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  1. A Good Day's Start...

    Neither city nor countryside, really. No place terribly distinct that one could name or place, if dropped smack in the middle. A road, perhaps a sidewalk. Trees, grass... soil with all the growing things nature provides and intelligent minds cultivate. A building, perhaps of wood, certainly of glass and metal and other bits and pieces. A sign: Trepper's Coffeeshop... Please, Enter! Ahhh, yes. In the distance round about, other signs... Civilization.......

    A young Nism male, his youth marked by shroudruff feathers still too short to count as "adult"... yes, this young male, dressed in cargo shorts suited to his physiology, wearing a vest with many pockets, weight of backpack on shoulders, walked on twos. Eyes bright, alert. Movements wild yet controlled. Clawed feet pacing the road to Trepper's Coffeeshop. Cool morning breeze, early Spring in origin, ruffled fur. But couldn't chill through scales. Though said breeze, inhaled through all four nostrils... well, call it "bracing." Call it...
    ... Heh.
    A small brass bell tinkled as he entered, heading straight for a stool at the counter. Having a tail, a stool made a perfect... near perfect seat. Heh. Being Nism and male, he'd be more comfortable down on his haunches, but he'd learned to make do. Backpack off, he zipped open a compartment, took out a sketchpad... snatched a pen from one vest pocket, and...
    "What you having?"

    Trepper herself stood behind the counter, looking for all the world like some oversized secretary bird, if secretary birds stood over six feet and wore aprons. And had arms instead of wings. However...

    ... "I'm having coffee, black. And your Number Three breakfast special." He gave Trepper a grin, a slight flare of his teenage shroudruff and... "Heavy on the pepper and onions."

    Yes, he'd eaten here before.......

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  2. "Finally."

    A nicely pedicured hand pushed open the door of Trepper's Coffeeshop, the tinkle from the shop bell announced her arrival. If that wasn't enough, for a moment as the wind blew past her and into the shop the light smell of salt water and moister filled the shop. However, it quickly disappeared and was absorbed by the different delicious smells of the coffee shop.

    A young female entered the shop, in a business looking skirt suit with stockings. She looked and had physical feature of a humanoid. Though her waist length blue green hair and eyes green as the sea foam would give away her species. These were key marker of merfolk, though they came in different colors it would be rather easy to pick them out of the crowd. Merfolk moved with an eerie smoothness, as if they were walking on water.

    She found Trepper already helping a young male nism. The merfemale sat one stool down from the nisn and smiled brightly at Trepper. She reached down and readjusted her knee high stockings recovering the colorful scales on her calves. She didn't want to draw more attention to herself. Though that was already kind of hard to do.

    "Hello, Trepper. The usual please, with guava water this time." she bowed her head in thanks.
  3. Drawing Attention...

    The bell tinkled again mere seconds after Trepper clucked her tongue in acknowledgement of his order. His right ear twitched, however, breakfast order given, his attentions turned to sketchbook and pen, book flipped open, pen resuming work on an in-progress picture of....... *

    One stool down, the newcomer sat, her own order "clucked" with... well, if beaks could smile, Trepper's did. Though it was not what one would call a pretty thing. Yes, this young Nism male took note even as he carefully worked to get line of hip, to capture those spots just so. The picture? An equally young Nism female, posed with gaze looking out at artist, a flower in clawed hand, her whole look, as if considering whether to give said flower to the male of her affections. As his work continued, color flowed to paper, color changing as needed, flowing from hip down tail to tail's tuft. His thoughts? Heh... private. Since he'd started his artistic expedition... since she'd been grounded by her father for "that photo" he himself had taken during their Bumpy Roadtrip... well, he hadn't seen her in some time. But he did have more blue on the tips of his bloodred shroudruff feathers than he'd had since that first night they'd...

    ... "What do you think?"

    Unlike the newcomer, what with his blue-tipped bloodred shroudruff feathers, pale gold and bronze fur, bright green eyes and scales (just like his father's), well, he had no issue with drawing attention.
  4. The soft chime of the coffee shop tinkled as the door greeted it's newest occupant. A young man in his late twenties with a messy head of hair and brown eyes that told secrets of stress and worry joined the room. Baylen walked forward, glancing around him warily as he surveyed his surroundings. Again, he found himself to be a human outnumbered to other species. He wouldn't mind it if it weren't for his past. He had come across too many situations before that had put him at such a disadvantage he now moved like a jackrabbit ready to flee if he felt the need. Part of him knew his fear was mental and self-made due to his past. But resisting what was now a feeling as strong as instinct was not easy. Trying not to bring too much attention to himself, Baylen walked to the front of the cafe to order his drink and some breakfast. He had had a long night and was dying for some caffeine.

