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  1. Chapter One

    It had been about 3 months since Alex had moved out of her parents basement and into a college dorm room with her best friend Ivy. And though she was enjoying college life, she hadn't really made any new friends, which is something she had wanted to do all throughout her college career. Of course she'd made some acquaintances, but never a true solid friendship.

    She sat in her bedroom on her bed, the bed flooded with textbooks, pencils, highlighters and flash cards. She'd been studying for an hour and a half (the most boring study session of her life) and that was one of the many things that caused her to over-think. Oh my God what am I doing with my life!? I have like one friend and I've been in college for three months! Maybe I'm lame... OH NO I'VE LOST MY COOL!! Alex thought to herself. The thought of Ivy leaving her for a better best friend reared it's head and she cringed. Of course she was just being paranoid (as always). That was another one of Alex's mannerisms: she got paranoid about anything... And EVERYTHING! Maybe it was time for a change of pace. Time to meet some new people and make some new friends! Alex threw her books and stuff to the side of the bed, grabbing her laptop. She was thinking of a way she could meet some new people. There was Facebook, but she was absolutely sure if she started messaging random people on there, people would think she was weird. She decided to call her bestest friend in the whole world!! Alex picked up her cell phone, dialing Ivy's number.

    While Ivy was out at the coffee shop after her last class when she heard her phone's oh to familiar ring tone "Boom Clap" by Charlie XCX, she quickly reached for the iPhone and slid the green button over and with a quick "Helllo? Ivy here!" She said as she looked at the contact to see Alex's goofy face. "Alex? What's up?"

    "Ok so dude, I have like no friends. And don't say you have me because you don't count. But, I was thinking about getting us some new friends, possibly some roommates too. I was thinking we could stay in the huge house that my parents got me and we get some roommates." Alex typed up some stuff on the computer as she talked. "You should just say yes because I'm already making flyers." She giggled.

    Ivy giggled as she sipped her latte.
    "Heyyy! I don't count? Who helped you get your curly hair out of that locker in the 10th grade!!" She giggled again and listened to her best friend ramble on. "So were moving out of that shitty dorm room and getting a bunch of strangers to live in a house with us? Sounds like a great idea, oh yeah nothing can go wrong." She rolled her eyes.

    Alex laughed "Hey that wasn't my fault! Toni Speranzi completely had it out for me after I stole her part In the play!! But yeah that's about it. How are we gonna do this?" Alex chewed on her bottom lip, another nervous habit of hers.

    Ivy laughed as she switched her phone to the other ear.
    "Well How about you calm down chicka. How bout we throw a big party and pick our favorite people?"

    Alex gasped and screamed
    "Oh my God, yes! Yes! Yes!!" Alex exclaimed with excitement. That was the perfect way to meet their potential roommates! Alexandria was too excited for words. "Ivy you are a damn genius!" she laughed.

    Ivy flipped her curly mess of hair very dramatically and laughed.
    "Oh girl I know!" Ivy smiled and bit her lower lip. "I'll be home in a few girl!"

    Alex smiled, making the flyers and printing as many as her printer would let her. As Ivy walked through the door of their dorm, Alex shoved a huge stack of flyers and a roll of tape into her arms. "There is no talk, only do," Alex giggles, walking past Ivy and into the crowded hallways of Washington State University. She started stapling them on walls and poles as Ivy taped them up as well. When they were done posting the flyers around school and handing them out they headed back to their room.

    *2 Days Later*
    It was a Saturday night and Alex and Ivy were setting up for the party, she'd decided to have it at the house Alex's father bought for her. It was more of a mansion than a house, having over 16 rooms, a pool, theatre, and extra large rooms for them to turn into whatever they wish. Ivy was in awe since the moment they got their to set up. "Everyone should be here in an hour so we should hurry. The DJ will be here in 10 too." Alex rushed to get everything ready, hoping for this to be a successful party. Ivy was applying her lipgloss as Alex freaked out about everything. "Alex. Girl. Chill." She said as she fluff her vibrant curls. She laughed and threw her arm around her friend. "Calm down girl, it's JUST a party! IT'll be funnnn so calm down and take a shot" She laughed and handed her friend a shot glass of some clear liquid. Alex shook her head, looking down at the glass. "Ew, no thank you." Alex cringed. "College drinking leads to sex, and sex leads to babies. And that isn't something I want right now." Alex laughed.

