Cold and Dark

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  1. Jack Frost sat in a tree and watched the town fall asleep. He was torn. Should he help the guardians and become one himself or let it be? They could help him get his memories back from Pitch if he did. But they had never cared for him before the moon told them to, and they would probably not care about him afterwards when it all was over. After his memories had been returned and the Pitch was beaten, would they throw him away? The boogeyman was lurking in the back of his mind.

    He wasn't believed in, just like Jack. Jack didn't like the things Pitch had done, stealing the teeth from the the toothfaery and all her little faeries on top of that. But he could understand how hurtful it is to not be believed in. It's painful, and lonely. He himself had felt it for 300 years. How long had Pitch been lonely? Jack knew he had to help the others with collecting the teeth, but there was something else he had to do first. He had to speak with Pitch. He needed to find another way.

    The others had probably already started their teeth hunting, they probably thought he were somewhere else and they would meet up later. He would help them, but not right now.

    Jack rose an let his body get taken by the wind, he flew light as a feather. He had to find Pitch and speak to him, and first after that he would be able to decide what he should do. But he didn't know where to search.

    Even though he didn't know he still found something. A bed, in the middle of a forest. It was broken and was put over a hole. Jack almost flew right past it, but something made him stop. A feeling. Suddenly he just knew that he had to get down into that hole, even if nothing was there it wouldn't be the end of the world. It was just to turn back. And if Pitch was there and rather felt like attacking instead of talking, then he just had to fight.

    He flew down into the hole and came into a cave system, that soon looked more as the inside of a medieval castle than a cave. He let his feet touch the floor and he started to walk, and he never put his staff down, just in case. "Pitch" Jack shouted to get the attention of the boogeyman. He was more than certain that the place he had entered was the home of Pitch Black. Now he just had to see if the boogeyman would show himself or not.
  2. Pitch Black felt the intrusion of his hope before he saw it. Silently he melded with the shadows and transported himself to the entrance of his castle. How long has it been that someone other than him has entered this place willingly? Must have been a centuries ago. Pitch’s eyes caught the pure white hair of the winter spirit with interest. Carefully he followed Jack through his realm only occasionally casting a shadow on a lightened wall. After a while Pitch decided to reveal himself when he was called on.

    “Well hello to you too Jack,” He greeted walking out of the shadows with a smirk. “Have you come to fight or have you smartened up?” he asked with a laugh as he walked forward showing his empty hands to Jack. “Or perhaps you’re here for another reason” Pitch gestured to the ceiling were hundreds of cages with the fairies all inside, all of them squeaking loudly at Jack for help. “Excuse me, I’m trying to have a conversation here” He shouted up at the colourful creatures. The masses started to quiet down “So what is it?” he asked crossing his arms and tapping his foot.

    The longer Jack is here the more likely The Guardians will notice that he’s gone. It’d have to be a quick conversation lest the others decided to find Jack, and that wouldn’t end well for either of them. He walked around in circles around Jack keeping an eye on him. Pitch calculated the likelihood of all the options and thought of a new one and disappeared into the shadow for a moment before appearing behind Jack.

    “Or maybe you wanted your memories?” Pitch asked quietly. He glanced up and sneered at the cages. The fairies were too colourful for his liking and it was blindingly annoying to have them. He supposed it was a small sacrifice in the end though considering they would disappear once Tooth did.
  3. Pitch didn't answer him at first, so he kept walking forward. Soon he started to hear the sound of squeaking hummingbirds, Tooth's faeries. But just as he had figured out that it was them he heard, Pitch had already appeared.

    Jack couldn't help but take a step back when he heard the boogeyman's voice, a reflex on the knowledge that he couldn't see the man but he could see Jack. But Pitch stepped out of the shadows, making himself visible for the winter spirit. If Pitch hadn't mentioned Tooth's faeries then Jack would probably have started to talk immediately. Now he wasn't too certain on what he should do. He knew where Tooth's faeries were, an he might be able to save them. But that wasn't the reason he had decided to come there. And if he tried to get them out now he might not be able to get more chances on talking with Pitch.

