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  2. Cure in Makana[​IMG]
    Ruby Marie and Arastiel Ru’hwan, Mayvis Port, Ericus, Cure in Makantet, Crash Landing

    "Hold on!" Ruby hollered, much to Arastiel's dismay. The blue-haired girl grabbed onto the nearest thing she could find, clinging for dear life as the airship hurtled towards the port below. By this time, she was regretting her decision to let her pink-haired companion pilot the ship. Arastiel didn't have any airship piloting experience herself, but she wouldn't have tried any of the crazy maneuvers Ruby had.


    With a loud crash, the ship rammed into one of the port entries. Water splashed everywhere, drenching everyone that hadn't run far enough away. The entire front of the port side was smashed, exposing some of the ships inner workings.

    Ruby climbed down from the ship and examined the damage, a bit of a perplexed look on her face. "It isn't that bad."

    Arastiel, who'd gently hopped down beside her, let out a sigh that was partly in relief that they were still alive, and partly in disappointment that the ship was a wreck. "Be that as it may, we still won't be able to fly anywhere like this... Do you have money for repairs?"

    Opening her wallet, Ruby let a nervous laugh escape her lips, turning it upside down to reveal nothing was inside.

    "How did you manage to survive this long with no coin?"

    "Treasure hunters require no coin."

    "Common thief, you mean." Giving up on her companion for the time being, Arastiel searched around, hailing the first employee she got sight of. "Excuse me, sir!" she called out. The male seemed to be working on a robot of some sort, while also appearing to be half robot himself. It certainly was peculiar, but Arastiel wasn't one to judge, and she was sure the world would show her many more surprises than this.

    Arastiel removed a pouch from her bag, offering it to the male. "Would this be enough to repair our ship?"


    Amber Ambrose, Land of Fire, Makana, Cure in Makantet, Preparing to Depart

    A silver-haired Makantet took a seat, stealing a short glance over the other inhabitants of the pub. Just the typical raffle. A bunch of drunkards that could break out into a fight at any moment. Not that it was of any concern for her. Their drunken assaults were usually easy enough to dodge.

    "Any work?" she asked the bartender, who turned to greet her with a smile. He was a middle-aged male with scruffy brown hair and a close shaven beard..

    "Not much this time. There are rumors of an Elven Princess on the run though. No one's sure why, but they know she's of the Forean race. Her blue hair would probably fetch a pretty price." The bartender went about cleaning the glasses that were returned, or occasionally tossed, to him. "Would you go after a princess though?"

    "A princess, ya say?" another male with dark messy hair asked. "Tha' one that's goin' 'bout searchin' fer a cure, ya mean?"

    "Ah, that's right. They did say she was looking for a rare cure of sorts. Can't imagine it'd be the one they farm from that unnamed island, do you? I hear it only grows in its natural state there."

    "Maybe," Amber replied. "Princesses are a hassle to deal with though. She's bound to have bodyguards swarming her. I don't want to make a huge mess going after one girl. Especially one I can't accidentally burn to a cinder."

    Bartender chuckled. "Oh, but she isn't. As far as the rumors go, she only has a single treasure hunter as an envoy."

    The male beside Amber let out a loud, rough laugh. "Can't imagine how that'd happen, can ya? A princess of th' Forean race and a treasure hunter guiding her? Sounds like a funny joke, if anyth'ng!"

    "Funny, yes, but if it's true... They'll definitely be heading here from Melvinnia if ours is what they're after. Wouldn't it be easy to lie in wait there, Miss Ambrose?"

    Amber sat back and sighed. "Don't call me that, George. And it'd be a bigger hassle than you know. I've been to Melvinnia before. It's huge, so it'd be hard to find her, even with her special blue hair. Not to mention the leading guard there keeps his eyes on everything like a Featherleaf to its young." That being said, it did intrigue her. A chance to nab an elf that hails from the forest that her own race swore never to leave. 'A pretty price indeed...'

    James Chamberlain and Silo, Melvinnia City Bazaar, Ericus, Cure in Makantet, Chasing Rogues

    "Stop there, criminals!" James shouted, his hand on his sword's handle. He had yet to draw it, and desired an outcome where he didn't have to. Engaging in sword fights was always a hassle in overcrowded areas like this. It was hard enough to keep his eyes on his target.

    His target this time being a group of three men that just murdered someone. They would've gotten away with it if James wasn't nearby at the time to spot them. They tried a stealthy approach, but it was one he'd seen too many times before to not recognize. He was sure it was a simple guild trifle. Even though it was illegal under guild guidelines to engage in violence with other guilds and their members, some still felt the need to give themselves a leg up by eliminating the competition.

    "Shall I?" a female voice asked James. It belonged to a female floating beside him. A Tripan, a spirit race that lived off of chaos. Some would think it ironic that one would hang around with someone who stops chaos, but it was the contrary. Being the leader of the Melvinnian guard, James was always where the chaos was. Her relationship with that of James was almost purely symbiotic. He provided her with chaos by letting her follow him, and she helped him nab crooks from time to time.

    James simply nodded, not even bothering to turn his head.

    "You got it, boss," she replied, speeding up so she could catch up to the fleeing criminals. Once she'd caught up to them, she grabbed their legs, causing them to trip. She was invisible during all this, so the rogues had no idea what had happened.

    "Fuck, he's gonna catch us at this rate!" one cursed. James was catching up, but he was alone. One of the two pushed their partner back down and ran off, the other one following close behind.

    "Your sacrifice will be honored!" he yelled as he disappeared.

    After tossing a slew of curses at this traitor, he drew his dagger. Before he was even prepped to fight, James swung his now drawn sword, hitting the dagger and knocking it out of the rogue's hands. "I don't think so." James stood by, knowing he wouldn't be able to leave him to catch the others. "Don't worry, you won't be killed. We have plenty of questions to ask about your buddies."
    Red City Rebellion[​IMG]
    Vay Vacilio, Red City Palace Hall, Ericus, Red City Rebellion, Standing Guard

    The hall was surprisingly quiet now. It made Vay question just how well guarded this palace was, that there would be an area completely void of security if another was breached. Then again, his leader was robbing the evidence room. Of course Her Corrupted Highness would hate for anything that could be used against her to be taken away.

    Vay turned towards his partner, a Vexin named Vivian. "Pretty exciting, isn't it? I know you aren't used to work on the front lines. Definitely beats cooking all the time though, doesn't it?"

    Him being a Vexor and her being a Vexin, she didn't see as much action as him. He usually tagged along on missions, while she stayed behind with the rest of the crew that wasn't well suited for combat. This was their big heist though, and he wanted to make certain he'd be able to say goodbye if something were to happen. It only disappointed him that there was almost no trouble to be had though. Not by him anyway.

    "Even though I'm on the front lines like this, even I almost never see any action. Not till the end, when we get to run away." Vay smiled. It wasn't much, but it was still exciting. "That'll be fun."

    @Periodically Incorrect

    Rias Rex, Red City Palace, Ericus, Red City Rebellion, Searching for File Room

    Red hair fluttered against the wind generated by the girl's running speed, disappearing along with her behind a corner. Eyes watched as a group of guards ran past the hall she'd hidden herself in. A breath of relief escaped her, a smile quickly coming to replace it. 'To think it'd be this exciting to be inside the Red Palace without an invitation. I wonder what she's hiding.'

    This was Rias' first time inside, and she had no idea where to look. All she knew was that she was searching for the file room, certain that something was being kept their that could be used against her. Her ultimate goal was to take something dastardly to the Giants on Counsel Mountain, in hopes that they'd aid them in taking the city from her.

    Trudging forward, Rias wondered how the rest in her group were doing. "Is everyone clear?" she spoke into a walkie talkie. She made sure everyone had one, so they could keep in constant contact. The rest of her group was searching in different places. They had orders to alert her if they found anything or ran into any trouble. Turning around another corner, she noticed a male combating some guards in front of a room. He didn't look like anyone she knew. Before she could run off, he spotted her and called out to her. From what he'd just done and said, Rias let herself believe he wasn't here to do anything bad to her.

    "Rias Rex," she claimed. "Leader of The Kobalt Uprise." She placed her hand on a pouch attached to her belt. Any sudden actions and she'd set his face on fire in an instant.

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  3. Name: NANO 84
    Location & Continent: Mayvis Port, Ericus
    Plot: A Cure in Makana
    Actions: Building a robot & Talking to Arastiel

    Color Hex: F7007F

    Nano nearly choked on his sandwich as the loud sound echoed through the port, catching the attention of many, but only for a brief moment. Curiously he poked his head out of his stall to see the wreckage and two girls stepping out; he took a bite out of his sandwich fascinated by how badly the ship was landed. He chuckled and slinked back into his shop tinkering with a half-finished skeleton of a robot, a variety of half finished projects decorating the shelves of his stall. It wasn't long before his attention was once again stolen, but this time by a peculiar looking girl, one that had stepped out of the ship no doubt, but before he could greet her a pouch was handed to him.