    Ivy laughed and took the shot herself.
    "Oh come on, one shot is not gonna get you drunk. Besides you're my sister. I've totally got you" She said as she walked towards the mansions door and opened it wide to let the DJ in. "People will be here any minute Alex.. You ready?"
    Alex shook her head no.
    "I'm nervous as Hell right now, in case no one noticed. I don't know how many people are coming or anything! God this is going to be crazy." Alex paced back and forth, chewing on her bottom lip and twiddling her hands out of nervousness. She had never thrown a party before, so she had no idea how to be a hostess . Ivy walked back over to Alex and placed her hands on her pacing best friends shoulders. "Alex, RELLAAXXX. You're okay it'll be funnn" she booty bumped her friend and smiled. "I got your back"

    Alex nodded, letting the DJ put on some music so everything would be nice when everyone showed up. She checked on food and drinks, making sure everything was ship shape for the night they were about to have. The doorbell rang and Alex looked over at Ivy, her hands shaking. "It's about to be a hell of a night." Alex smiled opening the door.
  2. Abigail sighed deeply as she was sitting in Jhenna's car. She did not know how she even ended up going to this party. Her was sitting outside of some dude that Jhenna knows from school. "And how do you know this person again? why can't you just go with him?" She already knew the reason. Ever since Jhenna and Abigail meet during her second semester of freshman year at the library, she has been trying to get Abigail out into the world. Abigail had knew nothing but her father's house until she started college. Even then she barely had time to meet new people because of her heavy studies.

    "And why do i have to wear this slutty dress." It was not really slutty, it just had the back out, and all the curves she never explored showing. It was a cute knee length bright purple dress with a sequence belt and Jhenna's super pretty onyx necklace she let her borrow tonight. Jhenna was under this weird notion that Abigail wanted get out and date. Abigail was too busy with her studies to be thinking about boys. Abigail started playing with the farm bracelet her mother bought her on her 5th birthday. "this dude will make us late, and what kind of part did you say it was again?"
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  3. Jhenna stared at her friend and sighed, rubbing her shoulder. " Stop worrying Abby, Just sit back and relax.. Plus, It's only been 5 minutes, Give him some time. " She replied, Tapping her fingers on the wheel. In reality, it had been almost twenty minutes that the two had been sitting in Jhenna's Small BMW, waiting on her sporty friend.

    " Also, He's not that bad and a pretty cool person.. If you wanna classify him as a smartass." She mumbled the end of her statement, rolling her eyes. She remembered how whenever they could, her and Dom would play football and he would rub his own speed in her face, Like she played football in the first place. Sighing once again, Jhenna glanced up before doing a double take at Dominic. He looked surprisingly cute and sexy almost as she smoothed out her curly locks, Patting the two piece nude bodycon she decided to wear. For once Her appearance mattered.
  4. Dom climbed in the front seat of his quiet friends car. He'd been wanting to go to a party ever since he entered college. "Sorry to keep you waiting." He said while closing the door. He looked Jhenna up and down "You look great." He flashed a smile then looked ahead at the road. He had been feeling Jhenna for a while now, but he figured she never notice him and only keep in him the friend zone. It had been that way since he was a kid. She liked to play sports, so he found that very attractive. Jhenna was smart too, so that was a plus. Especially when he put his athletics ahead of his academics and she would tutor him often.

    Dom shook those thoughts out of his head and remembered he was supposed to have fun tonight. He pulled down the visor mirror and admired himself. He wore his favorite black taper gauges, a black compression shirt he always wore for football, black jeans, and red Air Forces.

