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That One Wendu

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I'm not putting this in the counseling section because it's more like college discussion that's helpful. :P

So I got accepted to the college I want for the major I want (graphic design). I'm kind of scared to move out, though.... I'll miss home cooked food, and... being lazy...

But I'll enjoy the freedom. My parents rarely let me go out with friends. So that will be nice.

Anyone have scary/inspiring college stories? Or advice, for me?

Oh, also, my major has a milestone you have to pass at the end of freshman year. I'm scared for that, too... Oh, oh my...
I"ll be going to college as well nest year, well, community college but its similar in a sense that it's a different inviornment. Anyway My sister goes to a college that is away from home in a different state. I don't have any scary stories but I do have warning stories.

Watch out for you Roomate!-
I don't mean helping them out either, though if they are a friend then by all means do. However, I sister had a rather nasty match up for her freshman year and two of the girls she was stuck with were horrible. One was a sever drinker and messed around with her boyfriend a lot...if you know what i mean. The other was just mean and hogged the TV we well as monopolized the bathroom. So if you can choose your Room mates, choose wisely, or you could have a very rough first year with them!
Milestone being?

I'm assuming you are going to a University of that I can't help you with as I've only gone to community college and will be going to a University myself this next semester. As for graphic design just be prepared for A LOT of work, it's worth it but don't expect to be having loads of free time! I did graphic design for awhile so I know. :]]
I don't attend a Uni yet, however... I am away from my parents. So I can offer advice in that department.

The first month being away from home, I was a nervous wreck. For one, I'm threatened by change. For two, I miss my Mommy all the time. >:[ Anyway, it's all a matter of adjusting to your new home, wherever it may be. This is one of the steps into true adulthood, so even though you're scared, you've got to find the courage to keep going. You've got a dream, Wendu. Don't stop chasing it.

And of course, during your breaks, you can always go visit! <3

You'll certainly enjoy the freedom. I was the same way; my Mom hated letting me go out. Over here, there's no leash on me. I even have a wonderful job, despite that it's given through a financial aid program.

Speaking of aid, get as much as you freakin' can. Apply, apply, apply! for those grants. With my boyfriend's grants and my grants combined, we can even afford an apartment.

Always remember why you're in college, too. Don't get distracted when there's work to be done. :] Some of the work might be hard, or even have a ridiculous deadline. Even so, do your very best to fulfill those demands of your profs. After that, you can be lazeh. *giggle* But not TOO lazy.

Also, keep your grades up up up! Uni will put you on academic probation if you get like, 2 Fs, I think. x___x

Good luck to you and anyone else about to attend college.

'If you think you're in college to get galatically wasted, you're either wasting someone else's money or going into debt for the sake of getting drunk.

Don't be an ass. Go there to learn first, party second. College isn't high school. You're paying directly for the privilege to be there.'

- Yeah roomates. Hate 'em love 'em or somewhere inbetween, you'll have to learn to live with them. I'm guessin' you'll be living in/on campus dorms your first year. So yeah, like Harpy said. Insure you can get along with your roomates, or find someone else to room with. See if cha' folks can divide up daily household routines, that way someone doesn't get stuck doing the household work all the time.

- Learn to cook if you don't know how. Ramen and a microwave can only sustain a person for so long. Cooking can be a !!fun!! and rewarding experience (or can lead to flames).

- Friendly tip, check around to see the prices of books. Usually the university Bookstore sells items such as text books at cut throat prices. See if you cannot get them from other sources (such as Amazon) for cheaper.

- Procrastination, you'll never get rid of it, learn to live with it and compromise. Otherwise you'll end up at 1 am trying to finish a research report.
Yeah... I've been taking community college classes for the past two years, I'm going to a university. Yay...

I might room with a friend, but she applied for nicer rooms... If she doesn't get in, we'll be together. :P

Milestone meaning, after freshman year, they only select a few students to move on to the 'professional' stuff, or something like that, which is quite intimidating.

My dumb friend wants me to make a webcomic while in college. Yeah, it's definitely not happening, but he's a dumbass who is dating the chick I might room with, so I let him dream... It'll never come true, the dummy...

TY, guys. :D
BTW, going to a college in Arizona, not saying which one, though. :P
@ Wendu: Is that the same Wendu from yeeeeears ago, whom I teased and usually associated as being a partner in crime of Sakura's? If so, heya!

Advice--study first, party after. Do both, but in that order. Do not skip steps.