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  1. Here we are people!

    Ever just wanted a break from the grind? Like a cup of coffee? Breakfast? Lunch? Something to tide you over till you hit the road again? Then hey! Come inside! We serve all species... no matter where you come from, we have what you're looking for. Just don't forget to shut off your lights before you enter, and don't forget your keys when you leave.

    Oh, and don't forget to mingle. What's a coffee shop for, anyway? You might make a friend. And you might just find a traveling companion. Open road ahead!

    Edit: Linky link to IC

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  2. @Alis_Audāx ...

    Welcome! Sorry for the late greeting...
  3. @Alis_Audāx ...

    Heh... this is Jump In, after all. So anyone who wants In just has to Jump. This is all for fun.......

    Aaaand hello, @Blox ...

    Aaaaaaaaand hello, @Crono !
  4. Thank thank you...this looks like it will be a lot of fun! @Roose Hurro
  5. I hope so... though I've started this, it will be up to all of us to build off of each other. To fill in the blanks. And set were we go and what we do with the setting and the world and the universe we build. Heh... not to mention the "people" we people it with.

    Oh... and welcome, @spoopily !
  6. @Alis_Audāx , @Crono , @Blox , @spoopily ...

    Hey guys and gals... Sun./Mon. the library is closed, so I won't be able to respond till Tues. at earliest. So, heh, don't run off without me.
  7. This game ooks fun and promising.
    Count me in!
  8. Welcome... you make #5. Congrats!

    *waves back*

    @Blox ... If I need to edit, let me know. Not sure if you had ideas of your own about the pendant... we can discuss here, if need be.

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  9. @IceChateau777 ...

    Welcome! Sorry for the late further reply... aaand yes, indeed fun and promising, so far. Not sure whether we're presently looking at a beat-down or a reasonable discussion moment, but it should be a blast to find out. So please, feel free to dive in.

    Oh, and @spoopily ... don't be shy! This could be time to dive in and grab a piece of the action.
  10. I'll post tonight!

    I'm pretty much open to any ideas that come up along the way.
  11. @Alis_Audāx , @spoopily ...

    Ready and waiting!

    @Blox ...

    Fun has arrived! If you have questions, if you want your Jiinian to "know things" about Nism, then now is the time, either here or in a Conversation. If you want to wing it, I'm game.

    @Crono ...

    Nice... looks like we have a "situation" to play, do we not? Ready and waiting to see how this all goes down!
  12. @Roose Hurro

    I'd love to know more about the Nism. I'm actually unfamiliar with it if it's something that has existed before this story. I would think the Jiinian should know about Nism, most of their strengths and weaknesses. It might help the story along.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out!
  13. Ohhh, yes... my Nism creation has been around for some time, played in a number of forums for quite a few years, since their furry little butts popped into my head. All based on the thought: How do you create a critter that can survive having all the flesh stripped from its bones? Well, that's just it... they'd have to be "Created" by another species. Why? Because that species knew its own extinction was coming, had lost something vital of mind, body and spirit. So, they created one thousand pairs. A brother and sister for every Bloodline. Making for a gene-pool of two thousand. From this beginning, over five million years ago, sprang the Nism race. A Creation of three Vital Stones linked through a skeletal structure... through an individual Nism's bones. These three Vital Stones being of Mind, Heart and Life. The first in the forehead (bonded to the inside of the skull, with the "badge" an external expression/sensor), the second in the chest (behind the shoulder-blades), the third... heh... below the belt, so to speak (embedded in the pelvic girdle). These three Vital Stones, together, generate a chi field that makes Nism bones unbreakable.

    Peet? He's the son of my original Nism characters, Thoee (she's on the right) and Deen. And Deen... aaand Deen. He has an older sister, Honalee.

    Nism are by nature very Free Spirited, as their Creators intended. Adaptable creatures not subject to the genetic whims of evolution. Yet Gifted with long life (ten times the average human span), regenerative abilities (as mentioned), levitational powers (flight without wings), chi/chakra perception/manipulation (think "Naruto" only not as potent), strength, speed and the "power" to become Unnoticeable at will. Oh, and they have a "built-in" translator.

    Heh... Nism have another Gift. They travel by means of "Threshhold"... what we would call Hammerspace. This means that, yes, each individual Nism has his or her own "pocket" realm in which they can keep things, so, given this and their long lives, they can collect quite a "hoard" of stuff. And travel the universe without the need of a starship, just as easily (and quickly) as you or I could open a door and step through it. And this also means no one knows where the Nism homeworld is located. Means Nism tend to be seen as nomadic, not normally spending time in a single place. Also means they aren't what you would call "common." Because the Universe is... heh... quite large. So, in some circles, Nism have earned a "legendary" rep. Because you might only meet one once in a lifetime. (Or in Thoee and Deen's case, two... or three or four, depending.)

    Any questions? Comments? Raspberries? Heh...

    Ooops! Forgot about weaknesses! Let's see... can be "killed" over and over and over again. Can lose access to Threshhold, not to mention end up in places they never intended to visit, due to Advents (basically, natural/artificial "events" that can distort Hammerspace, resulting in a loss of control). Don't normally wear clothes and never carry weapons (other than tooth and claw). Can make mistakes, just like any sentient being. And boy, can they ever! (Their biggest resulted in the loss of ten thousand Nism lives... regeneration, no help) And heh, some Nism can be annoying... poke things better left unpoked. Hmmm... trying to think of more, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment.......

    Edit: Thought these links to RPs "starring" Peet's mother and father would give you a better feel for how I play the above details.

    Heh... sorry for the "flood". Lots more where these came from!

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  14. What a nice thorough creation! Glad to have the pictures for visualization as well. This definitely helps, thank you!

    BTW did you draw those yourself?
  15. Thought a fight might be fun!

    And the Jiinian is killable.
  16. No, I didn't draw them myself... lady who drew them for me is the same lady who played Jenna and Betts in the RP examples. She had husband "issues" and vanished from that site and, far as I know, the Net. Hopefully she's okay... hopefully, I'll be able to find someone else with her level of talent. I still consider her a good friend. I just haven't found any way to contact her, yet.

    And I've got more details... biological, anatomical, sociological, cultural... and many more "critters" in my roster. Though I did create Trepper on the spot, as an NPC. Could have thrown in any of my already created critters, but I though having a giant, flightless, wingless bird with arms would fit this little coffeeshop. So here she is! I didn't even know her gender/sex till I found myself writing it down. So yes, new critters pop up from time to time.

    Oh, and yes, a fight would be fun... I'll keep the "killable" in mind. Heh.......

    Edit: @Blox , @Alis_Audāx , @Crono ...

    Well, we seem to be the only crew holding on so far. And I have now set things in motion for a variety of possible outcomes to this fight. Aaad the police will shortly be on their way. So, anyone, when we reach that point, feel free to "play police"... and have fun with it. I'd really like to see more aliens thrown in, for both the creative exercise and "flavor" of this setting. Oh, and feel free to bring in more characters of your own, player or NPC, as we go along. No telling where we can go from here! Action! Adventure! Romance! Pantless aliens!... oops, close your eyes, quick! Heh...

    Edit edit: Oh, finally found the one RP ref I couldn't find yesterday! ... heh... Deen being Deen. Post is a bit of a ways down the first page. Had a lot of fun with this.
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  17. @Crono

    Heh... I see a potential collision happening! What with two attacking at the same time, could get messy.
  18. XD

    I'm gonna wait a bit more to see if Alis will post soon
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