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    "Many great stories start with a small object, or idea. Sometimes they don’t. In this particular case, it’s a relatively small story, starting with quite the large organization. By relatively small, I mean that to the two it concerned, it meant the world, but to the world, it only meant those two.

    The story starts out in Sinnoh, you know, the Pokémon one. Here we begin with a thing as big as a TV station, that grew into a large economic empire. Based in Jubilife City, Evend Glazachio and his wife proudly reigned over the great business of theirs. They had a child as well, a boy they named Zachariah. Growing up, Zachariah happily shared his negative opinion on the strict hierarchy and high upper class society he was raised in. Tea parties, meetings, choking tuxes? It was no life for him. Zachariah dreamed of adventuring, seeing the world up close, not just through their countless TVs.

    But of course his plans for life collided with those of his father. Ensured taking over the Glazachio Empire when he got older was a good idea, he sent Zach to a marketing school, thinking learning about economy would trail his interests in that direction. It probably would, hadn’t he spent most of his time at school focusing on Pokémon instead. It wasn’t because he had a particular interest in them, he simply needed something to do all day. Because he certainly wasn’t going to actually study economics.

    One day, things went wrong. Were they tricked by professional con artists? Did undercover agents infiltrate their corporation and destroy it from the inside? Did they simply just do a couple bad investments? Either way, the Glazachio Monetary Fund rapidly ticked down, finally reaching a halt as Evend agreed to sell his entire business. Having crashed down the societal ladder in such a fashion as they did, Zachariah and his parents were forced to move to a much humbler home in Sandgem City. Zach cherished his fallen family name either way, and bore it just as proudly as before.

    There the family lived for a few years, and Zach was becoming more self-reliant by the day. However, being busily occupied with their new work, Zach’s family never got the time to travel. That is, until he one day met Tasha."
  2. It was a regularly sunny day. As if every day wasn’t. Living by a beach sure had its ups and downs. The distinct smell of salt water spread through the air, the small town of Sandgem going by its regular busy routines. People strolling between houses alongside their Pokémon, for those who had the time to raise one of those, children playing by the beach, all signs pointed to this being a relaxing and peaceful day.

    Zachariah, dressed in his usual attire, a blue shirt, corduroy pants and sneakers, sat leaned against the wall in the town’s Pokémon Center. Whenever not busy helping his parents with whatever or studying his strongly disliked economics, he would spend his time here, watching, listening. Especially the air conditioning above him made staying here worthwhile, it reminded him of the polar, nail-biting cold that was common in Sinnoh. At least in the northern and center parts of the region. Places like those, he wanted to discover. To travel far and wide, and to see what the world had to offer of mountainous landscapes.

    Although that dream only seemed further and further away every day that passed. Ever since the Glazachio company fell, his father had gotten work in Jubilife, under the Pokétch company, administrating some sort of economics there too. After all, that’s what he does best, even if he managed to crash all of what now is Jubilife TV. Either way, his father and his work makes sure to keep both him and his son busy, far too much to be able to take vacations. Perhaps if Zachariah’d be able to show some form of independence, allowing him to live on his own, then travel as much as he wanted!

    But for the time being, that was just a dream. Zachariah sighed, rising up from the bench and making his way to the door. On his way there, nurse Joy peeked her head over the counter. “Leaving already, Zach?” Stopping up, he slightly turned his head, enough to see her. “Yeah, I’ll be… studying or something.” It wasn’t like him to be so down about this, he had after all known about it pretty much all his life. At least for the last ten of his 16-year old life had he known his father had routed out his entire future. Nurse Joy answered him in her regularly cheerful voice. “Now be a good student and make your father proud!” He didn’t answer as he stepped out of the sliding glass doors, and into the sunlight. Which by the way was far too hot to his liking.
  3. Booted feet clomped along at a brisk pace down route... Route... Shoot, what route am I on again? The red haired young woman let out an aggravated sigh as she stopped short and fished around in her bag for that stupid map. She was running on a short fuse this morning, after some snooty girl in Jubilife City had the nerve to call her matching outfit tacky. It is not! It's cute! Again, she found herself growing warm with embarrassment and anger and who knows what else. Finally, she pulled out her map with a little huff, forcing the fashion argument far from her mind as she looked over where she was. Route 202. Got it. Having assured herself of where she was, she continued making her way down the path.

