College is Hell

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    UC Sunnydale. College. A new world for you and your friends to explore. Dorms, frat parties, and maybe even time for a class or two. Of course, there are those pesky vampires and other demons to contend with, but aside from that, life goes on normally. Oh, there are rumors of strange happenings on campus, but who cares? It’s your first year of college! Things are bound to be great! Right?

    It is 1999. You are a new student at UC Sunnydale or a friend or loved one of someone on campus and thus have reason to be there regularly. Unbeknownst to you, you are about to be sucked into a new adventure. An old acquaintance from Sunnydale High is about to make your first night on campus into a living hell.

    About: This is an AU Buffyverse RP. Season three (senior year) has concluded, summer has gone by, and Angel is off doing his own thing. Buffy and friends are new to campus at UC Sunnydale. The Initiative exists but has yet to make much of a showing. There is, however, one major difference between this Buffyverse and the one you know. In the final battle against the Mayor, Cordelia Chase was bitten, turned into a vampire, and is seeking a weapon that will empower her with the energies she needs to turn the UC Sunnydale campus into a realm of eternal night.

    Where: CityBox Chat

    When: 4pm Central October 19th

    1) You must play a graduate of Sunnydale Highschool or have a connection to a character who is.
    2) You must be a UC Sunnydale student or have a connection to someone who is.
    3) You may play any of the canon characters who were a part of the series at that time, excepting Giles and Joyce.
    4) This episode follows a Monster of the Week format. Thus, whoever wants to play as Cordelia should be prepared for inevitable death or running away.
    5) Controlling extraneous NPCs is allowed, just don’t change the plot severely.
    6) You may make an OC. However, keep the other rules in mind.
    7) Anyone playing one of the three requested characters must PM me for plotting.

    -Someone to play Buffy Summers
    -Someone to play Willow Rosenberg
    -Someone to play Cordelia Chase

    Character Sheet:
    Occupation: (For most of you, this will be “Student at UC Sunnydale”)