    Pitch disappeared into the shadows again which made Jack feel very uneasy. He weren't scared of Pitch, at least not as long as he knew where the man were. He didn't trust him, there was no reason to yet.

    Then the a dark figure appeared behind Jack and asked a question he was very surprised to hear. How did Pitch know about his memories? He took some steps away from the boogeyman and lowered his staff, but made sure to hold it tight just in case.

    "I'm not here to fight with you Pitch." He said, and then thought for a moment. Should he ask for his memories? Even though he wanted them he still knew that there was more important things. And he didn't think that Pitch would give them to him for free anyway, not in that situation while Jack kind of were an ally to the guardians. Or was he? In that case, did talking to the boogeyman count as a betrayal? Was searching for the truth a crime? "I just came to talk."

    He looked at the cages above them, and he felt like apologizing for not doing anything. Then he turned his attention back to Pitch Black. "I... ... I came to hear your side of the story, if you're willing to tell it. I don't like being pulled into a fight without knowing if the one I am supposed to help them defeat is as evil as they tell me he is."

    Maybe that wasn't the whole truth. But it was part of it. There was more he wanted to know, more he wanted to have. His memories, knowing who he once had been was something he desired the most, to know about the time before he had become Jack Frost, maybe a time when people saw and knew him.
  4. Jack took a while to answer his question, and what came out surprise Pitch. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the winter spirit suspiciously. Why would Jack even care if he was fighting for the right team? Oh this was getting interesting…

    Pitch walked towards the centre of the room where a small table was situated and sat down offering the other a seat. “Would you believe me if I said I wasn’t always the Nightmare King?” he asked thoughtfully. “I bet your guardians never told you that I used to have a real name Kozmotis Pitchiner.” He reminisced looking far off before shaking his head.

    “I don’t remember much from the time before but I do remember waking up with anger, and hatred, by a prison. No one tried to protect me even though I protected them” he looked at Jack trying to gauge his reactions “How long have you existed? A little over three centuries correct? Well I’m thousands of years old and only about a few centuries was I believed in.” he sighed

    “The only way for people to see me is if everything is brought back to the dark ages” Pitch looked a little sad “Everyone has to be afraid in order for me to even be seen. Do you even know how painful it is to not be believed in? To not be seen, to be discriminated against? I’ve lived longer than the Man in the Moon and I get treated like this?” Pitch laughed a bit self-loathing

    “I’m tired of it all.” He finished slumping a bit into his chair, vulnerable in front of Jack. “There’s my side. I hope you are satisfied” He said disappearing from the chair into the shadow. “You know my motives now” he whispered from the darkness all around Jack hiding his sadness from the spirit. He hung around Jack waiting for an answer but stayed hidden. The Guardians know of his story from the Man in the Moon, the original guardian, but knows nothing of his motives other than he wants to cause destruction. But Jack isn't a Guardian, and the Man in the Moon doesn't talk to Jack, which could make Jack an asset. Maybe, just maybe, Jack will believe him and not throw his story back at him.
  5. So Pitch remembered who he was before he had become the nightmare king. He said that he didn't remember much, but at least he remembered something. Even Jack could understand that Pitch hadn't chosen to become the boogeyman, it just happened. Just like Jack hadn't chosen to become a winter spirit. Was he really destined to be a guardian? Or should he change that destiny others had chosen for him. He could just turn his back and walk away from it all, stay neutral and not getting involved. But he had already involved himself.

    It surprised Jack when Pitch told him that he was older than the man in the moon, somehow he had thought that the man in the moon had always been there. Somehow it made Jack think of him as more flawed. What did he know? Why did he do the things he did? Why didn't he speak to Jack after that first night he woke up?

    Pitch looked vulnerable where he sat on his throne. Jack hadn't taken a seat. He couldn't relax enough in the nightmare kings presence at the moment, but he had completely let his guard down. Maybe it was a stupid move even though most of it was a bit unconsciously done, but he just didn't want Pitch to see him as an enemy at the moment.

