Cognoscenti - An Otherworld Dystopia

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  1. Throughout history, man has ever been the most self-destructive of creatures. No species in all of Creation has ever refined the art of killing their brethren quite like Mankind. From ballistae to bombs, rifles to artillery rounds, man is eternally seeking a 'better death'. A better killer.

    So tell me, reader. What happens when, instead of technology and science, man turns to the occult in this quest? What if, in his attempt to perfect the art of murder, mankind manages to wake something never meant to see the light of the sun again?

    Such was the fate of the Cognoscenti. Originally a free-lancing group of international mercenaries devoted to the manufacture and sale of arms to the highest bidder, they eventually reached what they considered to be the pinnacle of technological might. Sonic weaponry, laser rifles, plasma... Their wares were in high demand.

    And yet still, they wanted more. Something stronger. More deadly. They had exhausted their scientific options... so they began to explore the supernatural.

    Sinful rituals, ancient rites best consigned to a forgotten corner of history. Blood sacrifices. Possession. More and more, the Cognoscenti hoarded knowledge of the occult much like they did arms; they also drew the attention of something far more horrifying than themselves.

    From deep within the Space Between, the never-there, the unseen, came a man. Or at least, he seemed a man.

    He called himself Iscariot, and he claimed to have the answer to all of their desires. What he brought, what he offered, we may never know the specifics. All we know is that, when the Cognoscenti unleashed it for the first time, Hell tore through onto Earth. The terrors they called forth ravaged the land and the populace, slaughtering millions within hours. Over the course of two weeks, called the Culling by the survivors, over 75% of mankind perished.

    It was left to the remnants to pick up the pieces, and find a way to combat these otherworldly horror.

    Hello, everyone, and thank you for perusing my short teaser for 'Cognoscenti', a Lovecraftian dystopia roleplay I've been tossing around for awhile now! The basic concept would be a small group of survivors banding together and attempting to find a way to fight the horrors called forth by the Cognoscenti, who now rule over the remnants of Old Earth with an iron fist. Those who rebel are slaughtered, tossed to feed the noneuclidean daemons called forth by whatever power granted them by the mysterious Iscariot!

    It's somewhat of a work in progress, and I'd love to have a core group of dedicated people to join me in exploring the lore and helping it evolve and take on a life of its own!
  2. Character Guidelines
    I'm not one to dictate what a character should or should not be. However, there are some basic guidelines I feel should be put forth in order to maintain the integrity of what my original vision for Cognoscenti was.

    1. Your character cannot be directly aligned with Iscariot or the daemons.
    Your character CAN, however, identify with them, sympathize with them, agree with them, or take advantage of the chaos. I am not discouraging villains, only preventing others from tying in with the Cognoscenti.

    2. In terms of player characters, this is considered 'low-fantasy'.
    Your character cannot summon the forces of nature to destroy a small army. You cannot call forth the thunderstorm, freeze a skyscraper, travel through time.
    You can, however, have low-grade supernatural abilities. Basic magic, telekinesis, prescience or minor precognition. If you're not sure about a power/ability, send me a personal message to discuss it. Also, humans only.

    That's it!

    Player/Player combat is something I would like to avoid if I can. However, I understand that a lot of you absolutely adore it. Basic TB rules apply, with (and I'm preparing for hate right now) myself or another story guide having the final say on the victor. We will generally try to decide based upon which outcome would most positively affect the current storyline status.

    Character Sheet
    Below is the basic character sheet for Cognoscenti.

    Name: [Self Explanatory]
    Age: [Self Explanatory]
    Height: [Self Explanatory]
    Weight: [Self Explanatory]
    Eye Color: [Self Explanatory]
    Hair Color: [Self Explanatory]
    Physical Appearance: [Describe your character's appearance from a second person perspective.]
    Weapon of Choice: [Self Explanatory]
    Fighting Style: [Agile? Strong? Trained, or wild? Efficient, or showy?]
    Personality/Background: [Self Explanatory]
    Notable Achievements: [What makes your character special or notable?
    What have they done in their past?]
    NOTE: Everything you submit in your character profile must be 100% hand-written. Please do not submit huge blocks of copied text.
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  3. Name: Beátus.
    Age: 20.
    Height: 6'2.
    Weight: 225 pounds.
    Eye Color: Blue.
    Hair Color: Brown.

