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Hello! I am going to start posting poetry and character stories here. It is not too often that I get the inspiration needed to write a poem, but from here on out, I shall post them here. Feel free to comment, even critique, my works. I love feedback. I will begin by posting a poem that I have already posted on this site before, twas before I knew what I was doing on this site.

Seaside Sunset
Blissful blue bows
Wondrous waves wander
Docile docile docks
Cool coasts
Beautiful Beaches.

Sunset saunters slowly
Beautiful blue bows
Purple pillars
Red Ripples.

Marvelous moonlight mourns
Sad, sorrowful sight
Sun's slumber.

But beckon, brother,
God's grace gives!

Sunrise shines soon.
Here are two of my early works...heh...a little rough, but it's whatever.

Hand of the Creator

Riverside blues hang low on the evening
Singing with the greens of the tall grass
Painted on a canvas of purple, pink, and cotton candy
So real that you could almost fall into it all.

A brush strokes new life into the scene
With slight movements, precise and delicate,
A breath of life floods the land
Filling the river with silver scales and brown feathers.

The river is finished, the day is through.
Put the tools of creation back where they go.
A creator's job is never complete
But rest easy for now, enjoy your sleep.

Thirty Years Ago...Still Waiting...

A breeze floats by
And evening is nigh,
Footsteps behind,
You pervade my mind.

Your warm embrace,
Your hand on my face,
It burns in my core,
I long for you more.

My delicate flower,
Lay with me this hour
So that the world can see
Together we are free.

And as two become one
I look into your eyes.
I see the setting sun
Then I realize...
You're gone.
This is the story of my favorite Drow woman, Dilice. I used her in a different RP and this is her back story. You will see in the end that she is somehow transported to another dimension, it was part of the previous RP.
A little about the Drow:

A Little about Drow(for those new to the race):

Drow are naturally resistant to magic. They also possess darkvision superior to most other supernatural races. Drow have the ability to summon globes of darkness, outline targets in faerie fire which causes no harm but makes the target brightly visible to everyone who sees them, and create magical balls of light. They can also levitate for short periods of time. Female Drow are naturally inclined to priestly magic and males are naturally inclined towards arcane magic. Like other elves, they are more dexterous than humans, but have a weaker constitution. They live to extraordinarily long ages if not killed by violence first, over a thousand years in some cases. Their hearing and vision are better than that of a human being and they are difficult to sneak up on because of this. They also naturally excel at moving silently.

Dilice Vasymma

Age: 487
Height: 5'1"
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: "What? See something you like, hm?"
Dil is a very sexy girl. Drow are quite sexual by nature, and Dil is no different. She knows that she is sexy and she knows that men want her. She likes to toy with them and use her looks to her advantage. Being chaotic neutral, this plays out well in obtaining what she wants and in the manipulation of those who fall to her beauty. She is very intelligent, very beautiful, and a very good mage. Being a Drow, it is in her nature to be deceitful, cunning, and violent. She is all of these, when it is convenient. It makes her a bit more civil, better able to make decisions, and it puts her a little bit higher than most other Drow who usually use rash thinking. In normal everyday situations, though, she is a flirty, fun loving Drow, but this side of her rarely comes out because of the harsh environment she lives in.

Background: "You've never met a girl quite like me, I promise you."
Ten year old Dilice studied diligently in House Do'Urden's vast Acrane Library. "You must study harder if you wish to become a Priestess of the Spider queen some day!" Dilice's mother pressed. "Dil, I know that you will come to power someday, and I will become Matriarch of the house when my sister perishes. This will allow me even more power to help you unravel your potential!"

Dil was a devout follower of the Spider Queen and a truly loyal member of House Do'Urden. She was so young, but already she was advancing past the other children in her studies. She studied with her mother, an Arachnomancer, rather than study with the clerics, which is what most women did. Her mother always taught her that true warriors of the Spider Queen were Arachnomancers, speaking directly to spiders and summoning them to aid in battle or solve problems.

"It takes a true devout to aquire such dominion over spiders. The Spider Queen must truly smile upon you, and the only way for that to happen is to show your devotion, dedication, desire, and determination."

