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  1. It had been about 3 months since Alex had moved out of her parents basement and into a college dorm room with her best friend Ivy. And though she was enjoying college life, she hadn't really made any new friends, which is something she had wanted to do all throughout her college career. Of course she'd made some acquaintances, but never a true solid friendship.

    She sat in her bedroom on her bed, the bed flooded with textbooks, pencils, highlighters and flash cards. She'd been studying for an hour and a half (the most boring study session of her life) and that was one of the many things that caused her to over-think. Oh my God what am I doing with my life!? I have like one friend and I've been in college for three months! Maybe I'm lame... OH NO I'VE LOST MY COOL!! Alex thought to herself. The thought of Ivy leaving her for a better best friend reared it's head and she cringed. Of course she was just being paranoid (as always). That was another one of Alex's mannerisms: she got paranoid about anything... And EVERYTHING! Maybe it was time for a change of pace. Time to meet some new people and make some new friends! Alex threw her books and stuff to the side of the bed, grabbing her laptop. She was thinking of a way she could meet some new people. There was Facebook, but she was absolutely sure if she started messaging random people on there, people would think she was weird. She decided to call her bestest friend in the whole world!! Alex picked up her cell phone, dialing Ivy's number.

    While Ivy was out at the coffee shop after her last class when she heard her phone's oh to familiar ring tone "Boom Clap" by Charlie XCX, she quickly reached for the iPhone and slid the green button over and with a quick "Helllo? Ivy here!" She said as she looked at the contact to see Alex's goofy face. "Alex? What's up?"

    "Ok so dude, I have like no friends. And don't say you have me because you don't count. But, I was thinking about getting us some new friends, possibly some roommates too. I was thinking we could stay in the huge house that my parents got me and we get some roommates." Alex typed up some stuff on the computer as she talked. "You should just say yes because I'm already making flyers." She giggled.

    Ivy giggled as she sipped her latte. "Heyyy, I don't count? Who helped you get your curly hair out of that locker in the 10th grade?!" She giggled again and listened to her best friend ramble on. "So were moving out of that shitty dorm room and getting a bunch of strangers to live in a house with us? Sounds like a great idea, oh yeah nothing can go wrong." She rolled her eyes.

    Alex laughed "Hey that wasn't my fault! Toni Speranzi completely had it out for me after I stole her part In the play!! But yeah that's about it. How are we gonna do this?" Alex chewed on her bottom lip, another nervous habit of hers.

    Ivy laughed as she switched her phone to the other ear. "Well How about you calm down chicka. How bout we set up video auditions/submissions and pick our favorite people? Kinda like Parental Control."

    Alex gasped and screamed "Oh my God, yes! Yes! Yes!!" Alex exclaimed with excitement. That was the perfect way to meet their potential roommates! Alexandria was too excited for words. "Ivy you are a damn genius!" she laughed.

    Ivy flipped her curly mess of hair very dramatically and laughed. "Oh girl I know!" Ivy smiled and bit her lower lip. "I'll be home in a few girl!"

    Alex smiled, making the flyers and printing as many as her printer would let her. All of the flyers told people a little about herself and Ivy and why they were letting random people live in her house. Each one had a little card on it asking them to email Ivy or herself with a video submission including their name, age a little about them, why they wanna stay in the house and what they could bring/help with in the house. As Ivy walked through the door of their dorm, Alex shoved a huge stack of flyers and a roll of tape into her arms. "There is no talk, only do," Alex giggled, walking past Ivy and into the crowded hallways of Washington State University. She started stapling them on walls and poles as Ivy taped them up as well. When they were done posting the flyers around school and handing them out they headed back to their room.

    *2 Days Later*

    It was a Saturday night and Alex and Ivy were both sitting at laptops, checking emails for video submissions. She had been checking her email nonstop for the last 2 days. She was a little exited to have people staying in her house. It was more of a mansion than a house, having over 16 rooms, a pool, theatre, and extra-large rooms for them to turn into whatever they wish. Ivy was in awe since the moment they got there to make sure everything in the house was perfect. "We might be looking through emails all night, Ivy. I’m actually really excited, but I’m freaking out in my mind.” Alex giggled

    Ivy laughed as she browsed the news feed on Facebook. "Oh come on! Do you really think that many people are going to want to stay in a house with us? I mean, you’re crazy!" She laughed

    Alex shook her head. "I am not that crazy! But I mean it’s a mansion, who doesn’t wanna live in a mansion?!” Alex paced back and forth, chewing on her bottom lip and twiddling her hands out of nervousness. She had never thrown a party before, so she had no idea how to be a hostess . Ivy walked back over to Alex and placed her hands on her pacing best friends shoulders. "Don’t worry if any weirdos wanna move in. I got your back"

    Alex nodded, and she heard a PING on her computer; meaning that she had gotten another email. She clicked on the first one that popped up. The subject read: Roommates Wanted. She took a deep breath and started the video.
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  2. Katherine was hurrying out of a Satruday lecture with a bag hanging from her shoulder and bouncing against her left hip when she spotted one of many flyers inquiring about roommates. She tore one down to read as she sauntered to her dorm. It sounded too good to be true, but what was the harm in sending an email? If she wanted to get one in tonight she needed to be quick about it. She jogged to her room, hurrying to unlock the door and throw her bag on the bed. Her roommate was nowhere to be found so she assumed she might be out with her friends. She opened up her laptop and turned it on, letting it power up as she changed. This evening she had to work at the Golf Club by the University. There was going to be yet another wedding this week, which wouldn't be too much of a bother if she had more than a few nice shirts.