    He closed the visor then looked in the backseat at the girl he'd never seen before. Her curly hair was a plus for him. "And who's this?" He was always up for meeting new people. He hoped she played a sport or two.
  5. Abigail gave Jhenna a side glance "oh hello, i'm Abigail" She gave him a stunning smile. She wanted to straggle Jhenna for not telling her of cute her guy friend was. Even if younger guys was not her thing, Abigail would have liked to have a heads up. Her face was tinged red from embarrassment. She started to become self-conscious about her dress now.

    " Jhenna told me about you, its nice to finally meet you"
    Abigail pulled her eyes away and looked down at her phone. "mmmm Jhenna if we don't go now we are going to be late" Abigail shifted in her 5 inch black heels. She wondered how she allowed Jhenna to talk her into wearing them, and how was she going to walk around. Abigail had never been to a party expect for birthday parties in middle school, if those even count anymore. Abigail was 20 with hardly any friends or boyfriend experience. She would much rather be at home reading up then worry about her social problem, or lack there of.
  6. Nodding, Jhenna turned the car on once more and speeded off into the dark night, rolling the roof down to let the wind blow in her curls. Jhenna loved the outside air and the wind blowing in her hair, so now it shouldn't be any different.

    Turning on her favorite song and also raising her volume, she blasted the song and wiped around, knowing she scared her passengers but didn't care but to only let out a loud laugh, swerving onto the highway as added excitement. She could hear the little yelp of surprise from Abby but only giggled and shifted gears, going at full speed.

    " The wind is so perfect tonight, I wish it was this perfect all the time. " Jhenna exclaimed, Doing something so daring and throwing her Hands up. The Loud shrieks sounded and quickly gripping the wheel again, Jhenna dropped into the following exit, already hearing the pounding music. Feeling slightly nervous, she shook her head, pulling up to the house mansion. Slamming the car into park, she cut the engine and looked at Abby, smiling at her wide eyed friend. Looking at Dom, she winked and smiled shyly.

    " Ready to Party.? "
  7. Thomas was driving in his black Porsche on the way to the party. Why was he even going? The people are most of the time stupid, the music is stupid and they don't even have the kind of alcoholic beverages that he likes. He sighed. The only reason he was going is because Michael said it was going to be fun and his mother forced him to go to a party at least once a month. Tom was pretty sure that wasn't normal parenting behaviour, but he went along with it.

    He stopped at the house that the flyer said was the right location and frowned. Was this really the place? He shrugged and got out, taking two bottles of wine with him. He knocked on the door and that was soon opened by two girls. He sighed at the sight of them, they were dressed like dutch whores in his eyes. "I bought this for you two." He said and handed one of them a bottle, it was the best and most expensive wine you could get in the college shop. Not that that said anything in Thomas opinion, it was still bad wine.. "My name is Thomas" He then just walked inside, not really caring about them. He saw a table with cups and decided it would probably be best if he started drinking right away, filing the cup with the dark red goodness untill the edge and he then looked around the room. "Michael will be coming too. I wanted to ask if you know who that is but everybody knows who he is" He heaved a sigh. Michael was his dorm roommate.

    It pissed him off badly that he had to sleep in the dorms at campus because his mother could have easily bought him an apartment, or even a bloody house. But Greg was against that.. He wanted Thomas to have a normal young adult life like everybody else. He hated that guy, he ruined everything for him. He didn't understand why his mother would fall for somebody like that. He had heard stories about his father and Greg was obviously nothing like that. He didn't want to life in a small bedroom, not even enough space for his amazing kingsized bed that he had standing at home because then you wouldn't have enough place for a desk and closets. It sucked
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  8. Dom blinked a few times, slightly scared at the way Jhenna was driving. "I'm never getting in your car again" he mumbled to Jhenna. He then heard both the girls in the car giggle, causing him to roll his eyes. "I'm serious JJ, you could've got me killed" he said, trying to act serious. Dom broke into a smile and chuckle, knowing himself well that he couldn't be serious for anything. Not for funerals, weddings, birthdays, or even events in general.

    He looked out the window at the scene and smiled to himself.
    "This party is about to be bomb. Let's go." Dom motioned the two girls to get out of the car, and when they did he pushed them towards the party. Dom then notices a guy walking out of his all black, and very tiny, car. He was very well dressed to be going to a party like this.