    Baylen raised his hand to get Trepper's attention. He sat on one of the stools at the front, two to the left from the backpack-wearing Nism. His eyes glanced up and down on the creature before quickly reverting back to the server. Once she had a moment for him he would make his order. He hunched forward over the counter top, arms flat to the surface and shoulders raised as he hunched forward. He was trying to get comfortable but was so far failing miserably. He knew that coffee would make a huge difference and, quick to impatience, his foot began to tap softly, anxiously.
  5. She placed her arms on the counter and leaned forward into them. The night before had been a long one. Usually she opted against staying behind and working at such hours, but responsibilities are a never ending weight. The young merfemale closed her eyes and let out a sigh. When the door tinkled at the sound of the newcomer, she quickly glanced. A human male, she has not qualms currently with humans. Except for the few that still believe in the myths surrounding merfolk. In truth, if you eat the heart of a merfolk the only thing you will be getting is probably food poisoning.

    Her thoughts came to a stop when the words, "what do you think?". Floated into her ears, yet due to her being lost in her own thoughts she wasn't sure who the question was addressed too. She looked over at the young nism and took a look at his sketch book. Should she respond? what if it wasn't and this will make her look foolish?

    "I like her colors, who is she?", she spoke to the young nism. Leaning slightly in his direction as she looked down at the image.
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  6. A hand that had long ago lost its brother pushed the door open next. Its owner had skin the color of milk and protective eyes of acidic green. His round, pointed ears were the only indication of his species, a sickle. Not particularly flattering label for the intelligent beings that had invented light speed but this one at least couldn't have possibly cared less. His trench coat was made tan and threadbare by years of use. Rips, patches, and burns decorated it while perhaps explaining the serious look he bore. Bandages rapped the stub of his left hand, stained with inky black blood. The sickle held the door ajar, careful eyes pinned on his companion as he entered.

    His partner also lacked something, but it had been taken from him far sooner then the sickle's hand. He was young, seeming to have just broken into his teens, maybe younger. Jet black hair so long he could have tucked it under his belt stood out against his ghostly pale skin. He wore cloths like that of his companion, ripped, beaten, worn, yet his expression was lighter, more optimistic. Branches protruded from his shoulders and shifted accordingly as he waved his hands before him slightly, identifying him as a druid. More flora then fauna, bled chlorophyll, not much too them.

    Then the was the eyes.

    The blue of a chilly sky, pupil-less. Only lighter colored spots that twitched uselessly at the nothing they saw. The smells and sounds of the cafe were magnified to him, his only natural guides. The boy searched his way through the air, eventually coming to the counter. He nearly climbed onto the merfemale's seat, thankfully smelling her salty aroma and moving to the stool to her left. "Sorry" ,he muttered before placing his head on the counter and appearing to fall asleep, face covered by a hood of hair. The sickle followed and sat next to the boy, silently awaiting the coming of the server.
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  7. The young merfemale once again heard the tinkle of the bell. This place has started to gain more patrons. She quickly glanced at the two individuals, however her gaze turned into a bit of a stare as she took in their state of attire. Perhaps she had been working around business males and females for so long, that seeing individuals walking in dressed as such was a reminding shock to her system. Everyone had problems worse than her own and of course they would need a place to relax.

    She turned her attention back the young nism, until a sudden surprise almost landed on her lap. She sat up straight, her hands trying not to touch the druid. It wasn't because of his clothing, but rather she wasn't sure if it was proper to touch the individual. To her relief the druid was able to find his way into the seat next to her.

    "It is alright, ummmm...", before she could continue answering the druid had fallen asleep. "Well, alright.".

    She was quickly distracted by the presentation of her food. Large bowl of blue cheese chicken salad full of nuts and veggies. The female practically covered the meal with dressing sauce and began to eat contently.
  8. Who's Who Aha!

    Breakfast rush is a term often used in diners across the Universe. So not all that surprising, at this hour, for three more to enter so soon after the first... though, yes, in this case, quite a distraction for this young Nism male. Just a brief comment on his art before the merfemale almost ended up with a blind druid in her lap. Just a brief moment before the counter gathered its "crowd" of oddities. Yes, oddities. Nism are a rather odd species themselves, being the Creation of another now long, long dead species. Gifted by their Creators. This young Nism's forehead badge, not just decoration. A "sensor" tied to his Vital Stone of Mind, able to sense... chakra... chi... bioenergy... what have you. So, yes, he could sense all the ebb and flow of this little group gathered at the counter. The human's fear. Both the surface and underlying injuries of sickle and druid.......