    She pulled on a pair of black dress pants then added a long sleeved white blouse, buttoning it with one hand as she turned on her webcam. Katherine adjusted her shirt then pulled her hair back into a high ponytail with a black hairband, brushing her bangs back behind both of her ears before she began to record herself.
    "Uh, hey there, strangers! I'm Katherine, or Kathy. Kate, Kathleen, whatever shoots your star." She flashed a partial grin at the screen then grabbed the poster she snagged earlier and held it up. "I could really, really use a room to myself. I feel awful waking up my roommate at all hours of the night." She backed away from the desk just enough to gesture to her outfit.
    "I work two part time jobs, one of them at a clothing store, the other at the Palouse Ridge Golf Club. I work their wedding receptions a few days during the week at the Banyans Restaurant-" She paused, her small smile widening. "They always have amazing left over food and dessert they give to the workers, so that's a bonus if you accept me as a housemate." The light orange hair tucked behind her right ear fell out of place as she reached for something off to the side.
    "Then on Sundays I work the golf course there; bringing refreshments and what not to the players. Anyway!"

    Katherine held up her Student ID, keeping her thumb over her surname as she spoke again. "Just so you know I'm an actual student here." She looked down at the silver wristwatch on her left arm and bit her bottom lip, muttering quietly. "Oops. I'm gonna be late if I don't wrap this up..." She pulled her bangs back again as she finished. "You have my email, so you know how to get in touch with me and maybe we can meet up or something in the future. Later!" A crooked grin graced her features and she shut the webcam off. Kate logged in to her account to attach the video in a message then sent it to one of the emails printed on the flyer. Hopefully that'll be okay. I didn't know what else to say. She brushed the thought aside and slipped on her black shoes, almost running out of the door with her keys and wallet in hand.
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  3. CLICKETY CLICK CLACK. Daniel's fingers flew over his keyboard's keys, tapping messages away at an intense speed. It was another Saturday night to be spent in front of a screen for Daniel, as had been the case ever since he could remember. However, the internet seemed strangely calm today, a rare occasion for Daniel. He had no forum bugs to fix, no promised re-mixs to upload, no blogs in urgent in need of updating. Yes, his fingers still tapped away at a stupid speed, but that was simply Daniel's normal typing speed, and in actual fact Daniel was just typing useless nonsense. Oddly, Daniel didn't feel like there was anything he really had to do, other than waste time. Pausing for a second, Daniel thought about checking out the various Washington State University pages, just to check if there was anything interesting happening. Doubtful, but it wasn't as if Daniel had much better to do. Logging out of his main computer account, Daniel re-logged in to his 'real' computer account, the one for which used his real information. Rather than having to log in and out of various websites, swapping between his 'Flamerian' and 'real' accounts, he simply used two different computer accounts for greater ease.

    Once it had loaded, Daniel clicked onto his school's official Facebook page. Nothing which caught his attention there, expectedly. However on the 'WSU stdt ;)' page, he caught sight of something which seemed rather interesting. Rumour had it that there were various flyers around the university advertising living places some girl's mansion, with video applications being required to get in. Enticed, Daniel hurriedly messaged a few people discussing the rumour for details, soon managing to confirm the rumour was true, also obtaining the mansion owner's email. A smile flickered across Daniel's face. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity for him to escape his current small and lonely accommodation, especially considering Daniel's video making prowess. Immediately convinced that this mansion was the place for him to be, Daniel got to work on his video.

    Firstly he was going to have to write out a script of what he going to say, planning basic ideas for video effects as he did so. Then came the actual recording, which Daniel repeated three of four times in order to perfect it. Basic editing came next, which meant getting rid of the awkward pauses and boring parts, before doing some finer, more picky, editing. Now that was out of the way, it was time for the fun part. Special effects were always entertaining to do, although Daniel was careful not to get too carried away. After three hours of work, Daniel was finished with the final checks, leaving him with the final video. All he had to do now was watch it one last time, before sending it off.