    "You don't look like you're from these parts," His statement came out sounding more like a question. His brow furrowed as he opened the pouch, shaking his head at the contents. "Sorry, doll. You must really not be from here, damages like that cost a big coin," he handed back the pouch a bit disappointed for her, but he was quick to offer a solution "But if you're willing to gamble there's a way you can earn some cash," He pointed in the direction of a small ring where people gathered, a few doing some mock battles and testing their creations for any bugs. A table was set up with a suited man who was taking bets and handing out tickets "You bet on the right person, you'd earn more than enough money to repair the ship, and I don't mean to brag or anything, but I'm pretty amazing at making stuff so if you want to up your chances of winning I would bet on me," He gave Arastiel a reassuring smile and resumed his tinkering with the small robotic skeleton. "Also," he added, his eyes not moving from his work "That ring is only for test projects, not the real thing, so if you're not interested in betting on me you'll find it wise to hang around there for a bit to guess who'd be the safest,"

    Mentions: @Pravitas

    Name(s): Chase & Vivian
    Location & Continent: Mayvis Port, Ericus
    Plot: A Cure In Makana
    Actions: Gambling and Arguing; Controlling an idiot

    A ship landed in port with an unusually loud engine, but before Chase could cut the engine, it cut himself. A panicked expression crosses his face as Vivian ran out the control room and vomited over the side of the ship. She wasn't particularly bad with air travel, but Chase had pushed the limits, just barely managing to evade being captured in another city by pressing his luck with an ancient ship. "Idiot," Vivian managed to say but resumed throwing up what remained of her breakfast.

    "A lucky idiot," He sighed, his usual pep drained from him as he tried to rev up the engine once more. A small glimmer of hope popped up as it sputtered, but that hope was crushed as soon as it stopped. Chase groaned in frustration throwing himself back into his chair as his mind racked options. Buying a new ship would be far too expensive, and they were dry on funds given his last 'adventure' in a town's Red District. "Not so lucky," he corrected himself as he got up from his seat and approached his partner Vivian, placing his arm on her shoulder, the action had earned him a suspicious glare. "Vi, babe, friend, partner in justice, you-"

    "No!" she stopped him there, shutting him down before he could even ask.

    "Oh, cmon! You don't even know what I was going to ask!"

    "If it's something from you I have a damn clear idea of what in Nah's name you want to ask!" She took a big step away from Chase, pointing her finger at him accusingly "You want my money don't you? You're not getting it! Not in a million years! Going to blow it off at some club I bet," Chase wasn't surprised she knew what he wanted, they had been partners for some time after all, but that didn't phase him a counter argument already prepared.

    "But the ship is broken, we need a new one-"

    Cut off once again, Vivian just as prepared as he was for this "We travel on foot-"

    "Then we're not Sky Pirates! We're common thieves!"

    "Oh? And being a 'Sky Thief' is any better? Don't even lump me in the same category as you; I am no pirate, I'm your parole officer, besides we both know my money won't be enough to buy us a new ship, not even a small one,"

    "This port has a few spots for some gambling, not to mention there's an Inventors Competition happening not to long from now" Vivian was silent, listening to his words carefully while she watched for the catch, Chase wasted no time and fished out his pocket a pair of dice, "You know the game Lucky 7? Yeah?" It dawned on her.

    "So all those times I lost-!"

    "Yep," he chuckled lightly, dropping the dice and they landed on a 5 and 2, a lucky 7, "They were loaded," Vivian now was clearly angry, suppressing her urge to crush every arrogant bone in his body "The plan's you go bet on someone, and I'll go play some Lucky 7, but I'll need some starting coins and maybe one transformation potion," He was nervous, Vivian's pale blue eyes staring right through him. He suppressed a smile as she sighed, reaching into her pouch and removing a small handful of coins.

    "Use them wisely; you won't be getting any transformation potion," but that little bit of news didn't damper his now bright mood. Without another word Chase ran off the ship before Vivian could change her mind, pulling his hat over his face to hide his features. Once he was gone, Vivian screamed, throwing down an empty potion bottle in frustration. "He did it! He did it again that urchin!" Her eyes glowed faintly, and doors that were closed flew open, a scowl now embedded into her face. It wasn't difficult to find where bets were being placed, and with an aggitated huff, she marched over, throwing down her name on the first option to bet on.

    Name: Suvia
    Location & Continent: Melvinnia City Bazaar, Ericus
    Plot: A Cure in Makana
    Actions: Adventuring and stops to capture two criminals

    Ada would've liked this place; Suvia thought as she bit into a piece of candy, fascinated by the tall buildings that decorated the city, No way I would be able to fly comfortably here. She giggled to herself as she thought of how most Makantet would run down the city in frustration. It wasn't particularly right to laugh at violence, but when you grow up around it, you simply become numb to the idea. Feeling a little uncomfortable, Suvia lowered her body temperature once again, letting out a small breath of relief, a small cloud of air forming as she did. Before she could continue her hike around the city, she saw two men who seemed a bit frantic to avoid someone.

    She blinked confused, making a quick profile of the pair, they didn't seem to be dressed in a manner that would indicate they were defenseless, and they reeked of blood that didn't belong to them. They looked normal enough to be human. Suvia waited, patiently the area around her growing cold enough to drive bystanders away. It was immediate as the ice coated the cement, ways to slip, but they didn't slide to safety. Instead, a wall shot up and bent over the two forming a dome that trapped them both. It was natural that they would be screaming and that others would stare. Almost cheerfully she hurried over to the icy prison she made, the ice pulling back just big enough to see who exactly she captured. Their lips were already blue from the cold, and if she left them there much longer, they would probably die of hypothermia.
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  4. Text box:

    Name: Vivian Rylee Young
    Location: The Red CIty, Ericus
    Plot: Red City Rebellion
    Action: Entering into The Red City´s Palace

    Vivian had a large smile across her face she was too excited to be on the front lines. Happy to be here with Vay, her Vexor, looking at him then around the hall she questioning if missions were always this quiet. The hall was mainly red and white, finding it all accented in gold. "Pretty exciting, isn't it? I know you aren't used to work on the front lines. Definitely beats cooking all the time though, doesn't it?" Her thoughts were interrupted by Vay´s voice, looking at him again she nodded ¨Of course I am! Why wouldn´t I be?¨ Vivian took a breath ¨I hate cooking all day, though I´m good at it you know that it stinks being caught in the same place all day.¨ she could see that Vay was thinking "Even though I'm on the front lines like this, even I almost never see any action. Not till the end, when we get to run away....That'll be fun." Vivian laughed ¨Maybe that´ll change today!¨ Vivian sounded to hopeful too innocent to really be on this mission, but it was she who insisted on coming on this one. Natural remedies might come in handy or maybe her magic. Not only that but she wanted to be their for Vay. Viv knew how bad this mission is and told herself, no promised herself that she would come with him. She wasn´t going to let him go alone, and he must have known that. ¨Well, I am your shadow on this mission, please lead the way. I'm excited to see what else this castle holds!¨

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  5. Name: Anna
    Location: A Tavern in Mayvis
    Action: Waiting, Acting Natural

    Just act natural... Just act natural... Anna the Half-Giant scooted uncomfortably in her chair. Her hood hid her face, as if that would help the fact that her chair was close to breaking from her weight. She looked at the older male across the table, who kept a cold calmness about him. Normally Anna wouldn't go to the tavern, too many people to stare at her, but this man insisted. She didn't know what sort of quest he had for her and her freinds, but he was offering a lot of money and Poppa was too sick to work. So here she was, awkwardly sitting and waiting for her friends who she had sent letters to come if they could. "Your certain they're coming?" "Yes sir, I'm sure they'll be here in a little bit." She replied to the old man, dearly hoping she was right.

    @DANAsaur @Shattered♦Secrets™ @Kangutso

    Name: Captain Sinbad Tenser
    Location: Red Palace
    Plot: Red City Rebellion
    Action: Finishing Off Guards

    The man looked like this (open)
    image.png With a more muscular build and a white shirt.

    "Bwahahaha! What a coincidence little lady! I was just look'n for yah!" His bellowing voice was just a bit too loud for the whole steath thing. As he sank his cutlass between the red plate armor of the last guard he spoke again, "I've wanted to join the Upris'n for a while now, just haven't been able to find yah!" After pulling his cutlass out and sheathing it, paying half attention to the fact that it had no blood on it, he extended his hand to Rias. "Capt'n Sinbad at yer service madam! Heard you would be head'n here so I thought I should start beat'n up bastards! Caught some information that might help yeh too!" He grinned widely, showing several gold teeth.


    Name: Empress Novena Emidale
    Location: Red Palace, Summit
    Plot: Red City Rebellion
    Action: Being Evil

    "Gentlemen please. Your overreacting. That pitiful rebellion is of no concern at all, it will be nothing more then a rumor soon I assure you." Dispite the large number of arguing responses, Novena turned off the communicator, signaling to the nobles on the other end that the conversation was over. The Empress sank into a large, fluffy chair and turned to face the window in her room which showed the Red City in all it's glimmering glory. She looked down upon her city of sin, smirking at thought of little ants down there, plotting against her. Her thoughts were interrupted by knocking at her door, her servent Emily came up to her and peeped up, "There is someone at the door for you Madame." "When is there not," Complained the Empress, "Fine, let them in."