    After a few moments, however, she noticed that she was walking alone. "Sol, Star, where are you two hiding?!" She hollered, looking around worriedly for the duo. Honestly, for an absol that was always so serious, a mischievous starly was the last thing the trainer expected to draw out a bit of lightheartedness from the dark type. She turned with hands on hips when she heard the bushes rustle behind her. Sol, her sometimes lovely absol, stepped out from the bushes with Star, her hyperactive starly, perched on his horn with what looked to be an oran berry in her beak. "You guys had me worried there. I don't want to lose you two." She spoke seriously.

    Star let out a chirp and flew over to the trainer, landing on her shoulder. Sol walked a few paces ahead of her. The forest soon began to thin out as they approached a small seaside town. The smell of the ocean drifted on the breeze and there was an element of calm that was firmly settled in the atmosphere. It kinda reminded her of Lilycove City, once she thought about it for a while. Only, Lilycove was a lot busier than this place. She looked over the smaller buildings, trying to figure out which one was the professor's lab. Deciding to head off to the biggest building, it would seem that Star had other plans. The starly suddenly flew off her shoulder and flew over to a young man just leaving a pokemon center and landed on his head.

    She quickly ran over to him, an apologetic look in her bright blue eyes. "Star, you shouldn't perch on strangers!" She lightly scolded the starly, who flew down and landed on the ground. "I'm sorry about that. The name's Tasha." She spoke with a smile and extended her hand for a handshake.
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  4. Either way, hot or not, it was a good day. He hadn’t gotten in a fight with his father so far, he was done with his classes for the day, and… Well, he wasn’t feeling sick. That had to count for something. He had this annoying tendency of falling sick around summer. He kept insisting he had an allergy, though his father insisted he was wrong. Not that it was of any major importance.

    In the corner of his eye, a girl with two Pokémon caught his attention. Lovely. Just another sad reminder about how he wasn’t allowed a Pokémon of his own. Right now, he didn’t want to think about his father, and it felt like everything around reminded him of the man. Perhaps a short stroll on the beach could cheer him up? After all, there was no place like the Sandgem beach. Setting his eyes on the dust road leading to the beach, he was about tu start walking towards it, as a pair of feet touched his head.

    “Woah! H-hi there!” Looking up, the mere blur of the head of a Starly could be glimpsed above him, ruffling about his blue hair. Like if anything was to start shuffling about in his hair, he was at first shocked, but the sight of a bird caused him to calm down somewhat. He was mostly ok with birds. As long as it wasn’t a bug.

    A voice called the bird back to itself. Turning to face the source, it was… ah, the girl he saw just seconds ago. Right, she did have a Starly out once he got his first glimpse of her, did he remember correctly. Actually, now that he had a focused look at here, he found her… somewhat cute. Seeing her coming towards him, he reached out his hand to meet her. “Oh, don’t worry about it, it’s fine. I like bird Pokémon!” he said, sending a smile in Star’s direction, before politely bowing for Tasha. “I’m Zachariah. Pleased to meet you!”
  5. "So, are you a trainer?" Tasha asked curiously, wondering what kind of pokemon he had on his team. After all, he had come out of the Pokemon Center. That and a battle would help put her morning behind her. Her gaze traveled over the town carefully, still trying to figure out which building was the lab.

    "Also, do you know where Professor Rowan's lab is?" She asked, keeping in mind that she needed to check in with the professor before setting out on her journey. After all, she needed to update her pokedex before she set off. And she had to talk to him about the mantine migration for her parents. She silently steeled herself for that conversation.

    Being a traveling home schooled student meant talking to a lot of professors about a lot of things. That part was almost fun. But meeting a new professor in person was always a bit nerve wracking. Especially someone as reputable as Professor Rowan. He was Professor Oak's old friend. What if he doesn't like me? What if I screw up something? All the professors will hear about it! Her anxieties caused her smile to turn into a small frown.