    Then Pitch disappeared into the shadows. Jack felt a pain in his chest. 'Do you even know how painful it is to not be believed in?' That one question echoed in Jacks head. Of course he knew. He had felt the anger, the fear, the sadness that followed every person that went straight through him or passed him without a second glance. 300 years of loneliness, and if he were like Pitch, that might continue for thousands of years. And those who could see him, the spirits, usually disliked his behavior. He just froze everything and messed things up.

    "Yeah, I'm tired of it too." He said while looking down on the staff in his hands. "People walking through you, never noticing your existence. They call you a myth or completely forget your existence. And if someone at some point actually might start to believe, someone else tells them it's ridiculous and they forget about it. It's painful." The winter spirit that usually smiled and joked all the hardship away was to his own surprise opening up. The guardians couldn't have understood his loneliness, but Pitch had experienced it, even in a worse way than Jack. Jack had never been believed in to begin with, so at least he didn't loose something as far as he could remember.
  6. The Nightmare King listened to the anger in Jack’s voice and smiled a tiny bit knowing exactly what it felt like to not be believed in. Pitch appeared a few feet away in front of Jack and looked him up and down. Pitch could sense the two were at a crossroads of sorts and it made the Nightmare King a little anxious, and a little excited. “Do you know what we could do together Jack?” he asked curiously “Do you really believe in The Guardians? That they would accept you whole heartedly?” Pitch approached Jack cautiously holding a slender hand to Jack. That’s when the fairies above them started squeaking at the top of their tiny little lungs.

    Sand grains started descending to cover the cages to muffle the noise. It was much too loud to allow any thoughts to process. “Join me?” He said a bit uncertainly “I’d accept you for who you are. I can help you, only if you allow me too.” He gave the winter spirit a small comforting smile. “You don’t have to alone anymore” he sighed fondly stopping a foot away from Jack. He was so close to companionship he could taste it.

    Oh he hoped Jack accepted for it was a chance of redemption for himself. He could control the world again, this time with help. He could see it now, a dark age, an ice age. It’d be beautiful for what goes better together than ice and darkness? It’s an awesome concoction and the two could have huge amounts of fun together.

    Pitch was thinking what he should do if Jack didn’t accept it. It would be hard to keep his anger in check that was positive. But he shouldn’t attack the boy, there was a chance he could accept his side still after that. He does have until Jack becomes an official guardian…
  7. Jack didn't believe it, that the guardians would accept him. One of them had already told him that clearly. He wasn't one of them. He was irresponsible, and no one could even see him. But even though he knew that Pitch could understand him better than any of the guardians, he had a hard time believing in the dark world Pitch wanted to create.

    Maybe he would have joined Pitch without a second thought if it hadn't been for Tooth's faeries. It was as if he woke up from his anger and sadness. He longed for the understanding Pitch could give him, and he desired his memories that Pitch had, also he wished to be believed in which the guardians wouldn't be able to help him with. But there was more than that he had to think about. Could he just leave the others without even speaking with them? Without thinking things through? He needed some time. If he joined Pitch right away it would have been as if he had accepted the guardians proposal right away when they asked him to become a guardian.

    "I don't know. I need some time to think about it." He said truthfully. He knew what his heart wanted, but he also had to think about what it might cost, not just for him but for everyone else. He didn't give any promise of joining Pitch, but at the same time he didn't say that he wouldn't. Even if he joined Pitched, could he really watch the guardians disappear right in front of his eyes?

    "The others might have noticed that I disappeared. I should probably head back." He mumbled, knowing that the others might search after him once they notice that he's gone. With the boogeyman out after them they had all been very careful. "Thanks, for telling me everything." He told Pitch. He hadn't expected that much of the fearsome boogeyman, and he was genuinely happy that his expectations had been wrong, even though it had confused him to the degree that he no longer knew what to do. First he thought that it would be enough to be neutral. Now he wasn't certain if he actually could be. Could he go back to being alone?
  8. Pitch smiled at Jack and nodded "Go before they track you here. I'd rather not have a fight in my home." he said before consuming the room in darkness and transporting Jack to around where the other guardians are. What Jack gave him was a maybe, and a maybe was something to be happy about after being rejected over and over again through the ages but he still had to be careful about how he went about with Jack. Sandy and Jack already had a friendship building along with Toothiana. The Boogeyman hummed for a bit before taking off out of his cavern in a burst of dark sand. It was his turn to do a little work while the guardians were busy.

