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    || Hello and welcome to my little search thread! I am currently looking for one or two people to RP with! Right now I've been craving for a simple and cheesy plot line that doesn't require much effort to do! ||

    || Current Plots ||

    ● Human x Monster [ Vampire, werewolf, ect..]
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Monster x Monster
    Rival x Rival
    Yuri [ Girl x Girl ]
    Human x Scientific Experiment [ Person with man-made powers ]
    ● Student x Young Teacher
    ● Solider x Enemy Civilian [ Person from the enemy Country/Land. Not another fighter! ]
    ● Human x Alien Visitor

    || Plots I Won't Do ||

    ● Bad Boy x Good Girl
    Yaoi [ Not great at it... But I have nothing against homosexuals! ]
    Master x Slave
    Sex. Just. No. God no. NO.

    || Rules ||

    1.) Please do not rush me to post. For this, I would like decent sized posts that are thought out and not posted every five seconds. I write slow, but decent. I like to have time to post. If you give me time, I'll give you time! Let's say we'll have about five days to write a post without explanation!

    2.) Do not simply ditch our RP without telling me. I understand that after awhile you lose interest. If this happens and you want to quit, just post on the thread or shoot me a message. I'll understand and will not get mad if you actually tell me!

    3.) I am open to play any character out of the two for most plots. If you have a certain part you want to be then just tell me and I'll most likely let you be it!

    4.) I mainly play female characters, but I can do males. No I'm not one of those girls who can't play the other gender. Its just recently that I want to be more males. Also, I've been really wanting to do a plot between two females! Also, if you use character photos, please try to use illustrated or anime photos!

    5.) I will NOT do anything sexual. If things get to advance, just time skip it. Hugging? Okay. Kissing? Sure. Smexy fun time? Ha, hell no Sonny.

    6.) Please have decent grammar and spelling. Do not use text talk unless your character is actually using a device.

    7.) If you want to RP with me, just fill out this form and post it:


    Character Gender:
    Sample Post:
  2. The Solider/Enemy Civillian sounds very interesting. I'm game.:)
  3. Okay! That was one of my secondary favorites. Is there a certain role you want be, like the soldier or civilian? Or a certain gender pairing?
  4. If its alright I'd like to be the Civillian, and could it be MxF?
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