College Boarding (taken)

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  1. Rick knocked on the door of the one open dorm. It was already taken by three people, but there was room for one more. "Don't worry Jae, you'll love 'em. They're all good people."

    Jae didn't answer. Instead, she pulled the stark white hood further over her face, hiding it in shadow. Her blue eyes pierced through the shadow, and her black hair framed her face perfectly. She wore a pair of black skinny jeans and a white, zip-up hoodie, a blue tank top underneath. She had Radioactive by Imagine Dragons playing loudly in her ears through her phone. She sighed, adjusting the camo backpack on her shoulders. Her father had sent her here before he left for the military. Her mother was sick in the hospital, and Jae figured she'd die soon.
  2. Nick opened the door, he looked at Rick, and then at Jae, "Yes?" He asked, looking at them, slightly confused, and then he realized what was going on, "Oh umm, yeah, come in." Heheld the door open for them and he sat on the chair, he was the only one who was in there beside's Rick and Jae, he sat down on his bunk, "Alrighty then."
  3. Rick nodded, stepping in.
    Jae hadn't realised she'd been invited in, and stood at the door.
    Rick sighed and grabbed her wrist, pulling her in. "Nick, this is your new roommate, Jae. She's a transfer. Where'd your friends go?" Usually the trio stayed together.
    Jae turned the volume down, taking one headphone out, but not pulling her hood back. She still hadn't spoke.
    Rick pat her shoulder. "This is Nick. He's your roommate, plus two others who apparently aren't here."
    Jae nodded almost imperceptively.
  4. He looked at the new girl, he smirked, "Nice, anyways Daniel and John, said they had to go check something out real quick, I decided to stay here though, lucky me I guess," He smiled at Jae, he had green eyes and blonde hair that was spiked up, he was tall and skinny, about 6'7'' He looked over at Rick, "I'll let them know we have a new room mate."
  5. Rick nodded. "Let me know if you need anything. You remember where my office is." And at that, the administrator left.
    Jae looked at Nick a moment before speaking. "Hi." She said quietly. The song in her ear ended and she blinked. She hadn't really had someone to interact with for so long. Her father had homeschooled her, but they needed money and the military was the only job he could get right now.
  6. Hey he said standing up, he circled her as if she were prey, he looked around her and smiled, "Anyway's my name's Nick Berd, and you are?" he smiled a bit.
  7. Jae watched him from the corner of her eye until he disappeared. When he reappeared in her other eye, she answered. "Jae Cole." She hesitated, thinking about maybe pulling her hood back, but she didn't. She took her headphones, wrapping them around her phone before putting it back in her pocket. "Where do you want me to put my backpack?" She asked quietly.
  8. He led her over to an area that wasn't so messy, "You can put your stuff here for now, we can clean up later."
  9. Jae nodded and slid her backpack off her shoulders, setting it on the ground by the wall. It made a dull -clunk-. Jae then looked at Nick. She had no idea what to do now. She knew nothing about this place.
  10. He smiled, "Tell me about yourself."
  11. Jae shrugged and slid her hands into her pockets. "I'm 18, my birthday is on halloween, my dad's in the military now, my mom is..." she debated whether to say dead or not, as her mother was pretty much dead. "Is in the hospital." she decided. "I've always excelled in English, never too good in math. I've always been homeschooled until now..I'm an only child, and I know no one here." She said. "Anything specific you want to know?"
  12. He sighed, "Wow, that's ... intresting," he got up and hugged her, "Here i'll help you learn your way around, okay?" He sighed, and let her go, "Come on,"He walked over to the door.
  13. Jae was surprised as he hugged her, so shocked, she hadn't realized her hood fell back. When he let go, she started to step back, but he had walked over to the door. She stepped forwards and realized it was brighter. Damnit.. She started to pull her hood back up, but pulled it to where it only shadowed the upper half of her face before she stepped towards the door, her hands curled in her pockets. "Uhh..okay."
  14. He looked over at her, "You all right Jae?"
  15. Jae didn't look at him. "Yeah..just not used to being around..people." She said, waiting to follow him. "And you caught me off guard." She added a little quieter. She wasn't used to all this talking and being with people so much. She finally did look over at him, her blue eyes soft against the blackened shadow around her face.
  16. He smiled softly, "Alright, you got your schedule? I'll have to show you around."
  17. Jae nodded, taking a green sheet of paper from her pocket. Unfolding it, she read off her classes. "Engineering, Journalism, Forestry, and Theatre. That's today."
  18. I walk out the door, showing you which way's to go to get to class the quickest.
  19. Jae followed close behind, ignoring the curious stares from other students. " Uhh, thanks.." She sighed as another person turned. "Why are they all so surprised?" She felt cold and pulled her hood a little lower, cutting the airflow into her jacket off.
  20. He looked back at her, "Dont worry about them, c'mon were going to meet the others."