"Mother, I have all of those qualities, I assure you..."


"Shut your mouth! No one said you could speak! Keep studying and allow your actions to speak for you!"

Dil nodded as a tear ran down her slightly swollen cheek. Her face was still one of determination, not sadness or pain...

Many years went by and Dil began to mature into a very beautiful woman, and a very fine Arachnomancer. She was trying to get into the surface raiding squad of House Do'Urden. It was a very difficult and deadly test. Tons of wanna be warriors and power seekers showed up to prove their loyalty to the House by applying for the most dangerous position a warrior could fill. If you passed this test, you would be subject to further training and put through more tests to make sure you were ready for the surface. This first test, however, could end up being the last test. It was a fight to the death, and only a handful of warriors would make it into the training program. Dil was up for her battle.

"Next up we have Dilice Vasymma versus Tebatar Shyntdrin!"

Teb's name meant prince of blades and unseen rogue. It was true to his family and true to his skill. He was a very skilled rogue, skilled at using his abilities to sneak up on opponents and land a couple surprise attacks. If you weren't already dead, he would quickly retreat and prepare for another strike. Hit and run tactics were popular among the Drow. Too cliche for Dil. Dil had fought rogues before, but not to the death. This would be the first kill Dil made, if she wanted to proceede.

Dil and Teb faced each other in a giant ring. Around the ring was a pit of spikes, so falling off the ring meant disqualification...and death. Dil looked confident because of her mother's teachings. Teb looked confident as well. This meant a lot to Teb too, for men were subordinate to women in their culture. If Teb defeats Dil, it would speak volumes for his abilities as a male fighter.

"My my, Dil, how you look so stunning today! It's a shame that I must cut up that beautiful body of yours."

Dil smiled.

"Teb, I must say, you are rather handsome for a male born from such pitiful loins. Luckily you have your mother's looks. It is a shame that we must fight today, and that you must die. You will be missing out on so much life dieing this early."

Teb shook his head and disappeared. His illusion skills really were remarkable. He could hide in plain sight and his cloak was enchanted to block his heat signature. Dil's eyes darted around as she pulled out her staff. She was looking for some trace of Teb, something that would give him away. Most rogues and thieves are less stealthy that Teb, after all, Teb was trying to become a surface raider. Before she knew it, Dil felt the tip of Teb's dagger barely cut into her side before she quickly jumped the opposite direction. A tiny trail of blood rand down her side.

"Hehe, stop tickling me Teb. You're such a tease!"

Teb laughed on the inside, he couldn't make a sound that would give away his position. Teb's first attack was mainly to test Dil's reflexes. He was impressed, she reacted very quickly. Teb started moving a little closer to his target. For a brief second, Dil's staff glowed. Casting a spell eh? Too bad you can't see me to hit me... Teb thought to himself as he continued to move, focused on his target. Teb thought it odd that Dil simply stood there, still looking, hoping for him to make a mistake. Heh, I don't make mistakes... Teb raised his dagger for the killing blow. As if on que, Dil quickly spun around and her staff smacked Teb square in the jaw. He to the ground and landed on his back. his dagger had fallen just out of reach. Dil was walking calmly to where Teb had fallen, her staff down by her side. Teb attempted to move and reach for his dropped dagger...

"I wouldn't if I were you. Examine your surroundings, foolish rogue."

Teb, still cloaked by his magics, couldn't understand how she could see him. He disregarded her words and formed a globe of darkness around her head, blinding her for a brief moment. He then tried to scramble to his feet, but before he could get off his butt, Dil's staff met his chest and forced him back to the ground. Dil sat down on Teb's chest, keeping him pinned to the ground. If anyone could see Teb's face, they would see a look of sheer terror.


Teb spoke, knowing his death was imminent at this point. Dil simply laughed, the globe disappearing from around her head now.

"Hmmhmm...I told you, examine your surroundings."

Teb obeyed this time, his stealth began to fade because of his loss in willpower. Upon feeling the ground by his sides he noticed that it was slightly sticky, and upon further examination he noticed that the entire ring had been covered in a thin layer of spiderwebs.

"'re good..."

