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    Do you collect anything? When I was younger I used to collect comic books, mostly to read though, so many of them are not in great condition. Later I began to collect knives.

    What about you? Do you have something that you collect?
  2. pipes and militaria.
  3. Movies and Books. D: More movies than books, as I don't read near as much as I used to or really want to cause I'm always so busy roleplaying instead.
  4. Used to collect basketball-cards at a very young age, they were awesome! They weren't exactly easy to attain in my region of the country, so I'd usually get to buy some when I was at my cousin's who lived in a more....."urban" area. Now I don't know if they're sold here at all anymore...
    Then cds, but I can't afford to buy many any more and the game seems so........clusterfucked these days, I get the music I'm looking for in "other ways" these days.
  5. 40k Armies, Right now I have

    5000 points of Black Templar
    2000 Pts of Grey Knights
    around 3000 points of Chaos Marines (This army needs LOTS of vehicle support)
    Tyranids, Don't know how many points since all I have is a 3rd edition codex
    and 5000 points of Necrons.
  6. Comic books. At one time I had a couple grand worth; and then I had to leave them in Michigan because we were in a tight spot. Before I got a girlfriend then subsequently got married I dropped entire paychecks on them. Slowly trying to get back to my former glory.

    Seriously though, Michigan, fuck you.
  7. So that's like 2 million dollars, right?
  8. I used to collect beanie babies...

    I had over 200 when I was a kid.

    I still want mooooore

    I love fox-related items.

    I collected ATLEAST $500 worth of manga..... which only means I have about 50.

    I used to collect ramune bottles.

    Now I collect copic markers and fox stuff...

    and pocky...
  9. Lol
  10. I used to collect Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. I sold the Poke' cards... But not the YGO, because most of them were gifted to me by a friend. I promised her that I wouldn't ever part with them!

    I now collect dream catchers, because I think they're uniquely beautiful! Same reason I collect dragon figurines. :3 I also collect cupcake items, because they decorate my kitchen, if not other places in my house.

    And... Yes... I do collect Star Wars stuff. >>; I have some of the coolest toys that I refuse to let children play with.
  11. Word.
  12. Well I guess I collect mangas, right now I have about $780-$800 worth right now
  13. decks of playing cards

    I don't know why.
  14. ... That is why Alan is on my list of people to kidnap.

    I collected Yu Gi Oh cards, video games, X men trading cards, comic books, books. I still have them around here somewhere.
  15. That's damn impressive, Alan.