    He transported to a small town nearby changing dreams into nightmares and admiring his work. It was hardwired into him now to enjoy the little pleasure he can get from altering good dreams and watching the fear grow into a perfect nightmare. Oh how he loved his little nightmares, the only things he could truly create. One of them approached him and he lightly scratched it under the chin giving it commands softly.

    He kept an eye out for the Guardians expecting that Sandy would have gotten the signal that his precious dreams were being consumed. The Night Mare ran off to help with the spread of fear and in a few minutes the whole town was black. Not a single dream glowing in the night. Pitch gave the night sky a wide smile and spoke "Well old friend, how do you feel about your new guardian now?" he asked floating on a cloud of black sand. "Will you tell the others, or are you going to wait for Jack to decide first?"
  9. Jack was engulfed by the dark and transported to another place. He had to blink a couple of times to get used to the lights of the street lamps and first after that he could see where he was. Just seconds after his arrival Jack saw the golden sand flowing through the night sky. The sandman was nearby.

    He didn't know how to approach the guardians after his meeting with Pitch, what if they found out? Of course they would find out eventually, what truly scared Jack was that they would misunderstand.

    Jack lifted from the ground and flew up to a roof top, where Sandy saw him immediately and came towards him, asking him with his golden sand where he had been. They had noticed his disappearance just a little while earlier, and it seemed like something other than Jack's disappearance made him nervous. "Don't worry, it's just... that there was something I had to take care of. I'm here now." He said, brushing everything aside. Now they had a mission, get as many teeth as possible in one night so that the children didn't stop believing in Tooth. He had given them his words that he would at least do that, and even though he were the spirit of mischief, he could still keep a promise.

    Somehow the teeth hunt became a game, suddenly they all tried to get more than the others. It wasn't a bad thing, since they had to get as many as possible. And it was fun. But sooner rather than later, Jack found himself deprived of the fun he had gotten. They had woken up a child, Jamie Benneth, and he had seen everyone. Everyone except for Jack. It shouldn't have hurt him, he should have been used to it. But some things was impossible to get used to.

    They put the kid back to sleep, but because of an accident, a bit delivered by Jack and his mischievous behavior, North, Tooth and Bunnymund also fell asleep. "Something tells me we're done for tonight." Jack stated when everyone was lying on the floor sleeping. The kangaroo would probably not be too happy about the dog incident when he would wake up. Jack noticed something dark in the corner of his eye outside the window, one of Pitch's nightmares. But he didn't follow it. Sandy might not even have noticed it since he were looking over the room with all the sleeping spirits. And if he noticed it he might have thought that the risk was too big if they didn't go together now when the guardians were weakened and Pitch had grown.
  10. Bunnymund woke up a few minutes later "Sandy, mate you gotta work on your aim you toss" he said yawning and standing up "And what the hell was with that dog, never see a pooka or something?" He asked shaking his self awake and looking around the room. Most of the other guardians were asleep as well and sighed. They'd wake up in a few minutes.

    "What'd I miss?" He asked looking at Sandy who started frantically making pictures with his sand. "Whoa there big fella slow down, lemme see if you got it right? Pitch's Night Mares are here?" He asked. Sandy gave him an affirmation and Bunnymund shook his head. "We need to get after him!" He exclaimed rushing to the window and to look outside.

    "Oh Jezebel" he said seeing a mass of black sand in the sky. "We have a bit of a problem..." He looked at Jack and Sandy with a glum expression. Sandy looked outside and started a rant with the shapes of his head before opening the window and flying out.

    "Jack it's time to prove yourself, you guardian or what?" Bunnymund asked looking at the winter spirit and couldn't help but notice that he didn't even make a snide remark at the Pooka.
  11. Bunnymund was the first one to wake up, Jack didn't notice it at first. He was trapped inside his own thoughts at that moment, the nightmares were close by, and when the others woke up they might want to go after them. But Jack still wasn't certain if he were up to the task of helping the guardians against Pitch. It was first when Bunny stated that Pitch's Night Mares was there that Jack started to notice what was going on around him.

