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Re-posting this cause I just posted it an hour before the server died!

I collect many coins from everywhere. I will post some pics of mine and maybe you can help me identify some! Show off the coins you have where you live!

Interesting fact about American pennies. They stopped making them out of copper in 1982. Now they are just copper plated zink.

My American silver coins. They stopped making quarters and dimes from silver in 1964. Half dollars where 90% silver before 1965 and 505 silver from 1965 to 1970. During World War II there was a shortage of copper and nickle so some nickles from 1942-1945 contain 50% silver. They stopped making silver dollars back in the 20's. There where Eisenhower dollars made in the early 70's but they are not silver at all. The coins we use now are made of a mix of copper and nickle. The silver content of these coins is worth far more than the face value. This is why you can't find any of these in pocket change today. If you do then you are lucky!


These are old American paper money. There is some silver certificates there from 1935-1957. and a red ink 2$ bill from 1953. I had two red ink 5's but some dick stole them for cigarettes. I will find this guy and have my revenge.


Here is a Canadian 1$ bill from 1977 I don't think they even have 1$ bills anymore. There is a 100 Kronur bill from Island made in year 1969. I had two of these but one was stolen. He will burn for this as well. There is a 1$ bill from Brazil and I have no idea how old it is. I'd like to know if anyone lives near there and might know? All so there is an Asian 50 something bill from a country and time I don't know. Someone must help me identify that! I got that Asian one and the Brazilian one when I found those silver certificates. so I assume they may be from the same time period.


Here is some fake joke bills. Two one million dollar bills. a 3 dollar bill and a "sex" dollar bill with Bill Clinton's face on it. you can guess where the idea for that came from.


Here is a 1969 American half dollar that is 50% silver. A 2002 collectors silver dollar made with one troy ounce pure silver. These are not minted for circulation. A silver medallion thing from 1973 not sure what it is.. has to do with The American bi-centennial. And a complete set of mint condition Canadian coins from 1963. The Dime, quarter, half dollar, and silver dollar are all 90% silver. Canada made it's coins with silver till the year 1967. the silver content in these makes them worth more than face value.


This is all my random coins from other countries. This is why I want everyone to post coins from their lands. I have at least a hundred different countries coins here and some of these countries might not exist anymore. These range from year 1869 to 2008. the 1869 one is my oldest coin. a Greek 5 lepta coin.


Here is some more of my silver coins. Old Canadian dimes and quarters and a half dime from before 1935. A Russian 15 kopeek from 1909. This is before the Soviet Union. and a 2 Reich mark and a 5 Reich mark from Nazi Germany. They have swastikas on them. did have two 2 Reich mark coins but yet again some dick stole one. I need to stop trusting people!

Wow ! Pretty impressive.
You put me to shame. XD
I used to collect regular American Quarters in this little hardcover book.

And... Mhmm... Old money --- Oh yeah ! I used to have all these old Pakistani bills that have now been converted to coins.

But my Daddeh has tons of stuff just like yours ! Old Olympic quarters and like money bills from different countries in different languages. It's all wrapped up and pretty and he doesn't let me mess around with it or I'd take pictures.

The Asian 50 is prolly from Japan, me thinks <3 There's that Shinto Structure on it.
I should check around.. that possible Japanese one might be really old..
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