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  6. Gildo & Edna
    Metalscale Forest, Forea
    Abso-fucking-lutely nothing

    "Edna, be careful as you head out," Gildo, a great Goldenscale Dragon, roars.

    "Father, you know very well I'm just like you," his daughter(?), Edna, replies.

    "The Crystalscales aren't," Gildo says. "I have heard from my acquaintance Sylvia that the Crystalscales are starting to move to our lands. I am unsure if this is true bu-"

    "Oh?" Edna gives her father a condescending look. "Acquaintance you say?"

    "Aaanyways," Gildo blushes, "just keep a lookout. We don't know anything about the Crystalscale Dragons. Apart from... well... being crystal."​
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  7. Red City Rebellion


    {Arya & Shion Moon || Red City Palace: Street => Summit || Ericus || Red City Rebellion || Killing People => Tattling Reporting}

    Arya stood scowling over the corpse of some idiot that had tried to rob her of her belongings, the blood still dripping from the large kunai blade she always kept with her. Reaching down with her left hand the shifter snatched up the eyepatch that had fallen free in the brief struggle, carefully tying in back in place over her right eye before returning her gaze to the now deceased thief. She shook her head disapprovingly as she carefully wiped down the blade of her weapon before returning it to its sheath positioned on the back of her waist. They might have been in one of the most corrupt cities Avion had to offer but even the criminals should have known better than to mess with her like that. After all, she wasn't a part of the Empress' service for no reason. Spinning on her heel, Arya made to leave the alleyway she had been backed into when a faint sound caught her attention. Her wolf-like ears twitched as they tried to focus on the sound, a familiar whistle that served to summon her back from wherever she had wandered off to.

    Leaving the body behind Arya leapt into the air, rebounding off the alley walls until she had reached the top. She gripped the edge tightly and pulled herself up effortlessly, pausing to listen for the whistle again. The palace huh? Arya took off running, hopping nimbly from rooftop to rooftop all the while keeping her eye focused on her destination. Her pace slowed only once she reached the last row of buildings leading up to the palace grounds, the wolf woman kicking off the edge high into the air. Twisting her body, Arya tumbled through the air before hitting the ground, rolling through the impact into a brisk jog as she made the rest of the journey on foot. She was greeted by a familiar man cloaked in black whose arms wrapped around her much smaller form comfortingly. "That took you longer than usual, what held you?" He asked curiously, pulling back a step to inspect her. "You smell of blood, what happened?" His yellow eyes filled with concern as a low growl resonated through his chest. Arya reached up and rested a hand on his cheek with a confident smile. "It was nothing but a small inconvenience, don't worry so much about it Shion." Shion hesitated for a moment before running a hand through his snow white hair, his growl replaced with a sigh. "If you say so, my dear. Let's go, we have business with the Empress." He stated before turning and entering the palace, Arya following a step behind.

    The pair headed straight for the summit, awaiting patiently for the Empress' personal servant to direct them inside. "Your Excellency." They spoke in unison as they each clenched a fist over their heart, falling to their knee in a respectful bow. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but I have something troubling to report." He spoke as he rose to his feet, sensing his mate tense behind him. "It has been brought to my attention that we may be facing a breach of palace security. Two suspicious figures were spotted near the palace, however their exact location is currently unknown. It is unclear as to what their goal might be at this time, how would you like to proceed Madame?"

    { @Crono @Pravitas }

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  8. Cure in Makana[​IMG]
    Ruby Marie and Arastiel Ru’hwan, Mayvis Port, Ericus, Cure in Makantet, Placing a Bet

    Arastiel was saddened by the news that what she carried on her person wouldn’t be enough to cover the repairs they’d need. There was always the option of simply waiting to see if they could catch a ride with someone else, but the elven princess knew such an action could prove dangerous if they placed their trust in the wrong person. ‘Standing idly by will only allow more time for Aaron to catch up to use…’

    That was when the robotic man suggested that they place bets, in hopes of increasing their small purse. Arastiel was about to decline the suggestion, when Ruby slung her arm over her shoulder, a smile wide as a Siv was long. “Sounds like a great idea to me! Though I’m not real sure about betting on this guy. His trashbot doesn’t look like it could do much damage.”

    “Ruby…” Arastiel mumbled, somewhat annoyed with her companion’s mannerisms. “The man was confident enough to suggest we bet on him. Surely he knows that we should hold him responsible if he is to lose.”

    Ruby looked at Arastiel blankly before a second before chuckling mischievously. “That’s right! I say if he loses, he gives us his trashbot! Maybe we’ll be able to recoup some of our losses if we sell it for scrap!”

    Arastiel shook her head and grabbed Ruby’s arm. “I apologize for my companion’s behaviors. I’ll be sure to place our bet on you, Mr…?”


    James Chamberlain and Silo, Melvinnia City Bazaar, Ericus, Cure in Makantet, Thanking Suvia

    It wasn’t too long before guards swarmed to the area, ready to take the captured criminal into custody. James looked onward towards where the others had retreated. Silo had chased after them, so it was possible she’d kept them tripping up long enough for him to catch up. Wasting no time, the guard leader returned to the chase.

    James rushed forward, stopping suddenly after turning a corner. A ways up the road were his criminals, trapped in a sphere of ice with only a small opening. Silo was up ahead, talking to a young girl that was probably the creator of this sphere. ‘A Venefica?’ he pondered. “You captured these two?” he asked, approaching the quartet.

    “She did, she did!” Silo exclaimed. “And it was a lovely sight, too! The slid across the ground and were captured in this orb before they could so much as stand!” The spirit was giddy, clapping her hands in applause of the chaos that’d just ensued.

    “If this nut says it, it must be so.” James offered a smile and a curt bow. “James Chamberlain, leader of the Melvinnian Guard. I thank you for your assistance in stopping these criminals, though you may want to release them before they die from the cold.” The guards were already advancing on the area, so it was well and good for the dragon girl to release the males now. “And to whom do I owe my thanks?” James asked, looking inquisitively at the young girl.

    Red City Rebellion[​IMG]
    Vay Vacilio, Red City Palace Hall, Ericus, Red City Rebellion, Standing Guard

    Vay smiled in excitement. That was right. He could lead from here. There was no one here, and Vay was certain their leader would require their assistance. After all, if the guards weren’t here, they must be swarming her. “Say, Vivian. Shall we head off then? Perhaps our leader needs our help.”

    After receiving a few words and a nod in response, Vay grabbed his partner’s hand and off they were. Much to their surprise, they ran into guards as soon as they rounded the corner. Not one to be unprepared for rapidly changing situations, Vay drew his sword and entered combat, whacking away the nearest guard’s weapon and meeting him with a drop kick. “Feel like a dance?” he asked Vivian, blocking an assault from behind as he spoke.

    @Periodically Incorrect

    Rias Rex, Red City Palace, Ericus, Red City Rebellion, Greeting Captain Sinbad Tenser

    Rias let out a sigh of relief, glad she wouldn’t need to fight the male before her. “We’d be glad to have you, if you’re willing to help us.” He seemed to be a capable man, one well-versed in the art of freelance combat. Plus, he mentioned already having information.

    “You came from the file room?” she inquired of him, looking about his person to see if he carried any evidence of the sort. “Tell me all that you know, and we’ll see about getting out of here in one piece. I’m sure Her Corrupted Highness already knows we’re here. If she cares as much as I think she does, none but her personal best will be after us now.”

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  9. Name: NANO 84
    Location & Continent: Mayvis Port, Ericus
    Plot: A Cure in Makana
    Actions: Still talking and still building
    Color Hex: F7007F

    "Nano," He replied, waving away Ruby's comment chuckling lightly at her more outspoken attitude "But there's no need to apologize, I mean after all I guess I do look a bit shady? But I'll agree to your bet, kid." Nano popped open a drawer and removed a small coin sized device and handing it over to Arastiel, already coming to the conclusion she was the more capable partner. "You'll need that, kinda like a ticket the one that guy gives out are a bit faulty. That aside I've never gotten your name, mind if I know it?" at this point he had managed to put on the plating on the robot, giving it the appearance of a small human. As Ruby said, his creation truly did look ill-suited for battle.

    Name: Suvia
    Location & Continent: Melvinnia City Bazaar, Ericus
    Plot: A Cure in Makana
    Actions: Talking with James

    Suvia covered her mouth and nose as Silo spoke, surprised to see the creature she hadn't noticed from earlier but was excited nonetheless. She could do without the smell that emitted off the spirits body. As James spoke, she released them as instructed. The ice made a cracking sound as it was pulled back, similar to breaking bones or wood regardless of what people could compare it to it was unpleasant. Suvia offered a curt bow returning the respect shown to her, "My name is Suvia, I come from Makana. I must apologize, I can only create ice and alter its shape, but I can't destroy it. The heat will have to do that, I'm also not sure how effective a normal flame would be against it," the men were captured as soon as the guards had come close enough, the men were shaking like a leaf but were visibly happy to feel the warmth of both the sun and another being. They probably got frostbite at the worst case scenario, but Suvia was no doctor, so she didn't concern herself with their well begin.

