Cold Feet Syndrome!

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  1. I was wondering who else had a tendency to get scared/nervous/wary of certain levels or areas in video games and end up slowly forgetting about the whole thing for a while until you find the cd/file/cartridge again a few months or years later? It's an habit of mine, and I keep having to retry awesome games again and again because I'm too chicken to play them properly.

    Please tell me I'm not alone, Iwaku! ;_;
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  2. I don't get that, but I don't play horror games, so my games don't scare me
  3. There is definitely a indefinite amount of perfectionism in my strange skittishness with games, I just want to do it the best I can. Heck, it happens in action, horror and multi-choice situations.
  4. i have the opposite reaction

    if its hard or nerve wracking then i just gotta keep going
  5. I have what people might call boss anxiety. If I leave a game right before a major boss, even if I've already beaten it before, I tend to get nervous and not start it back up for the longest time. I still haven't beaten Skyward Sword for this very reason.
  6. I get that way with games that have underwater scenes. *shudders* I couldn't even watch Finding Nemo without feeling anxious and nervous. And my sister would be the one to get me through the water temples in the Zelda games.

    Anything else though, including horror games, won't scare me into not playing.
  7. Most games I play on a binge the whole way through the moment I pick it up (if I have the time). However, there have been one or two that I had to set down and come back to later, not because anything in the visuals or story was scary/whatever, but the soundtrack gave me such a strong feeling of anxiety that the enjoyment was sucked out of it. Silent Hill was hell to get through.
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