Cold and alone.

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  1. Scientists have decided to send a group of people, prepared only with what they could grab from their house in 5 minutes and the clothes on their backs, on a mission to Antarctica to see how they would do against the harsh, cold wilderness. Who will Survive, who will die, and who will go insane? And, maybe, just maybe, someone will fall in love?

    What do you think? I know, it's not very descriptive or anything... Sorry about that... I just found this interesting... I'll go first, I guess.

    The guard who was sent with Sita leaned against the door-frame to Sita's house. "Alright, you have exactly five minutes to get what you can. You are allowed to take whatever you can carry. Your time starts... Now." With those words, Sita ran into her house to gather what she could before her time limit was up. Her first priority: Warm clothes. VERY warm clothes. First, she grabbed the thickest sweater she could find, stuffing it into her backpack, and her thick, soft winter pajama pants. 4 Min. 30 seconds left. She grabbed her heavy winter coat, putting it on to maximize space in her backpack, and a thick jacket, also shoving it into her backpack. 4 minutes. Her next priority: Food. She grabbed a canteen, filled it up, and pulled the strap over her head, her canteen resting on her hip. She grabbed about 10 granola bars, shoving them in her backpack. 3 min. 10 seconds. She ran into her bedroom and grabbed her set of throwing knives from under the bed, strapping them to her waist. 2 min. 50 seconds. Opening her bedside drawer, she grabbed 3 packs of matches, a pocket knife, and some flint rock she had found one day while hiking. 2 min. 30 seconds. She ran into her dad's old bedroom and opened one of the drawers, pulling out a flashlight and a few packs of batteries. She opened the hallway closet, and grabbed a thick blanket, and a thin one. 1 Minute, 30 seconds. Realizing she had extra time, she ran into her bedroom and changed from her tank top and shorts to a sweatshirt and sweatpants. 30 Seconds. She snatched a pair of gloves, and put them on, before grabbing another pair and shoving them in her backpack. 20 Seconds. Lastly, she grabbed her stuffed kitten, Marty, and stuffed it in her back pack, which was now full.

    "Alright, times up!" She heard the guard yell from the doorway. Walking hurriedly out the door, she pondered her situation. Now, in these chaotic times, the government was able to do what he wanted, and if you dared refuse him, you got killed. Simple. And so, the government had decided a group of 5 people, ranging in possible ages of 12 to 30, was to be sent to Antarctica as an experiment. She was one of the lucky few. Sita was 17 years old, and about 5'9" with a nice, curvy body. She had blonde hair with a red streak in it that went down to her waist. She stepped into the white van that looked like it should have 'Free Candy' painted on the side of it and frowned as they sped off down the highway to the plane that would take her to her possible doom.

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    The gaurd followed Roy to his house, leaning against the opening he have him five minutes to grab things that he needed " okay your time starts now", Roy grabbed his huge bag then ran into the kitchen and put in 6 knives and a fork, he then ran to his room openeing the draw he threw in a very thick sweater, wool hat, scarf, and a warm blanket. 4min and 27seconds left. He then changed into his cargo pants and boots, pulling over his head a red sweater he zipped up his black coat on him and placed a warm hat on his head, he went into his parents room and took his father's .42 pistol and one round of bullets and his hunting blade he placed on his waist. 1minute left. Roy went back into the kitchen taking the black gloves that were on the counter and he threw 7 small bags of chips and 3 bottles of water in his bag, "okay times up", Roy followed the man out the house just before the man saw he grabed his flashlight and headed out the door. The man walked outside and lead him to a van were Roy got inside.
  3. Two guards were asked to follow Gabe, for he can be hostile. He has a bounty on his head in several countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia. He went into his mansion, which he had bought with stolen money, and a few successful bank robberies, and first grabbed his heavy jacket made in Asia, his ski mask, which he got from Europe, and then he put on a few layer of jeans. He grabbed his knives, his katana, and his 9mm. He could never be too safe. He clenched a fist. He was done before the 10 minutes were up. He walked out of the mansion, and pushed a guard out of his way. "Sir! That is strike one." the guard said. Gabe shook his head. "Whatever 'Mr. Secret Service'" he said back. A black van was waiting for him. "The heck is this. Pedophilish much?" Gabe joked/
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    When Sita arrived at the government airport where she was to be taken to Antarctica, she was told to sit down and wait for the others, it could be a while until they got here. She frowned, wondering just how in the hell she got herself into this mess. Apparently, the people were chosen at random, but she was just fairly sure the government hated her. Oh well, she thought, might as well take a nap while I wait for the other 'lucky' participants. So, she let her head drift to the side and fell asleep.
  5. The van came to a hult and Roy figured he was at his destination..or so he thought, one of the guards opened the back door and allowed him out while the other watched him closley " follow me" the guard spoke as he motioned for him to follow as he did he stoped and looked around noticing it was an airport, he knew he was heading to Anarctica one of the guards gave him a breif summary on what was going on, he couldn't debate either way he was stuck in the situation as he folloed the guard leadd him to a gate where he spotted a sleeping female just great he thought, The guard pointed over in the direction the girl was sitting " go and wait for the others", Roy sighed and sat next to the female quietly not wanting to wake her up.
  6. The van arrives at the airport, and Gabe got out and looked around. "The old friend." It had been a good while since his last trip. He's been hiding out here in America so he wouldn't get caught. As the guard told him where to go he would follow. He eventually noticed a man and a sleeping girl. Gabe rolled his eyes at the site. 'Great.' he thought to himself. The guard directed him over to the two people. Gabe then pushed his hand out of the way, and threatened to break it. He walked and sat a few chairs down from the rest.
  7. Sita woke from her brief nap and glanced around to see that two others had already arrived. She frowned, and wondered impatiently when the others would get here.
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    Natalia started walking up the steps into the airplane, her long black hair pulled into a twisted bun on the top of her head. Her thin face was tanned almost to perfection and her sense of style was impressive. She wore a tightly fitting black and grey dress, knee length with a sexy pair of black stilettos. She had just finished her speech on the study of anthropology at the university of Georgia and had been forced to go home and pack for a trip that she wasn't a hundred percent about just yet. She was told it took place in Antarctica, but the details were void. Natalia could only hope this was something she could use to further her anthropological research. She had a large carry-on suitcase filled with warm clothing and essentials. The guard who picked her up from the university had allowed her to pack what she needed from her condo, but seemed edgy and strapped for time.