    Faint background music can be heard, a mixture of various pop songs, with only white on the screen. Fading in from the white, Daniel appears on the screen, the colouring photo-shopped to look brighter than the dark pit Daniel actually lives in. "Hey there, Ivy and Alex!" Daniel exclaimed, without the original pause where he had to check the girl's email account to know their names, "My name's Daniel, and as you may have guessed I'm sending you this video in the hope of becoming a room mate." A comical image regarding room mates flashed up on the screen for a few moments, before returning to Daniel. "The most important information about me is that I'm a twenty-two year old male, who's usually found making witty comments. So long as you don't touch my headphones, I'm a generally friendly person," Daniel explained, making sure to use open body language which he'd learned about in several e-news articles, "The reason why I'm interested in joining your household is because I've been meaning to move out of my current apartment for a while. Your house seemed particularly pleasant, with seemingly friendly people, making it the winning option for me." Confetti falls down the screen in a whimsical manner for a few moments, before fading away. "Aside from sarcasm, I actually have some useful traits to bring to the household," Daniel declared, careful not to sound too full of himself, as people have previously pointed out he can be, "I'm a bit of a techie, meaning I can assist you with any computer-related problem you have. To add to that I'm quite laid-back, so I'll be pretty chilled out with anything you do. Oh, and I don't mind helping you out financially, if it's ever necessary." Daniel hadn't been sure about leaving the last comment in, so he made sure to give a big grin afterwards. "I think that's about it. Along with this video, I've put various ways of contacting me in the email I've sent you. Feel free to use any of them, I'll should reply within a day no matter which you pick. Thanks for watching!" Daniel finished, before an explosion finished the video.

    Content with the video, Daniel attached it to the email, and pressed send. Originally Daniel hadn't want to put any of his 'Flamerian' accounts as ways of contacting him, considering the fact that he wanted to keep his real identity secret. However, the two girls would probably find out eventually if they picked him anyway, and putting those contacts in the email might increase his chances of being picked. Additionally, he'd be able to respond within a matter of minutes, rather than hours, if they contacted him via his 'Flamerian' accounts. Daniel just hoped they wouldn't share his identity, although he was sure they wouldn't.
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  4. Thomas walked around campus and then his eyes met something that was laying around on the ground. He barely ever touched something that had been on the ground, but this was an acception. He picked it up and scanned it. A big mansion with space for sixteen roommates, that sounded fantastic! He was getting sick of his dorm room that his stepdad ordered him to stay in. The mansion was something he had to agree on, what would give him more change to socialize then living together with 15 people? Not that he was planning on socializing but whatever. He just had to slightly fake in the video and he was sure he would be in.

    He walked into his dorm without giving his roommate any attention. He sat down at his desk and turned on his computer. He was still being kind of nervous. He really wanted to get out of this cramped space... Maybe he could finally have a kingsized bed again! Thomas had slept in one since he was little but now he just slept on a stiff single bed. It was killing his back. He turned on his camera and fixed his hair, which was already perfect, before actually filming.

    "Hello, I am Thomas." He smiled and then looked down to his small paper. "I am very interested in becoming your roommate and I hope you would still have a spot for me in the house you're offering." Thomas struggled a bit, not knowing what he wanted to say next. He could lie about what a nice person he was, but he wasn't. He could tell them they wouldn't see him a lot and that he didn't want to cause any trouble, but he was sure that that wasn't going to work either. "I am actually trying to make friends, which I still don't have, I just hope you guys could help me with that. I am a very clean person and I always clean up the mess I make. I will pay everything you ask me to pay without protesting" He swallowed and looked away. He never told anybody about that and here he was telling two random girls he didn't even know. He smiled one last to the camera. "I am twenty two years old and really excited. Hope to see you." And with that he clicked send and then turned off the computer. He wasn't sure if he was in but he had atleast given it a shot
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  5. Andrew walked back to the dorms after his shift at the diner. He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed slightly, he still had a bunch of homework to do but he had wanted to start on that video that the flyer he had seen at the diner was talking about. He opened his dorm, placed his stuff down before going over to his closet. He bit his lip and tried to find the perfect clothes, or at least ones that wouldn't make him look like a total slob. He grabbed a pair of jeans and a green t-shirt before changing into them and grabbing a camera that he had borrowed from a friend.

    He walked down to the wall of the school in a place that was rarely visited during the day. Andrew placed the camera on a few rocks, using it as a make-shift tripod. He cleared his throat and pressed record. "Hey there guys, My name is Andrew" He said with a small smile. "Uh, I saw the poster you had put up at the diner where i work and since i rarely see my roommate when he's not getting home from some party, I think living in some mansion would be awesome." He bit his lip "I mean, if you will take me anyway. I work shifts at the diner when i can and when i'm not i work as an actor in the community theater shows, I'm Peter Pan in Peter Pan this year" He said with a slightly bigger smile. "Anyway, I hope to hear back from you soon" He said and gave a slightly awkward wave to the camera before turning it off.

    He took the camera back to the dorm and attached to an email. He put his number in the email too, just in case and sent it. He then grabbed his bag and begun on the mound of homework.
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  6. Ariel finished her small shift at the bookstore and then bee lined it back to her dorm room with her bag and camera in hand. She wanted to finish a painting more than anything and she had to study. As she neared her dorm she noticed a cute couple sitting on a bench near a lamp post, she stopped to ask them if she could take their photo, for the lighting and scene was perfect. They agreed, laughing a bit at Ariel's awkward question, and Ariel snapped a few photos of them. She noticed a little poster was attatched to the pole so she removed it to take the photo, placing it in her bag.

    Once she finished she smiled at the couple and thanked them and made her way back to her dorm, humming a song to herself.

