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  1. Stars shone bright in the black sky, casting a white glow over the city as the last rays of evening light disappeared over the horizon. High in the center of the pitch black tapestry, a bright white moon hovered, throwing beams of silver light down onto the darkened world. Street lamps stood tall in the darkness, casting eerie shadows and dingy fluorescent light on the pavement. Dark clouds gathered in the sky, blocking the moon’s light as they passed. Cool winds wafted through the city, the chilly gusts of air heavy with the crisp scent of rain. Shadows blurred vision to anything outside a ten foot radius, seeming to make the night darker. On a far wall, a clock ticked, counting the long and agonizing seconds that all seemed to blur together. It was only 7:00pm. The shop didn't officially open for another hour; allowing the many human slaves at least one more savory hour of time to themselves before the shop opened and they were bombarded with vampires wishing to purchase them. But there were those who used their money or titles to get in early and make a move for the better merchandise before the general masses would arrive at the opening hour. It was the middle of autumn, after all, so the curfew had shifted to an earlier time with the sunset. A bell chimed from the clock, going off in four steady dongs as the minute hand hit the top of the hour.

    "Mm..." A soft moan passed pale lips, a zonked mind from rousing from its deep sleep. Soma’s blue eyes blinked open, rolling sleepily to take in their surroundings. The room, which was really more of a narrow stretch of corridor, was dark, the fluorescent lights overhead providing only a faint dingy glow. It was difficult to tell at first, either because he was still groggy or because of the light, but the blonde was certain that there were other people there, sitting against the cold stone wall. He closed his eyes, a dull pain stabbing at the back of his head. Where was this place? The last thing he could remember, he had just locked up at the café and was headed home after working all day. Then there was nothing. The clock on the wall chimed again and the sound begged his attention. It was 7:30pm now. How was that possible? He didn’t leave work until almost nine. That could only mean that he’d lost nearly twenty-four hours. “Dammit.” Soma cursed under his breath and tried to move, finding he was fixed to that place along the wall. He couldn’t even look over his shoulder to see how or with what. He didn’t like to admit it, but he was in a bad situation.
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  2. [​IMG]

    (( Sorry it's so big. v.v My character is the one on the left, just with black eyebrows instead of blue! ))

    In this day and age, vampires were very much real and very well known. Though, that was an understatement. They were the major species of the world now, having come out of hiding and nearly wiping out the human race before strict rules were set for their dietary needs. That's the only reason humans were still alive; to just breed and then get fed on by vampires. But some sort of mutual co-existence had been planted by a handful and humans were allowed to live almost as freely as there were before, they just couldn't be out and about past curfew otherwise they were free game for vampires.

    Tatsuya Ueda had lived a long life. A very, very long life. He was from one of the original Japanese vampire families, the Uedas - a very powerful bloodline. He had traveled the world, remembered almost all significant world events and knew several languages. He now lived in America, owning a couple of corporations. But life got boring when you lived for so long - early 600 years - and he was looking for entertainment. Or something along the lines. Something to take away the loneliness. He didn't have a partner. He had fallen in love with a human woman in his earlier years and watched her die of old age as she rejected the offer of being turned. Never had he a spark with anyone else, and he didn't have too many friends either as he liked to keep to himself.

    But loneliness was a queer thing. And Tatsuya could no longer handle the silence in his large, beautiful Japanese-styled home. So he decided to go against law and he entered one of the many human slave shops in the area. He was one of those who used his title to arrive and choose his merchandise early. He didn't care for any unnecessary interactions with others and would much rather choose the one who caught his attention the most.
  3. Shadows crawled about the walls, lurking in the corners where the dim light couldn't reach. Quiet conversations mingled in low whispers, creating a tense atmosphere amongst the slaves that were awake, or at least able to comprehend what was happening to them. It was unnerving to be stared at and man handled by total strangers. There were a few of what Soma guessed were new people there, going into a panic. To panic in a such a situation was the worst thing they could do. It was always best to keep a clear head, to keep calm and rational; at least, that's what Soma's grandfather taught him as a child. Blue eyes narrowed, glaring about the long corridor. He needed to think of a plan, a way to get out. His eyes took to the faces staring at him and the others close to him, looking for someone he could appeal to. If he could at least get out of the building with one of these people, he could make a break for it. Then again, these weren't normal people. They were vampires, they were stronger and faster. Who was to say that, even if he did break away, that he stood a chance of actually making an escape? "Tch." The blonde hissed, cursing everything he could think of if only to relieve his frustration for a moment. He couldn't quite bring himself to terms with the idea that this, to be bought and used by a vampire, was to be his fate. He wouldn't have it. The best method he could think of was the long-term approach, to maybe appeal to the vampire's better nature and either convince him to set him free or gain his trust and escape.