Teb chuckled a bit. Dil had used the vibrations of the spider webs to detect Teb's movements. Seeing was no longer important once the web was laid out. She could feel every movement that Teb made, taking away Teb's only advantage. Dil, still sitting on Teb's chest put her staff down beside Teb and leaned down, placing her face over top of Teb's, and kissed him, deeply. When Dil rose back up, Teb's eyes were closed and his heart had stopped. Dil imbued her kiss with a hint of poison that traveled straight through Teb's system and attacked his heart. She rose up off of her defeated opponent, looked at the council that was observing, and bowed, with a smile.

The other warriors cheered and the counsel mumbled amongst themselves. Eventually the Matriarch of house Do'Urden spoke.

"Dilice Vasymma! Daughter to my sister Halice Vasymma, the council and myself have decided that you shall proceed on to Surface Raiding training. If you do not perish during your time training, upon completion of training, you shall be deemed a Surface Raider of House Do'Urden!"

Dil laughed audibly, she was truly happy at this moment. She achieved her goal. It took years of hard work and the death Teb. An extremly small price for such an honor. Dil knew she would be passing her mother soon. It was only a matter of time until she got her revenge for her mother's cruelty towards her, even if it was all just to make her a better fighter. She has never shown an ounce of love or any signs of being proud of Dil. Dil resented her mother.

"Thank you, thank you! This is truly an honor!"

The next day, Dil woke to the sounds of her mother's calls ringing through her bed chambers.

"Dil! Dil get out of bed, I need to speak with you!"

Dil, wearing nothing but a spider-silk top that stopped right below her excellently shaped hindquarters, hopped out of bed and walked through the halls of House Do'Urden towards her mother's call. As she walked, the top would raise slightly with her stride, providing the men of the house with a wonderful, yet slight, view of her perfect posterior.

"Yes, mother? What is it that you have to tell me?"

Halice's study was full of papers and books detailing the powers of a Weaver. She had been trying to further her power by learning the art of Weaving but the Spider Queen had not yet smiled upon Halice.

"Dilice, you have probably known this for some time, but I only wanted you to become powerful so that I may use you for personal gain. This is no uncommon occurrence and a lot of mothers use their children for personal gain. I am no different. But it seems as though you are forging your own path, straying away from my influence. I will not fight it. Originally, I found myself asking, What if she becomes more powerful than I? I couldn't control you like I would want to. It seems that the day is nigh that you will overpower me. I only ask one thing of you, kill my sister. I despise her for the way she has treated me through my life. And it's because of her I have been so cruel to you. I don't care if I get the throne or not, I simply want her dead. I know that I have manipulated you, pushed you, shown you no love, I am not sorry for that either, it made you who you are today. All I ask is that you do me this one favor."

Dilice listened to her mother's words. She took none of them to heart.

"Mother, I can not do this for you."

And with that, Dil left the study and went back to her room. Got dressed, covering her scantly clad body with a dark black and purple robe, and set out for training. Dil felt no remorse, thus was the way of her people.

Many months passed and Dil was put through intense training. She was exposed to sunlight, blinding at first but after a long while of periodic exposure, her eyes began to adjust more quickly. She would be training with the elite group that went to surface elf towns, pillaged them, burned them, and killed every last inhabitant. After training was done, she was inducted as a full fledged raider, willing to risk her life for House Do'Urden.

"The sun really isnt that bad once you get used to it...I mean, it hurts like hell when you first see it, but after a while, you start to appreciate the change in scenery."

Dil was talking to her commander on the way to a raid. This was a night raid, Drow's preferred time of attack. The group consisted of two assassins, three looters, four soldiers (two clerics, one fighter, and Dil), and their commander. Ten Drow in all.

"Yes. Sometimes the scenery is too nice...and it looks much better ablaze."

Dil chuckled.

"I agree," Dil lied as she smiled.

The commander was a prominent male figure, very strong for a male. He had slain the previous commander, a female, in a duel to obtain his position. He was also very handsome. He had a strong jaw, white rogue knot pony tail, dark red eyes, and a muscular figure. Dil loved flirting with him. He was so serious all the time. One time, she swears she saw him blush, no one believes that story though, but Dil knows.