    As the pooka looked out of the window he suddenly got very worried over something. Jack walked towards the window and looked out on the mass of black sand that were floating in the sky. What was Pitch planning to do? And an even better question, what would Jack do about it?

    Jack jumped out of the window and flew after Sandy whom had gotten ahead of them. He didn't answer Bunny's question, mostly since he didn't know himself. Would he attack Pitch and help his friend? Or should he keep out of it and loose all the trust Sandy, Tooth and North had in him. Did they even trust him to begin with? They had never said anything different.

    "Sandy, wouldn't it be better to wait for the others to wake up?" He almost had to shout over the wind for the sandman to be able to hear him. In any other situation it would have been Jack who jumped into the danger without hesitation or thoughts, but because he was so torn between the two sides he couldn't help but try to find other ways around it. He needed more time.
    Sandy couldn't wait, they had to protect the children, and if they didn't do anything now then it might be too late later. They just had to try until the others could come and help them. Sandy flew past Jack again and soon got surrounded by nightmares which he fended off to the best of his ability. Jack was not far away, but still not certain what to do. He knew what Bunny would think if he didn't help them, he knew what Pitch might think if he did, he also knew that he wanted to help his friend. For the better or the worse, he decided to help the sandman, not because he wanted to be a guardian, nor because he wanted to help the guardians. But because he considered Sandy a friend.

    It was hard to reach Sandy since nightmares were everywhere, he both had to try and get to Sandy and fend of the nightmares that attacked everything that was too close. And of top of that he also tried to find where exactly Pitch were. At the moment he still hadn't seen the nightmare king.
  12. Sandy flew all the way up protecting himself with golden whips from the Night Mares. He looked around for his shadowy counter part with a frown. Where could Pitch be?

    Pitch Black hid below allowing his little Night Mares do the work. He watched as the Pooka sped right past him and smiled his yellow eye glinting from the darkness as he walked out. He knew Jack was likely to befriend the sandman and defend him. Jack was loyal to his friends, but Sandy was a liability he didn't want to deal with anymore. He was probably the only one proper enough to fight against Pitch.

    Sandy was starting to become swarmed with the horses. The Guardian was becoming overwhelmed which is exactly what Pitch wanted. Pitch appeared in the sky the next moment with a sly smile. "So what's going to happen now Jack?" He asked fixating on the white haired spirit "Does he die? Or live?" He asked as more sand swirled around creating a platform for Pitch to stand on.

    Sandy put question marks all through the air trying to ask Jack what Pitch was talking about. Bunnymund was too preoccupied on the ground to notice the transaction happening in the sky and the other Guardians just started to wake up.
  13. Jack noticed clearly that Pitch had planned to take out Sandy even before the nightmare king appeared. Most of the attacks were focused on the golden man whom was surrounded by the night mares. Jack didn't put much of his focus on Bunny, he could as well have been overpowered and Jack wouldn't even have noticed it.

    Then Pitch appeared. Jack could feel the shivers going down his spine as he heard the words coming out of the nightmare kings mouth. Shivers, that was a feeling he wasn't too used to. Pitch could probably also feel it. Those words that brought fear into the winter spirits heart. The fear of loosing someone he saw as an important person.

    He noticed Sandy's confusion, but there was really no time to say anything to him at the moment. He just hoped that the others would wake up soon and help them out. "As if I would let you kill him." Jack answered, holding a tight grip on his staff. Right now he was simply protecting his friend, he wouldn't want to hurt Pitch, but he would never watch one of his friends die.
  14. "As you wish" Pitch smiled at Jack and nodded before reducing the Night Mares to a more manageable number. If he was going to gain an ally it wouldn't do good to set Jack against him. A whip appeared in for of him just missing him and he snarled over at Sandy and bared his large scythe. "You're a feisty one aren't you?" He hissed at the sandman.

    The gold man waved Pitch over to him intending to take him on. Pitch looked at Jack weighing his options. It was a direct challenge from Sandy but if he took it he would most likely lose Jack, but if he didn't his pride was at stake...