    Pointing the guy out inconspicuously, he says
    "Do you guys know him?" He was very observant of his surroundings.
  9. Abigail fiddled with the top of her dress while dominic was rushing them to the party. It was probably the only conservative thing about her outfit. It was a nice halter top that covered her large chest."hold on hold on I forgot something" She got back to the car and smooth out the bottom of her fitted dress. " I'm pretty sure he is here for the party too, but i can barely make his face out in this darkness" she looked up to try to get a better look at the guy when she fully took in the greatness of the house. "wow, this is a nice place." it blew her parents 2 story suburban house out the water. abigail looked through her messages to make sure the GPS had the right address. " yes, this is the place." she shook out her beautiful curls and and looked into the window to see her reflection.

    She was glad that she didn't wear any make-up, thats would have been over the top for a simple party. she climbed back into the backseat to get the big bottle of grey goose.
    " JJ i hope there are legal aged individuals at this party, because I will not be responsible for any underaged drinking." Abigail said that, but she had already had a shot of gin before they left. If there was one thing Jhenna knew how to do other than study was keep a nice stock of alcohol. She handed the bottle to Dominic and then got her gold chained black gucci purse. looking at the mason, she knew it was going to be a great party. She closed her car door and starting walking up the walk towards to the house, grabbing Jhenna along with her and leaving Dominic to follow. Jhenna had always try to get her out, but Abigail was always the one doing the taking.

    She walked up to the the door, but the door was already closed from the previous guy. She knocked on it and waited for the hosts to open then door. when they opened the door she smiled softly.
    " hello girls! we are here for the party." she felt a bit awkward since she did not know the girls personally but manners knew no name. She motions towards dominic who had the bottle of vodka. " we hope its not too strong for the setting. oh and may i say that your home is lovely" she mingled as best she could with strangers, but they didn't seem too bad. She noticed the guy from earlier and tried to politely greet him too with a wave.
  10. Jhenna sighed and rolled her eyes. Yes Abby was the talker of the two, but at the same time, she was a talker who didn't even know what to talk about. Patting her friend on the shoulder, She slowly slipped the bottle from her friends hands and smiled at the two females.

    " Sorry about her.. We uh brought a couple bottles. " Jhenna mumbled, hanging some bottles to each female before grabbing both Abby and Dom's hang, squeezing between the door. Immediately, the loud music pounded in her ears and she winced, rolling her eyes but still swaying to the beat gently. Even if Jhenna wasn't a huge party girl, she went occasionally, maybe twice a month just to have fun, or even be caught up to date in collage.

    Humming the the new song and also one of her favorites, she glanced around to only bump into a hard rock chest, or what she thought was a chest but was only the wall. Feeling pretty stupid for her to be so smart, she sighed and and closed her eyes, leaning on the wall. Whenever she did really come to parties Jhenna stood in the corners and hummed to the beat, maybe even moving with the song slightly or having a conversation with a random person, witch always ended in awkwardness witch Jhenna hated.

    Spotting her two friends Abby and Dom confused in the door, Jhenna Sighed and thought about walking back over toward the two and into her little corner, but with how she ended up at the corner in the first place, Jhenna choose against, not wanting her short body to get crushed once again and even deeper into the house filled sea of humans.
  11. Thomas watched the newcomers. He didn't know any of the people inside this house and he started to think that he might be the only senior. The girl at the door waved at him and he waved back with a puzzled expression. Why was she waving? And wow... Her hair was pretty cool, not that he was ever going to admit that. He just took a seat and gulped down the wine before refilling it. He was most of the time a slow drinker, but not on parties. He hated parties so he just wanted to get drunk and then he would have some kind of fun. Most of the time he ended up bitch fighting with someone though, so it didn't make it much better.

