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  1. since I just had about 3 cups of salt water poured up my nose and came out of my nostril, what cold / sickness remendies do you find weird.
  2. Gingerale for a sore throat.

    Sleep or at least not moving much otherwise.
    I just tend to take medicene and sit around beign lazy as fuck when sick...

    Though to be fair I do that minus the medicene all the time.
  3. never heard of that, I've heard of ginger for sore throats but never ginger ale.
  4. Gingerale is the alternative my family uses cause it's easier to get ahold of in mass.
    Though I'd personally advise letting the carbonation die out first if for medicinal purposes.

    Won't taste as good, but it means less bubbles.
  5. true, I hated my sinus rinse, and now I have to do twice a day for almost a year. gingerale is good though.
  6. Note this isn't for your nose, it's for your throat. :P
    Putting it up your nose is not advisable... At all. XD
  7. I know that, well I had ginger root shoved up my nose, to help with a cold before, that hurt.
  8. Hot towels. Still not sure as to why.
  9. i've done it for migraines and clogged up sinuses!
  10. Hot, steamy showers. It helps break up congestion and you feel a bit better afterwards.

    Hot tea with honey for coughs and sore throats. My husband swears by orange juice, but it doesn't do much for me but help me stay hydrated. My grandmother used to swear by onions, but I can't remember for the life of me what she did with them because I'd never let her use them with me.
  11. i used to love taking hot showers, but grandpa said it wastes water, and i do hot with honey sometimes, but grandpa said it's too much sugar.
  12. Lemon works as well, but not nearly as good as honey.
  13. yup done that before as well.
  14. cuddling in blankets and going to sleep forever

    because when i wake up, i feel tons better

    also, cuddling in blankets is awesome
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  15. Eat a lot, drink a lot, sleep a lot.
  16. Honey water remedy.
  17. Chug a shitload of Bucklies and make friends with whiskey. Scorched earth is best earth.

    It also doesn't do anything, but I always feel a bit better with some ginger ale when I feel sick.
  18. Ginger ale.

    (A great Canadian Cure)
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