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Drama, angst, dark roleplays, yaoi, modern, set in the future, romance, horror, family, coming of age. I like a lot of shit.
"No ya done it, Gerard. Mr. Leonhard wants to see you at his office immediately!" A woman with straight blonde had that wacut sharply to her chin, an with piercing brown eyes said, a sneer clear on her face. Her name was Amelia, and she was the one who hired the coffee boy, and was always calling him a clutz, and always treat I him life her own personal slave. It was a early November afternoon, and Gerard had already cotton himself into a bucket load of trouble. Simply for speaking his mind at the wrong place. "You know, just because I hired you, I can get in trouble too? Thanks a lot! Not only did you put yourself in danger, but me too!" She yelled, tapping her heel into the floor. Her arms were crossed tightly over her chest as the two sat in the coffee room. "If he fires you, don't mention a thing about me hiring you, got it?!" She hissed. "Now go to his office, you good for nothing idiot."
"I-I... Okay, yeah... Sorry..." Stammered the rather spindly man, his eyes avoiding her gaze desperately. Gerard hadn't MEANT to mess up, but how couldn't he? He was constantly nervous, wanting to impress the others as much as possible in the change of progressing... Of course, that was probably unlikely now that his life was most likely over. He wanted his job, it paid more than his last job working in fast food, and his bills were piling up fast. Swallowing hard, he warily wandered towards the office in hopes that he'd somehow be spared.
When Gerard reached the office, a personal assistant that sat on the outside of the door looked up from her computer. Narrowing her eyes, she reached over to her phone on her desk, pressing a button. "Mr. Leonhard, the coffee boy is here."

"Bien, send him in." Said the man with a heavy French accent.

Glancing up at him, she stood up, and opened the door for him. Once he was in, she shut the door behind him. There at the desk sat a small man, probably shorter than Gerard, who was typing away at his computer. With dyed blonde hair, the man looked up, his eyes a dark violet color. He looked over feminine, though despite his looks, he had this dominant aura about him. A effect eyebrow arched seeing the boy. The corner of his plush lips twitched up a bit, before he gestured him to sit. "Asseoir garçon, don't be so...euh, what tis the word? Ahh, nervous, yes?" He smiled, his eyes looking over the boy. "Hmm, you seem old are you?" He asked, his French accent lightened over each of his words.
"T-Twenty five... I think..." He stammered out, his cheeks a deep red and his hyperventilating a sign of just how nervous he was. Hell, he was on the verge of passing out any second. Taking a wary seat, he folded his knees neatly and stared down at his feet. "I'm Herard, sir..."
"You think your twenty five? You are odd..." He noted to himself with a smirk. This boy was so scared. He could tell that this boy was insecure. That was obvious. He probably would cling to someone in relationships. He seemed rather easy to dominate to. Hmm...He would make a perfect pet. Growing up looking like a...well a really short girl, Pierre was teased a lot. So he made himself dominate. He in order tro feel like he had control, he owned businesses, and in relationships? He would get someone very insecure,and easy to dominate. He did have the intention of firing the boy, but now? "Gerard you say? I'm Pierre. Enchanté~" He purred, resting his chin in his hand looking over him. "I heard you make incroyable coffee~ How about getting a raise and becoming my coffee boy?"
"I- what?" He blinked, having expected to be fired then and there, and was more than ready to try and at least attempt to defend his job. Though this? He couldn't complain one bit. "Oh, ah, y-yeah! I mean, sure! I'd love to work for you, I guess! That... means a lot to me, sir."
"Please, call me Pierre~" Purred the little French man as he winked. Standing up, he walked over to stand behind him, resting his hands on the other shoulders as he sat in the chair. "Je suis sûr que vous et je vais être de grands ami~" He whispered, a smirk clear on his face. "Now, go and get me some coffee, whoever you worked for, inform them you are no longer...euh, what tis the word? Ahh, concern. I like my coffee black, with plenty of sugar."
Rather confused by the French, it still sent a shiver down his spine from simply the tone before he warily got to his feet. He wasn't crazy tall, literally average, and it was clear he wasn't athletic... but he stood taller than his boss, evidently. Doing as told, Gerard wandered to ths breakroom to start up a fresh cup
Amelia was still there when the boy showed back up, arching a brow, and put her hands on her hips. "What do you are doing, Gerard? When you get fired, you leave. Not make yourself coffee, then leave. Shoo, get out." She demanded, crossing her arms.
"But... I'm not fired..." He admitted, ib a bit of a daze himself as he poured the coffee accordingly to the other's taste. "And I don't work for you anymore, so..."
"What? Excuse me, ya little twerp? You work for me until I say you don't! And what do you mean your not fired...Mr. Leonhard didn't fire you?" She asked, snapping her fingers in his face to get him out of that daze.
"I worj for him niw, p-persinally. So, um... excuse me..." He pushed past her carefully, clinhinh to the two coffees he poured (one for himself). Stepping into the office and into the room where his new boss rested, he managed to catch his breath
Pierre was at his computer typing away, his hand reaching up for the coffee expexpectingly, without his eyes ever leaving his screen. "Merci." He thanked him, peering up art him to flash him a smile.
Waiting for more of a reaction, hoping he didn't mess up the rather simple order, eventually asked- "Um... Is that all, sir?" He whispered, "Because, uh... I don't really know what to do next?"

(I'm really sorry and I don't mean to be a jerk but the gif in your signuture is really flashy! I'm an epileptic, so would you please swap it out? I mean, you don't have to D:)
"Oh such a cute little boy You see, your not only my coffee boy, your my....hmm, personal needs helper. You help me with all my needs. Okay?" He smirked, standing up. He walked over, circling him, before giving him a gentle push so he would be bent over his desk. Smirking at his bottom, he said, "wipe down my desk." The only reason he wanted him to wipe it down, was so he could see the perky bum of his sway.

(Sure np :D)
Yelping from the sudden push, he was thankful to at least have a good enough reaction time to catch himself. "Oh, yeah! Okay, sure... Can I have something to clean it with? I mean... I could probably find something if you want me..." He babbled softly, his nerves hitching once again. Was that speaking out? He didn't want to lose the raise he just earned after all.
"Your spit and sleeve should be fine. That's what they did in the old days right?" He said a smirk clear on his face. Sitting down on one of the chairs behind the other, he had a perfect view of his bum.
Finding the simple idea a tad bit gross, being a bit of a germaphobe himself. But hey, there was a reason the other was the boss, right? Letting out a rather exhausted sigh, he began to clean- resulting in the wanted butt giggle.
Smirking, he licked his lips slowly, watching his movements. "Je ne peux pas attendre pour vas te faire encule sur ce bureau." He stated in perfect French. "Je vais devoir vous gémir et crier pendant des heures , jusqu'à ce que vous vous évanouissez."
"Huh?" He blinked, his cheeks growing red in embarrassment. "Uh, sir? I.. Can't really speak French, aha. I took German in High School, and I wasn't very good at it..." He admitted, before returning to his scrubbing, furrowing his brow at how many marks and stains were on the rather nice glasstop desk. It was about fifteen minutes before he finished, wiping sweat from his forehead. "Finally...'
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