    "ARIEL! MOVE YOUR CRAP!" Ariel's roommate immediately began to yell at her, ruining her mood, the moment she walked into the dorm room. Ariel made her way to her room and let out a very long sigh.

    Ariel's roommate always had her best friend over and she always stayed in their room, which was definitely against dorm policies here. The three of them crammed into a small room was the most annoying thing and Ariel always tried to keep her stuff to a small space near her bed but sometimes having less than half a room to keep her crap was really hard. Ariel didn't mind the mess the three girls made together and personally didn't mind the third girl. But it was getting ridiculous! She couldn't paint when they were home and she had no room to really breath!

    Ariel began to move her stuff, realizing her painting would have to wait for later, and began to pack it all up and put it underneath her bed in a tub. It was time to study! Plopping herself down on her bed she pulled out her bag and the little flyer fell out that she had torn down earlier. Ariel hadn't read it before but as she picked it up and looked over it her eyes grew wide. This is what she needed!


    "Hey! Um, I'm Ariel Dawson," She moved back a piece of brown hair behind her ear and continued, "I'm bad at starting conversations. But I guess I'm just making a video and it's like talking to yourself-" Ariel cleared her throat, "Anyways. I'm nineteen, a sophomore in college, and I love art!" Ariel moved her photography camera around her room which was set up with paintings, photos, and drawings. She had set this all up while her roommates were gone. Ariel pointed the camera back at herself, "I live with some pretty interesting roommates but they don't give me much room to continue my passion of art. I would really love to move in with a bunch of strangers because it sounds fun! And maybe I would have more space to draw and paint! I could make a picture for everyone in the house to hang in their room! That would be fun, right?" Ariel let out a nervous laugh, "Anyways. I'm fairly clean. I always put down paper before I paint. And I pick up after myself. I don't think I would be a terrible option to have in the house. I would really enjoy it," She bit her bottom lip a bit and heard the door to her dorm open up, "Oh boy. They are back. So I have to clean this all up now. So, um, bye! Thanks for your consideration!"

    With that Ariel quickly cleaned up the room and sent in her email, crossing her fingers and hoping for the best.
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  7. TJ groaned as she tried to pick the gum from the end of her braided hair. The kids she had been working with that day had not been on their best behavior and one had even stuck gum in her hair. Gum. She tried to hide it but she did not want her new sweater she had purchased to get the sticky stuff all of it. Curse her love of children and working with them. She did love the kids, she really did. And they worked as good birth control because she did not want to be a mother anytime soon... TJ wasn't promiscuous but the girl did like a good fling every now and then. It drove her best friend crazy but she didn't care.

    Arriving at the library she looked down to her sneakers and noticed that a piece of paper was attached to her left shoe. Great... another thing sticking to her. She was about to throw it away in the nearest recycling bin but the words on the page caught her attention and she cocked a brow. Roommates needed? In a mansion of all places?! Whoa... Her mind immediately went to the killer parties that she could possibly throw there. With permission of course since it wasn't her place. If the girls thought it was cool then she would take the opportunity. She noticed that a video submission was needed and looked around the library for somewhere to place her laptop. The quiet rooms in the back! Maybe there was one open. Thankfully there was one that was not reserved for the time slot. TJ slipped in and set her laptop on the table.

    She pushed her braid over her shoulder remembering that there was still gum stuck to the ends much to her dismay. She cleared her throat and looked at the camera. "Hi! My name is TJ Black and I found one of your posters... stuck to my foot of all things..." She held up the poster that now had a print of the underside of her sneaker. "Sorry about that... Well, I think it would be cool to live in a house that is that big. I bet you could get into a lot of trouble in it." She chuckled playfully and pulled her hair over her shoulder to show the camera. "In all honesty I am not a fan of my roommate and would like to meet new people. That sounds very exciting to me. A few things you should know.. I love kids and working with them hence the gum that is currently stuck to my hair. Working with children means that I am good at cleaning up after others and don't really mind it all that much so household chores are something that I will never complain about... I like to keep busy too, doing things like going out or just staying in for a game night. I um... I hope that you will consider me. If not then maybe I will be able to come over and hang out some time! Deuces ladies." She flashed the camera a peace sign and watched the video over a few times to make sure that it was okay.

    The video was soon attached to the email as a link and she sent it to the designated email. Once it was sent TJ set to work on a paper that she was already assigned to work on for her english class.
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  8. Jhenna Smiled and pulled off her hat scratching her hair. She was happy to Finally be off work and have a vacation for a week. For the past month it had been difficult for her saying the dorm hall she stayed on was being remodeled.

    Clocking out and changing her clothes, Jhenna pulled her hair into a high poney tail and rummaged through her clear bag in search for the paper she found yesterday. Feeling the crumbled paper in her hand, she sighed and pulled it out un folding it and skimming the page. As the form stated from a quick look, A few people were looking for roomates to live in a mansion. Knowing she needed a place and fast Jhenna stopped at Walmart to get a camera before going home.. Or to the loaded and packed up dorm.

    Humming and changing into a comfy track suit and white shirt she fixed her large pony before breathing deeply. Jhenna wasn't the most outgoing person and she always kept more to herself but she needed to move and this was the only quick option. Nodding to herself, she sighed and cut on the camera.


