College/University Heart Ache.

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  1. Anyone else going through some college/university funding heart aches?
    What course were you wanting to take?

    Though most of my funding woes are because of student aid. They tell me they won't fund my course which is bull. I come from a low income family (which where I life can guarantee you funding for school or so I'm told) The awkward thing I find is that when I thought I wanted to be a graphic artist, I got offered funding no problem. But now that I decided to stick to my guns and take up on the offered course at my local college, and take funeral directing... I get zip. I'm confused, their morals are out of whack. I'm choosing a career that is always expanding and is a noble service. My dream was to help the families that lost someone important to them, or help the deceased that need someone to help fulfill their final wishes.
  2. It might be because you've already gotten funding for your classes when you were pursuing a career in graphic design. I was told by my financial aid adviser that the government/student aid only covers a certain amount of units before they cut you off and have you either pay out of pocket or through scholarships.

    And yes I'm going through my own college heart aches. My boyfriend may not be going to school and I'm finding it harder than ever to get through school with the money issues. I'm also concerned about whether or not my degree will help pay for the bills.
  3. i never received any money. I was only looking into it. Just cause I was "offered" the money doesn't mean I signed anything. I actually thought it over and found out the place that offered the class was a scam. So i decided to go with funeral directing.
  4. In terms of getting funding, from what I've noticed is that not only does the school matter but also the degree. I come from basically a middle class family. I was lucky enough for my grandfather to pay for one of my degrees. But besides that, I got funding without any hassles. If you're having issues, there's something grander at hand. Be it what Zen said with them having an allotted amount of slots for funding or they're being biased for the school that you chose or something else. Another thing that just came to mind is that I think the rules/laws have changed since I graduated making it much harder for people to get any funding of any sort. If you qualify, I know there are some forms of funding that you don't have to pay back -- an angel investor for college degrees, basically. Go that route if you qualify.
  5. The school I want to go to is quite a good one. One of the better ones in Winnipeg. It's the policies and laws here that you're mentioning that are not so... they don't really make sense. I'd go into it but I want to feel better, ranting will just put me in a horrible mood. I decided just to empty my savings and pay for it myself. I've exhausted all my options, sadly. Thankfully I didn't have to go alone to do all these things. My bf was with me, helping me every time I drew a blank. LOL
  6. Good on you for having the willingness to take a risk to go after your dream. There's a whole lot of people out there that would throw up their hands and say "Well I guess I just can't do it" or "Maybe when I'm in a more stable situation."

    Best of luck in your studies.