Cold warmth

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  1. I was trying to mind my own business, but you're always there. I don't know why you wouldn't leave me alone, heck, the first time we ever met, you just patted my head, thinking it was soft! Who does that? You're friendly with the other girls, but there's something different about the way you treat me. Yeah, you annoy me, tease me more, scare me, and sometimes make me laugh. But why did you suddenly become so distant this past year? You've suddenly become a different person, I don't understand. What happened to the same guy that I grew up with as a kid? You don't even see that I exist... Why are you mad? I WAS going to leave you alone for a while, but I just had to get stuck in the same household with you didn't I? Your mom just had to be my mom's best friend, and say that she would care for me when my mom died this year. Heh, when will the pain stop?
    My character description:
    Name: Chitose
    Age: 15
    Height: 4'11
    Appearance: Curvy, Short Black hair, tanned skin, contacts
    Season: Fall
    The story: I was your childhood friend since 5 cause of our mothers' friendship. But after not seeing you for 3 years, and meeting you again in highschool, something happened... I don't know what, but you became more distant and cold. My mom suddenly dies of a tumor, and I am now an orphan. Your mom hears of this and takes me in, realizing who I was. And now here I am, at your doorstep, with your mom, and you, opening the door.
    Character Guidelines:
    -Must be around the same age, under 18
    -Make a character that has a good reason for why is acting the way he is, not a stupid reason like "cuz i felt like being badass"

    Example of how you'll roleplay:
    *bows* Thanks for taking ur time to read this.
  2. Name:Adair Muse
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'
    Appearance: Honey brown hair, ice blue eyes, surfer's tan
    Example of how you'll roleplay:

    Adair leaned against the counter with coffee in his hands. He woke up earlier then usual and was sitting there glaring at the wall. He sipped his drink listening for the house guest that took up the guest bedroom. He had to wait for her so he could drive her to school like his mother told him to do. He thought about how he was with her as a kid. He liked teasing her because she would get so upset. He swirled the hot liquid of his drink for a moment before tensing his hand on it. All of his teasing had stopped when he had gotten wrapped up with what his father did. He couldn't risk him getting close enough to her to have her care without her getting hurt.

    I hope its ok that i posted this here and that i used a draft of an opeing that I would use.