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  1. ~When the cops give up on the case about Erin's little sister's death he takes the case into his own hands.~
    ~Character Info~
    Name: Erin William Roberts
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'2''
    It has been almost 3 months.... 3 months since Erin's little sister got killed. His poor sweet sister that wouldnt hurt a soul. She was only 13 when she died, Erin was the one that found her lifeless body on the snowy ground. He cannot get the image out of his head. Her lifeless eyes staring blankly at him, multile stab wounds into her stomach, staining both her clothes and the snow. She was a beautiful little girl, with long curly blonde hair, golden brown eyes and little stub nose... but know she is gone... gone forever. Erin's train of thoughts were interrupted when he heard a knock at the door. He got up and opened the door. It was the cops.
    "Are you Mr. Roberts? Emily's older brother." one chunky one asked.
    Erin nodded, "I am."
    The skinny one next to him frowned a bit, "We are sorry sir but we are going to have to close up the case."
    Erin's heart had practically dropped to his stomach, "What?! Why?!"
    "We are getting know where with the investigation..."
    Erin clenched his fists, "So you are giving up?!"
    The two officers remained silent which made him angrier, "Some cops your are!" he yelled at them and slammed the door. The cops got off his property and drove off.

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  2. Lulu and her little brother, James, saw what happend but didnt hear what was going on. and when he slamed the door on the cops face she knew something was up. she and James where one of Erins little sister friends even thouth Lulu was 19. when James heard of Erins little sister death he was distory just as much as Erin. "James come on were going over to Erin house" She didnt leave James to say anything and walk up to the porch of Erins home. James didnt face her his brown hair was covering his face he had a gray hoodie and blue jeins. as for Lulu her was waering her Red white hair out with a little top hat. then she was waering her Red alice outfit. she had knee high white shocks and her black pumps. she breath in she has not talked to him since his sister death. she knocked his door and waited for him to awcer she hoped he would. she was facing away from the door watch her brother.
  3. Erin stopped walking and turned to look at the door. He sighed walking up to it and opened the door. To his surprise he saw Lulu. He wasn't wearing anything special just black jean and a white tank top under shirt that was see through. He was a muscular young man.
    "Oh, hi Lulu." he said in a flat tone looking down at her.
  4. Lulu turned around to face him and with a smile she said "hey umm we just was. passing by? and we saw that cops at your door. we were just wouding whats up and are you alright. hold that thought" she stopped smiling now and turned over to James "James Get over here right now and say hi" she said with her hand on her hip. james jumped at her voice. "humm oh yeah sorry" he said sliently more in a whisper. he walked up to his sister and said "good day sir"
  5. Erin nodded slightly at him then looked back at Lulu. "Well... I am not exactly ok... The cops are giving up." he sighed.
  6. ~Character Info~
    Name: Raena "Quinn" Giovanni
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'7''
    Looks: light brown wavy hair, olive complexion, brown and green eyes, classy and curvy

    Quinn watched in her car as cops drove off from a house. "Ah, another disappointed citizen, I take it." she said, peering out to the man and a girl conversing at the doorway.

    Quinn was on her way to buy groceries. Cat food, human food and toiletries. But it can wait.

    She pulled over nicely and got out, revealing herself to the two-oh, three, there's a kid. She adjusted her glasses and her leather coat and waved.
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  7. She was about to say something when she heard James yell "Shit cop act normale and dont do anything I wouldnt do" he looked at the lady and said "Hey hot stuff you want some of this." with that Lulu was fer sure she was going to jail becase of her brothers. "sorry Quinn thats my stupid brother and that shit dose not work when your Gay dumm ass." she said when she notice the girl was Quinn. "Can you put people in jail for beeing stupid because i woud love for you to put that guy there just for a night or so 4 weeks would be good" she said as she smiled innocently at her.
  8. Erin frowned and said nothing... he was absolutely pissed.
  9. She walked to them, eyebrows raised and heavily red lips parted. "How did you know my name?" she said, half in disbelief and half in amazement. She shrugged and waved red manicured fingers dismissively. "Oh well, seems my reputation precedes me." she let out a small girlish giggle.

    She held out an I.D. to the three. "Raena Giovanni, call me Quinn. I'm a P.I. of sorts. They left your case?" she jerked her head slightly to the direction of where the police drove off. "I'll take it."
  10. Erin's clenched his teeth and gave her a cold stare, "And how do I know you wont quit just like the cops have?" his eyes narrowed.
  11. no its just that i know many things" she said with an evil smile. "well im off see you all later" she said passing by Q. "By the way Q you fail to find the killer someones going to find your body in the woods somewhere as well" James looked at his sis in shocked not that he didnt see that coming but that she pulled out the death is after you scare on the cop. "you want to take her word on that" he said then runs after his sister.
  12. Visibly exasperated by the siblings, Quinn sighed. "I don't have any idea what you mean." She turned to Erin instead. "I have never once failed in my work. You can ask my happy...and unhappy clients." She shrugged, handing him a her card. "Sometimes, truth really crushes."
  13. Erin grabbed the card but didn't look at it. "Thanks but no thanks. You will just give up like the rest of them... I am going to have to take it into my own hands."
  14. "My brother." Quinn spoke, her voice was hollow and all the flirtatious melody of it was gone. "Died the exact same way." She took a deep breath and her voice became hard and serious. "You and I have the same enemy. I have what it takes, you have nothing but fiery will that goes nowhere when unguided. You can look for your own solution, but I doubt you'll find it soon."
  15. This time Erin was so angry all he could see was red, "SHOWS WHAT YOU KNOW! I WILL FIND MY SISTER'S KILLER THEN WE WILL SEE WHO IS RIGHT!" then he slammed the door.
  16. Quinn chuckled sadly. I was once an idiot like you. She thought as she turned away.

    "There's six people, me included, who's had this happen to them. You're the seventh. Perhaps I'll ask the eighth as you look around, hm."
  17. ((Hey I have a favor to ask. I know it seems odd but could you play his girlfriend as well? XD Don't worry I will be playing more than one character myself.))
  18. Erin stomped off to the kitchen and punched a hole through the wall.
  19. [​IMG]
    Name: Machiavelli "Vinny" Parliano
    Age: 29
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'4
    Machiavelli sat at his desk in the dark his hand against his head, and his hair a mess. his eyes sagged due to the insufficient amount of sleep he had gotten, he slammed his hands on the desk " This doesn't make sense! ". Just then a man walked in " Sir they are asking us to drop the case completely..she is a lost cause " Machiavelli looked up at him and gave him a glare that made a man squirm were he stood, standing up he walked over to the man and looked him dead in the eyes. " Lost cause my ass...get me that boys number " he walked out grabbing his jacket and pulled a packet of cigarettes out of his pocket and pulled one free from the casing, he tapped it a bit and placed it to his mouth and pulled a red engraved light out of his pocket and light the cigarette and took a long need drag in. Then released the smoke from his nose, taking the cigarette from his mouth with his pointer and middle finger holding it as he walked past the front desk. Were a lady said " Those shits will kill you " He looked at her and said " The sooner the better Donna the sooner the better " He bursted through the front door and pulled his cellphone out of his pocket and dialed in the number of Erin, Climbing into his black 1969 mustang and turned the ignition on. He wasn't dropping this case not after two people have gone missing in the same area, it was to easy to lose and to easy to drop.
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  20. Erin pulled his hand out of the wall and glared at his fist. Suddenly all the red from his vision disappeared. Erin had his phone on silent so he didn't hear it.
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