    "Might I ask what your friend is, though? My home doesn't have a large variety of races such as Ericus, this is also my first proper encounter with a human, so I hope I don't do or say anything that may hurt you,"

    Name(s): Chase & Vivian
    Location & Continent: Mayvis Port, Ericus
    Plot: A Cure In Makana
    Actions: 'Fearing' for his life; Saving his life

    "You filthy Arach!" A man exclaimed outraged with several other men standing behind him, just as furious.

    "No need to hate me, hate the game, your luck is shit," Chase replied casually shoving a large pouch into his messenger bag, a sly smirk playing on his lips

    "Luck had nothing to do with this; your dice were loaded!"

    "Oh, on the contrary, I just asked if you wanted to play Lucky 7, I never claimed the game would be fair. Because of that lack of information, it just proves your luck is shit," he patted the bag almost lovingly as he secured the strap to keep it shut, not wanting to harm the coins inside. Money makes the world go round, and he knew that. "I bid you gentlemen goodbye, quite the colorful game," before they could express anymore of their anger Chase did the thing he was best at, the thing he had been doing since he was 15, a new pirate to the sky. He ran for the hills. Like dominos, the men he had just swindled followed after him some even armed with wood and metal that littered the underground gambling spot. They didn't let up even after they had come out of the shadows, some people frantically moving out of the way of the angry mob. Vivian didn't need to see who was being chased down to know it was Chase.

    "Why are you like this?" Vivian whimpered as she covered her face with her hands, embarrassed to even see the uproar he caused. She tucked her coin piece in the pocket of her dress and began acting. She bolted, following the mob as fast as she could, just barely able to see the blonde running at the front. She was furious to see he seemed to actually be enjoying the chaos he caused. The familiar glow returned to her eyes as she pulled her partner upward at a dangerous height.

    "Vi, sweetheart, put me down!" he choked, his legs struggling to find any solid ground in the air, the crowd stopped bewildered by the scene. His wants clawed at his throat, trying to pry away the magic that kept him suspended. Vivian looked up at him, her arms folded and her foot tapping impatiently.

    "My money, give it to me." It wasn't a lie. Not at all, she had been cheated just as much as the men were. That money was hers as it was theirs.

    "Vi!?" clawing at his neck even more frantically as her grip tightened around his throat, but his nails never met the flesh. The scene was enough to dismiss the crowd, carefully maneuvering their away around Vivian like kicked dogs. "Vivian, they're gone, you can stop!"

    "My. Money."

    "By Nah's name you madwoman!" he fumbled for his bag and tossed the pouch at Vivian. She stopped it inches away from her face and was thankful none of the contents had spilled She now lowered chase to a safe distance before letting him fall on his butt. Not high enough to break a bone, just high enough for a little bruising. Although his reaction was a bit over dramatic, acting as though every bone in his body had been shattered by the action. It earned the pair a few stares but none would've dared come to his rescue.

    "It's a hustle, yeah?" she chimed, shoving the pouch into her pocket. Surprisingly enough it showed no trace of being on her as if the pocket had just eaten it.

    "No, you just mugged me," he shot back, dusting his pants off as he did.

    "Well it was you, so does it really matter? Unlawful thief,"

    "It doesn't matter, yeah, as long as we're getting a new ship," Vivian chuckled at his confidence and Chase's hopes were wounded "We are using that for a new ship, right?" instead of an answer she walked away, eager to see what other things the port had to offer. Chase calling after her in dismay, unsure exactly how he would be able to pocket his money back but his attention was quickly stolen as a rather beautiful woman walked passed him, and to his luck, she wasn't to badly dressed either. She definitely had at least one thing of value.

    "Excuse me, ma'am? Might I have your name?" he asked in a voice that was laced in confidence.
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  10. || Captain Atticus Shaw || Mayvis || Ericus || ((Maybe Buried Treasure)) || Drinking at the tavern ||

    "Another round of rum for the boys!" The human crowed, gulping down the glass of rum in one go. After many years sailing at sea with his crew, many had decided to retire and that night they were celebrating their success as pirate. Course, none of them mentioned the fact that they had been pirates, choosing instead to pass as wealthy merchantmen. On the other hand, they were all drunk beyond recognition and there was no doubt someone would find out. Even so, the barkeep didn't complain. At least the men were paying. Turning back to the bar Atticus demanded yet another glass, almost falling off of the stool in the process and instead dropping his cutlass with a loud clatter.
  11. Name: Captain Sinbad Tenser
    Location: Red Palace
    Plot: Red City Rebellion
    Action: Being Serious

    "Bwahahahaw! As if I wouldn't come to yah without proof of me mettle!" Sinbad swung a file with the word Classified very obviously stamped on out of his coat and gave it to Rias. He then turned rather serious, "There's some pretty bad stuff in there. Not only are they rounding up innocent people to throw inta jail, but they're using prisoners for some sort of "Project Infinite" thing. Gets real vague when they talk about the project but it seems the prisoners don't make it out alive." He looked around suspiciously, "So we should probably leave. Round now."


    Name: Empress Novena Emidale
    Location: Red Palace, Summit
    Plot: Red City Rebellion
    Action: Being Annoyed

    The Empress Looked Like This (open)

    She had a slender, attractive frame with paler skin. Her thin face and icy eyes kept a look of cool confidence. Jet black hair stood against her crimson silk kimono, lined with gold and very expensive looking.

    Emily the servent was a young girl with long blond hair and a calming demeanor, clothed in a plain grey robe. She quickly led the two in at the Empress's permission and politely asked if the two wanted anything to drink. She would quickly fetch anything requested, if nothing was asked of her she would have returned to cleaning.

    The Empress's grip on her chair's arm tightened for a moment at Shion's report, then relaxed. She slithered up and around so that she was facing the two without turning the chair, allowing the reclining function to lower her to slightly above eye level with them. She let one arm hang as she gave them her trademark smirk, she looked like a big, lazy cat. "Well that's a downer. Not that I expect you two to come with good news unless I send you to do something."

    The Empress thought about it for a bit and finally said, "Observe them in secret. Report to me when you find something of interest. If they catch you you may do what you wish with them, if you fail, well..." She tilted her head to a shelf with a jar holding the fingers and eyeball of the last person who failed her, "You've got the drill by now." Emily brought them two small rocks with green runes on them. "Sending Stones, speak in a message and it will send it to me. I'll try to respond quickly. They're a bit iffy but much more efficient then those clunky telephones," she then gestured to the door.

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  12. Text box:

    Name: Vivian Rylee Young
    Location: The Red CIty, Ericus
    Plot: Red City Rebellion
    Action: Entering into The Red City´s Palace

    Vivian was giddy and excited. She bounced in a circle smiling as she herd her friends voice ring out again
    “Say, Vivian. Shall we head off then? Perhaps our leader needs our help.”
    Vivian smiled and nodded

    "Why of course!"
    Following Vay around the corner she found
    all the guards and the color in her face drained a little. Obviously she wasn't expecting a fight this
    early on with a nervous laugh rom her Vivian could hear Vay ask
    “Feel like a dance?”
    Vivian thought for a split moment, she had never thought about fighting like a dance in the little

    actual experience and training she's been though she never though of it the way just put it.
    With a large smile Vivian responds beginning to distribute her mana evenly through her body
    creating some offence and some defense.
    "Like I've said before, take the lead. I'll follow."


    Text box:

    [ NPC ]
    Name: Mayor Oscar Bagstock
    Location: Springwork, Kelluva Isle
    Plot: The Clockwork Commission
    Action: Stressing over his city

    Mayor Oscar frowned as he watched his city from his car. Driving home he was in near distress
    his city was being torn apart by some unknown things and it wasn't okay. Whatever they were they were
    sneaky and evasive. Mayor Oscar wanted help. People to help him identify these things and then report back to
    him anything he could find out about these creatures would be helpful right now so he could justify the right
    course of action. However, how would he get people to know about this? Not everyone had the technology this town
    did. Almost reaching his home he nearly shouted out, he had figured out an idea. His town had a church, maybe some people would be willing to travel and spread the word. Anything to help his town! Reaching the Church he smiled
    "Father Martin. It's a pleasure to see you!"
    Father Martin smiled reaching a hand out toward him
    "Mayor Oscar! Such a pleasant surprise! What could we, the church, or I, myself do you for?"
    The Mayor smiled explaining his idea. Father Martin nodded sending ten of his comers
    out to be missionaries. Two to each continent, they were instructed to return within three days of arriving where they were going.
    With a smile and a thank you Mayor Oscar left again headed back home.


    Text box:

    Name: Tyler Lucas DeCaprio
    Location: Melvinnia, Ericus
    Plot: The Clockwork Commission
    Action: Wandering around for new supplies

    Tyler smiled at the large place drooling at the different things he could smell and see and touch.
    He was fascinated. Tyler had some money and knew he had to restock on supplies and eat.
    Sighing Tyler walked around finding places to refill his water and stock up on food that doesn't spoil right
    away. Sighing he could hear his stomach grumble and decided to take a break finding a place that made him a nice
    sandwich and made him a nice cup of rum. Smiling a thanks and paying largely Tyler found a place to sit and eat.
    Taking a bit into his sandwich Tyler was grateful for people who knew how too cook. A little ways away from him he could see
    a small group gathered. Straining his ears all he could hear were
    "An unknown.... In my hometown..... We need some...."
    Intrigued by the lack of information Tyler had, Tyler decided that after his lunch
    he would go over and ask the person who was telling the story to tell it again. Hopefully they wouldn't mind.