"All right! Gear up! The tunnel we built lies just ahead. Remember, they are expecting us to attack at night so the lookouts will be on high alert. We are coming in under a farmer's villa. The plan is to infiltrate, kill the farmer and his family before they alert the guards, and then set up in his home and send out the assassins to terminate the lookout. After that, we shall procede out of the villa and into the town, looters will take all the goods and rare items that they can carry while the rest of us kill the men, women and children of the town. Once the mission is complete, we torch the village. Ok, before we go..."

Commander Drizril took a knee. Everyone else followed his action.

"Great Spider Queen, we humbly ask that you bless us and show us your favor as we set out to destroy the enemies of you and your people."

Commander Drizril stood up, banged his shield, and cut through the thin layer of ground with an arcane spell. The farmer and his wife were sleeping so the did not notice the raider's entrance. The group used their excellent stealth to sneak around the villa. Drizril found the farmer and his wife, sound asleep. He took his sword and slit both of their throats with one fell motion. Dil found the farmer's teenage son. She bent down and looked at his face, he was almost at the age of manhood, judging by his looks. Dil ran her fingers through his hair, causing him to stir from his sleep. He opened his eyes to see the beautiful face of his murderer. She placed a finger on his lips before he could scream. His mouth was covered in webs. She held her hand on his chest and shushed him.

"Shhh...shh...It's ok, It's going to be over soon."

Within moments, the boy's eyes closed slowly. There was a spider bite on his neck and the spider had already crawled down beside the bed to make a new home. Dil went to the commander and told him that the boy was dealt with.

"All right. All clear. Assassins, proceed with the plan. We shall attack in fifteen minutes, make sure they are down before then."


The assassins left the house under the veil of night. They crept through town, visiting known guard posts and introducing the guard's throats to their daggers. Within ten minutes, the small village's defenses were destroyed. The assassins set up position and waited for the group to emerge. Meanwhile, inside the villa, Dil was toying with Drizril.

"So, commander, have you ever been interested in a woman?"

Drizril shook his head.

"We have a mission to fulfill, this is not the time Dilice."

"Oh come on now, we have fifteen minutes before we move. That's plenty of time to have this conversation. What kind of woman interests you, hm? Is it the subordinate type? I mean you being a commander and all, I figure you would like subordination. And a subordinate woman is hard to find amongst our people."

Dil moved closer to the commander. She wrapped her arms around the commander's neck, looking deep into his eyes and playing with his ponytail she said in a soft, seductive whisper,

"I can be that subordinate woman...totally subjugate myself to your will. I will do anything...An-y-thing you desire." She emphasized the word anything.

The commander blushed a tiny bit and pushed her away, she could feel the unwillingness in his movements. He wanted her so bad, and she knew it. But, like a good commander, the mission comes first.

"Now is not the time. I am sorry."

Dil licked her lips and smiled at the man she just broke down. She loved it.

*Ahem* "All right, Time to move out!"

Drizril kicked down the door and dropped a torch on the wooden floor of the villa before exiting. The party took to the streets like a plague, laying waste to everything they found. The village burned behind them as they made their way to an exit tunnel about a mile outside of town. The skyline was beautiful on fire. Pillars of smoke twisting upward all covered in a thin orange haze. Drizril grabbed Dilice's hand,

"Kiss me, you're beautiful. This was truly a great day."

Dil looked in the commanders eyes and smiled.

"Now is not the time. I'm sorry."

She pulled her hand away and Walked towards the group that had moved past her and Drizril. Drizril couldn't help but laugh. He laughed softly, then louder, then almost uncontrollably. No one had heard him laugh in years! And it had been quite some time since he had smiled even. Dil broke his seriousness. She walked back to the group who had stopped at their commander's laughter. They were all staring at Dil.

"What did you do, dil?"

Some of the girls would ask. Dil simply smiled.

"Ah, well...he was being a know, and I just had to tell him 'Now's not the time'. I'm not certain why that's so funny to him, but apparently he found it hilarious. Hmph?" Dil shrugged.