    He then noticed how the other new girl walked into a wall, was did they came here drunk? He couldn't help but snort slightly. His eyes fell on the guy that was with the two girls. Nice. The guy was handsome and muscled and he liked that. Again not something he was ever going to admit. Besides, the guy came here with two good looking girls which meant that or he was gay, or he was definitely not gay. Not that he was going to try anything, he didn't flirt. He was ashamed of who he was and he didn't want a relationship, besides, who would want to date him anyway? It was fine as it was now
  12. Dom glanced over at Abby, then shrugged. He didn't know her well, therefore, he didn't feel responsible for her. He then walked over the table of drinks and pulled out a bottle of Corona, opening it. Dom chugged it down and instantly felt more relaxed. Every time he went to a party full of strangers, he hoped that they served alcohol to loosen him up so he wouldn't be such a wall flower.

    He waded through the crowed and into what looked like a dancing area. Dominic then gyrated in a move, also known as the Nae Nae. He then danced around so wildly that he bumped into Abby once again. He sighed so loudly that he thought she could hear it over the music. "You again."
  13. Abigail laughed when Dominic bumped into her again. She could barely hear what he was saying, but she could smell the alcohol on his breath, which meant there was a bar here. She swayed with the music until she found herself at the open bar. She fixed herself her favorite drink, vodka with a splash of orange juice. She sipped on the cup, since she had already had a drink before coming and didn't want to get too drunk too fast. the alcohol was warm going down her throat, filling her stomach with radiant feeling. "not too much" she reminded herself as tried to look for Jhenna. "JJ, see any of the cute guys you promised would be here? they are everywhere, but no one wants to be around a nerdy girl." she softly said while getting lost in the crowd.

    She saw the guy from earlier seating alone. she wondered if he came with anyone. Abigail thought that he must have had to, because he was very cute. Abigail dared herself to go talk to him, since Jhenna was not there to do it. She sighed calling herself chicken when she had not moved in his directions. Abigail started to feel the alcohol kicking in, and she started dancing more and more. She really sis not know how to dance, but abigail simply swayed still have a good time. Her cup was now empty, and abigail knew she could only drink so much before she started to made a fool of herself. she threw away the cup and looked around the house more.

    Abigail had found what she was looking for, beside Jhenna. That was the pool. She was okay with it not having too many people around it, since she did not like party much anyways. Abigail found a nice seat close by the door and relaxed. She looked up and the sky, the stars were barely there since they were close to the city.
    "Stupid light pollution"
  14. Looking around, Jhenna caught eyes with the man she saw walking in before and stared, watching as his eyes caught her own as she quickly looked down. She couldn't help it. With all the moving around and few friends, she wasn't the most outgoing female. Sighing, Jhenna squeezed her way between the hot sweaty people and finally found the Bar, a Pouring herself a few shots, three at the most and gulping all three quickly.

    Once again squeezing through the crowd, she paused bumping into a broad chest, witch really was a chest and not wall this time. Trailing up, when her eyes meet with the familiar ones of the man before and as soon as Jhenna had come, she was gone.

    " Why is he so awkward."
    She mumbled to herself quietly upon reaching the dance floor. Seeing her friend almost embarrassing himself, she giggled and walked toward Dom, Including herself in his dance moves, even if she was just swaying side to side. It was just to hard to try and dance like how she did at home. All eyes she could feel on her.. Almost made her skin itchy but she continued on.
  15. Andrew rolled up to the house and parked. Why was he even here? To keep up appearances of course. He stepped out of his car and took a deep breath. It was a gigantic house, which meant this would be a really big party. Andrew smirked, it would be a great time, especially since drinks would be served. Andrew rarely drank unless it was at a party. He walked up to the door and knocked. When he was let in, he smiled at the two girls. "You guys look great tonight" He said with a smile.

    Andrew looked around at the people who were already here. He saw a couple that he thought looked his age so at least he wasn't alone here. He walked over to the bar and poured himself a shot and drank it quickly before heading over to the dance floor. Sure, he couldn't dance to save his life, but he usually just swayed in the background.
  16. Ivy giggled as Alex stood next to her. "Yeah, thanks! Come on in oh and uh I'm Ivy" She winked at the girls and guys. She took both bottles and took them into the kitchen. She returned to the door to meet yet another cute boy and she laughed softly at the compliment. "Thank you, You don't look so bad yourself." She gave him a wink and before she went off she said "Oh and Uh, I'm Ivy" She said and then walked back over to the dance floor. More and more people had begun to arrive and it was starting to get sorta crazy. As Alex's best friend it was her job to keep things controlled, but who said she couldn't flirt as she went. She danced her way over to the bar and smiled at Andrew as she took another shot of something. She licked the corner of her lip and turned around to watch the party.