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  13. Triss Shatner and Tutankhamen, Springworks, Kelluva Isle, The Clockwork Commission, Buying groceries

    "This isn't working," Triss sighed as she tossed her latest project to the side. It landed with a clank against Tutankhamen's exterior before dropping to the ground with another clank. The Cog just remained silent as he looked at his human charge. "Hey Tut, what do you think I should change to make this work?" she asked, looking over at him.

    "I don't know, you're the inventor," he grunted, his voice grating against the ears as if his voice had rust in them. She let out a huff and placed her head on the desk.

    "Uuuugh, what am I gonna do?" More silence until a growl made itself known. Her head shot up and she blushed hard at the sound.

    "You should probably eat, though we need to go buy some food."

    "Yeah, we should probably do that." The inventor got up and went over to the the secret stash she kept hidden underneath the nightstand. She pulled out a wad of bills and stuffed it into her pocket. "Come on, let's go." The two then exited their home that was falling in disrepair and set off to the grocery store.

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  14. Cure in Makana[​IMG]
    Ruby Marie and Arastiel Ru’hwan, Mayvis Port, Ericus, Cure in Makana, Placing a Bet

    “Arastiel,” the elven princess answered, gratefully accepting the device the male gave her. She assumed it was something she’d need in order to enter the place the tournament was to be held. “Thank you, Mr. Nano.” After a curt bow, she dragged Ruby away.

    “You’re really just gonna accept something like that from a stranger?! What if it’s a bomb?!” Ruby whined, still worried about the man’s intentions. They didn’t know Nano, and Ruby wasn’t about to get blown to smithereens because of Arastiel’s naivety. “There’s too many ways this could turn out to be a scam for me to want to trust him.”

    “Be that as it may, we’re doing it, regardless of whether you want to or not.” Arastiel stopped walking, releasing Ruby’s hand. “Now, where is the location for this tournament?”

    Knowing that arguing with the girl would be pointless, Ruby sighed and pointed towards a tall, rounded structure. “That’s the coliseum. It’s where they hold all the tournaments around here.”

    “I see…” Making her way over to the betting booth, Arastiel removed all the coin she had and gave it to the man running the stand. “Mr. Nano, please.”

    The man punched in a few things and handed Arastiel a small sheet with her betting information on it, stamped with approval. “You’ll take that to the betting station in the coliseum should yer pick win. Just a warnin’ though. That Nano is a pretty eccentric fellow when it comes to inventin’ shit.”

    Arastiel smiled and accepted the ticket. “I’m sure he won’t let us down. Not after he so confidently assured us he’d be a great ‘pick’.” Departing from the stand, Arastiel and Ruby made their way towards the coliseum, Ruby still visibly annoyed with her easily trusting nature.


    James Chamberlain and Silo, Melvinnia City Bazaar, Ericus, Cure in Makana, Explaining Silo

    “She’s a Tripan,” he answered, his eyes on the spirit that was floating about. “A troublesome spirit that thrives on chaos…” James looked back at the young dragon child. ‘A Makantet, huh?’

    “Hey, no one tells you how to live your life!” Silo complained, as though what he’d said was anything but the truth. A pout adorned her face, and she vanished, having made herself invisible.

    Ignoring his companion’s complaints, James continued speaking to Suvia as the criminals were rounded up. “From Makana. That’s quite far from here. Trying to escape your kind’s usual nature?” He didn’t say he to be rude, and he tried to maintain a calming voice to suggest such. “Or perhaps you’re looking for something that can only be found here?”

    The men were rushed to receive medical attention, though James was certain they would be fine. If they’d come out of the sphere alive, it was likely they’d make it to prison alive.

    Red City Rebellion[​IMG]
    Vay Vacilio, Red City Palace, Ericus, Red City Rebellion, Fighting Guards

    Upon hearing his companion’s acceptance, Vay leaped into action, whacking an assaulting guard’s weapon from his hands and kicking him into another. “There may not be much dancing to be had with such silly guards, but we’ll have our fun!”

    Taking Vivian by the hand, he rushed through the guards, using his sword to deflect any stray blades and attempted strikes, trusting Vivian to do the same. There was no need to tell her. Though she hadn’t received as much training as he, Rias made sure that all in her company were prepared for the trials that awaited them.

    Dealing with this hall of guards was quick and easy work. Vay and Vivian needn’t even to break a sweat in breaking through their offensive defense. “Real swordsmen only swing first when they know they won’t miss. That’s why you lost.” Donning a triumphant smile, Vay continued on with Vivian.

    “Quickly! Our leader awaits us!”

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  15. Red City Rebellion

    {Arya & Shion Moon || Red City Palace: Summit => Hall/Elsewhere || Ericus || Red City Rebellion || Reporting => Stalking Observing}

    While Shion spoke to the Empress, Arya found her gaze following the servant around as she returned to cleaning. There was something about the long blonde hair that was soothing to watch as she moved naturally throughout the space. Such patience, and yet she was swift in all of her actions. Arya was sure she still had much to do which made her glad that she had declined her offer of beverages, as that would only have taken her away from her other work.

    Her thoughts were interrupted by movement in front of her, her single maroon eye locking onto the Empress who had turned to drape across the back of her chair. The cat-like resemblance irritated her. She wasn't sure what it was about it that she didn't like, but just the posture alone seemed undignified and lazy. Arya figured that was part of what made the Empress so intimidating, just knowing the fact that such a relaxed persona would flip on a dime and tear you apart if displeased. Such a bloodlust, the power she held in a single gaze, there was no doubt that the woman lounging about before her was alpha material. It was respectable and more than a little exciting, for if it wasn't Arya would never have stuck around.

    The pair remained silent as the Empress spoke, listening to her directives word for word so as to be sure not to mess anything up. They maintained composure but they couldn't keep themselves from glancing at one another out of surprise. Certainly they were capable of stealth jobs, and have carried them out in the past, but their specialty was elimination. It was unusual to say the least, especially when their targets were trespassers and possible threats. Keeping silent, Shion and Arya accepted the stones from Emily observing them curiously. They were small and decorated with a green rune that neither of them recognized but the explanation provided to them was simple enough that they would be able to use them with minimal issues. Gripping the stones in their hands, the couple bowed against just as they had when they first arrived. "We won't let you down, Empress." Rising in unison the beastshifters turned to exit the room, nodding their acknowledgements to Emily as well before disappearing out into the hall and around the corner.

    As they walked, Shion and Arya pocketed the Sending Stones before sighing. "Observe them and report back. Sounds simple enough but I had expected something a little more... example making." Arya noted, having pictures a beheading or torture of some kind for those caught trespassing on the palace grounds. Shaking her head she turned her head so that she could see Shion, who always walked beside her on her blindside. If his facial expression was any indication, he was just as surprised by their orders as she was. Sometimes it feels like she's purposefully inviting trouble in. I'll never understand what goes on in that head of hers. He thought to himself with a shrug. "It's not up to us to question her decisions, after all it is quite possible she has a plan much bigger than any of us could hope to understand. If she thought these intruders served her better dead, she would have ordered us to kill them on sight." Shion kept his gaze forward, not sure how much he believed his own words. Regardless, they were going to carry out their mission to the best of their abilities as they always did.

    A few moments later, one of the human guards rushed up to them, panting as if he'd just completed a marathon. Shion stepped forward recognizing the man as the one to have informed him of the possible intrusion earlier. "Something the matter?" He asked, eyes narrowing as the guard nodded his response. "Intruder... Files." He heaved, pointing in the direction that he had run from. Shion opened his mouth to respond but was silenced by a hand on his arm. Arya's eye had narrowed, her wolf ears twitching as they caught the faint sound of steel meeting steel. Only this sound hadn't originated from where the files were being kept like the guard was reporting. "Seems there's more than we originally thought. I'd be interested to know how they slipped past your men." She growled, the man before her jumping back slightly. "Well this complicates things a bit, but at least we'll be entertained." Shion noted, patting the guard on the soldier with a laugh. "I'll check out the idiots who started a fight in the middle of the hall, you go find out what the others want with the files." Arya said, a smirk tugging at the corner of her lips. Shion raised an eyebrow, shaking his head with amusement. "Alright my dear, but don't forget the point of our mission. We're to observe the intruders and figure out what they want. The number may have changed but the objective has not. Be careful." He leaned down and kissed her forhead, his hidden tail swishing merrily before he took a step back and watched Arya take off in the direction of her target. Shaking his head, he turned and began running in another direction to find out who was snooping around where they shouldn't have.

    Arya slowed her pace down and approached the corner, relying on her sense of sound to gague the situation down the hallway to avoid being spotted.
    'Like I've said before, take the lead. I'll follow.' The voice belonged to a female who didn't sound to be very large, unlikely that she was responsible for the sound of clashing steel that had been heard before. Inhaling deeply, Arya was able to identify several different scents but only two were unfamiliar. Impressively enough it didn't take the two very long to bust through the guards that had approached them. "This might be more fun than I thought." She smirked, stepping out from behind the corner as they continued on their way away from her. They must be talking about the intruder by the File Room. The Empress will want to know, but we should make sure they're the real deal first before reporting to her.