    After a few minutes of deep thought, the aching in Soma's back got the better of him and he squirmed against the wall. From what he could feel, there was a metal staple on the wall that he was fastened to. The way he was sitting, his arms were cramped behind him and the staple was jabbing into his back, but there was little he could do to fix it with such little room to move. Heaving a sigh, he settled as best he could into his spot. There wasn't much of a point in struggling. It was a fruitless, energy-wasting effort. His energy was best spent thinking of a way out of this mess.

    ((It's alright. =3 ))
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  4. Tatsuya was left alone for the most part by anybody in the building, except for the shopkeeper of course. People were well aware of his title, of who he was. Nobody wanted to mess with that bloodline, that kind of power. And to be honest, Tatsuya didn't mind the cautiousness or the fear. He was more of a solitary person in the first place.

    As the shopkeeper, a younger male vampire named Terrance, led the older vampire down the corridor, the white and blue-haired vampire scanned each chained up slave as they slowly passed by. There were both male and female, though most were male. Some were frightened, probably newer captures, some were asleep, and some were just waiting, probably having accepted their inevitable fate.

    There were a few cute ones. Well, all of them were cute. But some were cuter than others and the one that caught the older vampire's eye was one with fierce blue eyes and blond, shaggy hair. The shopkeeper noticed the attraction almost immediately and smiled.

    "We just picked this one up a day or two ago. I actually believe he woke up not too long ago. Would you like to... test the waters?" Terrance asked with a small smirk. Tatsuya just looked at him before squatting down next to the blond. He was dressed in all black: a black suit, black shoes, and a black dress suit. It suited him quite well actually, giving him some sort of edge. But at him, he was most often seen wearing traditional robes, most blue in color. (( Like the one in his picture. :3 ))

    "What's your name?" he asked, looking straight into the other's eyes.
  5. Soma slumped against the wall, or as much as his position allowed. Despite the number of people there, the number of eyes his connected with, no one seemed to take to him. It was likely due to the expression on his face, the frustration that he couldn't help but show. He was trying his best not to resign himself to the idea that he wouldn't get out of this, but it weighed heavily on his shoulders. The blonde heaved a sigh, pushing aside his negative thoughts to the best of his ability. He couldn't let himself get worked up, that would only make things worse. Soma turned his attention back to the crowds. The people that had been waiting outside started to come in a few at a time. Some looked better than others, and in more ways than one. Some had nicer expressions on their faces, Soma thought maybe he sensed sympathy on one woman's face, or nicer clothes. Others just looked scary. Immediately, he set a new goal. It was not to just get out, but get out with someone who didn't look like they were going to kill him. Absorbed in the faces of these strangers, he didn't realize that he had been approached until he turned to look the other direction. He jumped at the sight of the white-and-blue-haired vampire, shying back if only slightly though meeting his gaze.

    "M-my name?" He murmured, staring almost absently at the man. He was dressed in all black, like he imagined a mobster might dress, and exuded the air of wealth. It didn't take a genius to figure out that this man had a title of some sort or that he was powerful. At the back of his mind, Soma couldn't help but think how beautiful he was, but he paid it no further attention. "Uh-um.. Soma." The boy finally answered, trying not to stutter.
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  6. "So-ma," the vampire repeated, a small smile cracking his lips. It felt good on his tongue and once he repeated it mentally, he recognized the language the blond's name came from, the meaning making itself clear to the vampire. He wondered if the man in front of him knew its meaning but decided not to bring it up. At least not yet.

    "My name is Tatsuya," he said as he tilted his head lightly to the side in a pause. "I have a proposal for you. One I don't think you have any better choice than to take." He only spoke the truth, though it was a bit manipulative. It was either to go home with him or get picked up by some perverted old geezer that could be cruel and harsh.
  7. Soma narrowed his eyes, observing the vampire before him. He raised an eyebrow as he smiled at his name, wondering whether the smile was meant to be as sinister as it seemed to him. He wasn't completely distrusting of people, but he knew better than to believe that everyone had good intentions. Soma was no mind reader or specialist on people, but he had observed enough to have a basis to draw from. He wouldn't write this one off just yet, his growing curiosity wouldn't let him. "Tatsuya.." The blonde murmured mostly to himself. That was Japanese wasn't it? If so, what in the world was he doing here in the States? Perhaps he had family in both countries? He perked up at the mention of a proposal, a wry smirk pulling the corner of his lips. He knew well what the vampire meant and that he was right when he said that Soma didn't have any better options. Out of courtesy, he humored him. "What proposal might that be?" Then again, if there was to be any conditions, it was best to get them out on the table now. ​
  8. Tatsuya had been around a long time. He watched people, he had been around people, he watched them make decisions. He knew people, human and vampire alike. So he knew Soma was only being polite. It didn't really matter, but it did give Tatsuya some insight on this guy's personality.