    Devin had just arrived in his beat up ford mustang. He parked easy enough and when he got out he admired the huge size of the mansion. He walked up to the front of the house carrying his black leather jacket in his arms. He knocked on the door and when the girl open it he smiled. She was gorgeous after all and he winked at her. "Hey I'm Devin. You look stunning might I add.." He walked into the house and grinned. The party was just getting started and he was happy to actually get out of his dorm tonight. All he seemed to do was work, study, music, sleep and repeat. He walked over to the bar and smiled at the girl and guy "Hey, I'm Devin." He noticed a couple of cute girls and a guy. Also another guy who happened to be more loner-ish looking
  17. Thomas was drinking his wine like his life depended on it and he was soon hammered. It didn't change much though, he was still at the sidelines and he still hated the music they played, it made it only easier to bare. He watched all the people have a good time and talk together. He sighed and stood up from his feet. He didn't know what to do once he was actually standing. He wanted to go dancing but now that only seemed incredible embarrassing and he had a reputation. Most of these people probably didn't know about his reputation and it wasn't like he was proud of it but it still was one. He walked over to the bar to refill his cup and to drink it away fast again. Thomas must have looked kinda desperate and after years and years of having no friends he kinda was. Still, he didn't think he wanted any of these people to be his friends and he wasn't planning on talking with them anyway. It was going to be just another depressing party night. The worst was that he had to find a place to sleep aswell, because he couldn't drive along with anybody.
  18. Alex was admiring the party she had started, everything was going good and there were so many colorful characters there! She walked up to the snack table getting a cup of punch that Ivy had made. She took a sip and she knew she'd tasted alcohol. She was probably the only college kid thang didn't like drinking. Ugh, Ivy must've spiked the punch since I said I wasn't drinking. Typical Ivy. Alex shook her head as she chuckled. She looked around, there was a few cute guys here. One of them had come with two girls who'd Alex and seen around campus a couple times. The other was a little older. He seemed a little snooty and spoiled, but oh well, that was him. Alex walked over to her best friend. "You spiked the punch didn't you?" She smirked at her friend. "You do it all the time at parties. But anyway, who's the blond guy over there?" She slightly pointed in the direction he was, trying not to be awkward or rude.
  19. Jack wiped his face with a rag and got up and admired his work. Over the last few months, Jack had been working hard to restore an old 60s mustang to it's previous glory. He took moment to bask in it's beauty before remembering he had a party to get to. He quickly made his way back to his dorm on the west side of campus. The dorm was spotless and almost shining,Just like Jack liked it. He got out of his dirty work clothes and took his third shower of the day.

    He changed into a pair of jeans and and button down green plaid shirt. He threw on some body spray and grabbed a mini bottle of Germ X. He also grabbed a bottle of Scotch and tossed it in the back of his Escalade. He got in, wiped off the steering wheel and drove over to the Mansion that the party was being held at. He parked on the far side the road and got out. "I hope this place is clean." he said as he grabbed the scotch and headed up to the front door. He knocked and the door opened. Jack put on his best smile and said, "Hi there, name's Jack."
  20. Ivy giggled. "Oh shoot you found me out, Alex were in college now! You know I don't like it all that much either since.. never mind" Her tone changed from carefree to very serious before she looked to the general direction Ivy was looking. "Oh the guy? I think he said his name was Devin, Devin Waters. I think he works at a coffee shop downtown." Ivy said before she noticed the new boy. She walked over to Jack and smiled. "Hey I'm Ivy! Welcome to the party." She flashed her best hostess smile. Even if it wasn't her party per say she still was helping Alex out. Ivy pulled her dress down a little as the skin tight black and purple dress was starting to ride up a little. She suddenly regretted wearing the black heeled boots that looked oh so adorable with her dress but killed her feet.
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