    Shion's run was easy for him, but much longer than he had anticipated. By the time he arrived, he could hear the voices preparing to leave. Whatever it was that they came for, it sounded like they might have found it. Gritting his teeth, Shion peeked around the corner to get a better look at who they were dealing with. Much to his surprise he found himself looking at a little girl with bright red hair and some captain looking fellow he had not been made aware of. This just keeps getting better and better. He thought as he slowly knelt down to the ground, contemplating whether or not getting involved would be of benefit to the mission. After all, if they were leaving, if he was able to draw blood, he'd have no issue tracking them down. For the moment, however, he decided to hang back and see if they mentioned anything else about why they had come.

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  16. Neetah Von Gre, Springworks, Kelluva Isle, The Clockwork Commission, Working in her mechanic shop

    Neetah groaned, kicking at the small transport vehicle. "Why won't you fucking work!" The Canisus yelled, bringing a fist down on top of the machine. "... Ow." Her anger now diminished Neetah stepped back and stared out into the town square. It wasn't the best place to put a mechanic but at least people knew she was here. "Maybe it's time for lunch," she finally sighed, picking up a rag and wiping her hands before continuing out of the small garage. "After all, yelling at it won't work."

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  17. Name: Suvia
    Location & Continent: Melvinnia City Bazaar, Ericus
    Plot: A Cure in Makana
    Actions: Talking with James

    Suvia blinked fascinated; Tripans weren't anything she saw in Makana, and they certainly weren't anything she knew about. The smell Silo gave off was probably exclusive to her race. When Silo became invisible Suvia's body tensed, a bit startled by the ability mistaking it for something along the lines of teleportation, but her nose didn't deceive her. The Tripan was still there and only hiding. Her attention was shifted back to James, finding it rude that she was ignoring him more or less.

    She chuckled nervously at the comment he made on Makantet. Suvia wasn't surprised the aggressive nature of her kind made it beyond the walls and mustered all the understanding she could towards his comment. "Neither actually," she replied in an equally calm voice worried if she sounded even the slightest bit aggressive she would be locked up as the the pair she nearly froze to death "I'm just a tourist more or less, Makana is great and all but it lacks in things. For example, our cities are much, much lower than yours. I'm actually a bit nervous being in a place with buildings this tall. My brother requires I always come back to Makana before I move to another continent too, so I'm never too far away from home." Suvia offered James a bit of an awkward smile "You wouldn't happen to know where a library is, would you?"

    Name(s): Chase & Vivian
    Location & Continent: Mayvis Port, Ericus
    Plot: A Cure In Makana
    Actions: Waiting

    Vivian moved her way around the Coliseum, distressed by how packed it was. Her senses were off the roof, too many people carrying potions, magic based items, and a few people were 'magic' based themselves. Vivian groaned as she held her head bracing herself for a headache that came shortly afterward. Win the money and get out of here. That's all that was on her mind, and it was safest for her and Chase. She would leave baffled if not a single person recognized him. Finally finding a seat Vivian made herself comfortable and tossed a bag onto the seat next to her. The first two competitors seemed to have been putting the final touches to their creations and to her dismay the first runner up was the man she placed her bet on. Quickly she reassured herself it was for the best like ripping off a band-aid.

    The other competitor, despite his white hair he looked young. Vivian squinted, perplexed by his unusual behavior but soon discovered he was reattaching a limb. It was a morbid sight to people who noticed but weren't able to see the mess of wiring falling out of his knee. Her eyes scanned the crowd, curious if anyone else saw. Instead, she saw a man trying to pocket an unsuspecting woman. With a light sigh, she focused around his wrist apply a safe amount of force, just enough to startle him into yelling. Spinning around the woman slapped him across the face the second she saw his hand a little too close to her rear. With a huff, she marched off with her hands balled into fists leaving the man behind confused as he frantically searched the crowd. Vivian chuckled leaning in her seat once more. Served the thief right. It wasn't long before she noticed another man although this time his arm was looped around a woman with a bit of an odd feel to her. Sitting upright Vivian focused on the scene a little more, embarrass to be staring so hard at the apparent couple. It wasn't until the man moved away from the woman's that she recognized him.

    The second Chase heard his name his head spun around only to see an angry looking girl. "Vivian," He answered nervously through his false happiness, putting a more respectable amount of distance between him and the woman "I've been looking for you for ages! To think you were right under my nose."

    "And where did you expect to find me? If not down the throat, between the legs?"

    A smug smirk played on his lips as his eyes moved back to the confused looking girl "Well if I'm luck-"

    "Enough!" She snapped a number of people looking over at the trio with a bit of interest, some giggling as soon as they saw Vivian climbing over the chairs to get to the pair. "You charmed this girl, didn't you? Filthy demon." Vivian hissed under her breath as she pushed trying to make room for herself, Chase getting a little too close to the man beside him than he was comfortable with.

    "Women," he told him embarrassed by his partners' actions "They'll stop at nothing, eh?" The man merely scoffed at Chase's comment and returned his attention to the center of the coliseum, patiently waiting for Vivian to finish whatever it is she was doing. Seconds later the woman spoke, nearly shrieking as she frantically examined the area.

    "Where am I?" As soon as the words came out Chase groaned, laying in his chair like a limp noodle like a child throwing a tantrum, but felt a jab in his side that forced him to sit upright.

    "Explain to her what happened and move to sit with me immediately." A familiar pressure wrapped around his throat like a noose; tentatively he tried to poke his throat only to be stopped by the magic around it. It was evident he didn't have a choice.

    "Yes, ma'am." He croaked nervously not wanting to anger Vivian any further. Earning a curt nod she turned to her seat in the same manner she came. A few angry swears being thrown at her. His attention shifted to the girl who looked at him with a bit of a terrified look. "Don't you remember, doll?" he began his sentence calmly "We were at the bar, and you mentioned you wanted to visit the Coliseum."

    "I-I did?" She asked sounding even more confused than before.

    "Yeah, you did. Don't you remember? You probably were drunk." He sounded convincing enough to the girl who was barely able to assess the situation. One perfectly good potion. Wasted. Getting up from his seat and flashing her the same charming smile he gives everyone else he excused himself. "My friend would like to talk to me about the tournament, but afterwards, I would love to spend a little more time with you." The girl looked at where Vivian sat, flinching a bit as icy blue eyes seemed to be glaring daggers in their direction.

    "S-sure..." With a nod Chase left, taking the stairs in the aisle rather than climbing chairs like Vivan. Once he was seated beside her, he felt the pressure around his throat being lifted and he left out a sigh of relief.

    "What's this? Second time you nearly killed me?"

    "Third time's the charm if you continue this," Taking the hint, Chase settled in his seat and shoved a hand into his pocket and felt a bit reassured as soon as his finger wrapped around the jewelry in his pocket.

    Name: NANO 84
    Location & Continent: Mayvis Port, Ericus
    Plot: A Cure in Makana
    Actions: Tryna
    fix his got damn leg
    Color Hex: F7007F

    Nano swore as soon as he sat down in his respective spot. His opponent chuckling as soon as he saw him remove his leg. "A cyborg?" he asked in taunting tone.

    "A human?" He shot back, mocking his voice "Way to be captain obvious." dropping his bag he removed a small android, about the size of a doll. It was cute, dressed as a maid and looked ill-suited for battle, if anything it's skeleton that Ruby and Arastiel seemed by far more capable. He unzipped the back of the dress just a little and pressed a small, almost undetectable button. Its eyes flashed red before settling to a calmer brown color.

    "Nano?" It chimed, jumping out of his hands and zipping the dress shut on its own.

    "Mii," he replied now occupying himself with his leg, trying to figure out how he managed to get it ti stick last time "How're you liking the new body?"

    "Silly Nano! That's the wrong leg model." The Android giggled as she spun around, the frills in her dress preventing any panties to be shown "This is really cute! Where did you find it? And you put in a lot of different stuff here? Wow, what's the occasion?"

    "It's the Coliseum, inventor day. It'll bring in some good money too so I might be able to get the right model this time around. You figured out how to use everything?"

    "Yep yep! Everything looks super easy. It's pathetic to see you limping around like that so I'll definitely win." Mii giggled throwing her arms up in the air. The action was enough to get a small chuckle out of Nano.

    "If possible, 'malfunction' and hit that guy in the balls, yeah?" His mood was now better even though he had given up on his leg. Mii giggled at his suggestion but shook her head.

    "Illegal!" before she could continue her sentence any further a buzzer rang over the crowd, and a voice spoke from over the intercom instructing people to take their seats and competitors take their places. Doing as said Mii rushed over into the circle and Nano hobbled away from the circle putting a bit of safer distance between the fighting robots. The other man doing the same.
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  18. Cure in Makana[​IMG]
    Ruby Marie and Arastiel Ru'hwan, Mayvis Coliseum, Ericus, Cure in Makana, Sitting in Coliseum

    Making their way towards the Coliseum, Ruby grabbed Arastiel's hand, having remembered who the girl was. "You might wanna wear this," she told the elf, removing her hat and placing it over the girl's blue hair. "There's gonna be a lot of people in the coliseum. There's no way you'll go unnoticed with such a peculiar hair color."