The other girls just gave her a strange look and continued on their way. The commander was following now, still laughing, but a lot more controlled.
Dil had many other raids, and for years upon years that's all she did. Never once was a raid failed under the watch of Commander Drizril and his right hand, Dilice. There came a day in about the two hundredth year of Dil's life that the Matriarch called her for a private meeting.

"Dilice, heroine of the raiders. Your heroic acts in the name of House Do'Urden have been brought to my attention over and over again. Over the last hundred years you have pillaged many an elven town. Even lead your own squad in the fight against the great city of Silver Crest, your squad being the only one which had no casualties. You have proven yourself a loyal and worthy member of the house. I wish to bestow upon you some of my power. As you know, your mother and I are both Arachnomancers, and your mother wishes to further her power still to this day. She is trying to obtain what i have, but she cannot, for the Great spider Queen does not wish it. However, she does wish for you to have it. There are two things you must do before i allow you access to the materials to learn the art of Weaving. First, you must accept my offer to become the Champion of House Do'Urden. This is no menial position, there can be only one Champion. And the Champion is second only to the Matriarch. With this great power comes great responsibilities. And in order to become champion, you must kill the former champion. What say you Dilice?"

Dilice was almost exploding with pride. She was about to become second only to the Matriarch of the house. All she had to do was kill her mother. The opportunity she had been waiting for.

"I graciously accept your offer. The deed shall be completed promptly."

The Matriarch nodded and presented Dil with a jewel studded ceremonial dagger.

"The Spider Queen wishes you to use her sacrificial dagger, offering your mother directly to her."

Dil grabbed the dagger and nodded. She walked out of the throne room and towards her mother's study. She hadn't spoken with her mother for years. She's been busy raiding, and her mother has been busy trying to unlock the secrets of Weaving. Dil tucked the dagger under her cloak and knocked on the study room door.

"Come in, Dilice."

Dil opened the door.

"I know why you're here. No need to hide anything. I have wanted you to become champion of this house since you were born. Did you know that? I wanted you to rule next to me! Why, Dilice? Why couldn't we have that? I know you could have don...

The dagger pierced Halice's ribcage. She coughed up blood, tears streamed down her face.

"Because I hate you. And quit your crying. You saw this coming! You're only mad because you didn't get what you wanted! It was never about me! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!"

Dilice created another incision with each "I hate you," ending her mother's sad life of greed, but, deep down, Dilice knew the Drow were like this, deep down, Dilice was the same way...selfish. Dilice wiped the dagger off on her mother's clothes and closed her mother's open eyes with her hand. She sighed, and headed back to the Matriarch.

"It is done. Halice Vasymma is no longer the champion. I claim her title as my own."

The Matriarch smiled. "Good. Now, champion of House Do'urden. Go into your new study and learn the ways of the Weaver. You should find it easier than your mother did...hehehe..."


Dilice went to the study, the one she just killed her own mother in. To her surprise, it was clean. not a spec of blood remained. The Matriarch worked quickly. So, no longer a raider, but the Champion of the house, Dil devoted her time to becoming a Weaver. She spent years studying. The Matriarch refused to give her any missions until she learned to harness the power of a Weaver. At first, It was hard for Dilice, it reminded her of her early childhood. After a month of reliving memories and suffering through them, it started to get easier. After a years of practice, Dil's webs were imbued with poisons, she could increase her reflexes substantially, and she could even call forth a portion of the Great Spider Queen's web to her plane of existence. It was about this time that Dil recieved another summons from the Matriarch.

"Dil, I have recieved word that you have mastered the art of Weaving. I want you use this power and fulfill your duty as Champion of the house. You must go to one of our rival houses, alone, and defeat their Champion to show our dominance over them."

"I understand, which house is it that I am to challenge?"

Dil didn't mind gaining favor in the eyes of her Matriarch and in the eyes of the Spider Queen. It would all benefit her somehow, and if it meant doing work for someone else, then she would do the work and do it well.

"It is house Aleanafin, The Noble Line of the Web. The Spider Queen shines her favor upon us this day. She wishes to thwart their arrogance. They have slipped away from praising her and moved into boasting their noble blood."

Dil grinned,

"Isn't their champion a male? A very powerful magician, if I am correct."

The Matriarch nodded.

"May i kill their champion any way I wish?"