    ....... then Trepper delivered a "Large bowl of blue cheese chicken salad full of nuts and veggies" to the merfemale, along with his scrambled eggs and O'Brien potatoes. And coffee, black. Another mug expertly touched counter in front of the human, the steam and aroma of brew filled near to brim, Trepper's look to the human very... intent.
    "You needing this. You needing more?" She swept her attentions and her last three words from human, to sickle. And even druid, despite his "poor" posture.
    The young Nism?
    He shifted in his seat, tail's tip flicking, ears a-twitch. All four nostrils a-flare. Like the human, uncomfortable, but for different reasons. However, the moment of chaos had passed, Trepper had served breakfast to him and to her, and...
    ... "She's Kassie." A swig of coffee, sniff of eggs, sketchbook held to lap, eyes half closed... "She's also cute and fun to be with." His twitchy ears went back, then forwards, then back again, as he dropped eyes towards his feet...
    ... "And I'm Peet, of the bloodline Ahvviyinn...."
    His eyes turned back up, looking intently at the merfemale, clawed hand held out in a traditional, human-form greeting, fur and shroudruff... ruffled. Raccoonish teeth exposed by his grin.......
  9. It wasn't something easy to do, it was always hard to do new things. It was hard to walk normally, it was too hard to speak, it was hard every night to pry her protect from her face, it was hard to accept her face, it was hard. What was hard? A lot of things.

    A lot of the times she wanted to just stick to her old ways of doing things, but other people didn't help everything stay the same. People wanted to change and move and mess what she had grow so used to up. What she had came to love so dearly.

    Her name was Urunave, and she was a titan. Despite the appearance, the titan race grew to be monstrous heights with death defying strength and capabilities. Their magic and past was one not a mere creature could touch upon, but for her, she was young and weakened. Did she believe that she was ever to become a strong, courageous titan?


    She bared a very humanoid figure. She stood at a small height, with no shoes to speak of to boost her height even by a little. Titans were one of the deteriorating land, primarily metal and scraps, sparks and rust. So of course, her clothes would model her home land. Torn battle leggings with a heavy chest guard resembling a heart, with ribbons. Titans loved ribbons for various reasons, such as it was a sign of bravery and diligence, or ties to their home or their companions.

    Urunave's freckled skin was shown through the tears of any soft material to be worn on her body, baring bright red nails that were pointed like small claws, her feet matching. Rarely were there any clothing to be like cotton or even leather to be worn by the Titans, and if they were, they were tattered.

    The most noticeable thing could be her upper area, with the long strawberry pink hair, two red tufts of ripped ribbons tying onto two parts of hair resting on her shoulders. Another ribbon that was glowing white and tied to the back of her head swung around her heels. However, the was one thing that gave away she was a titan.

    She had no face.

    Well, she wore a heavy iron mask, resembling the color of dry tree bark. So technically she did have a face. Red bolts were buried into it and showed no one her head on. Probably from the side, she could cast a shadowy outline of her face and eyelashes, but besides that, no one could tell the color of her eyes or the placement of her assets too well.

    She was too out of place here, but she had already reached out a hand to peer inside, head turning as if she could see normally and there was no object covering the entirety of her face. Slowly she stepped inside, face towards her feet. She walked so gingerly, her iron clad legs shivering every so often as if she was walking on egg shells. Truth is, such environments for her were so bizarre and weird. What was with this floor? What even was this?

    The iron mask flurried about before she awkwardly slid in front of the counter, leaning on it for a second before backing away. So strange, this material. She slid a finger across it, making a high pitched squeak before inspecting it closely. She swung her head to the left, then to right and then the left again before slowly easing herself into a seat, it whining under her weight as it considerably sank under her titan weight.

    She wanted to know herself what was going on.
  10. Baylen's attention, along with the rest of the room it seemed, was brought to the door when it chimed it's familiar greeting, bringing in a pair of worn looking travelers...not human. Baylen exhaled deeply, furrowing his brow before turning back to watch Trepper. He couldn't keep his eyes adverted for long though as one of the pair of newcomers stumbled over towards the merfemale, practically about to sit in her lap before finding his way to his own seat. It was hard to miss his eyes, alluring and mysterious orbs. Baylen couldn't tell if his eyes were supposed to look that way or if he was blind perhaps. It was dizzying sometimes, keeping up with all of the different species, their history so foreign yet rooted deeper than mankind's.