    " H-Hello... I'm uh.. Jhenna Rines And I found your paper for needed roommates yesterday, but wasn't really ready to record until today.. So sorry about that. " she glanced around the room and looked down, rubbing her arm and shuffling before tumbling down on a packed box of clothes. Quickly standing with tinted cheeks she giggled nervously. " SORRY.. My place is kinda crowded and everything.. But ya. Anyway.. I think its nice to let people in need of a place to stay with you saying we don't even know each other, but everything surprises you.. " she smiled and rubbed at her arm once again.

    " Once again I'm sorry for being nervous.. But I think living in the mansion would be.. Awesome and pretty cool. I think everyone might or might not get along but your still gaining friends.. Anyway once again, I love cooking and eating, and no I don't care if I get called greedy or fat because it's me. I'm a pastry chef in a restaurant downtown and love working their. " She smiled and giggled continuing her rubbing.

    " Plus me loving cooking, I love cooking for anyone who asks. If you wanted to let me stay with you I would be happy to be the cook or chef of the house because that's just me.. And I also never said my age.. Sorry.. Again! I'm kinda a klutz and forget a lot. "

    " Anyway, I'm 22.. Yes kinda old, and I'm a Junior. So ya.. That's me.. Hope everything goes well.. BYEZZ !!"

    She waved frantically and smiled a little to wide before the camera cut off. Running over the video and knowing it wouldn't get any better saying she was shy, Jhenna sighed before putting it onto her computer, attaching it to her email and pressing send.
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  9. "Alice, one more Chocolate Latte and you're free to go," Alice's supervisor said from the front counter, "Make it a Grande!" she finished. Alice exhaled in relief and made the drink as fast as she could, adding her signature flower design on the cup of coffee.

    Walking to the front counter, she handed it to the customer. "One Chocolate Latte with a Rose," Alice smiled and the customer simply thanked her and walked to her spot.

    "Thank you, Alice! You're a life saver!" her supervisor cried and hugged her. Alice could only hold her hands up as though she were getting arrested as the supervisor hugged her. "No one else would agree to come in today but you! You're so amazing!"

    "Uhh... you're welcome...?" Alice awkwardly replied.

    Releasing Alice from her grip, the supervisor wiped her fake tears away, "Now go get your much needed break!"

    Alice simply smiled awkwardly and nodded her head, watching her supervisor walk away. Well that was weird...

    Untying her apron, she headed to the break room and started up her laptop. "Here goes nothing..." she muttered, letting the apron hand on the chair beside her.


    "Uhh, hey." Alice greets, awkwardly waving her hand. "Um.. right." she nodded her head on the last syllable, blowing her fringe out of her face, staring everywhere but the camera.

    "Right," she repeated and finally looked at the camera, "My name's Alice. I'm 19 and a sophomore," she began. "Oh, one sec." she says, remembering something and dug her bag for her ID. "Here," she holds up her Student ID; only showing her picture and University's name. Putting it back down beside her, she uses a hand to push her bangs out of her face and scratches the bridge of her nose lightly as to not accidently hurt herself with the piercing, "I'm doing English and Psychology in University and um..." she looks to the door, as though it were more fascinating as she thought of more to say.

    "I'm not some kind of killer or suicidal kinda chick if that's what you're worried about!" Alice quickly stated, then quickly calms down, "I may look like it but I'm really not one of those kids." she states. "Um... But I won't blame you if you thought of me that way..." she smiled.

    Waving both her hands in front of her in a circle, "Anyway..." she clears her throat. "I work at a local coffee shop near campus and sometimes play music at the local bar. I don't really think I can offer you much being your roommate as I don't believe... I... have... any... good... qualities." Alice states, dragging out her words at near the end, rubbing the back of her neck, looking up.

    "Oh!" she cries, staring back at her camera, "I can make a decent cup of coffee and I love making coffee if you want any," she states, "I love music, I play the violin; contrary to popular belief." she smiles, "I can be invinsible if you want me to, or not, anything's fine." Alice stated, picking some left over tape off the table.

    "I'm looking for a place to get out of home, sort of and be independent on my own. I may seem young but that's the idea," she shrugs, "I don't mind living with other people. I'm used to being picked on, so don't worry about that. I don't want to cause any trouble anyways but I'm sure older people are more mature, I hope." she smirks at the camera.

    "Alice! I'm gonna need you to end your break soon!" her supervisor screamed to her.

    "Uh, yeah! Okay!" she replied back.

    Looking back at the camera, she smiled her natural smile and sniffed, "So, I would appreciate it if you considered me as a roommate. Uhh, my contact information will most likely be linked at the bottom of this file. " Alice quickly states, scratching the back of her head lightly. "I guess that's it?" she asks herself, as she grabbed her apron from the chair. "If you need any other information, feel free to reach out to me. But for now... Duty calls." she smirked and waved the apron and clicked the stop button.

    Sighing in relief, she quickly typed out the e-mail and attached the video with all her contacts in it. "Here goes nothing..." she sighed and pressed send.

    "Alice!" her supervisor cried.

