College Memories

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  1. is our thread :) I posted the starting post below.

    My character: Emily Johnson. A "junior" at the campus. Her heart is set on studying and getting things done as fast as possible. Hardly seen partying and doing anything interesting. She always wants to something, but always sees the parties, games, and other activities as a distraction.

    The wind whipped through the chilling air cutting through most people like a knife. The sound of leave scampering across the concrete filled the busy campus setting. The students were rushing to get to their classes as the first week of school started underway. As for young Emily, it was not different. Her arms held the thick book to her chest as she started towards her English class. Her sandy hair blew behind her as the wind whorled around. Her jacket was tight to her clothing as her boots crunched the leave below her. Her eyes glanced back up as she pulled open the door towards the class room. The warm air hit her face as she searched the halls for room 130A.
  2. Kon hoisted up his amp, noticing the clock said he was late. But he only shrugged. This gig was more important to him than class. He'd show up tomorrow and after all what would they care. College was different than his high school years. If you miss it was your own damn fault. Kon's head was in the clouds as he became distracted by the sketching of musical notes around his head. He hummed and mumbled some semi-audible lyrics to his little sister who came to pick him up.

    "Come on! I go to school unlike you and my lunch break is almost over!"

    "I thought the fans were supposed to throw roses to the guitarist." He spoke with a cheeky lulilby in his voice. He followed her out the back door and noticed she was in a hurry. "You're 16 you have all the time in the world, cool your heals."

    "And be like you!? I don't think so!" She interrupted like a mother would and forced open the passenger's door. "Get in the car!"

    "Harsh little sister." He pouted and slid into the leather interior, and adjusted the mirror away from his face. She forced him back into class by driving him there instead of home. "No way..."

    "Get out." She huffed while she texted a friend.

    After Kon walked through the hallways of his college he opened the door freely without a shameful look on his face. Interrupting the lecture and plopping himself in his usual seat which happened to be right next to Emily. He had looked her up and down, huffing like his sister would have. He was mostly just venting.

    He had a white delicate completion of an Icelandic male, almost silvery white hair and olive eyes that he obtained by his mother. He tapped his fingers as he eyed the teacher about the clear their throat. "Grow up." Kon knew the short form by heart of what everyone says.

    "Kon this isn't high school, but hell be quiet when entering my class!" The professor almost grinned from the hilarity in his immature routine. Kon was driving him to his end.
  3. Emily eventually found the room she had been searching for and took a seat towards the front of the room. Her feet carried her towards the middle of the room as she took a seat. The students soon started following her in. She watched some of them come in as she pulled out her notebook and pen. Her hands flipped to the next open page as someone took a seat next to her. Her best friend Brittany.

    "Must you always come early to class?" Brittany questioned pulling out her own notebook and writing instrument. Her blonde hair was pulled into a high ponytail and her sweat pants were a strong indication that she had just woken up.

    "Yes I must," Emily laughed, "See, unlike you I tend to get up early and enjoy what I am studying for."

    Brittany shook her head and started to get comfortable in her seat. Emily watched the professor turn on the computer and the slide show for the notes of the day. Her hands tapped the pen against her notebook and desk. She was ready to start class. Her mind started to wonder a bit as the professor's voice brought her back to the central of the class. The topic of the day....Symbolism. Her hands wrote down across the paper as she glanced up for the second the professor changed the topic to someone who had just came in through the doors. Brittany and Emily both looked up as the young man, Kon, came in through the doors.

    "That's someone I wouldn't mind getting to know better," Brittany whispered in Emily's ear as the man started there way. "If you know what I mean."

    "Unfortunatly I do," Emily said laughing a bit and rolling her eyes. She watched the young man come closer and take a seat next to her. "Too bad you are in sweatpants."

    She gave Kon a small smile and started to look back up at the board again. Her hand pushing her brunette hair off her shoulder and to the other one. Her hand shook the pen as she started to write down more the notes and what the teacher was saying.