    Baylen blinked a few times before he realized he was staring at the strange creature, surveying his rather stunning hair with a bit of fascination.

    A steaming mug of coffee was set down in front of Baylen, drawing his eyes up towards Trepper. Her look unnerved him but he cleared his throat to avoid sounding like a scared animal, giving a still rather meek "thanks" and clasped his hands around the hot cup, drawing it towards him. He closed his eyes and inhaled the smell of the roasted beans for a moment before reaching for some sugar to mix in. Leaving it black with the sweetener, he brought the mug to his lips and sipped the hot drink carefully. His eyes were stuck in his mug, watching the dark liquid swirl and steam in a beautiful and delicious entrancing dance.

    She was rather beautiful. He had never dated out side of his species, nor had he found many other species even attractive. She was a business woman of some kind, dressing very nicely from the tip of her blue green hair down to her stylish shoes. As human as she seemed though, she was definitely not. Those eyes were too striking.


    Baylen was a day dreamer, a nomad, and, with only himself to look after, he usually got himself in to difficult situations. He wasn't a bad young man per say; he could be understanding of others and has been known to hold the door open in kind gesture. But when it came to his livelihood he wasn't opposed to getting what he wanted through unethical means, especially if the loser on the other end was someone he deemed wouldn't feel but a dent from his actions. He would never call himself a Robin Hood but he certainly used his victims circumstances to justify his actions, even if just for his own sanity.

    Last night was a new record for him on how many people he could piss off in one room. In short, he found himself with another human surrounded by various species in a large high stakes poker game. He was one of two players left standing, chips all in, winning hand held between his anxious fingers. He was holding back the pure glee of his future win that was just seconds from unfolding in front of him. It would be a win that would get him perhaps stable again, at least for a longer period of time. Everyone knew the rules of the game including not using abilities for benefit. This gave an even playing field fit for any species, including humans, and paid tribute to the classic Texas Hold 'Em game they all loved. But the stakes were too great, and the human humble pie was far too bitter for the loser across from Baylen to take. It didn't sit well with the celestial being that a human could be that sharper, have a better memory, or even better luck for that matter.

    When they laid down their cards Baylen smugly laughed out loud, not wasting but a moment to reach for his winnings. He knew he had the better hand, his photographic memory and counting skills giving him the confidence to not even gaze at his opponents cards. But when he heard the room gasp he looked up in to the purple eyes, mid-reach for his winnings. He glanced to his opponents cards and gazed in disbelief. "No way..." he began to say, arms still half wrapped around the winnings that should have been his. The cards, on the other hand, told a different story. Rage began to set in as he realized the only explanation to his loss was his opponent cheating. "You cheating bastard!!" Baylen yelled out to him. The room was alive with shouting as everyone seemed to have taken sides in the situation. Baylen, still drunk and full of rage, lunged forward towards the unknown purple eyed creature, not sure how he would hurt him but ready to try. One hand grabbed it's throat, his other hand snatched on to the chain wrapped around it's neck. His right hand jerked back and broke whatever chain it was, a heavy pendant snatching free in his grasp with the silver chain. He stuffed the necklace in his side pocket as he pulled the creature with him to the floor, bringing in his now free right hand to meet his left in a clasp over the throat of the creature beneath him. Whatever he had taken he hoped it was worth the same amount of money that the alien bastard stole from him. Baylen began swinging his fists to hit the being but found himself quickly cast off like a rag doll. Baylen turned over to his hands and knees, ready to lift himself back up for another lunge, when something heavy and, slightly shocking, slammed in to his rib cage. "Ung!" Baylen gasped for air, a whimper shot from his throat and his breath was all but lost. He dropped down to the ground and rolled to his side in a fetal position, gasping for breath. Before the next blow would come he felt something wrap over him like a warm blanket and he disappeared from the room.

    The next morning he was here in this town, on a bench in the local park, hung over and unsure who brought him here, how or why. The pendant was still in his pocket.