    "Y-Yeah!" she quickly replied and scrambled out of the cramped break room to her job.
  10. Abigail was finishing up her last essay for the week. It was crazy that her classes were already assigning work. She loved doing research for papers, but doing 5 papers at once was actually too much for her. Abi felt like she couldnt give every paper her all, which was must for her. She looked up at the clock and realized that she needed to make this video now since she needed to go to work in 30 minutes. She saved her work on her laptop and sent it to her teacher. Abi got up to stretch. She took a mental note that she needed to call her friend to go to the school gym later. Abigail walked out of her room to get her camcorder.

    She lived in a two bedroom dorm room. It was crammed, ugly, and her roommate was a complete slob. Tip toeing around the other girl's clothes, she arrived at the living room, to be greeted by the smell of sweat. Her roomate was sitting on the couch watch TV, having just came from soccer practice. Abi didn't care about her roommate being sporty, but she could atleast take a shower before she laid around sweaty on the couch she too would have to sit on. "hey jessica" Abigail politely said to the girl. Her roommate robotically greeted her back. Without saying anything else she grabbed her camera from the TV stand and retreated by into her room.

    Abi sat the camera on her desk and turned it on. She combed her hair and moisturised her curls. Her hair was a curly mane that needed moisture and attention. She thought of her hair as a high maintenance diva. Satisfied with her hair she patted out her shirt and sat in her roller chair. She took a deep breath and started recording.


    Abigail smiled sweetly to the camera and imagined herself in a interview. It was an interview of sorts. Abigail really wanted to be picked to live in the advertised mansion. She was reserved at first about the idea of living in a house with random people, but you did that what dorms. Abi tried to remember what she wanted to say.

    "Hello there. My name is Abigail De Luca. I am a Junior here and i am interested in your living situation." She decided not to bad talk her roommate. Now matter how horrible it was to live with Jessica, her mother taught her to never talk ill about someone behind thier back. "It is not really working out in my living situation. Earlier i saw a flyer about you looking for roommates and decided to give this a try." Her phone beeped to give a warning that she had 20 minutes to leave. " i work at the hospital as a nursing assistant on monday, tuesday, and thursday. At times I work on weekends when they need me. I am organized and I clean up after myself. I know how to cook well, Italian being my specialty. I am great at holding study sessions and if you need any help with a class I am your girl." She giggled a little at the fact that she was using her intelligence as an asset. She knew her knowledge set her aside from the crowd. Her SAT score and perfect GPA was the reason why she got a full ride scholarship to the University. Her parents were well off, but not rich by any means. Abigail had to pay out of pocket for her dorm, and Abigail felt like it was not worth her money. " I do drink, but im a drunk or anything. I am not much of a party person, but if you get to know me i am a blast. I mean i think im a blast. I love reading and music. My contact information and school information will be in the email so you can verify my identification. I will be ecstatic to hear a reply for you. Thank you for your time. Goodbye" She found herself waving as if there was actually someone in front of her. Embarassed she ended the recording and hooked up the camera to upload the video. " I hope i can get out of this hell hole." She linked the video to the email and sent it in. Her phone beep to give her a 10 minute warning. She was glad that she took a shower before starting her homework. Slipping on her nursing outfit and work shoes, she grabbed her purse and keys and left for work.
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  11. Devin Waters was working his good looks and making money so he could meet his monthly rent. Sure girls considered him rude or a player but that's how he met his money requirements. A coffee shop worker could only make so much in this town. He was working on making these two girls a drink when one of them started talking about a flyer she had found. As Devin topped her latte with non fat whipped cream and placed a lid on the drink. He handed the two girls there drinks as she continued to talk about the 16 roomed mansion looking for roommates. 'God.. That'd be perfect.. I wouldn't have to meet my rent anymore..' He thought as he rang them up. "That'll be 8.23 ladies... unless you wanna trade me for a dinner and movie?" He said with a flirty smile. The Blonde girl smiled and twirled her hair as she pulled out a 10 dollar bill and gave it to Devin. He smirked and pulled her drink back to him and with a sharpie he wrote his number on the cup. "Sure, I'd love to see you anytime" She said with a flirty smirk. "oh and keep the change" She said with a wink as the two girls walked away. He smirked to himself, it was to easy for Devin to flirt with girls, it came naturally for him. Putting the tip in his pocket he finished up his shift and grabbed his jacket from the break room. As he headed out he saw a flyer on one of the tables for the mansion that the two girls had been talking about earlier. He picked it up and shoved it in his jacket as he headed for his apartment a little bit off campus. "This might be my break.." He mumbled as he made his way inside.

