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  1. Jake knocked on the dorm room. "No worries Jae, you'll love these students. They've all got excellent grades, yet they know how to have some fun."

    Jae just shrugged and pulled her hood further over her head, her head moving ever so slightly left and right to the beat of the music in her ears, played from her head buds that plugged into her phone, which was hidden in her pocket.

    Jake knocked again. "Aye! I've got the new student here!"

    Jae sighed. Her long black hair went down to her shoulders, and curtained across the right side of her face. The left side was shadowed by her hood, which hid her icy blue eyes and striking angular features. She was 5'7, 18 years old, and she was fairly skinny, but she was dressed in black skinny jeans, a crimson red t-shirt and a black zip-up hoodie.
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  2. Lilia heard the knock as she sat with her notebook and pencil in hand. that's what she normally did on a Saturday afternoon. sat alone and wrote. her roommates out doing something or other.

    shopping was Lizzie faverate thing to do any days of the week. another knock at the and yelling that the new student was here and Lilly was up in a moment and at the door to open it.
  3. Jake smiled. "Good afternoon Lilia. This is the new transfer." He urged Jae forwards.

    Jae stared at the girl through the shadows. "Jae." She said simply, turning her music down a little.
  4. Lilia smiled her light green eyes lighting up. she nodded "great to met you" she stuck her hand out.

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    Jae just nodded. "You too." she didn't offer to shake her hand.

    Jake sighed. "She's not too..sociable, but I think you'll help her with that. I've got some errands to run, so, yeah. Bye girls!" He smiled and walked off.

    Jae glanced at the administrator when he was halfway down the hall before turning to Lilia. "Hi."
  6. Lilia smiled and nodded at Jake and watched Jae's eyes follow him. "hes really nice huh? and hey " she smiled "its not just me here there's two other girls Lizzie and Jenna. there really nice to but lizzies really hyper and might annoy you sometimes" she spoke as she waked over to the empty bed. "this is your bed and space you may do as you please with it we don't mind everyone's really nice so I'm sure you'll come outta your shell soon though if we bother you let us know ok we can over step our boundary sometimes" she smiled and walked over sitting on her bed.
  7. Jae looked around, but nodded, setting her backpack on the ground by the bed and sitting down. She looked around again. "Okay." She looked at Lilia. "Thank you, by the way." She said with an expressionless face.
  8. Lilia smiled and sat on her bed next to hers "nope no thanking me its only the lest i can do for you but being your friend. would you like a look around the campus?" she was going through some papers now and pulled out her map ofthe school grounds. "here it is if you need it" she walked over and handed it to Jae smiling.
  9. Jae paused, but nodded, taking the map and scanning over it several times before folding it neatly in two and setting it beside her. "I'll be sure to use it." She said, creating a slight smile as not to seem all depressed or stoic. "I guess a walk would be okay. Maybe we'll run into your friends too."
  10. Lilia nodded "maybe come on" she nugged to the door with head and turned and walked to it.

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    Jae stood up and followed silently. "Where to first?" she asked quietly, looking around the hall. It was full of students, most who glanced over curiously. Jae sighed.
  12. Lilia thought a moment and when she heard Jae sigh she looked over. "don't like people?"

  13. Jae nodded. "Too many bad endings with many people." she said quietly, looking into Lilia's eyes. Her eyes were silent and cold, yet not dismissive or hurtful. "Where to first?"
  14. Lilia's smile never wavered but saddened a bit " i have the perfect place you'll love it no people quiet and full of friends that don't hurt you and understand a lot" she headed down the hall. taking a left at the end she walking into a lager room and head for the front door that lead into a sweet garden.
  15. Jae nodded a little and followed behind her, wondering where they were going and ignoring a few shouts from passing students.
  16. crossing though the garden and heading over to the library Lilia looked behind her "almost no one comes to this place but they have all the new books"
  17. Jae nodded and looked around at the shelves, smiling a little. "Wow..that's a lot of books.." she looked at Lilia. "Do you come here often?"
  18. Lilia nodded "i spend all day in here normally but i wanted to wait for you" she smiled and picked a book from the sheaf. she started reading a page. "shes tall about 5.9 and beautiful with flawless pale skin that makes her beauty glow even more. her green eyes pined me to the spot. i couldn't move. breathless i stood and blinked stupidly.." she closed the book and looked at Jae "so do you like it?"
  19. "Eh, sounds a little..mushy." She responded after listening. She ran her hand over the titles and stopped by a navy book. She pulled it off the shelf. "The Half Breed Hmm. That's an interesting title.." She opened it around the middle and started down the page. "Jump!" His master yelled. The boy jumped, perfectly clearing the six foot wall, his grey wings expanding and keeping him and his master afloat a moment before they landed down with ease. " you are ready. They will come for you." His master said softly, smiling for the first time at the young boy. His purple eyes stared in amazement at his master and he hugged the man. "I..thank you." He said, letting go. "I have to go.." He said quietly before jumping up and speeding off, easily manuevering through the air thanks to his training..." She smiled a little. "What do you think about this one?" she asked Lilia.
  20. Lilia thought a minute and nodded. "its intense and the part you read makes me wanna read more, i love it." she walked into the room more passed four bookshelf's and diapered behind them.
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