    'And such a deep red is any more natural?' Arastiel pondered. "Thank you." Bearing a smile, Arastiel showed appreciation for her companion's concern. It certainly would lead to trouble if she were to catch the eye of a bounty hunter of some sort.

    Though the Coliseum was visible from the port, it still took them a while to get there. An expansive marketplace thriving with people was between them and their destination. There was no doubt that Mayvis was a very bustling place. The pair was glad to discover that everyone much kept to themselves, though Ruby felt a bit silly lacking her hat.

    Upon arriving, they found the line wasn't very long to get in. Most everyone else had already entered. "We'll miss it at this rate..." Ruby sighed. She'd attended an Inventor's Competition before, and knew that most battles didn't last but a few minutes. From the schedule displayed on the board, Nano was in the first match.

    "Here you are," Arastiel offered, handing the tickets to the man at the gate. He motioned towards where they could reach the seating and attended to the next person in line.

    The pair climbed up the steps, noticing a commotion nearby between two females and a blonde male. It was hard to tell what they were going on about, but Ruby viewed it best to avoid the lot of them. "He's probably another thief," Ruby exclaimed, having a sense for these sorts of things.

    "The two of you wouldn't get along?" Arastiel asked, as though the answer wasn't obvious.

    "Thieves don't mingle unless they work together. If we were to interact, one or both of us would leave robbed of something."


    The pair's attention was diverted towards the battleground below, where a small maid like bot was preparing to face off against it's opponent. Ruby groaned and face palmed herself. "I knew it! We've been duped! Had!"

    Arastiel looked at her with a look of annoyance. "That's no way to look at things. I'm sure Nano knows what he's doing..."


    James Chamberlain and Silo, Melvinnia City Bazaar, Ericus, Cure in Makana, Offering Directions

    "I see. Melvinnia certainly is a magnificent place." James took a moment to look around, admiring all that surrounded them. He was usually so busy with work that he hardly ever had time to take notice of the little details that went into the city's elaborate design. "Unfortunately..." James paused, looking towards the criminals they'd recently captured. "...we also have our fair share of filth."

    "And that's why I'm here!" Silo exclaimed, suddenly becoming visible again beside Suvia.

    "Are you implying you aren't filth yourself? Upon standing close enough to you, you stink of such."

    Silo stuck out her tongue and turned invisible again. "I mean for the chaos. I don't need to tell you that though. You already know the deal."

    James sighed, his attention being focused once more on the dragon girl. "The library is closer towards the center of the city. From here, you can walk up those stairs there..." James paused, pointing out some stairs that were nearby. They seemed to scale at least the height of a normal sized building. "...then simply make a right and follow the signs. The library will be a large building on your left."

    Making his way towards his fellow guardsmen, James waved a farewell. "If you'll excuse me, I must attend to processing these three. I thank you for your help again, and hope that you will enjoy your stay."

    Silo became visible once more and waved farewell to Suvia with a smile. "See ya around!"

    Red City Rebellion[​IMG]
    Vay Vacilio, Red Palace, Ericus, Red City Rebellion, Engaging Enemy

    Before the pair progressed too far, Vay stopped. "Don't move," he told Vivian, who stopped abruptly beside him. His sword still drawn, Vay turned around, his gaze not directed in any particular direction. A smile graced his lips at this newfound presence.

    "You smell different from the rest," he stated, knowing whoever was there would hear him. "Does that mean you're actually a challenge?" Vay swung his sword as though to taunt their follower. "I've been waiting for someone like you to finally pop out."

    Vay grabbed the walkie talkie device at his side and held a button on it. "This is Vay. I've got a strong smelling one over here." The Vexor paused and took a moment to smell the air. "Smells like they have a friend too. Be careful."

    "Roger that. Meet up ASAP," the device buzzed.

    Replacing it by his side, he turned to Vivian. "This one seems like they'll be a bit more trouble than you're used to. Go and hide. I should be able to hold my own."

    @Periodically Incorrect @WeepingLiberty

    Rias Rex, Red Palace, Ericus, Red City Rebellion, Setting Traps

    "That was one of my companions," Rias explained, maintaining eye contact with Sinbad. "Looks like someone could be after us. Someone tougher than the average guard."

    Rias gave the area a look over, making note of any places that someone could easily hide and spy on them from. "Luckily, I don't come unprepared." Opening a small bag, the red-headed leader pulled out a number of knives and thread. "Can you cover me while I set some traps? They probably won't work on anyone that knows what they're doing, but they'll at least serve as a mild hindrance."

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  19. Red City Rebellion
    {Arya Moon || Red City Palace: Hall || Ericus || Red City Rebellion || Engaging Enemy}

    A small smirk tugged at the corners of her lips, her eyes narrowing as the male came to a stop and turned around. Found out so soon? I should probably be disappointed. Stepping out from her place in the shadows Arya filled the hall with her laughter, a cold sound that shivered with excitement.

    "A challenge for you maybe." She stood in the middle of the hall, her posture completely relaxed. It was clear that she didn't think the boy standing before her was much of threat, though even if he had been Arya was used to the feel of combat; pre-battle jitters weren't really her style. "I was supposed to just observe for a while but you and that nose of yours have proven to be a bit of a problem. You see, we're no good to the Empress if you can sense us coming so easily." Her words fell like a sigh, everything about her composure a challenge for her opponent to make the first move. Reaching into her pocket, Arya produced the Sending Stone and ran her finger lightly over the rune before speaking to it.

    "My apologies, Miss, but it seems we've already hit a snag. One of the intruders is able to sniff us out so he'll have to be eliminated. To make up for such a blunder I'll be sure to bring you back his lady friend for questioning." As she spoke Arya locked eyes with the enemy, her tongue gliding over her lips hungrily at the mention of the girl he'd been travelling with. She was slightly disappointed that she wasn't going to meet the leader of their little group, but she knew Shion would at least get to have a bit of fun. Shifting the stone to her left hand, she slipped it into her pocket while her right hand reached behind her to rest on the handle of her Kunai blade.

    { @Crono @Periodically Incorrect @Pravitas }


    {Shion Moon || Red City Palace: "Elsewhere" || Ericus || Red City Rebellion || Engaging Enemy}

    Shion groaned to himself silently as he picked up a voice muddled by static, no doubt using a mobile communication device to remain in contact with the various groups running around. From what he could tell, the person on the other side of the walkie talkie had picked up on not only Arya's scent but his own as well. Exhaling slowly, Shion rose to full height wondering how he didn't think to assume they had a means of communication like they did. Scratching the back of his head, the wolf-man frowned as he tried to make up his mind on the best course of action. His target was right there around the corner and it wasn't as if they had personally discovered him. For all they knew, he could have still been looking for them somewhere else in the palace. Shaking his head his frown deepened, doubting they were that stupid. I knew something like this was bound to happen. He growled, finally deciding to step forward and reveal himself with an amused chuckle.

    "I've got to say, I'm a little impressed he was able to call me out like that; kid's got a decent nose. Too bad Arya's going to have to dispose of him though, he might have actually proven himself useful to Her Majesty." Shion reached up and unclasped his cloak allowing it to fall to the ground around his feet, revealing the full length of the sword he had strapped to his back. Drawing the ivory blade Shion stepped forward a few paces, his pale yellow eyes trained on the enemy before him.

    "Now, what sort of business does a sea rat and a fire cracker have skulking around The Red Palace?"

    { @Crono @Pravitas }

    Under The Sea

    {Korra Lynn & Dorian Sharpe || Bellavue City: Union Library => Mayvis: Port Docks || Kelluva Isle => Ericus || Under the Sea || Greetings/Preparations }

    ~A few days earlier~

    Jogging about the research desks was a young girl with arms filled to capacity with books varying in both size and topic. Shuffling about the tables briskly, she expertly plucked books from her stack and placed them down carefully before the regulars of the library. "Here are the research materials you requested Marty." She chimed before moving on to the next table. "And for Mr. Shultz the botanical encyclopedia, Forea edition. Any new breakthroughs?" "Thank you Korra. And not yet but I can feel that I'm getting close. The answer to stabilizing my new elixir has to be here, but it still has a ways to go." Korra nodded in response, flipping open the book she had just handed him to a page marked 'Metalscale Forest'. "I recommend giving this section a try. I hear the flora there is unlike any other. Ideally you should be looking at Forean Forest but they're not very welcoming to outsiders so the likelihood that you'll be able to get your hands on any samples is very slim. I have to get back to work now, so just let me know if you need anything else." The girl smiled before scampering off, her long pigtails floating behind after her. Just as she placed the last book down, her attention was called by a deep voice calling her name from one of the upper levels.