    "I would like a companion. Someone who will reside in the emptiness and make it whole. Of course, that might entail some feeding... maybe other things," he paused, standing now. "I can promise you that I'm not a cruel man. I won't be like the person who will pick you up if you don't come with me. So... tell me. Would you like to be that person?" Corny words, maybe. But not to Tatsuya. He was completely serious, an air about him that made that possible corniness seem like anything but corny.
  9. It was obvious to Soma that he was being read. While he was no enigma, he didn't like to think he was an open book either. Then he was certain that the vampire had much more life experience than he did, as it often seemed to be the case. He'd once heard of a vampire several hundred years old in a tabloid. He wouldn't dare ask Tatsuya how old he was; he wasn't entirely sure he really wanted to know. "A companion, huh?" Soma inquired unquestioningly. It sounded innocent enough, but he couldn't help the skepticism that crept into his voice. It was humorous, in a way, that he was even asking Soma this. The boy could only suppose that he was trying to be polite as was he, but he could have just as easily made up his mind for him. Wasn't that the way of things here? But maybe he didn't want to inspire any kind of rebellion. "I have no doubt about that... So, alright. I'll take you up on your proposition." Soma spoke as casually as his nerves would allow. There was no doubt in his mind that so nice an offer, if you could call it nice, would not come through the door again. This was the best chance he had. ​
  10. "Excellent," Tatsuya said with a side smile. He turned to Terrance who was surprised by the older vampire's choice but said nothing as he moved towards sOMA.

    "Would you like him in any sort of attire, sir?" he asked, Tatsuya shook his head.

    "No, keep him as he his. But no chains. He isn't an animal," he hinted towards his dislike of the way the captured humans were kept but there wasn't anything he could really do about it except show his distaste. Terrance only nodded and unchained Soma, pulling him up by the arm and giving him personally to Tatsuya. He knew there was a possibility of the man trying to escape, but how could you escape something so powerful like a vampire? Once the purchase was validated, the white-haired vampire led his new purchase to his car, opening the passenger door for him and waiting until he was inside to shut it. Then he went to his side and started the engine.
  11. "Attire?" That word had struck a chord of alert within Soma. He wasn't aware such places offered services like that, but somehow he wasn't surprised. He was thankful that Tatsuya said no, though, and an almost audible sigh of relief passed Soma's lips. What did surprise him was Tatsuya's trust that he wouldn't try something stupid. Then again, he probably could tell enough about the boy to know that he wouldn't. Soma knew he was outmatched here, it wasn't the time or the place to try to escape. Even so he frowned as he was pulled to his feet and delivered to Tatsuya. He sniffed indignantly at the shopkeeper, dusting himself off and taking the opportunity to stretch. Only did it seem the facts hit him when they went out to the car. He wouldn't be returning home or to the life he knew. Things were going to be different from here on out. Swallowing hard, he got in, unable to escape the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.
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  12. "So what did you do before you were taken?" Tatsuya asked as he drove with one hand on the wheel, the other casually on his chin. There wasn't really any need for pleasantries or small talk. At least not at this moment as they traveled through the city and to Tatsuya's home. He was genuinely interested in the guy and wouldn't try anything "bizarre" until after Soma accepted his new life and became more comfortable. And/or he learned his place. Well. To be honest, Tatsuya didn't know how this was going to turn out. He just hoped for the best.
  13. Outside the window, scenery flashed, buildings, trees, and the star-dotted black sky all zipping by like a film on fast forward. Soma stared out at world, taking in everything yet letting it all pass him by at once. Lips pursed, an already pale face growing paler as his eyes shifted to the man in the front seat. It wasn't necessary to make conversation, yet Tatsuya asked a question. A question about Soma's life. A slight suspicion arose in him and he squinted at him a bit before answering. "I was a waiter and bartender at Blue Moon." Blue Moon was a sort of cafe and pub in one, a place where one could get tea or coffee for breakfast and a beer and a burger for lunch and dinner. The fact that he was serving alcohol placed his age at twenty-one. He was lucky enough to look young for his age.
  14. "Interesting..." he murmured, though it seemed as if his complete attention was locked onto the road in front of him. "I'm guessing that makes you around 21, yes? And you got snatched up on a late evening?" Tatsuya asked, glancing towards Soma. Even in the dark, the vampire knew his new "companion" was growing paler by the second. He could hear the rapid pulse, almost smell the scent of his blood being this close to him. There wasn't any possibility of Tatsuya feeding on this guy tonight. Too nervous. Maybe he would calm down by the next morning.