    Physical Appearance: Beátus is taller then the average man. He has medium brown hair with blue eyes. Seen in a white shirt and blue jeans most of the time. Average build with defined mucles.

    Abillty: Internal blood manipulation. Beátus possesses the ability to manipulate the density and shape of his own blood. He can briefly increase the density of his own blood inside of his body in order to deflect a blow or projectile, at the cost of a moment of great pain. Once his skin has been broken, however, he can use his blood both offensively and defensively. He can form a thin layer of armor, as well as blades of blood.

    Weapon of Choice: Hook Swords.

    Fighting Style: Both strength and speed are above average. Is trained in Muay Thai and has been learning how to use the Hook Swords since he was 6. He often tries to be showy to try to fit in but when needed he is a very efficient fighter.

    Personality/Background: The Culling started when Beátus was 6. He and his parents moved around for many years. 8 years later it all was going well until a dark night; when his parents were out hunting, Beátus was at the shelter alone. He heard screams and stayed like he was told to do by his father. The morning came and he found his mother and father dead, less than 150 feet from the shelter. Luckily, his parents taught him how to hunt, fish, cook, and build a shelter. So from then on, he moved around alone. Hunting, fishing, and cooking for only himself. He has never let anyone else join him in fear of betrayal.

    Notable Achievements: Beátus was taught Muay Thai at a young age by his father, who would continue to teach him until he was killed. His parents taught him many survival skills, and he learned not to feel remorse when killing something at a young age.
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  5. Name: Jacen Malikide
    Age: 23
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 147
    Eye Color: hazel green
    Hair Color: 660 000

    Physical Appearance: With a short stance and a light frame Jacen is built for running, often stretching and doing light exercise in the morning (when able and safe); do to his skills in survival and thievery he doesn't go hungry and is very lean.

    Current Items: Backpack(large), metal Canteen (with water), smoked salted rabbit, 200 ft of fishing line, small trench shovel, mess kit (skillet, small pot, cup, utensils, all metal, folds together), dried fish, sharpening stone.

    Weapon of Choice: various utility knives and a 9mm pistol (two full clips)
    Fighting Style: agile and light, He fights to flee. Often using premade traps to give him an upper edge in a fight.

    Personality/Background: starting from when he was nine(9) Jacen has been on the run, always one step ahead of those things. His parents taught him a lot since the Culling: how to survive, fight, steal and fire a gun. They hoped to teach him more, but fate decided differently. One night the monsters caught up with him and his family. Jacen’s parents gave their lives to save his, and from the age of 14 he lived on his own stealing when he could and away from others. always wary of strangers.
    Abilities: inexplicable ability to sense danger to an animalistic degree

    Notable Achievements:survived on his own for nine years foraging and hunting. can make simple but effective traps. knows basic and advance survival techniques. Has stolen supplies from camps with little trouble.
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  7. Name: Julius Bakoven
    Age: 36
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 157 lbs.
    Eye Color: Pale Grey
    Hair Color: Dark brown

    Physical Appearance: Julius has a medium built body due to his martial arts, His medium length hair is left messy never combed and bangs always in his face. He wears dark black jeans with a white muscle shirt. on his right hand wrist he has a watch that still tells time. Along with that is his black sneakers, and long black coat.

    Weapon of Choice: Bladed Tonfas
    Fighting Style: Muay Thai, Capoeira, Krav Maga

    Personality/Background: Juilius comes from the once known U.S before things happend. He was a Militia policeman in the city he used to live in. Julius was your typical officer good hearted, honoring the code, a modest man to those who knew him. Though things changed once the extermination of most of man-kind happened. He's more gruff and self-centered. and has a tendency of wanting to do things on his own and always has a bad attitude to all others though he still has a soft spot for animals and children though he won't ever admit that to anyone.

    Notable Achievements: He's managed to live this long without dying, and is a hard person to kill or find. His persistance, durability, and keen senses make him quite admirable.

    Items: Medical Kit, Bandages, backpack, switchblade, cured meats, herbs, cooking can.

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