops the box ohh books and pencils small things fall out bends down to start picking them up oh umm its f-fine smiles
  12. Name: Misty Thrip
    Age: 19
    Species: Water Fairy
    Personality: Sarcastic, adorable, excitable, sweet, and bubbly (pun intended)
    Powers: She can shrink, manipulate water (even moisture in the air), and her wings can fold down, but they don't vanish.
    PS she has elf ears
    Misty fluttered about, trying to remember which room the staff had said they put her stuff in. As a new transfer student from Elfington Academy, Her luggage had been transported via portal before her first day. Which was today. She was pretty excited, but a little lost.
    She finally decided to ask for directions to the female dormitory and landed next to a couple of vampires. (She could tell by the red eyes)
    " any of you guys happen to know which building is the female dormitory?" She chirped as her wings shuffled nervously behind her.
  13. "uhh no im looking for that myself actually" smiles and picks box back up
  14. (lana can hypnotise btw ^^)
  15. He rubbed the back of his head when he noticed another girl make her way over, he bent down to help her pick up the stuff he knocked out her hands. Collecting them in his hands slowly shaking his hair out of his eyes not really speaking much.
  16. "thanks.." half smiles
  17. "So..none of you. I guess I'll just stick with you then, since we're headed to the same place. What's your name?" Misty spoke quicker than most, but she was still understandable.
  18. "oh im Lana who are you ?" smiles and stands beside her
  19. He stood up slowly stretching a bit then looking back flicking some of his hair out his face " Im Makiro " He said before sliding his hands back into his pockets
  20. "I'm Misty. Nice to meet you both." Misty smiled, fidgeting a bit. She was what her mother called a 'hyperactive little pixie'.
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