    Her absol nudged her, easing her nerves slightly. A small blush worked its way onto her cheeks when she realized she had completely zoned out on Zachariah.
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  6. If he was a trainer? Zachariah couldn’t help but silently laugh at the mere thought. Perhaps he even chuckled a little out loud too. There’d be no way his father would let him raise an actual, living, breathing, eating Pokémon. Unless he left home super early or something. Did he look like a Pokémon trainer? Was it his outfit? No, it looked perhaps a bit too casual for that. Oh, right. The center. He had just arrived from it.

    “Oh me? No, sorry. Although I want to, I cannot. As for why I was staying in the center, I merely…” he paused, considering telling her about his routined daydreaming. “The coolers. I like it cold. Sandgem is a bit hot for my liking.” He felt somewhat proud of his answer. While not revealing everything about him, it wasn’t a lie. Which was always good.

    “As for the Professor’s lab, it is just down the road. If you want, I guess I can show you the way?” What. Zachariah had a hard time believing that came out of his own mouth. Had he just told a girl he’d show her to the Professor’s lab? Oh well, he supposed it would only be good, was she to say yes, and a decline he could handle. “Some company would surely be useful,” he blurted out, still before realizing what he was saying.

    For a few moments he stood in his relaxed position, wondering whether she’d answer. Trying to pull her out of her zoned-out glare into the distance with a wave, it appeared her Absol had better luck. “So, do you… You know, want to go?” The girl looked a bit anxious, so in an attempt to cheer her up, Zachariah sent her a smile.
  7. "Oh, um, ya. Let's go." Tasha spoke with a small, awkward laugh as she came back to focus on Zach. She smiled upon seeing his own smile, able to settle her nerves a little bit with the small reassurance. They began to walk along, Tasha silently going over what she had to talk about with the professor. She knew it by heart, but it didn't hurt to practice, just make sure that she didn't blank on it once it was showtime.

    What he said before she spaced out was stuck in her mind as well. It didn't sit well with the spirited trainer. "If you want to be a trainer, what's stopping you?" She asked curiously, looking at him an attempt to see what was going through his mind. After a second, she realized that such talk might not be welcomed by a stranger. "... If you don't mind my asking..." She added a bit sheepishly.

    The longer they conversed, the longer it would take them to get to the lab. That wasn't exactly a bad thing since Tasha was trying her best at delaying the inevitable. She just hoped that he couldn't tell by her slightly slower steps as they neared the building.
  8. Now Zachariah was made curious. He normally wasn’t one to dig into the personal lives of strangers, but just really wanted to find out why this girl was going to the Professor, of all places. Was she looking for an apprenticeship? She couldn’t be starting as a trainer, she already had Pokémon, but perhaps she started here? And was just revisiting the Professor? Or was she helping him with Pokémon research?

    Before he could ask her, she asked him a question of her own. Why he wasn’t a trainer? Easy question. A bit hard to swallow, but he had gotten that question some times before. “My parents, specifically…” he stopped mid-sentence, as she added if it was ok that she asked. It wasn’t a problem to him, letting people know probably couldn’t be that bad? Unless he told too many, if his father was to know he disapproved of his methods, there would be trouble. Not that he wasn’t in the equivalent of trouble already.

    “Uh, yeah. No problem at all! Heh.” Zachariah scratched the back of his head, feeling somewhat awkward for interrupting her. “As I said, my father won’t let me keep my own Pokémon, thinking they’re too time-requiring. Now, if you don’t mind me asking, why is it that you are seeing the Professor?” As they were coming to a halt close to the lab, a figure, curiously headed in their direction could be seen at quite the distance. Catching particular notice in Zachariah, it sped up getting closer to the two every second.
  9. A thoughtful sound escaped the spirited trainer as Zach explained why he couldn't have a pokemon of his own. "That sucks. My mom was sorta the same way, but I found a travel-study program and my cousin helped me catch my first pokemon, so once I headed back to my parents' boat, there wasn't really a way they could say no." She explained her little method of becoming a trainer, perhaps in hopes of inspiring the guy to find some loopholes in the rules.

