Coffee Cup Love Notes (MxM ~Looking for Dom~)

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  1. I'm in the mood for some cutesy romance, so I have a plot in mind and I'd like to have someone to write this with. I have some rules though.

    1. Please write more then two paragraphs. I don't want one liners nor am I looking for someone to post 10 paragraphs. Someone who is easy going in this area, without writing one line would be perfect. I want to just relax and enjoy our characters falling in love.
    2. Only threads. Pm role plays die on me 99% of the time.
    3. If you have an emergency, please let me know so I don't assume the thread is dead.
    4. Out of character chatting is a must. I like getting to know the people I write with, it helps me get excited for the story we share.
    5. Character sheets. I make a short one with an image of my character. I would like one from you as well.

    I'd like to play Character A and I'd like to play the sub.

    Now, to the plot itself.

    Coffee Cup Love Notes (open)

    Character A is a student, studying (INSERT MAJOR HERE) at NYU. Tired of the starbucks coffee at every corner, he goes in search of a traditional cafe. It takes a few weeks to find Character B's shop, but once he has a sip of the latte's, he can never go back to having Starbucks coffee. Everyday, day in and day out, he comes in after lectures or just on his days off just to have Character B's coffee. After a few months of constant purchase, he starts to notice hand written notes on his cup. Sometimes it's a quote from amazing poets that are not well known and other times it's just little comments like "It's a perfect day out, isn't it?". He wants to know who is the one who wrote the notes and so he starts to notice that every time he orders, it's always the same young man who makes his coffee or latte or tea's. He wants to talk to him, but by the time he get's his coffee, he leaves for his break or finishes his shift.

    As the weeks pass the notes start to get a bit bolder. "That book must be good." or "You should smile more." or "You have such pretty eyes." And he always notices them too late to say anything to the male. One day, when he gets his coffee, he reads the note immediately and this time along with the note, there's a phone number "Call me sometime so we can have coffee together."
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  2. Aw! This sounds like it's going to be chock-filled with fluff. I love it. I would love to do this plot with you~! :)
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  3. Pm me and we can talk more :)
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