    Baylen hadn't realized his eyes had been locked on the merfemale the entire time his mind was wandering. He blinked rapidly, glanced guiltily for some reason towards the nism, then turned back to his coffee. He reached down in to his pocket and pulled out the pendant, unable to exam it earlier. The piece was finely crafted, a myriad of exceptionally tiny precious stones in a crafted case with unknown script engraved around the entire frame. The entire piece was just smaller than the palm of his hand and had a soft glow that emanated from it. Baylen glanced nervously to the door of the cafe. What if he had been followed? What if he hadn't been rescued but rather set up for capture? Eyes glued anxiously to the door, Baylen finished his coffee in two last large gulps.
  11. The druid boy looked up at the air next to the merfemale, a simple smile on his pale face. "Your voice is very nice miss." The sickle looked at his companion in a annoyed way, then at the woman he spoke to. His acidic eyes burned dangerously before turning to Trepper and patting his partner's shoulder. "Coffee, black. Eggs, sunny side up with bacon please. Smoking alright here?" He pulled out a beaten box of cigarettes, ready to light one when allowed.

    "Do you have tea?" ,the druid asked Trepper's shoulder. His tone was soft and polite, like his face. His branches twitched at the arrival of the titian and the sickle watched her for a little while, turning back at Trepper before it became a stare. There was a moment he looked at Baylen's pennant. It was short but it was there, his eyes showing a bit of the caustic greed that cursed him.

    Why were this odd duo in this quaint café you ask? Impatient aren't you? I will not tell you in full of course but I will give you a hint or two to satisfy your hunger.

    Snake eyes
    'Playing' with Chance
    Iron rain

    Enough? No? Well I don't care let me continue.
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  12. "Ah, then you had a good encounter. Or at least it seems like it, by the way you just spoke about her", she said with a smile, returning to her food.

    She began to eat, when Peet spoke again. She quickly cleaned her mouth and hands. Her cheeks fluffed out from the large portion of food she just stuffed in her mouth. She attempted to finish with the bite of food as quickly as she could. Her hand reached out and grasped Peet's hand firmly but not roughly. Working in her field, she eventually became a master at the firm business handshake. Never weak, yet never to hard.

    "Muriella. But Ella for short, it is a pleasure.", she smiled back. Peet's grin was nice, not requesting anything or seeking company information. She worked as the second in command for Doumyouji Enterprises. This meant interacting with many false smiles and rough waters. However, it does have it's perks.

    Ella's eyes locked with the human. His stare made her question. Usually when humans stare at her it meant a few things. 1. they were wondering how merfolk could wandering outside of water. 2. Need to tap that, or 3. Which part of her could be sold on the black market. Either way, she did not back down and was reward with him averting his gaze.

    Letting go of Peet's hand she returned to her meal. Ella took another bite, when she heard a soft voice peep up from next to her. The druid had spoken and this time his eyes were actually open. It was at that moment that she was able to take in the druid eyes. She liked them, calm like the deep ocean. She could feel the druid's companion looking at her. When she glanced up she was meet with an annoyed look. She arched an eyebrow, not sure as to what merit this emotion towards her.

    "Thank you, my voice isn't something that usually gets noticed.", she said softly. Unconscious of what she was doing, she reached down and adjusted her knee high stockings making sure they securely covered her scales. She knew that the druid could not see them, yet she still had to adjust them.
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  13. Scent of Senses...

    Trepper took the human's focus on his coffee and lack of further order as her cue to move on to sickle and druid, taking both their orders with practiced grace and efficiency. And two "clucks" of acknowledgement, followed by a shake of head and gesture to the "No Smoking" sign.......
    Peet? Well, after a brief wince at the sound of creaking stool under Titan butt, he... heh. He'd hoped the notebook across his lap would help, but when the merfemale... 'Ella... spoke the words "good encounter," being a teenager and male, he couldn't help the sudden scent release. No, no... not powerful, not "skunkish" in any way, yet... heh, to his own nose, quite evident. Perhaps even evident to others nearby, even above the aroma of food. A vanilla and cinnamon scent that could be mistaken for baking breakfast rolls. Though the taint of musk underlying would mark it as otherwise. But Peet's flash of self-consciousness lasted only a second or two... no female Nism anywhere within range. Even around Kassie, every time it happened, he felt awkward. He also felt...
    ... well, his mother's skill with cloth and thread just couldn't help. No matter how many times he wore the outfit she'd made for him, it just felt... unnatural. If not for his present need for pockets, he'd...
    ... "Yes... you sound like someone who sings." Peet hadn't deliberately gone for the alliteration, after getting his hand back and turning to his breakfast, ears turned back. But his mind did deliberate on all his senses brought. About those he shared this counter with. A claw casually traced a pattern on the counter next to his plate, his pen set on it as he slipped sketchbook into backpack, then scooped up some scrambled egg. Eyes and brief grin flashed towards the human male. Yes, he'd noted the long stare towards 'Ella...
    ... "Unusual, isn't it?"
    Nism were, if anything, intently curious beings (not to mention well traveled). And Peet's curiosity towards the human and his... jewelry... well, a human having something like that was, indeed, unusual.
    Of course, it was also not unusual for a Nism to speak his mind, even in the middle of a "crowded" public place.......

