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  1. I have a project in my math class that requires me to get some data to put on a chart for College Math reasons. Anyway I need people who would answer 3 questions,
    1. Male or female?
    2. How many computers did you own? (it does mean how much you had in your life)
    3. On average, how many hours do you spend online?
    Please answer the best you can and thank you for everything. Happy roleplaying ^^
  2. 1. Male
    2. 6
    3. 8 hours per day
  3. Cool! Good luck with your assignment. :]

    1. Female
    2. 5 computers, I think
    3. A day? Going to guess about 6 hours. (Not counting the gaming and Netflix watching I do, unless I should count those? >___>)
  4. Male
    Three computers
    Between three to eight hours per day. ...lets just say an average of five.
  5. Male
    7 hours per day
  6. 1. Female
    2. One
    3. Around 7 - 8 Hrs
  7. 1. *Checks* I am most certainly male.
    2. I have two computers. My computer, and my laptop.
    3. Too damn much... I'd say 42 hours a week.
  8. Male.
    5 Computers.
    6-10 hours a day.
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  9. 1. Male
    2. 4 if you count laptops, 2 otherwise.
    3. Assuming there are no plans for the day? 12-14. If there are plans? It can vary from none-10.
  10. Female
    In my life? Shit.....9 computers, I think more, but 9 is all I can remember starting from 20 years ago.
    Hours spent online: Actually at my computer? I'd say 5-8 hours a day. Most of the time when my kids are at school. Weekends it's significantly shorter.
  11. 1. male
    2. 11
    3. 8-12/day
  12. 1. Male or female?
    2. How many computers did you own? (it does mean how much you had in your life)
    One; my laptop. But I think my phone should count as one because I use it for a lot of the same things. (I'm not sure if you're asking how many computers I have RIGHT NOW or how many I've owned in my life, total O.o)
    3. On average, how many hours do you spend online?
    Anywhere from four to ten per day O.O I have a problem
  13. Female
    My family has owned more than a few computers, but I personally only own one, my laptop.
    Per day varies, but I don't think I spend more than 10 hours on any given day. Per week, and I can only say somewhere in the double digits.
    • Female
    • 6 computers
    • Anywhere from 8 to 12 depending on the day
  14. Male
    Two, I take good care of them.
    It varies, usually it's somewhere around the 12 or 14 hour mark, unless I have other things to do.
  15. Male.
    5 in my lifetime.
    At least 10-11 hours a day.
  16. Male.
    # of computers broken down, don't know what counts.
    • 2 computers that I have personally owned.
    • 1 other computer specific for my use, but not owned. (Work laptop, belonged to the company.)
    • 3 computers shared during my childhood with siblings and/or parents.
    I spend around ten hours a day online.
  17. 1. Female
    2. 3
    3. Probably around 10 hours per day
  18. 1. Male
    2. 6
    3. Around 12 hours, thanks to my smartphone.

  19. Female!


    10 hours a day!
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