    The small little apartment wasn't much but it was all Devin could afford, his "roommate" didn't help pay the rent and Devin wasn't really sure why he even agreed to do this in the first place. He opened his laptop and noticed his Bio essay was only half done. Yet another thing he had to finish. He shrugged it off and turned on the webcam. He adjusted his long blonde hair and once it was perfect he hit record. "Hey there, I'm Devin Waters and I'd like to be one of your roommates. I'm 21 so I can buy beer and stuff if you need it. Kidding! I mean kinda.." He said as he rubbed his neck awkwardly. "Right, anyway I'm a junior here and oh yeah!" He held up his I.D showing that he was a student at the university and then put it on his desk. "I work at the campus radio station and also at the coffee shop so I can get you guys coffee and stuff" He flashed the camera a perfect smile. "I'm living with a real crap roommate and I could really use a place to stay and focus on my music. Oh I play 10 different instruments including the guitar, piano, violin, trumpet, cello, saxophone, flute, drums, harp, and the triangle." He smirked slightly and then continued. "Anyway I'm a great roommate I promise, I'm very clean and pick up after myself, I don't get into fights and I'm always willing to help. Plus I take orders well and can help with whatever you need!" He said and then looked around. "I think that's it.. Oh and I'll put my contacts in the email attached! Okay well I hope you consider me and yeah! Bye" He said with a thumbs up as he hit the end button. He sighed slightly. "That could of gone better but.. Whatever.." He said as he hit the send button. 'Guess I'd better get to work cleaning up..' He thought as he looked around at all the empty beer bottles and condom wrappers from the party he had obviously missed in his absence. "I so hope they accept me.." He mumbled quietly as he got to work.
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  12. Alex smiled as she looked at the insane amount of people who actually wanted to live in some random person's house! She looked over the video submissions of Devin, Ariel, Alice, Thomas and TJ. She loved watching their videos and getting to see a little bit about them without actually knowing them. You could learn a lot about someone by the way they act or do things. Alex looked over at Ivy, who was also watching videos. "So do you see anyone that you like? I mean we've only got 10 submissions and I've watched half of them. I really think that everyone I've watch should come live with us. I mean, they all have their qualities that can benefit them and the rest of the house and some of them, including us, are calling it quits on the whole dorm-room thing! So I approve of every video submission I've seen, so that's Devin, Alice, Ariel, TJ and Thomas. No ifs ands or buts about it." Alex giggled and started typing away on her computer.

    She stated in her replies that they have been picked to come live in the house with them starting Monday afternoon, or when everyone is done with classes, work etcetera. Alex also told them it would kind of be an open house to meet everyone, take a look around and choose rooms. Yes strangers would be living in her house, but the only way to make friends is to meet strangers.
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  13. Michael walked away from his crying mother, he was starting at a new college, his mother never took him leaving too well. WHen he was in the seventh grade he went on a camp for two nights, she would call up every second and just cry to him. Michael indeed found it funny but very embarrassing. "Oh, my dear boy, I forgot to give you this!" she ran over to him and gave him a small USB, and a massivve hug, "I love you." she kissed his cheeks.

    "Bye, mum." he laughed and took the gift, the very strange gift, "Now leave. And I love you too." he turned away, knowing that she would keep ahold of him if he didn't. Mikey was not an organized person, so he had yet to find a dorm to stay in. His parents wanted him to live at home, seeing they are only twenty minutes away, but he refused.

    Mikey found an empty table and set his laptop up, to find dorm applications. He opened his email to see if his father had sent though the payslip when he saw a message from an unkown person.
    "WE ARE HAPPY TO SAY YOU'RE ACCEPTED!!" To what? The email tilte was, "Your mom is sweet." WHat does that even mean? No, my mum has probably sent a request for the nuns to look after me.. Shit.
    Mikey quickly spaced down and replied, "Hey, thanks but what is this for?" He stuck his hand in his pockets and waited for an answer, he waited a little bit before giving up. He pulled out the USB his mother gave him and plugged it in. There was one folder called, "House". Mikey clicked on it and saw one video and a word document. He clicked on the document, it opened up to be a roommate wanted flyer, to a very massive house. He skimmed over it, and found that two girls were looking for a few roommates. He backspaced and clicked on the minute-twenty video. His mother appeared on screen.

    "Hi, beautiful girls, I am doing this web thing for my eldest son, Mikey, he is new around town, and I thought that this would help him make friends. He is a very good looking boy, very clean, polite and loving. He works at his father law clinic, so he is not short of money, and would be happy to help out with anything needed. Oh my, I forgot to say my name... Its Elisa Nigh. Thank you for your time, and I hope he gets in! Bye!"
    Mikey continues looking at the screen, though embarrassed, he was so happy that his mother did this for him, this was going to be great.
  14. Ivy nodded as she hit pause on one of the videos she had been watching, A boy named Daniel's with awesome video graphics. "I've watched Daniel, Katherine, Abigail, Jhenna, Mikey and Andrew and I like everyone of them as well." She told her best friend as she scrubbed down the email addresses of all the people who had been accepted.

