Coffee's looking for her mug! D':

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  1. Hello! I'm Coffee and I'm a fairly new flavor here. I'm going to assume One on One RP is best for a newcomer who's not very talkative when speaking for herself (opposed to the characters she makes) BUT, that doesn't mean I won't talk to you. x3

    I really like fantasy, adventure, modern and furry. The reason I like furry is because I'm an animal fanatic. Though my inspiration for fantasy furry was The Dragon Butterfly and Reversal of the Heart. I'm not sure if that counts as furry though. O_O

    Moving on! I'm willing to play any gender though I am picky about stereotypes. I don't make Mary Sues/Gary Sues. Also, the names I choose are very, different if your willing to call it so. I am also very picky about plots. If you suggest a plot I won't pick it straight away. If you shoot some plots along the same line, then guarantee, I will ignore you.

    I hope that wasn't too harsh xD

    My writing lengths vary, but I don't write one sentence posts. I could write from 2 paragraphs to 4 depending on the information YOU give ME. I also don't post first. hah

    I like different words. Just the words you don't hear a lot like Vapid ( Plain, boring, tedious) or Hoyden (a boisterous girl).

  2. I would be interested in learning some new words with in a modern or fantasy adventure setting. Hit me back if you have some plot ideas. I thought I would be a gentleman and put the ball in your court.
  3. Well, color me interested! :3
    I'd be more than happy to do a rp of some kind with ya :D
    And I even have a whole language of words you've probably never heard, AND I'm even a furry :3
  4. Oh boy xD
    I usually just throw out super cliche stuff like a loser only because I'm so used to writing. Though I've been deeming a more of a fantasy empire type of thing. Like not a whole, "King and Queen" type of stuff, but more like, "Holy Mother/Holy Father" type thing. SUPER CHEESY.
    I really like plots where the protagonist(s) are like, mentally tortured throughout the story! because im sick and twisted

    I've noticed xD! Yes furries are great only because you can mix their skeletal structures and just make them cool as fuck. I also enjoy the cloaks. Just an aggravated female cheetah scaling around a home at around 3:15 am smothered by black. 0u0