    Pitch put away his scythe with a sigh before descending into the darkness "I'll leave skill and fate up to it" he said before disappearing completely. He arrived on the ground and scattered the Nightmares making sure they didn't focus too much on Sandy.

    Sandy was left very confused and filled with fear. Pitch talked to jack before leaving although he couldn't hear all of it. He dealt with the rest of the nightmares and cleared the night sky before going over to Jack. He visualizes his questions basically asked what it was all about and crossed his arms.
  15. What happened for the next few minutes was something that confused Jack more than anything else that had happened during his 300 years alive. Pitch didn't hurt Sandy, because Jack told him so? It wasn't just him who was confused, the Sandman seemed equally confused as he came and asked Jack what was going on. What was going on indeed.

    "We should probably take this later, we should make sure that the others are okay first, right? We don't know if Bunny is hurt." He said, trying to get off the topic. There would never really be a good time to talk about his meeting with the boogeyman, if it ever needed to be mentioned, but there was better times than the one they were in at the moment. He mostly hoped he could make Sandy forget about his questions.

    Right after he had stopped talking he flew down towards the ground as if to check on Bunny. He wasn't that worried about the pooka, but that didn't mean he wanted to see him dead or hurt. They might not get along much, but Jack knew that Bunny meant well, sometimes.

    From the distance came North and Tooth, both a bit groggy after the dream sand still, but awake enough. They had been able to see the Night Mares and Pitch before they disappeared but missed the fight. "What happened here?" North asked Sandy as they got closer, he was bit surprised over the sudden disappearance of pitch. Even though they hadn't gotten a very good look at the situation it had still seemed like Pitch had the upper hand. Why had he left the fight?

    "You okay Kangaroo?" Jack asked as he came closer to Bunny, but he kept his distance since he knew that kangaroo was a trigger for Bunny. Which was exactly why the spirit of mischief had to use it.
  16. "Don't call me Kangaroo mate" Bunnymund said turning right around still baring his boomerangs "And how the hell did we win?" He asked pointing to the sky "Not that I'm complaining but still we were bloody outnumber by one to a hundred"

    By how it looked before it was clear to Bunnymund that Sandy should be dead after that. What made Pitch back off? Was it Jack? Was the Nightmare King scared? Or just proving a point? Bunnymund tapped his foot and thought about it before he decided it needed more investigation.

    Sandy turned to North and just replayed parts of the events quickly before ending in multiple question marks. He turned to Jack and hopped to get the winter spirits attention to ask him again what happened. The sandman was extremely confused, he was almost swarmed completely in black sand and only saw snippets of Pitch talking to Jack before most of the sand disappeared.
  17. North was as curious as Bunnymund and Sandy on what happened. Why did Pitch just leave like that? He had such an advantage at that moment, especially since Tooth and North weren't helping out at all. Toothiana had also looked at Sandy's explanation and was now curious as well. "Jack, do you know what made Pitch leave? Maybe if it was something that scared him then we might be able to use it against him." Tooth said. She hoped Jack had seen something that could be useful to them, since Sandy didn't seem to know and Bunny had been on the ground.

    "I don't know, okay. He just left." Jack replied with visible irritation in his voice. It wasn't a complete lie, he didn't know exactly why Pitch had listened to him and left. That didn't seem to fit his character. But he was glad that it had turned out as it had.

    "Doesn't matter. Now we should get back to North pole and there we can talk and figure out what is going on. And make plans." North said. Toothiana looked a bit worried towards Jack before she turned to North and nodded. "You're right, if we were to be attacked again then the North pole would be safer." She replied.
  18. Bunnymund nodded at North "I bet Mim knows what's going on with Pitch and why's he's being indecisive" He said looking at the Moon with a suspicious glance "So we head up and see if the Man in the Moon has anything to say about what's going on with Pitch and then maybe we can use it against him?" Bunnymund smiled at his companions and wagged his tail a bit ready to take off to safety. It was no good being exposed like this, they had no idea what Pitch was up to and Bunny wasn't going to wait and found out the bad way.

