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  1. So I've got either a terrible cold or allergies because things started to melt the past few days (I'm leaning towards the cold because it was a couple days building). Normally I'd lay around and feel sorry for myself but I have to drive a bunch of my friends to another friend's show and it's a 50 minute drive and I just feel SO BAD.

    Do you guys have anything that you normally do to help yourself feel a little better? Especially things that might soothe a sore throat/cough.
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  2. Only thing that helped me at all when I was sick awhile ago was cough medicine. I didn't have a sore throat, though.
  3. I eat so many cough drops that my stomach starts to feel queasy.

    But uhm, hmm. If your throat is scratchy or phlegmmy, and you aren't opposed to soda, I find the fizzier sodas to be very good at clearing throats. Grape sodas and lemon limes seem to work best for me, for whatever reason, although most things carbonated might help.

    If your head is feeling all stuffy and head-coldy, a hot shower might help. Whenever I'm particularly stuffy or my head is just feeling very UGHH, I sit in the bathroom with a book and turn the shower on full blast. I let the steam accumulate and sit there for 10-20 minutes depending and then turn off the shower. Pop in a cough drop and sit until the steam is mostly gone before you leave. Usually it clears my sinuses for a good few hours.

    Especially sore throat, I usually drink said carbonated beverage to clear it and then suck on some ice. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes the pure ice cold melting water soothes a lot more than a cough drop does, although I've had some times where my throat has been so torn up that cough drops feel like heaven in a little candy like package.

    And... soup. The steam clears sinuses, and something about soup just makes me feel better.

    That said cold solutions are different for everybody. I don't take medicines because they don't really help.

    Oh, and gargling with salty water also helps clear throats. I've rarely done it, because I'm horrible at gargling, but it does work most of the time. And wiping your face off with a hot towel can wash away some of the sleepiness that comes with colds.
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  4. A remedy for soothing burning and/or sore throats is Yogi's Throat Coat. It's a type of tea and it definitely helped me when I trying to get over a burning throat.
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  5. Sick tea:

    hot tea of your choice
    squeeze of lemon juice
    cinnamon (stick preferably)
    honey (as much as you want)
    a splash of apple cider vinegar

    It doesn't taste wonderful, but it really does help. I hope you feel better soon.
  6. ^ following that, honey + vinegar works decently, tastes gross though.
  7. Allow me to bestow secret, ancient hispanic wisdom on the treatment of ANY illness that medical professionals DON'T want you to know.

    Warm 7-UP.

    Just throw a glass of that in the microwave for a good nuking and that baby's the elixir of god. Sprite has also been reported to work if you are unable to acquire 7-UP. but I repeat DO NOT mix both together, the consequences could be dire and is heavily advised against.
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  8. Chicken Noodle Soup. There's a reason that it works. I hate the taste, but it always helps me.

    @Muna described what we down in the South call a "Hotty Toddie", but we usually make it with Lipton's Sweet Tea bags and some whiskey instead of Vinegar. It will also clear you up really quick. If your parents have some whiskey around, ask them for a small bit. Doesn't take much AT ALL. (once a day or less.)

    Gargling/Swishing warm/hot salt water with lemon also helps. Do that three times a day for your throat. Tastes disgusting but effective.

    EDIT: If your stomach feels sick, sip on Sprite or Ginger-ale. Don't gulp it or you'll feel sicker.
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  9. Gargling with warm salt water a couple times a day supposedly reduces swelling in your throat and releases mucus, which can help with the soar feeling. Also, drink lots and lots of water, because staying hydrated helps out so much. Remember that soda, black tea, and coffee in particular have dehydrating effects, so try to limit your intake of those (if you drink any of them).
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  11. The amount of water I've been throwing back is downright criminal. But I totally forgot about salt and baking soda, so thanks for that!!
  12. Down a bottle of whiskey or 3. That'll sort you right out.

    Has to be the same day or you'll gain nothing.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Stop trying to encourage minors to drink, Dervs. I've still got a few more months.
  14. I'm just preparing you for a lifetime of poor decisions!
  15. For colds, orange juice as much as possible. Rub vicks on the bottoms of your feet, and wear socks, also on your neck with a handkerchief wrapped around it (Not tightly of course!) It's close enough to your face that it'll help open up your airways, without being too overpowering that you can't breathe. (I hate the smell of that stuff, but it works.)

    Lots of hot showers without the fan on. The steam helps clear up your airways.

    Chicken noodle soup...anything with chicken broth really.

    For sore throats I recommend Celestial Seasonings sleepy time tea with throat tamer, with a teaspoon of honey. It tastes great, helps you sleep, and it does wonders for your throat.
  16. I eat so many mints and hard candy when I'm sick to help with sore throats. Also I spit out the gross gunk that comes the back of my throat even though it isn't that comfortable. Tend to help with clearing out a sore throat.

    Lots of water helps too. It gets you hydrated and make you feel better sometimes. Sleep also helps
  17. Curl up and sleep
  18. Rest

    lots of water

    cut sugar, salt, and caffeine

    healthy diet (meats and veggies; soup is great)

    Ginger (in a tea with some lemon, or just ground in your food)

    Mint (in tea or a lozenge)

    the last two help you feel better AND taste good :P
  19. Don't know if anyone already said this but;

    Honey Lemon Ginger Option 1

    • Boil some fresh ginger in a pot.
    • After the water turns a little yellow/orange, pour into a mug.
    • Add two tablespoons of lemon juice or a slice or two of fresh lemon
    • Add honey to sweeten (more or less whatever you want)

    Honey Lemon Ginger Option 1

    • Cut up a lemon
    • Slice some ginger
    • Place the lemon into a small container
    • Add the ginger slices
    • Cover lemon and ginger slices with honey
    • Let sit in fridge for two hours
    • After two hours, scoop out one spoonful (make sure to get a lemon and at least one ginger slice)
    • Pour hot water over it.
    • Drink when cool.

    Optional Ingredients
    A pinch of cayenne pepper for either option.
  20. This is horrible. I posted here and now I've got a head cold >:|

    But hey, there's an entire thread full of cold tips right here, so I guess it's good timing? :P
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