    As she took her first heeled step onto the plane, Natalia looked at the other passengers; two males and a female. Interesting.
    She chose to sit next to the female, who looked to be only 18 to 20 years old. Natalia blinked curiously as she sat down, adjusting her skin tight dress and crossing her legs. Natalia was twenty four and one of the youngest and brightest in the anthropological field.
    She let her green eyes wash over the girls blonde hair and smiled.

    "I'm Natalia "
  9. ((You know what? It doesn't look like anyone else is gonna join, and we have a good enough amount, so instead of 5 people, let's just say they chose only four people.))Sita smiled back at the woman, who looked like she was in her early 20s. "Hi. I'm Sita." Just as Sita said that, a guard walked onto the plane. "Alright, we're taking off. Fasten your seat-belts." He said before walking off the plane. Sita looked somewhat uneasy. She had never ridden in a plane before, and the thought made her a bit worried.
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    "Hello Sita" Natalia smiled as she clicked her seat belt into position and looked over to the men with a curious eye. She waved a thin hand to the man across from them and looked back to Sita.

    "I have to admit, you look very young...what exactly is happening?" She shifted uncomfortably in her seat, eyeing the dangerous looking man behind them. This was hardly enough people for a forensic analyses of bones effected by ice in the arctic.... perhaps that wasn't what this was all about...
  11. "So, I see they haven't told you anything... This is an experiment, to see what would happen if a few random people were placed in Antarctica. We were the 'lucky' few that were chosen." Sita frowned, gazing out the window of the plane. The plane started to move down the runway, slowly at first, and then faster, and then they took off, rising higher and higher. Sita didn't know how high, as she looked away from the window to avoid thinking about how dead they would all be if it crashed.
  12. Natalia frowned at the explanation the young girl had given her. She hadn't remembered the guard mentioning it, but she really wasn't listening. She found his tone of voice annoyingly stern and unintelligible.

    "i see..."

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  13. Have plugged in his headphones. He disliked small talk. He tried to ignore the conversation by blasting dubstep. He was surprised no girl had made a move on him. He's almost always being hit on. He never loved a girl which explained his bad attitude. Hopefully true love would come to him soon. He would think that to himself whenever he was alone and for some odd
  14. Being overly bored was a bad thing for Roy, when boredom hit that usually got him into plently of fights and argumens just to have something to do, he looked at the other five, to males and two females just great he thought, slouching down into his seat more he began to tap his foot rapidly awaiting what was to come next even though he knew that they were going to struggle for survival, he bit down on his bottom lip in thought as he watched the others.
  15. As Natalia felt the plane take off, she couldn't help but stare at the man tapping his foot annoyingly. She felt like she might have seen him before, but it was unlikely. His nasal arch and cheekbone structure looked alot like a man she had seen at a presentation depicting the effects of surroundings on bone mass. She furrowed her brow and turned to the young girl again.

    " Something doesn't seem right about all of this..."
  16. Ryder looked out the window of the plance watching the clouds below and the hint of houses and towns as such, he knew there were awaiting a hell like no other, he sat up and played with his pocket knife twiriling it around his fingers as the knife moved cooly in his fingers alomst as if he was trained, he was used to combat and survival skills taking boxing, mma, football, martial arts and other sports giving and taking damage was his specialty. He looked over at the girl who seem annoyed by his tapping and gave a slight smile along with a wave before looking back out the window.
  17. Natalia looked questionably around the plane, still not convinced the trip was kosher. She quickly unclipped her seatbelt and jumped seats, sitting her shapen body next to the other man. Her stilettos clicked against the hardware of the seat as she sat, mouthing 'sorry' to the young girl she was sitting next to previously.

    "What do you know?" Her green eyes bore into him for information.
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  20. He looked at her sttartled almost dropping the knife he had in his hand he placed it in his lap he looked up at the female calmly, he thought about her question for a moment and smirked

    " what do you think i know?"

    He picked up his knife once again and begane to twirl and flip it between his fingers ans looked back out the window.