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  14. The cafe was small, though fitted just right to accommodate a decent amount of people. What made the room even smaller was the fact that most of them were resting at the front on the stools by the counter. Baylen had wanted to get some rest and recuperate in solitude but this cafe was not allowing him much privacy. He caught the last glance of eyes on the pendant he held in his lap, following the sickle with a narrowed gaze even after he had already looked away. He was tempted to say something but kept his mouth shut. His side still ached, bruised and throbbing from last night with no doubt a colorful mark left behind. It wasn't a good idea to get himself hurt any further over a glance that could have been nothing. He took a curious mental note of the stark difference between the druid and sickle, one seemingly sweet and innocent while it's companion seemed abrasive and cold. He instantly marked the sickle as untrustworthy.

    Fresh coffee filled his nostrils and a warm steam wafted towards him. He didn't have to look up from the shining pendant in his hands to know Tepper had graciously refilled his mug the moment he had set it down on the white marble counter.

    Baylen's eyes were locked on to the pendant and a light seemed to have begun to glow within his own eyes. It was subtle yet obviously present and, though muted in tone, as colorful in hue as the jewelry piece itself. Though he seemed to be in a sort of trance with the item he held he was listening intently to the conversations so close around him. The door had opened and in his peripheral he saw a patron walk in. It was another creature, faceless and unsure perhaps. As the creature walked tentatively inside of the cafe he could see she was indeed a bit timid or possibly lost. He himself didn't even know where he was or even the name of the town.

    As the newest guest, faceless and curious, glided by, Baylen's eyes remained on the pendant. He hadn't noticed his eye lids had yet to blink in the last minute.

    He heard the first two patrons exchange names, Peet and Ella. As if he were a part of their conversation he silently agreed that Ella's voice was very melodic and quite soothing.

    Baylen blinked. He blinked once more, the effort seeming to be harder than it should have been. Baylen looked up to Peet, taking a moment before registering that he had been talking to him. "Unusual? What, this?" Baylen assumed it was directed towards the pendant, unsure what else he could have meant. "Yeah...yeah I guess it is, isn't it?" He looked back to the pendant, the urge to gaze back in to the soft glow of the stones hard to resist. He looked back up to Peet, realizing he still had no idea if anyone was looking for him or looking to get the necklace back. "I won it." Baylen stated abruptly, locking eyes with the nism, hands clenching tightly over the pendant. "I won it in a poker game." He felt like an idiot. There was no reason for him to have said that because the nism probably had no idea where the pendant came from or what Baylen had been doing last night. He clenched his jaw until a pain shot down his chin, forcing himself to stay quiet.

    Wind blew outside and a gust just strong enough knocked the cafe door ajar, signaling the welcoming chime. Baylen's head jerked up in reflex, fear flashing in his eyes.
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  15. The druid seemed to compensate Ella's reply before sitting up on his stool and clearing his throat. He looked in the general direction of the merfemale's eyes thoughtfully. "I personally beg to differ. Judging by the aroma of carefully pressed polyester and the sense of a small bonsai, perfect size for a desk, I can assume you work for a substantial company. Now add that to the near undetectable sent of sweat, too faint to be yours. From that I can imagine that some are nervous in your presence. Now I come to the conclusion that you are a high standing member of the before mentioned business, therefore your voice is in fact very important to many people, and they pay attention to every word."

    Around midway of the young druid's theory the sickle made a motion to stop him but seemed to rethink it and lowered his hand. He sighed and pocketed the cigarettes at Trepper's reply, turning his gaze back to the human with his pennant. His look was serious as the human stared at it like a man possessed and he scoffed at the statement of him winning it at a poker game. A low chuckle excaped him at his sudden jump at nothing.

    "So, how did I do miss?" The druidic child asked eagerly. His grin was wide and his blind eyes glimmered with excitement. The sickle eyed his companion and eventually a small contempt smile met his face.
  16. Ella simply stared at the druid as he picked apart and pieced together her profession. She knew that there were different species out there that were very sensitive to smells. However, not many had the the smarts or ability to tactfully piece them together to develop a very solid theory. Except this time it was not a theory, all that the druid had stated was true.