    In around fifteen minutes, they pulled into a secluded area and drove up a small hill on a dirt path that transitioned into a cemented driveway. There was a large Japanese styled house with a unique, modern twist to it; the outside walls mainly consisting of black or dark brown paint and gorgeous wood. Inside was similar but with more of a traditional Japanese culture taste. Once the car was parked, the vampire looked to Soma and waited for him to get out first. "We're here."

    (( Outside:
    Transition/Outside area:
    Tatsuya's bedroom though with blue hues instead of orange, like in his original picture:
    Tatsuya's own bathroom, though there is an open shower in the room as well: ))
  15. "Yes, exactly." Soma did his best to set aside his suspicions. Naturally, when one met a new person, one asked questions. It was just like that, simple curiosity and courtesy. Even as strange as it seemed, it was better perhaps to know something than be total strangers. "I was headed home from working late." That detail still bothered the blonde. He still hadn't managed to figure out exactly what happened, though he had an idea. The absence of anything but trees outside caught Soma's attention as they pulled through a secluded area to the Japanese-style home. "Whoa.." He breathed, the sight was rather captivating. "So, I guess I was correct then. You're Japanese?" He asked as he stepped out of the vehicle. The place was huge, one room was likely bigger than his entire apartment had been.
  16. Most bars were co-owned by both vampires and humans. Humans worked it during the day and vampires did by night. If Soma's bar was only owned by him, he probably got snagged after the curfew. But if the bar was shared, he was probably one of the unfortunate souls who got snagged by clever vampires. Or just vampires, really. There wasn't much cleverness involving vampiric kidnappings.

    Soma's reaction to his home made Tatsuya chuckle quietly to himself. "Yes, Japanese. You like it?" he asked as he unlocked the front door and let Soma inside first, closing the door behind them. He took off his shoes before the room actually started, asking Soma to do the same before he led the way into the living room. "You're free to anything you'd like in here," he informed. "There's food and dishes. We can always go shopping if you need anything though." He shed his jacket and vest off, letting out a sigh of relief as he set them on a chair before turning to the human.
  17. Soma nodded at Tatsuya's question. It was a grand house and reminded him very much of the place he grew up in. His eyes were all over the place as they entered, like a kid in a candy shop. It was all very fascinating. "Heh, I'm not a very high-maintenance person. I don't need much of anything besides pen and paper." Soma gave a side smile. It was true, just by looking at him one could tell that he wasn't high-maintenance at all. He combed his hair, but he didn't fret over how it looked, he dressed comfortably, and his apartment was what he called a "tidy mess." He was usually too busy to think about cleaning it up and particularly didn't care as long as he could find something when he needed it. "You don't.. happen to have a piano do you?" He asked on a whim. When he wasn't working at the cafe, Soma was working at home on his keyboard, playing and writing music.
  18. It was amusing watching Soma in Tatsuya's house. It was definitely like a kid in a candy shop and Tatsuya couldn't help the smile curving his lips. It was faint, but it was still there. The bottom floor of the house was mainly one large room; there was a large living area and then a wall split down in the left corner for the kitchen and dining area. There was, however, a separate room for a bathroom.

    When the human asked if he had a piano, the smile faltered slightly. "Ah, no, I don't," he answered as he began leading the way up a flight of stairs. "You play?" he asked as they arrived on the second floor. It held two bedrooms and another bathroom, along with a study-like area. When Soma got his fill of this, they would walk back down the flight of stairs and Tatsuya would slide open a glass door and taking him out on a transition to the other part of the house. That part of the house held another bedroom and bathroom but it mainly served for a place to relax or recreate.
  19. "Ah.. Yeah. My whole life almost." Soma followed after Tatsuya, somehow managing to pay attention enough to keep conversation. He was no architect, but he could appreciate architectural and cultural designs. It was perhaps a tad geeky, but he could compare them to music, his mind already had a symphony going for what he'd seen of the place. "My mother taught me. I had hopes to be a pianist one day. The cafe was just the first step to getting there." Soma divulged without hesitation this information. It was personal information, but music was a passion meant to be shared. Or, at least, that's how Soma saw it. Besides, it was one of his greatest interests; he could go on about it forever.
  20. "Hmm..." Tatsuya hummed. Maybe if this one planned to stay... maybe he would buy the man a piano. He looked to Soma as he sat down on one of the large couches in the recreation room. "You can go back to your cafe, work there as you usually do. Most, if not all vampires know you belong to me so there won't be any need for fear. Though... you should still be careful." He paused, rubbing his thumb over one of his fangs. "Would you like that?"
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