"Yes, you have no restrictions. This is simply to make a statement."

"Excellent. I shall make arrangements at once!"

Dil bowed and took her leave. She went to her study, took out some parchment, and began writing.

"Rikzyr, Champion of House Aleanafin, Noble by blood, and master wizard. I have long admired your power, nobility, and position in your house. You might not have heard of me, but I have heard of you. I am a member of House Do'Urden and also noble by blood. I hope this isn't too direct for someone of your stature, but I wish to lay with you for a single night, bear your child, and use this bond as an alliance between our two houses. Our Matriarch sees this as a great possibility to form an alliance with such a noble and favored house. Of course, we would meet formally before you make your decision and I assure you, you will not be disappointed. We shall meet inside the town in plane view, I vow that this meeting is sincere and it will boost both of our Houses' strength. Meet me tonight, in two hours, outside of the School of the Arcane. We shall walk and talk.

Yours truly,
Dilice Vasymma"

Dilice sealed the letter with purple wax. She ventured to the post boy and ordered the letter delivered immediately. She addressed it to Rikzyr specifically. Now all she could do was wait. She decided to go to the bazaar and find something nice to wear for tonight. Upon window shopping, she happened across a lacy black see through top, very simple, very sexy. She bought it and continued looking for some sexy bottoms. Before long she noticed a shop selling exactly what she wanted. She fingered through the lingerie hanging on various racks thought the shop. There were all kinds, reds, blues, violets, lacy, see through, thongs, the works. She decided upon a semi lacy, spiderweb pattern, see through black thong. Very appropriate Dil thought to herself after seeing the spiderweb pattern. She went back to her room to change, an hour had passed already. She took her normal clothes off and put the lingerie on. She put her cloak over top of the lingerie. All right, lets have fun with this one.

Dilice stood outside of the empty school of magic. People passed every now and again. Some even stopped and inquired about her presence, all men. She waited there for about fifteen minutes before a group of men approached her.

"Hey babe. You look ripe for the pickin'. Whats say you, me, and my buddies here go have a good time, eh?"

"No thank you, though I'm sure you are all upstanding gentlemen."

Dilice's sarcasm was incredibly obvious.

"All right, let me, me, and my buddies are about to go have a good time."

Dil shook her head, she could easily destroy these punks. It was about that time that she noticed Rikzyr approaching the school. She decided to play this off.

"No!" She yelled as two of the men grabbed her arms. "Help! Please! Someone!"


The three men were felled. Rikzyr stood there, his wand glowing bright red. Dil ran over to him and placed her head on his chest while wrapping her arms around him, sighing in relief.

"Oh thank the Spider Queen you came when you did! I wasn't sure if you were coming at all...I was a little frightened...hehe...I mean, I know a little magic, but not enough to defeate three thugs like that! You were amazing! I see why YOU'RE the champion!"

"Hahaha! Rikzyr, champion of the favored house Aleanafin would never be defeated by such low life scum! Come, we have some chatting to do...about tonight."

Dil batted her eyes and sighed audibly.

"Yes, our house wishes to gain favor like your house has. We think that it would be mutually beneficial since house Do'Urden boasts one of the strongest military programs in the underdark, second only to House Aleanafin, of course. We could also provide your house with a portion of all of our spoils and you will have me as your prize."

Rikzyr rubbed his chin and thought for a moment.

"Before we make any alliance and I agree to lay with you, I wish to take you to my chambers and gaze upon potential my prize. Of course, this will have to be done in secret, since no members of an opposing house may enter the Champion's quarters, but you, you're harmless and me, I'm a Champion. You couldn't hurt me if you wanted to. Besides, The Spider Queen smiles upon me!"

"Oh, you're absolutely right! I would surely perish if i opposed you!"

Rikzyr smiled then nodded.

"It's settled then, you shall, if approached by any members of the house, be known as a common street walker."

"Ok! So long as it means getting to lay with such a Champion! I am beyond honored."

They walked and had small talk. Dil kept talking him up, making him feel extremely high and mighty. Rikzyr ate up every bit of it too, all the way back to his quarters. Once there, he demanded no one disturb them, shut his door, and locked it.