    Ella's suddenly fuffed out and a large amount of air escaped her mouth as she broke out in a loud laugh. She stared at the druid, amazing.

    "I must say you have impressed me. I am Ella.", she said with laughter still in her voice.

    "You hit the mark on everything. Though, the voice thing. Now that is something I never considered as such. You remind me of a human story I read once, Sher...sher. Oh darn, I forgot the fellows name.", she smiled. Though sweat of others thing did maker feel a bit icky.

    Reaching for her guava water, she took a drink. When she looked over at the sickle, her cheeks were pink from the enjoyable conversation. She raised her glass in acknowledgement to him. She had meet males like him in her profession, they tend let others talk. However, it was rude not at least acknowledge their existence. Even if the sickle's first emotion was that of annoyance.

    "Well, you seem to have me figured out. What of you two? Your attire could lead one to believe different many things. However, I don't feel a threat from you.", she said to the druid as she adjust herself in her seat. Her poster becoming more and more relaxed.
  17. Knowing Things...

    Indeed, up until the time of Baylen's confession, Peet had no idea what he'd been doing last night. Well... heh... he did know what he, himself, had done. But not the activities of this human. However, he did know something about the pendant. And being Nism, being the particular individual Nism he happened to be, this human's possession of it concerned him, even though this human was a stranger.


    ... gust of wind knocked door ajar.

    Peet abandoned his breakfast and freshly refilled mug, slipped off his stool as Trepper served druid his tea and sickle his own breakfast. Yes, a brief bow towards 'Ella, to excuse himself, as he slipped off stool with clack of claws and swish of tail, ears up and alert, upper nostrils flared, fur and shroudruff ruffled... soon as he touched the door, he confirmed his suspicion the Titan had perhaps twisted the knob a bit too hard. A sweep of claw and focus unjammed the lockwork, the door staying secured as he returned to seat and breakfast, digging in to eggs and O'Brien potatoes with renewed relish. His freshly poured coffee? It rose out of his mug, a swirl of steam, looked towards the human, then stared back at Peet. Heh. Peet cringed a little, rolled his eyes... sighed towards his drink... picked up his mug and swallowed its attitude... then scooted tailed butt and warm breakfast, coffee mug included, over to the stool right next to Baylen, keeping one ear on the druid's fascinating analysis and 'Ella's response...

    ... "Just to be safe, I'd put that away... don't want to stare at it for too long."

    Pico gave the human a toothy grin...

    ... "You most likely heard my name... share yours if you wish... but I'm curious how you got a Jiinian to give up his Doomra......."
  18. Baylen pulled his eyes off of the pendant for a moment to watch and listen to the conversation between Ella and the travelers.

    The druid's accuracy of Ella was intriguing. He wondered if it was a high sense of perception or if he had a sort of telepathic insight. Either way it was quite interesting and he listened to him speak with Ella with a slight fascination. Baylen felt more at calm with the occupants of the cafe and left his edge of worry for the thought of anyone looking for him. He knew he couldn't stay here much longer and it would be best to keep moving. It was nice to relax here though. The newest faceless resident had been quiet, perhaps ordering their drink with Trepper, the Nism seemed to be engrossed in his artwork, and Ella was engaging with the travelers. It felt rather normal. Even the sickle didn't seem as abrasive as he initially had thought.

    Baylen watched the Nism walk over to fix the door. He was silently grateful, as every time it would sway open he would surely be uncomfortable in his seat, eyes locked for who could be entering. He was then taken by surprise when Peet scooted over next to him shortly after. He took his eyes off of the pendant but reflexively clenched his hands over it, warily watching Peet. After he spoke Baylen placed it in his pant pocket, pulling his jacket together to help hide the bulge. He wasn't fond of being told what to do but the advice was good. He didn't even know exactly what the pendant was or how valuable it could be. He'd rather not find out by inviting someone to jump him for it. Baylen's face remained concerned, unable to reciprocate Peets flashy, friendly smile. "I'm Baylen" he offered in response. Peet didn't seem to be interested in trying to take anything from him so pleasantries wouldn't hurt. It felt nice to engage with someone, perhaps have a normal conversation. When Peet mentioned the pendant to be a Doomra from a Jiinian, Baylen simply blinked for a moment, having never heard those words before. Still unable to put his full trust in Peet he shrugged and took a sip of his coffee. "I won it in a high stakes poker game. He didn't have a choice but to give it up." He felt more comfortable in his lie this time, a small smile now placed on his lips. It felt especially vindictive because of how the creature had been the one to initially cheat him out. If this Doomra was something special, valuable, or even life dependent for the species that was no longer his he thought.