    "I need to update my pokedex for this region, and see if the professor would be interested in helping out my parents with their research." Tasha replied with ease, though she was a little unsure about elaborating further on the subject. "They've been studying pokemon migration patterns since I was little, but right now they're studying mantine movements, evolution, and patterns with other pokemon. They only evolve around remoraids, but the two pokemon species don't migrate with each other. It's really neat, when the two migrations intersect each other, there's this mass evolution among the mantykes, and they stay around each other for around three months before the mantines go to what we think are their breeding grounds and the remoraids go on to better feeding grounds." She explained, making sure to hit on the big talking points.

    "The goal of the project is to figure out why the remoraid trigger evolution among mantykes and why their migration patterns aren't paralleled. Since Professor Rowan's specialty is evolution, his input might be invaluable to this research." She brought a hand up to idly rub the back of her neck as she thought about how important this meeting would be to her parents' research.
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  10. Tasha’s response calmed Zachariah. At least he wasn’t alone to feel that way. “So we are, so to say, in the same boat?” Puns aside, what she mentioned was really interesting. A travel-study program, huh. There had to be a way he could present it to make it sound like something his father would approve. “That sounds really interesting, I can check it out, perhaps that’s something my father can approve of. Studying economics overseas is without a doubt better than in this sandhole,” he said, waving an unamused hand at the town.

    “Mantine migration?” Why, that wouldn’t be the foremost topic of his interest, but he supposed she had her reasons. Like himself, anyone can have even the most specific of interests, such as for example Mantyke migration patterns. “That actually sounds pretty interesting, I’ve wondered how one Pokémon is relying on another to evolve. Now, I’m no scientist, but I’d really like to learn more.”Zachariah hadn’t seen the Professor too much in his time here, but sure, he had visited the lab a few times. Even if those visits were just to learn about the economic infrastructure of scientific institutions such as the Pokémon lab. “Oh, I see, that’s why you wanted to see Professor Rowan. Well, I guess there’s no wait…”

    “Zachy!” a voice called out from behind them. The tone, choice of words, and as it approached, the figure from which it came, sent a chill down Zachariah’s spine and a sour groan up his throat. “Tasha, you wouldn’t mind if your Mantyke migrations might wait a little?”Coming up beside Zachariah and flinging his arm over his shoulder was a blonde boy at his age, sporting a shirt worn through a bit too much and mostly stainless pants. “What’cha doing here, old pal? Did’ya bring your girlfriend?” Despite his seemingly friendly tone, Zach knew the boy’s intentions. And they were all but good.

    “Rowe, please leave me alone,” he muttered, leaving barely enough sound for the obnoxious brute to notice. “Oh, what’s the matter now, Zach? Can’t speak properly to your friend?” He let go of his arm around his neck, and stepped backwards, throwing his arms disappointedly in the air. “We can’t hold up with that, can we? Let’s beat some sense into ya. Makuhita, go!”

    In the time he had used to say the Pokémon’s name, he had picked out a Pokéball and thrown it, revealing the requested Makuhita. “Arm Thrust, now!” In response to the command, the yellow Pokémon raised its arms above its shoulders, letting out a cry as it ran in Zachariah’s direction. “Makuuu!”
  11. Tasha laughed a bit at his little pun. However, her amusement soon disappeared with the arrival of this odd blonde character. Judging by Zach's change in body language and the drop of conversation, the guy wasn't a friend. Her bad feelings about the guy were compounded when a growl sounded from Sol. Quite suddenly, a makuhita was added to the mix in hopes of attacking her acquaintance.

    "Star, wing attack!" Her starly, who'd been idly flying overhead, dove down quickly to intercept the attacking makuhita with a defiant cry. Tasha could feel her blood boiling as she looked over at the other trainer. Attacking someone without pokemon was just wrong, and it went against the rules of being a trainer. She had half a mind to report him to Officer Jenny and have his trainer card revoked. But, only after she kicked his butt in a battle.

