College Days

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  1. It was the start of College day for Adsila Jones and she couldn't wait to start, she was nervous about this though and hoped she would fit in to the college easy and make friends with people and just live her life and have fun.
    Adsila is a models height at 5ft 7 and she had long brown hair and dark brown eyes and was always smiling, most guys normally liked her for her slim body and curves but some got attactched to her dark brown eyes

    Addie sighed and walked into the building of the college for her first day, she was nervous about this and hoped people would like her for who she was and not have to change, as she was walking she bumped into someone and fell to the ground "I am so sorry, i'm a huge klutz" Addie said softly and hoped the person she bumped into wouldn't shout at her
  2. Liam's luggage felt like felt like it carried rocks as he toted them from the EastpointeU registration building towards the large dorm buildings. He was exhausted. The last few days had been the hardest of his life. Liam had been mentally and physically beaten down by the death of his older brother, and due to his passing, he'd missed both registration days and had to settle in the afternoon before classes started. On top of that, he simply hadn't gotten any sleep. Liam was a mess, and his focus was anywhere but where it needed to be.

    It wasn't long before Liam had gotten lost. He'd made his way to every dorm building in the area, or so he thought, and at every one he'd been told he was at the wrong one. Liam ran a hand through his shaggy strawberry blonde hair, sitting down on a bench just outside of the last building and taking a moment for himself. His fingers lingered on a stray strand of hair and he realized he needed a hair cut. It wasn't something he'd though about lately because of everything that had gone on, but it hadn't been cut since he'd went into marine training with his brother, which he later quit with dreams of going off to college. His brother stayed and was shipped off to Iraq while Liam worked to get enough money to Go to Eastpointe University. It was one reason why he'd blamed himself for his brothers death. He figured he'd find a local barber after he'd settled down.

    With that last thought, Liam made the trek back over to the registration building, to talk to the woman he had spoken to before. Once inside he spoke to the woman again, making sure she gave him the right building. "I went to all seven of them," He'd said, "They told me I was --" The woman, who wore large thin framed glasses, and held her stringy grey hair in a bun, cut him off abruptly, "There's eight buildings, sir. You haven't been to all of them. Your particular building is in a far corner of the campus." Liam siged and thanked her. He turned to leave, looking at his watch. It was getting late and he still needed to grab--His thoughts were interrupted as he ran into someone. That very someone fell to the floor with a soft yelp, long brown hair covering their face. They spoke at the same time, saying the same thing "I am so Sorry," They both stopped, and Liam mustered up a smile as the girl brushed the brunette hair out of her face. She was very pretty, beautiful even, and suddenly Liam was a lot more embarrassed than he was before. "I'm a huge klutz," she continued. Liam shook his head, helping her up, "No, no, it was my fault. I apologize."

    As she stood up the girl looked him over. Liam was 6 feet tall, and had slate grey eyes. He didn't consider himself attractive or muscular or anything. He was merely an average looking guy, and hadn't had a girlfriend since junior high. He figured being single wasn't a big deal, but standing there with this beautiful girl sizing him up he was glad he was single.

    After staring at the girl for a bit, he cleared his throat and picked up the bags he'd dropped.
  3. Adsila laughed a little that they had spoken at the same time and she finally looked up and ran a hand through her hair to take it out her face and saw his smile and she smiled back and took his hand when he helped her up and nodded "No, i wasn't looking where i was going, i was too busy looking at a map my sister gave me for here" she said softly

    Adsila looked at the guy or more like checked him out after he had helped her up and saw he was taller than her and his eyes where the most beautiful eyes she had every seen with them being grey and she still had a smile on her face as she looked at him, she also thought the hair suited him and the colour was a nice colour, she had had her luck with guys, but didn't last long really

    Addie noticed him looking at her as well, like most guys did, they liked the look of her which she knew she was pretty and wasn't going to be one of them girls who knew they was pretty and always said they was ugly, she was proud to be pretty and was lucky to be a model as her part time job when she got a chance, Adsila came out of her thoughts when he cleared his throat and she picked up her bag from the floor that she had dropped

    "I'm Adsila but call me Addie, i was just coming back to asked for help, the map my sister gave me isn't really helping and i can't find my stupid dorm and it's frustrating me, but hey, learn new things and where to go" she said smiling and up at the guy and turned around and was going to ask the women for help and see if she would help her out

    but the guy seemed to be in her thoughts and was glad she was single and wondered if they could get closer and grow a friendship and maybe more as she wished would happen, even if she had only just bumped into him