    "Coming sir!" She responded, taking a running start before hopping high into the air. Korra's body hummed slightly as her magic carried her gently to the balcony of the third floor where the keeper of the library and the leader of the Esperit Vaixell stood awaiting her arrival. "I've got some good news for ya, kiddo. I did a little digging into some of our vaulted records and it turns out that your hunch might be right. Follow me." Dorian grinned and beckoned the exicited girl forward into the projection room where a map of Avion was currently being displayed.

    "Are you serious? You actually found something?" Korra exclaimed, running up to the wall and examining the map closely. Dorian chuckled and folded his arms across his chest patiently, watching the young one buzz energy. "Calm down would ya? And yes, I think you may have been on to something. Old records mention, mention, the possibility of an underwater city. No one has actually seen it though, at least no one that has documented anything. But there was a shipwreck right about here..." Dorian explained, stepping up and pointing to a spot not too far off the northern shore of The Red Desert. "One survivor swore that he and his crew had been pulled to safety after the vessel went down, but no one was able to back up his claim as they all just assumed that they had washed up on shore. Several attempts have been made to try and find the location of the shipwreck but none have been successful thus far. So what do you think? Up for the challenge?" He asked, watching Korra's eyes light up with surprise.

    "You mean it? You actually mean it, I can go? But what about the library? Won't you need help?" She rambled on, unable to contain her joy. Dorian merely shook his head and waved her off dismissively. "I'll be fine, besides you've been contracted for a year now and haven't had the chance to really bond with your guide. This will be a good opportunity for you both, now you'll have to handle everything yourself, think you can handle it?" Korra nodded vigorously before scurrying off to pack her bags. While he was glad for Korra, Dorian couldn't help but worry, turning a concerned gaze to the point on the wall marked The Red City. She would be too close to that corrupted place for his liking but there wasn't much he could do about it. Flipping the projector off, Dorian exited the room and went back to work.


    Korra looked about the port city of Mayvis with an expression of wonder. It was the first time she had ever been away from Kelluva Isle, so everything around her felt new and exciting. Shaking herself out of her daydream, the Imam girl rummaged through her jacket pocket and pulled forth a slip of paper with a name and number on it. Dorian had given it to her before she left, assuring her that the person on the paper would be willing to help her out with transportation. It was her assumption that the number below the name was the location on the dock. Her head perked up slightly as translucent owl settled on her left shoulder, the bird weighing absolutely nothing as it made itself comfortable. "There you are Z'kaar. I was wondering where you had gotten of too." She beamed, scooping up her luggage before making her way down the strip. Korra was still getting used to the fact that most people couldn't actually see the owl spirit, only other Imam and those spiritually in-tune would take notice... However she had yet to encounter someone other than Dorian who could pick up on K'zaar's presence. For the time being, the bird remained quiet, taking in his surroundings just as Korra had done moments before.

    As she was walking down the docks, she paused to stare at a vessel that had apparently experienced a rough landing. The poor thing still looked to be smoking and there was obvious damage to its exterior but for the moment it seemed everyone was alright, or at least that was the feeling she got. Looking around she couldn't see anyone that she might have associated with the ship so she figured they were walking around looking for repairs. "That looks expensive." She groaned to herself, feeling bad for whoever owned it. Moving down the rows, Korra ended up travelling to the one farthest away from the buzzing port life. It was here that she ran into a woman who was barking orders to some dock workers, directing them to take several large crates away and into her personal storage vault located in the city. "Um, I'm looking for a Captain King? Do you know where I might find him?" The violet haired woman turned around, locking eyes on the girl who had spoken. "Well, you ain't gon' find him 'round here seeing as he doesn't exist." She closed the distance between the pair and extended a hand in greeting. "Captain Heather King, pleasure to make your acquaintance. You must be Korra, Dorian called about ya." "Oh he did, did he?" Korra frowned, shaking the woman's hand. "Whatever happened to doing things myself?" The girl sighed and replaced her sour look with a warm smile. "Oh well, I assume you know why I'm here then?" She asked, Heather nodding her head affirmatively. "You bet, and it's a good thing Dorian called. A journey like this tends to draw all sorts of people. Say the wrong thing to the wrong person and you could end up shark bait or with a knife in your back. That and there ain't no vessel better than mine for a trip such as this. Take a gander." She moved out of the way so that Korra could approach the mostly submerged ship, her brows raising with curiosity. The vessel was quite clearly designed for underwater travel, however there was something about the shape of it that threw her off. "A whale?" She asked tentatively, earning a chuckle in response. "Yeah, her name's Shelly. The sturdiest and fastest submarine in Ericus. She'll get ya where ya need to go and home again." Heather produced a pipe from a pouch she kept tethered around her right thigh, packing and lighting the thing before offering a drag to the youngster. Korra politely declined, leaving Heather to shrug and take a pull herself. Exhaling the smoke, Heather turned her gaze back over to Korra. "Well we're almost ready to go, but you still have a couple hours left until we can depart. Feel free to leave your stuff here with the ship and have a look around, I'll send someone for you once everything checks out." Korra thought about it for a moment, battling her slight impatience with the desire to explore the port city. Deciding that this was a golden opportunity, Korra handed her luggage off to one of the dock workers who disappeared into the bowels of the submarine to drop off her belongings. Returning down the dock Korra glanced around excitedly for something to do.

    This place seems really busy. I wonder if it's always this way or if there's something special going on. Korra nearly jumped as K'zaar spoke for the first time since they arrived, his voice filling her mind. "That's a good question. I'm pretty sure it's always this way, after all Mayvis is pretty well known. I think it's the biggest port city in Ericus if I remember correctly." She responded, earning her a few odd looks as she spoke to the empty space on her left shoulder. I see, I see. He said before falling silent once more, focusing on the people filing around her.

    Shelly (open)

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    • Name: Vivian Rylee Young
      Location: The Red Palace, Ericus.
      Plot: The Red City Rebellion
      Action: Running of to hide

      Vivian smiled hand in hand with Vay she was happy to know that her best friend had her back she couldn't use weapons as well as Vay, but her magic made a shield well. Though two strikes and her shield broke she knew that Vay had her back, they were able to keep each other safe. Vivian giggled as she listened to Vay boat “Real swordsmen only swing first when they know they won’t miss. That’s why you lost.”
      Shaking her had she matched his large smile “Quickly! Our leader awaits us!”

      Vivian ran side by side with Vay before he stopped her running and slowly walked forward "Don't move,"
      Vivian was silent and froze you probably would have mistaken her for a statue if she wasn't breathing and in the middle of a hall way. She let her eyes focus on Vay as he wandered closer to whatever he had herd, or felt. "You smell different from the rest,"
      Vivian sat confused wondering who's presence he felt
      "Does that mean you're actually a challenge?"
      Vay sounded excited and to be honest Vivian didn't know how she felt. She rose her head a little to say something when
      "I've been waiting for someone like you to finally pop out."
      Watching him grab the walkie talkie he pushed a button and it seemed to come to life

      "This is Vay. I've got a strong smelling one over here." Vay paused before continuing
      "Smells like they have a friend too. Be careful."
      Hearing the walkie talkie fizzle out Vivian rose an eyebrow she wanted to know how it worked
      Moments later it came alive again and talked to Vay with a reply
      "Roger that. Meet up ASAP,"
      Looking back to Vivian she was still frozen, the look he gave her now though signified that it was alright to move again.
      "This one seems like they'll be a bit more trouble than you're used to. Go and hide. I should be able to hold my own."
      Vivian frowned he knew that she'd hide near by. Constantly changing her spot just incase he needed her. That is if she could hide! she was in a castle full of guards and people that could probably out weigh her! Sighing she replied "Before I go hide, where would I hide? I'm in a castle, I don't have an invite to the royal queens home, I'm sure people here won't take kindly to me if they see me."


    • Name: Tyler Lucas DeCaprio
      Location: Melvinnia, Ericus
      Plot: The Clockwork Commission
      Action: Listing to the story of Springwork

      As Tyler finished off his sandwich and handed his drink to someone he was intrigued by the woman who was going to tell her story. As a new group of people gathered around her she took a sip of water and cleared her throat before she began tell her story.

      "I don't know if you know where this is, but I live in Springwork, Kelluva Isle. It's a nice little place
      city like and very cool. Everything in that city runs off the clockwork in the buildings and in the cars
      and it's just, well awesome. It doesn't sound believable I know, but it's real."

      She looked happy something in the way her body held herself and looked at everyone then to the sky.
      Her brown eyes practically lightened and her light brown hair tinted itself a dirty blond. Her lips curled to
      a smile making her freckled cheeks more noticeable. A slight wind at the moment made her look even more happy
      as her light yellow shirt flapped in the wind.

      "Sadly. An unknown thing as been taking from my city, well our city. Buildings have stopped working and population has
      started to decrease. If it goes down any more we can't be identified on the map. I need help, because this is my Hometown. This
      is where I live, where my friends live. My Mayor also needs you. It is his town. He want's willing helpers. People who have listened to my story that want to come and help restore Springtown to what it was."

      Her voice wasn't completely steady, like no matter how many times she told this story she'd never be able to get past
      the fact that nobody might help her.

      "If you're willing to come with me and help Springtown I need you to meet me at Hearth Hold Harbor in two days
      from now. If you're their I have a boat we'll ride on and get to a harbor near Springwork. We work from their"

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