    Finishing his coffee mug, Baylen rested it on the counter top. He left his payment and a tip for Tepper. "I've got to get going Peet. It was nice to meet you though." He was about to stand when the fixed door knob turned, the chime rattling as the door opened. In stepped a large creature, resting at the doorway, wind rushing in from behind its large frame.

    The one who entered stood tall at 6'3, eyes narrowed and scanning the room, residing at the entrance as he looked around at everyone in the cafe. The creature stood upright as a human, with two arms and muscular legs. With thick, dark purple skin, mottled with what looked to be scabs, and two large horns protruding from the back of its hairless skull, the Jiinian was a species very recognizable to those who knew of it. His thick hands clenched in to fists and glowed softly, the muscle in his arms pushing against the tight fabric that held them in.

    After taking a moment to scan the room the creature spoke. His voice was loud but clear, a deep and resounding sound that was could easily capture the attention of everyone. "Has anyone seen a human with a glowing pendant?" It was a clear and direct question, simply enough for anyone to understand. Even as he asked, his eyes looked from one occupant to another. A growl seemed to escape from the back of his throat even as he spoke, a deep constant low hum of a sound.

    At the entrance of the purple creature, Baylen swiftly turned around, grabbing his empty mug and pretending to nurse his coffee. He recognized the species but after speaking with Peet he now had a name, a Jiinian. It wasn't the same one from the poker night. The creature he attacked was smaller, more his size and stature. This one was much bigger with thicker muscles and was obviously sent to go looking for him. Baylen gave a fearful side glance to Peet, urging him with his eyes to be quiet. Hopefully their brief conversation was pleasant enough for him to help Baylen out. He wanted to look towards the others but feared his head movement would attract too much attention. Keeping his head bowed to his coffee he kept quiet. His heart raced with fear, his legs ready to run if he needed to try for an escape.
  19. The boy thrust his arms into the air in childish victory. "Yes! Got it!" The sickle gave him a pat on the back that seemed to be his version of a hug and turned to his meal. He took a long drink of the steamy beverage, allowed Ella a less sour nod, and started to wolf down his breakfast. The druid carefully wrapped his fingers around the cup containing his tea and sipped as the merfemale spoke, thanking where he believed Trepper had served them.

    The druid's savoring drink was interrupted by Ella's question on his background. The calm and happiness in his eyes was replaced by nervousness. He turned to the sickle's direction who had also looked up at the words. He studied her face for a while, eyes acidic yet again. Finally he sighed and returned to his meal, muttering a scratchy, "fine." "Alright" ,the druid replied and turned to Ella, "I'm Celtic and this is Flint, my legal guardian. We're-"

    But the arrival of the the horned behemoth caused Flint to swiftly turn Celtic to face away from it. The druidic child wondered why there was suddenly a voice like what he imagined the devil would have, loud and deep but clear and to the point. His companion judged the situation, there was a massive, angry Jiinian at the door asking about a human with a glowing pendant, clearly Baylen. Feh, won it in a poker game his ass, regardless if no one responded the situation would be far more dangerous then not. The sickle turned to the Jiinian, rage scrawled across his face and eyes burning. "Did it have a bunch of little gems in it? That little shit?"
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  20. Baylen turned his head slowly to look sideways towards the sickle, Flint. He edged himself to the back of the chair, ready to jump off and leap over the counter passed Tepper to what would hopefully be a back entrance.

    The scowling Jiinian's face tightened even further at Flint's response. His balled up fists tightened, knuckles cracking from the pressure. He took two heavy steps forward, his large foot free from any shoes but heavy enough to make a soft thud when he stepped on the cafe's floor. "Yes. That little shit is important and it belongs to me." he boomed. His eyes were set on the sickle, coming to an assumption that with this feedback the sickle either had the Doomra or knew where it was. He glowered down at Flint and snarled "where is it?" He would give the creature one chance to tell him what he knew before he would let loose on him. Jiinians were know for their short tempers.

    Baylen gritted his teeth, turning back to his empty coffee mug. "Oh shit" he said softly to himself, now gripping the edge of the counter, just about ready to bolt.
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