    Sandy tapped his foot and sighed silently. He had an idea as to why Pitch stopped but couldn't be sure. If he told anyone he could land his friend in a lot of trouble especially with Bunny's suspicion of Jack already. Obviously Pitch talked to Jack and Sandy didn't know if it was a deal or if the Nightmare King simply listened to Jack for some odd reason. Jack was a guardian whether Pitch liked it or not and the dark man couldn't convince Jack otherwise.

    But what if Pitch could convince Jack? It would ruin the guardians for sure. Jack was not a force many people wanted to come up against especially since the young spirit was winter personified. Winter has been a deciding factor in war since the dark ages. Maybe that's why Pitch wanted him.... Cold and Darkness do mix well together; light liked to melt away cold. Darkness on the other hand welcomed it with open arms. Sandy gave Jack an inquisitive glare and shook his head before heading in the portal that North made to the North Pole.

    Once being twisted through space Bunnymund shook himself off "Oh I am never gonna get used to that" he said walking to the middle of the room where the moon was shining bright. He looked at the other Guardians and Jack with a sigh "Let's see if this sucker's gonna talk today" he said leaning against the rail protecting the hole around the globe. Behind Bunnymund though and after all their hard work to keep Toothiana alive light of children's belief were going out albeit a bit slowly. It was still a cause for worrying through the room and it created a tense atmosphere.
  19. Jack felt even more nervous and a bit frightened when they decided to ask the moon about. The moon that had told him that he was Jack Frost that first day he woke up, but then never spoken to him again. The same moon that had decided that he was a guardian and spoken to the other guardians, but never answered Jack. What would he tell them? Would he say anything about him meeting Pitch? If someone knew about it it would be the man in the moon. But maybe he wouldn't say anything. Maybe he thought the risk was too big.

    North opened his portal and they went in one after another. It was the third time Jack went through that portal, the first was when he was kidnapped to the North pole, the second when they went to the Tooth palace. It was impossible to explain the feeling that went through the body as he went through the portal, Jack didn't think it was unpleasant even though it wasn't a very good feeling either. But it was a awesome experience, during the right circumstances.

    "You don't like the sled, you don't like portals. Either you have something against fun or you haven't gotten out of your rabbit hole for a long time." Jack pointed out to Bunny with a small childish grin. But the grin disappeared as he caught the sight of the globe. The lights kept disappearing. Jack felt his stomach turn a bit, if he hadn't gone to Pitch then he wouldn't have been so torn at the moment.

    North went directly towards the spot where the man in the moon could communicate with them. "Manny, tell us what happened. Why did Pitch leave and do you know anything that can help us stop him?" North asked and waited. It was as if the whole North pole was holding its breath, did anyone even dare to breath while they waited? Jack wondered a bit how often they got an answer from the moon, how often he actually spoke to them.
  20. The man in the moon stayed silent for what felt like forever before he started projecting more light. It was a projection of Jack and Pitch talking in the battlefield before Pitch disappeared. From what Bunnymund could see it seemed that Pitch respected Jack to the point of backing down in a fight. It was odd to see respect on a battlefield on something so serious. Manny communicated that Pitch was about to kill The Sandman before asking Jack and it was Jack's wish and fear that persuaded Pitch to let up.

    Bunnymund narrowed his eyes at the Winter spirit in suspicion. What could make Pitch respect someone? The only that Pitch respected was his little Night Mares that did his bidding for him. The light caught his eye again when he saw Jack descending in a small hole below a broken bed. "You know?" Bunnymund asked his temper starting to flare in the room. "That ain't no ordinary hole in the Earth's crust mate, beside I didn't think holes were your idea of fun" he said approaching Jack "And what could bloody possibly possess you to put yourself in that situation?" he nearly shouted at the winter spirit.

    Sandy stepped between the two making himself a sort of wall between Jack and the Pooka. He was defending his friend just as his friend defended him at the battle. He shot up symbols saying that Bunnymund had no reason to be angry at Jack since the spirit was the reason he was alive. He didn't actually know that the Pooka was even listening to him as he continued his rant about Jack and his complete irresponsibility and inability to care about children.

    "I knew we shouldn't have trusted you" Bunnymund ended with pointing at Jack.