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Is there anything that you collect or an old item that you hold onto? Maybe a family heirloom or just something you were lucky to find?

I was just going to go with antiques - but, not everybody tries to grab old stuff like I do so it can be anything you collect as well that's just cool.

The oldest thing in my house is a hand made armoire that is a few hundred years old. Still in very good condition.

The second oldest thing is this chair that came over with a friend of my wife's family when they migrated to the US. I think its cool as hell plus it's really comfy.

The third old thing, which I like the most, is a map that was distributed to the poor during WW II so that they could keep track and follow the war as it happened. It was printed in 1943 and has the lanes that the war ships would take plus the amount of miles they would have to travel. Later versions of the map had victory and loss markers but mines printed right as we entered the war and only shows where we are going and how we are getting there.

So - what do you guys have? I want to know.
I used to collect old watches. It started when my grandfather left me two old pocket watches from the late 1800s. I had a damn nice collection too, but they all got stolen!
I do have a family heirloom! It's this old rocking chair that I've been rocked in, my mom's been rocked in and I think my grandma's been rocked in. If that's the case, it's around a hundred years old. o__o; Now it's in my possession and someday, I will rock my kids in it and pass it down to my eldest. I also have this corner end table thing with this tremendously expensive piece of marble for the surface. It was my great grandfather's; now it is mine.

As for collections. I have quite a few, heh. Like many stuffed animals. n__n; Some of these have been with me since childhood, so I ain't letting them go. I also collect dragon figurines. I always display them proudly on my dresser and I hope that my collection will expand enough so I can put them on their own shelf! And of course there are the more common things... Like DVDs and video games. And Star Wars things. I also have a few old collections I doubt all build on, such as Beanie Babies and watches.

Oh! Cupcake stuff. XD So much stuff for my cupcake collection... Ah, one more thing I collect: Comic books. I have a stack of 'em! And quite a few on my laptop.

...that should be all.

I'll also say when I'm older and have money to spare, I wanna be an art collector. Buy paintings and sculptures to put in my awesome house. :3
Depends on whatcha are looking for...I have several arrowheads that date back to roughly 9,000 years ago that I found up North here back when the Ice Age was ending. I have a 2000 year old Roman coin that dates to the 140s BCE. I have original firearms that date from the 1830s to WW2. I complete sets of uniforms from the First World War, British uniform from the 1880s, spiked (US) dress helmets from the 1880s, books dating back to 1732...Jewish prayer books from the 1890s-1920s...Song books from the Civil War era.... A large collection of photographs that date from the 1880s to 1950s of soldiers, sailors, civvies, and young women....

The stuff that is worth the most is the mining items (pick ax, shovels, helmets, lamps, company script, etc) I own.
I do have a little bit of the pack rat mind, but nothing that's in either enough quantity or value to be called a collection. I'm not terribly into most antiques and don't have the money to start buying. Although whenever I can I like to stop in Colonel Bubbie's in Galveston. Besides the ice cream/candy shop, it's my favorite store on the Strand.

One thing that my mother has that I've always wanted to find out more about is a painted plate set in a frame. The real interest point is the signature: my mother thinks that it might have been done by one of the survivors of the Donner Party while he was in prison.
I collect comic books. The ones I want are worth millions and you can't just buy them off the street anymore. Well, you haven't been able to for almost 100 years! Detective Comics #27 and Action comics #1
As for antiques all i have are two silver dollars, on was printed in 1889 and the other twenty years later.

As for collections, I collect books. I have different books in a variety of languages including Japanese, german, italian, Spanish, Mayan, Korean, Mongolian, Fijian, Norwegian, Samoan, arabic, Greek, French, Russian, Czech, and Navaho. Just to name a few. I also collect wolf figurines. i used to have a lot if them but I threw out all the ones I bought at dollar stores. I only kept the ones that cost large amounts of money I have figurines that cost between ten and one hundred dollars. (The one hundred dollar one is pure bronze, and was a graduation gift) Finally I have a small collection of silver coins.
Sadly, I do not have any family heirlooms. I fled from the 'old country' with only what I could fit in a car. D:

I DO have a painting my dad did. It will become something special. :D

And I also really love antiques and old things with a little history. I love shopping around at old-stuff and junk stores looking for treasures.
I suppose I have a few family heirlooms, one being a highboy that my grandfather built and carved detail into, as well as an old sellers cabinet that belongs to my grandmother and I believe belonged to her mother before that. There are also some foot rests and an old cookie jar that my grandmother claimed to be worth about $500-$700 today.

Otherwise I don't know of any more other than those~ I also hope that I can have the cookie jar~ It looks like a piggy~ XD