    "This should be interesting.." Ivy stated out loud as she looked over at Alex as her fingers flew from key to key as she typed up the congrats email that they had been accepted to come live in the house with the two girls. She hoped this would go alright, that everyone could get along and they were' opening their house up to rapists, partiers, or disrespectful young adults. "okay, shall we go get ready for our new room mates?" She asked Alex as she hit send to all the accepted people
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  15. Alex nodded, "But we're going to set up and such tomorrow. I am tired!" Alex said as she shut down her computer and turned out the light next to her bed. She stared at the ceiling before grabbing her phone and scrolling through Facebook. "I love it that you say you're tired and about to go to bed, but then you go on Facebook." Ivy giggled as she looked over at her best friend. "I am not on Facebook, what are you talking about?" Alex said nonchalantly, staring at the screen. Yeah Alex was clearly a social-networking freak. Which is the number one reason she barely had any friends. "I can see you in the chat! And you just tagged me in your status saying "Going to clean the house for the new roommates tomorrow. SO PUMPED!" But yep, you're not on Facebook." Ivy laughed, laying down in her bed across from Alex's. "Whatever!" Alex laughed as she plugged in her phone and turned over in her bed, falling asleep.

    *The Next Day*

    The two girls headed out to the house of them and their new roommates late in the afternoon. They were going to stay the night in the mansion and go to school from it the next day. It was about 9 o' clock PM, so Alex and Ivy had been there for 5 hours. They'd decided to straighten up the house and stock it with a lot of food, drinks, some furniture and other things that some teenagers would have around the house. Alex was a bit nervous for the open house on Monday because she never was too great at making new friends. But Ivy, on the other hand, was amazing at pretty much everything she did! Whether it be talking to boys, or throwing parties. Ivy was definitely a social butterfly.

    "What are you so nervous about? Everything will be ok!"
    Ivy giggled as they finished making snacks for the guests they'd have tomorrow. "Well you know I've never really been good with people! What if I punch someone in the face?" Alex laughed about it but she was serious. She'd had to hit people various times because they were being too touchy-feely or rude and it usually doesn't end well. "Calm down. It'll be fun and you won't have to hit anyone. I'm sure of it. Now, let's get to bed, we have class tomorrow and a very eventful evening." Ivy giggled.
  16. When Katherine got back to her dorm sometime past midnight, she had been too tired to check her email and fell asleep in her work clothes. She woke up no more than five hours later to start getting ready for her next shift at the golf course. After switching on her laptop she hopped in the shower and proceeded to go through her morning rituals. Unsurprisingly, her roommate was still nowhere to be seen. Maybe she stayed with a friend?

    It took her about forty-five minutes to get ready which was an unusually long time, but she had no reason to be in a hurry. Katherine plucked a pear from the mini fridge she shared with her roomie then sat down and clicked away at her keyboard; logging in to her email with little expectation that they'd even gotten back to her yet.

    She paused mid-bite for a moment then leaned forward as she slowly chewed a piece of her breakfast. There in all caps was the word "CONGRATULATIONS!" in the subject. For a moment she thought it was one of those stupid spam emails until she saw who it was from. After opening it up and reading through the email that had been sent to her, she laughed to herself. They were really accepting her! She had the address of the house and the time to meet tomorrow, which she wrote down in a notebook then tossed onto her little cot. Katherine shut her laptop with a smile and headed out towards the Palouse Ridge Golf Club. She'd have to pack later when she got off of work.
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  17. Abigail was tired from the long day she endured. She was extremely happy however that she did not have to go into work later. Her lecture class had ran an hour and a half late due to an in-class surprise test, and she had to rush to her tutor session for her recent essay assignment. Chemistry may not been difficult to her, but her professor was a hard grader. Walking up to her dorm room she could already hear the TV blaring. Abi opened the door to be greeted by the backs of at least 7 individuals. Jessica's, her roommate, head popped out of the kitchen smiling. " oh hey Abigail, " she had a plate of dip and a bag of chips in her hands. The living room looked surprisingly clean, but as she turned to the hallway she knew it was too good to be true. all of the trash and clothes that use liter the living room was now in the hallway and bathroom.

    " great" Abi said under her breath. Suddenly everyone was gasping and laughing loudly. Apparently they were watching a recording of a show called the bad girls club. Abigail had no problems with the show, she just wished the crowd Jessica invited over was not so loud at 11:30 pm. Abi closed the door and walked to her room. She sighed with relief that her roommate did not decided to throw all of her dirty clothes in her room. Abigail wondered how Jessica's parents dealt with this junkiness. She knew her own mother could not stand messiness. She grew up learning of the clean after herself and keeping her appearance neat and clean. The only thing that could resemble messiness was her long curly natural hair. Abi tried her best to keep it neat, but on some humid days her thick mane had to be braided to keep it at bay. she strugged off her backpack and sat in her desk chair. An email alert directed her to an email titled, " CONGRATULATIONS!"

    Without even realizing what the email was about, she opened it, thinking it was her professor announcing that their recent essay had an extension on it. "oh wow" reading the email she had to contain herself from jumping up for joy. The girls who were looking for roomates had accepted her. Abi quickly grabbed her phone and typed the address and meeting time for tomorrow. She was glad that she did not have to work tomorrow. Looking at the time, Abigail panicked for a second. it was 12am and she needed to get to bed soon. Jessica knocked on Abi's door and opened it. "Hey Abigail im about to head out, could you take care of the living room and kitchen? we sorta made a mess earlier." Abigail knodded and smile. "yeah that's fine" She really did not mind. Soon she will not have to deal with the piles of dirty laundry and messy Jessica.
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