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  1. Liam sighed softly as he entered his room, tossing his bag to the floor and sitting down on the bed. He was exhausted. It had been a long day.

    He lay back on the bed, wondering if he could get any sleep before his roommate arrived. Probably not, but he tried to anyway. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.
  2. Min-ho was at the administrative offices, getting all of his paperwork taken care of. He was grateful that his mother wasn't there to nag him or the secretaries, she could be a handful at times and of course she didn't speak the best English. The entire process wasn't as tedious as the young man would have expected it to be, especially because he was a transfer student. Apparently his old school didn't want to deal with a sleepwalker anymore, but this school had reassured him and his mother that they would be able to handle it.
    He'd believe it when he saw it.

    Once Min-ho had gotten through the whole process and received his dormitory assignment, he took his two bags and headed in the direction of the male dorm. Apparently these dormitories allowed two people to share a single bathroom between them instead of a whole communal bathroom. It sounded nice, though he would have liked to have his own room anyway. Min-ho was sure he'd irritate the crap out of his roommate eventually. After about 20 minutes, he found his assigned dorm room and turned the key in the lock. Opening the door, he found that his roommate was already there and had claimed one side of the room. It wasn't that big of a problem, the young man was used to these kinds of things. He did his best to come in quietly, setting his backpack down on the floor beside his bed. Min-ho hefted his suitcase onto the surface of his bed and unzipped it, preparing to unpack it. He smirked once he opened the top of his luggage, finding that his mother had packed the Bulbasaur plushie that he had been sleeping with since he was about ten years old. It was sweet, especially because she had clearly taken the time to clean it before packing it away. Bulbasaur looked brand new and just as adorable as ever.
    Bulbasaur Plushie (open)
  3. Liam was a light sleeper, and so when Min-ho entered the room his eyes snapped open. With a soft groan, he propped himself up to look at his new room mate. "Hi," he said, his black hair falling into his eyes. Too tired to keep that position, he flopped back onto the bed and yawned. "I'm Liam. You?"
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  4. Min-ho cringed inwardly when he heard his roommate wake up. He must have been too loud.
    "I'm sorry for waking you." The young man said after Liam introduced himself. "I'm Min-ho Suhn."
    He turned back to his bed and moved his suitcase to the side so he could sit down and look at Liam. The sleepy young man wasn't half-bad looking, but the Korean wasn't about to hit on him straight away. After all, being too forward was the way to chase people and make them homophobic. A homophobic roommate was the last thing he wanted.
  5. "Oh no, that's alright. I wake really easily." Liam shot him a small smile. "Nice to meet-" he yawned in the middle of his sentence. "Crap I'm tired," he sighed. He glanced to Min, his hair still covering his eyes slightly. "You wouldn't mind me sleeping, would you?"
  6. Min-ho smirked back when Liam told him that he woke easily, though his mind was at an extreme unease at the thought. If he got up and rambled in his sleep, he'd surely wake Liam up. He sighed softly at the thought before looking back to his roommate. The young man looked more tired than the Korean felt, and he was jet-lagged.
    "Go right ahead." Min-ho replied. "I'll probably stretch out after I finish unpacking."
    After all, classes started the day after tomorrow and he'd rather have his side of the room set before having to trot off to class. Well, that was granting that he stayed down for the next couple of nights. He knew he'd have to tell Liam that he was a sleepwalker, but he hoped that conversation would go well.
  7. "Mm." Liam barely heard the rest of what Min-ho said. He closed his eyes, sighing softly. Getting to know his room mate better was for another day. He was way too tired to hold a conversation with anyone. Quite quickly, he drifted off to sleep.
  8. Min-ho took his time unpacking the rest of his things and once he was done, he laid back on his bed. He had laid out the bedspread he packed and it made the bed seem even more comfortable. He took a deep breath before looking at Liam's alarm clock. It was only 7:30 in the evening, but the young Korean was already tired. It wouldn't hurt anything to sleep a bit like Liam was doing, would it? He closed his eyes and after awhile he drifted off to sleep.