    Sol stood protectively before Zach, just in case the other trainer's pokemon tried to attack him again. There was a major type problem between Sol and the makuhita, but Tasha had more than a few tricks up her sleeve when it came to the dark type pokemon. The joys of all the tricks that come with dark types.
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  12. With arms raised in a wild charge in Zachariah’s direction, having a Starly suddenly interrupt its path came as a complete surprise to Rowe’s Makuhita. In fact, its Wing Attack knocked it quite the notable distance back, though as quickly as it had landed, it rolled around backwards and back on its feet. Clearly the Pokémon had been in such a situation before.

    While it waited for Rowe’s next command, he stood there, somewhat appalled by the girl’s appearance. “Oh, Zach! You need your girlfriend to fight for you?” Crossing his arms in an overly confident manner, he and his Makuhita attained in unison a taunting grin. “Don’t mind it, girl! This’ll be all over before you know it! Maku, Sand Attack!”

    At its new command, the Pokémon instead turned its attention to the dusty ground, which it proceeded to punch repeatedly, whipping up a large cloud of it in the air, effectively blocking the view of most. The sand whipped against Zachariah's face, each grain like a little needle pushed against his skin.

    Zachariah, fearfully placed on the other side of what for now was a battle area, at first really felt like leaving. Rowe was held up for now, and he couldn’t bother him if he was somewhere else entirely. But what kind of person would do that, leave the person that puts her Pokémon in danger for his safety? No, Zachariah had to stay by her side. Or, at least a little behind her. “I’ll try to stay a bit in the back,” Zachariah spoke to her, lowly as not to give off his position to the opposing trainer, assumably also blinded by the sand. “Good luck!”
  13. Tasha only gave a soft nod at Zach's words as he took a safer position behind her. Her sharp blue gaze assessed the field carefully. "Well, I suppose I could agree with the whole quick battle idea. You're going down! Star, wing attack, one more time!" She put on a small smirk of her own, feeling satisfied with The young trainer knew that her pokemon would pull through.

    Star silently flew through the dust cloud, her keen eye never losing the fighting type opponent. She took her sweet time, aiming to surprise the makuhita with the attack. Tasha remained patient, waiting for the sound of the attack as she couldn't see what was going on. She smirked when she heard Star's battle cry, hoping that the attack would finish off the battle. She did have places to be, after all. There was no point in drawing out the battle.
  14. “Forget about it!” Rowe snarled at Tasha from behind the dust. “Makuhita, Arm Thrust!” Blindly yelling into the cloud, to which Makuhita responded with sending a series of fast punches in front of itself. Besides attacking, it stood still, preparing for an encounter with the Starly at any moment. Which came faster than it expected.

    The impact with Tasha’s Starly sent Makuhita flying backwards again, this time landing exhausted and on its back before Rowe. Gritting his teeth and returning Makuhita, he swore they would pay for hurting his partner. The dust eventually settled, revealing Rowe’s furious expression. “Do not think that this’ll change anything, Zach! If anything, you’ve just made it worse for yourself!” Judging by her Starly’s victory over what he considered to be his strongest Pokémon, he decided not to risk his second Pokémon in battle against her. Instead he turned on his heels, and ran down the road, before disappearing behind a house.

    Zachariah, having stood a fair distance behind Tasha, now walked up beside her, staring wordlessly at the empty road up front. She had just scared off his worst nightmare, his one nemesis, his greatest opponent. He had to thank her. But how? By which means can you possibly repay such a deed? Zachariah had little sign of an idea. You know, other than just thanking her.

    “Th-thank you so much for saving me. Rowe’s been bent on picking on me ever since we first met.” Zachariah hestitated. Would this be a reasonable excuse to ask her to stick around him? For protection? Could he possibly ask that of anyone? “I… I suppose you have a meeting with the Professor.”
  15. Tasha watched as her opponent scurried off, her frown remaining for a minute before her attention shifted to Star. The starly let out a victorious chirp and flew around Zach and her trainer, before landing on Zach's head once again. "Has he attacked you with his pokemon before?" She asked with a frown on her face. If so, then the professor could wait. They ought to find Officer Jenny and report that guy.