"Ok miss Dill. If you please, your robe."

Dil smiled and blushed. She slid her cloak off slowly. Revealing her left shoulder first, then her right. The straps of her see through top were clearly visible now. She slid the cloak down a little further, revealing her cleavage, and eventually her entire chest. The see through top looked incredible on her. Her perky breasts filled it out extremely well, and her erect nipples added to the perfect shape of the top. The cloak dropped a bit more, revealing her flat tummy. The cloak was now around her waist and you could see the outline of her muscles starting the V shape that ended at her sweet spot. She looked at Rikzyr with longing in her eyes, licked her lips and slid the cloak down even further. He was gawking over her perfect body. His jaw hung low.

"I've never seen someone quite as beautiful as you are right now Dilice."

Dil smiled and bit her bottom lip as she slid the cloak completely off, bending down, touch your toes style, to slide it off of her feet. She raised back up and took her hair down, shaking it out as she pulled the tie out.

"I know." She replied to Rikzyr with confidence and a sexy smile. " you like your prize?" Dilice asked as she slid her finger down her chest, to her stomach.

Rikzyr nodded and motioned for Dil to come to him. He was sitting on the edge of his bed. He was wearing a blue robe lined in gold silk. It had three buttons coming from the neck and ending about mid chest. The rest of the robe was solid. Dil walked over, strutting her stuff, and took a seat on his lap. She sat down facing him and wrapped her legs around his waist. She looked him up and down once before leaning in to kiss him. The kiss was a small peck at first, it grew in intensity after a few pecks, each one lasting longer and longer until he had his arms wrapped around her, preventing her from moving backwards. She unbuttoned the three buttons on the robe while he they kissed each other with an intense aphrodisia. She moaned a bit, their kissing muffling the sound, as she slid her arms through the front of is shirt, around his bare shoulders. She then slid the robe down off of his shoulders, revealing his bare chest. By this time, he had loosened his arms up as to take the robe off. She leaned back, no longer kissing him, and placed her hand on his chest and pressed, ever so slightly, laying him down on his back. She was now straddling his robbed waist. She bent down and kissed his chest a couple times then slid off the edge of the bed. She grabbed the bottom of the robe and giggled. Dil motioned for Rikzyr to move backwards while she held the robe, so he would come out of it. He did just that. He was now at the top of the bed. Dil threw the robe on the ground and took her top off. After balling it up, she playfully tossed it onto his torso. Dil placed her hands on the edge of the bed and began to crawl up the bed until straddling Rikzyr once again. Her bare chest pressed close against his, she ran her fingers through his short spiky hair as she kissed him again. She ran her hand down his torso, feeling each muscle, until she reached his underwear waistband. She leaned back, popped the wast band, giggled and said in a sexy whisper

"I want it..."

She slid down lower, kissing his chest and stomach as she moved down. She grabbed his waistband on both sides of his waist and slipped his underwear down, inch by inch, teasing him the whole time. Finally, his underwear was off enough for his erect manhood to pop up and out of the restricting undergarments.

"Hmm hmm, hello there." Dilice giggled when Rikzyr popped out. She wrapped her right hand around the base of his penis and squeezed slightly, pulsing every few seconds. She looked him in the eyes and grinned as she leaned down, her mouth slightly open and her tongue stinking out a little. She giggled a bit when her tongue first touched his head, causing Rikzyr to flinch. After a couple laps and a bit of giggling, she would put the entire head in her mouth, turning little giggles into muffled moans. She would stroke his shaft while sucking the head. Rikzyr was breathing heavily at this point. It always made Dil feel powerful, that a woman could have such a profound effect on a man. She lifted her head up causing a small string of saliva to snap off of her lips. Dil climbed off of the bed, and was now beside Rikzyr. She turned around, her beautiful backside facing him, and wiggled her hips slowly, playing with her thong straps as she slowly slid her underwear down. As she slid her underwear lower, she bent down, touch your toes style again, causing her vulva to slip through her thighs just enough to give Rikzyr a little glimpse of perfection. He could hardly contain himself. He could see the glistening effects of arousal on her lips. It was beyond enticing; it was nearly orgasmic.