    12:30 AM

    Min-ho sat up in bed, his tired eyes half open and vacant. He slipped out of bed, his stocking feet touching the floor. He was dreaming that he was looking for something, and before too long he was crawling around on the floor. The young man stood up after he managed to crawl under Liam's bed, turning in the direction of his roommate's alarm clock. He couldn't understand the buttons in his sleep any better than any other person and before long he was poking at it, turning on a radio station and somehow tuning it to static. This was a confusing dream, but Min-ho needed to find the right frequency.
  9. It didn't take very long to wake Liam. As soon as the radio was on, his eyes blinked open. With a frown, he slowly sat up. He blinked again, trying to see just what was happening. "Min?" He slowly got out of bed and cautiously walked over to him. "What are you doing?"
  10. Min-ho thought he heard someone talking to him, but it wasn't what he was looking for.
    "Naneun oleunjjog jupasu leul chajgo iss-eoy..." He mumbled, still moving the tuner around the static frequencies.
    It wasn't working and after a few moments he stopped and simply stood there, his head down as if he were staring at the radio. The vacancy behind his eyes, however, would reveal that he wasn't even awake.

    (( naneun oleunjjog jupasu leul chajgo iss-eoyo= I'm looking for the right frequency
    Courtesy of Google Translate ))
  11. Liam was utterly confused. He had no idea of what he was saying. Frowning, Liam poked him to see what happened. He couldn't see his eyes and naturally assumed he was awake.

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  12. "Mmn." Min-ho grunted when Liam poked him.
    He was still pretty deep asleep, so a mere poke wouldn't wake him up. Of course, that wasn't a good idea anyway. The young Korean could hear what other people were saying to him still, which was probably how his mother had dealt with it all these years. For all he knew, she simply told him to go back to bed every night.
  13. Liam sighed and decided that he was just being weird. He got back into bed. "You should just go back to sleep," he said, his eyes already closed. He would ask him in the morning.
  14. "Mmkay." Min-ho mumbled before wandering to the nearest bed and crawling in. It was already nice and warm, so he didn't have any trouble getting back to a better and more restful sleep.

    (( I'll let you decide if we time-skip it or not. ))
  15. Liam fell right back asleep, and didn't wake until first light.

    ~Skip~ {I have no idea what time. 6?}

    As soon as those first rays of sunlight filtered in through the window, Liam woke. He sat up, blinking slightly. As he glanced around, he tried to remember just what happened last night. When his eyes landed on Min-ho, he remembered. With a raised eyebrow, Liam slowly got up and went to wake him up.
  16. Min-ho had managed to cocoon himself in his blanket and bulbasaur was snuggled in under his chin. He was just on the verge of waking up when he felt a hand on his shoulder, shaking him just enough to bring him back to the waking world. The young man mumbled something that sounded like "just a few more minutes," but the exact words could be debated. After a minute or so, he opened his dark eyes and rolled over to see Liam looking at him. That was a nice sight first thing in the morning and he could definitely get used to it.
    "Hey, Liam." Min-ho said with a yawn. "What's up?"
  17. Liam thought about Min's reply for a few seconds. Did he not remember? He sounded so casual. "Uh... Hey. Do you remember anything about last night?" Liam sounded unsure. "Anything at all?" If he did remember, then things would be a little bit strange. If he didn't... Liam was going to be utterly confused.
  18. Min-ho sat up as Liam spoke to him, uncertainty clear in his voice. When he was asked if anything had happened during the night, a slightly worried expression came over his face. If his roommate was asking him about that, then surely he had sleptwalked the night before. It explained why he felt so exhausted.
    "No, I really don't." The young man said, looking right up at Liam. "Why, what did I do?"
    It hadn't yet occurred to him that he hadn't told Liam about his condition, so for him the response was normal. Min-ho found himself really hoping and praying that he hadn't done anything weird, like try to get into Liam's bed or something.
  19. Liam blinked a bit, trying to get his facts straight. So he didn't remember anything about last night. Last night Liam had woken to Min standing at his alarm clock and trying to do something. If he couldn't remember... Liam finally connected the dots.

    "You woke me up when you were at my alarm clock. Said something in Korean, which I think has something to do with finding the right frequency. I told you to go back to sleep, which you did... I'm guessing you sleepwalk?" His tone wasn't accusing. Liam was really curious about things like that, which was something he'd never seen before. He also liked to try things that he'd never done before.
  20. Min-ho carefully listened to what Liam said, taking in every word. Playing with the alarm clock? That was a new one. Usually he ended up writing stuff on the walls or paper or whatever was available. The speaking in Korean part wasn't a surprise, after all it was his first language. Still, the young man was relieved he hadn't done anything worse than that to Liam.
    "Oh, okay." He replied before turning his attention back to Liam. "Yeah, I do sleepwalk. Like, a lot. If it bugs you too much, let me know. I wouldn't want to do something weird like snuggle you."
    Min-ho laughed a little awkwardly after his last statement, hoping that his roommate wouldn't read too much into it. He'd had that happen once and had nearly gotten beaten up for it.
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