    Using pokemon to hurt people was illegal, and she wouldn't stand for it. That guy shouldn't even have a trainer card if that was how he used his pokemon. The young trainer could feel herself getting worked up about it. Taking a deep breath, she put her previous plans aside. "We should find Officer Jenny. Him trying to attack you with his pokemon like that is assault." She spoke a bit softer now, having gotten her temper down to the point where it was just boiling inside her. Sol continued to keep an eye on the direction that the guy took off in, just in case he decided to come back for a second round.
  16. Zachariah’s face let go of its previously terrified expression, and instead slowly turned happy. Rowe had been defeated. Although, was that for the better? Like he said before running off, Zachariah had only made things worse for himself. It didn’t take long for his sense of relief to tense up again, fearful of when he’d strike again. Although, having a bird on his head, however strange it was, made him feel better, if not by much. Despite knowing he could not see it, he turned his eyes upwards and beamed, mostly meant towards Tasha. “Heh, Star seems to like me,” he said to her, maintaining his relaxed position. “Or at least my head.”

    “Attacked me before? Why, this is far from the first time. Though,” he paused, thinking through Rowe’s previous attacks. He didn’t really consider them assaults, more a sort of bullying. Although now that Tasha presented it this way, using a Pokémon and all, the severity of the situation got opened to him. Thinking about it, it was a miracle he wasn’t grievously injured at this point. He supposed he had little but luck to thank for otherwise finding a simple way out of Rowe’s pestering. Perhaps having all the attacks happen at school pushed the situation more in Zachariah’s favour.

    “Reporting him to Officer Jenny, while a good idea, haven’t worked so far. We don’t know why, but it’s like he disappears from the Earth’s surface once we finally get an officer with us. He’s just…” Zachariah explained, holding his hands in front of himself, before spreading his fingers and tossing his arms outwards. “Poof. I do appreciate the concern, however. Eh, did you have an appointment with the Professor?”
  17. Tasha merely smiled as he cheered up a bit with being Star's apparent favorite new perch. She listened quietly as he explained the situation that constantly occurred whenever he tried to get Officer Jenny involved. She'd come across a couple problems like that when she was exploring Hoenn, and she had even heard of someone stealing a pokemon from Professor Elm's lab and getting away with it. It seemed like police and pokemon just didn't mix well with each other. Then the subject switched back to her meeting with the professor.

    "Well, it was a loose appointment. I wasn't sure when I would actually get here, so I gave him the week-" She paused as a beachy ringtone sounded from where her phone was holstered on her belt. She flashed Zach an apologetic smile before quickly answering her phone. "Hey dad, what's up? Oh, so you already talked to him, then? So, should I head back to Canalave City to update my- Oh, ok. I will. Love you too, bye." A relieved expression appeared on the red head's face as she hung up the phone.

    "Well, turns out that the professor was in the Canalave City Library and my mom bumped into him. So, I don't have to explain the project any more." She spoke a bit lightheartedly, a weight lifted off her chest. "Now I just need one of the lab assistants to update my pokedex." She loved it when things worked out like this.
  18. Zachariah listened carefully to her explanation, curious to how keeping the Professor waiting wasn’t a problem. “Ah, that makes more-” He didn’t get to finish his sentence before a… beachy ringtone rung from Tasha’s pocket. Zachariah was sure that whatever a ‘beachy’ ringtone was, it was this one.

    But beachiness aside, Tasha spoke in the phone. He didn’t want to try to listen to what the other person said, but hearing Tasha was pretty inevitable. She spoke to her father… about leaving? Was she not going to meet the Professor? If Zachariah knew his Sinnoh geography right, Canalave wasn’t too far away, but still, he really… needed her around. He felt weird having that thought pop up in his head, but it was true. Without her here for at least a little longer, Rowe could turn on him at any time.

    Although that worry as well seemed to solve itself as Tasha told him of the recent update on the situation. “Oh, that’s great,” Zachariah began. “I thought for a moment you were leaving me.” He stopped, his face turning shocked as he realized what he just said. “Eh, you know, Rowe, and stuff…” He anxiously waved and gestured, desperately trying to let her know what he meant. It wasn’t like he was in love with her or something. “Eh, you meant to get your Pokédex filled out?”
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