"Hmm hmm...are you ready for me baby?" Dil taunted, moving her perfectly built body in the sexiest way. Rikzyr couldn't take it anymore. He leaned up and grabbed Dilice by the waist and pulled her into the bed, kissing her as he laid her beside him. Their naked bodies pressed against each other as the passion rose. Restraint was no longer an option for Rikzyr. He laid Dil on her back and placed himself in between her legs. He looked her in they eyes and noticed the burning intensity of her stare constantly saying, "I've never wanted anything this bad." He pulled her closer to him, sliding her on the bed, and entered her. Rikzyr closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh, beginning his rythim. Dil's mouth hung slightly opwn as she breathed harder and harder, beginning to moan slightly. As Rikzyr picked up his rythim, the moans grew louder, then Rikzyr leaned down over Dil, putting his face beside hers, putting her mouth right by his ear. She moaned at a whisper and whimpered slightly every so often. They were a sea of passion. It was like waves of lust crashing down on the shores of desire. Every movement was getting closer and closer to a climax. Suddenly, Rikzyr picked up the pace. He pounded Dil hard and fast, making her moan short, quick moans. They were both reaching a sexual breaking point. Dilice was first, the built up suspense, desire, lust, and excitement exploded out. She buried her face in Rikzyrs chest, biting it and drawing the tiniest amount of blood. She dug her nails into his back and raked down, leaving scratches as evidence of her orgasm. During Dil's climax, Rikzyr reached pure ecstasy. He unloaded his seed into Dil, moaning, breathing hard, and sweating a lot. After they calmed down, they laid in bed next to each other.

"That was amazing."

"You were amazing."

Dil smiled. "I know. Too bad it can't last forever..."

Rikzyr shook his head in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Dil laughed. "Heh, have you heard of the black widow spider? Interesting creature, see they are much like us Drow. Frightening to everyone on the surface, deadly, despised, and the female is dominant. The interesting thing about the black widow, though, is that they kill their mate after she becomes impregnated. Hm...funny how things work out like this..."

Rikzyr started to move, but it was too late. Dil was much faster than him. He was wrapped in a bundle of web, covered in black widow spiders.

"Ah! Ahh! What, you devil! Ahhh!" The spiders continued to bite him all over his body. Dil put her clothes on.

"Phew, thank you for a wonderful time, really I did enjoy it. You were spectacular. Now, I must return, for I am the Champion of House Do'Urden and i have duties to attend to. Ta-ta!"

With that, poison filled Rikzyr's veins, killing him within minutes. Dil casually walked out, telling others to not disturb the champion, that he was sleeping after such a good time. Upon returning to the house, the Matriarch greeted Dil personally.

"Very good! The Spider Queen is quite pleased! You must rest now. You had a long night."

Dil smiled and nodded. She headed to her chambers and took her clothes off to get into bed. She had a weird dream that night. She dreamed that she killed her first born upon an alter. It was a sacrifice to the Spider Queen. Upon giving her first born, though, she transcended even the power of the Matriarch and was able to over take her throne. This dream would occur regularly for the next nine months until the baby was born. For some reason, upon birthing the baby, she had a strong desire to sacrifice it. For a couple hours after birth she pondered. Then, a spider crawled upon her shoulder.

"The Spider Queen wants this one. She wants to give you something in exchange for your little one."

Dil knew it was a sign, and this baby couldn't even begin to understand life or death, so what was death to it? Dil had decided, she could have more babies if she wanted, besides, she birthed a worthless male. She took her unnamed baby to the sacrificial alter in the shrine of House Do'Urden. She placed the baby on the alter, pulled out the sacrificial dagger and raised it above the baby's chest.

"The Spider Queen wants you. You should feel honored." She stabbed the dagger down. Right before she hit the baby's chest, a dark flame appeared around her. It didn't burn. In the flame, Dil could see a vision of a beautiful Drow woman with a spider like body. The Spider Queen! dil thought as she took a knee.

"Arise! For you are chosen!"

That's all she said. After that, the flame disappeared. The baby was still alive. The Matriarch was watching the entire thing. Before Dil could acknowledge any of this, a portal opened and pulled Dil through...into Shattered Sky...