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  1. oɴ тнe prowl ...

    hiii, my name's natterjack. not really, but it's what you can call me .. for now. anyway, as you might have gathered from the title, i'm currently on the prowl for a partner of sorts, someone with a bunch of great ideas and a lot of tolerance for playful bullshit, of which i am full of .. or so i've been told. the topic of collaboration is an old one, starring weredaemons, a species of my own creation. i want to further develop them through a war, preferably with alchemists. i've much more to say on the matter, but i'd rather not ramble, so i think i'll keep things short and sweet and end things here.

    if you're interested ..
    feel free to contact me at idarelic@icloud.com.
    please, don't be shy; i'm almost always glued to my ipad, so i'll answer as quick as you please.​