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  1. Just testing around. Both info-dumps as well as coding goes here. Don't post please.​

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  2. [​IMG]

    halflight - burnt into your retina

    "Those who ignite the world, will burn the brightest. It is our duty to light the flame, and usher in an era of clarity from within the dark."


    Over a century ago, 144 years to be exact, an event known as prolonged magnetic-tectonic rage occurred. It lasted several weeks, and caused the planet’s magnetic field to undergo rapid change, resulting in geographical disasters, as the continental plates shifted. The magnetic field's force increased beyond its natural level, and soon deflected larger than usual amounts of solar radiation, leading to a cooler climate in large parts of the world. Though humanity had to adjust to the catastrophic results of the plates' moving, the true misery began when, shortly after this event, a meteor struck the planet. The day all people of today merely know as Ragnarök. Though its exact origins are still unclear, it is currently scientific consensus that this event has introduced the Parca Cells to our planet, resulting in the appearance of Proxies–gargantuan creatures, seemingly hell-bent on erasing the human species.

    This is where it all began.​

    The current year is 107 ER (efteråt Ragnarök), and the new calendar already signals one thing above all else: society has changed. Even the world's most notable nation, the Eura-Pacific Confederation, calls few metropolises their own; The EPC is a country with millions and millions of people living in small villages, and more commonly within Dens–small camps located wherever the wildness, and more importantly Proxies, allow them to exist. Competition is fierce, as the Dens pry for supplies, tools, and stability, and violent escalations aren't uncommon. Meanwhile, the few cities that somehow manage to sustain themselves, such as the capital Santover, live with the omnipresent fear of having their frail luxury taken away at any moment, the only possible exception, the royal fortress Queen's Bastion–however, even the Bastion has more than its fair share of skeptics. Outside of the brittle peace of the major cities, the cold climate, the twisted world, and the ferocious Proxies gnaw at our souls. More and more people flee to the southern Outbacks, where the sun warms the arid lands, despite the presence of mutated wildlife and heightened Proxy activity.

    The government's crisis management is fairly straight-forward:
    - Combat the Proxies
    - Detain civil unrest and unify the people

    To achieve these goals, the entirety of the authoritative body, from law enforcement all the way up to the Royal Brigade, has been dedicated to the cause. At the forefront of the nation's efforts: HORUS and their chosen warriors, the Godglaives.


    As the Proxies appeared, the old governments fumbled, trying their hardest to keep control. Overwhelmed by the sheer destruction and chaos the Proxies caused, civilization crumbled. The military had long failed. In desperation, humanity had turned to nuclear warfare, only to find the Proxies unscathed, continuously stalking the now poisoned lands. The first signs of a new order came only when HORUS appeared on the scene. Founded by the combined efforts of various research companies, HORUS conducted massive research dedicated to the Proxies' demise.

    Though their research remained fruitless at first, a historic breakthrough was made when the ORIGIN patients appeared; their genome reminiscent of the Parca Cells that appeared alongside the Proxies during Ragnarök, these two individuals were able to withstand the Proxies' Gravitas to a certain degree. At first, the monumental findings appeared to facilitate meaningful defensive measures, but instead lead to far more significant revelation; Proxies' bodies are, somehow, weakened when attacked by their own kind. As unfathomably superior as they appeared, they were more than capable of tearing into each other.

    The defensive measures failed harshly, resulting in many lost lives and a publicly distrusted HORUS. But the EDEN-TECH department knew what had to be done; Perhaps the ORIGIN patients couldn't provide HORUS with any dedicated defensive tools, but their mirroring genetic make up would instead provide weapons–weapons more powerful than anything the world had ever seen.

    Thus, the Pieces of Eden were created. And with this immensely powerful weaponry, those who could wield them were recruited, and the Godglaive was born. Allying itself with the remaining–and emerging–leaders of the world, HORUS ascended to global reverence, establishing humanity as an entity to be reckoned with once again, and subsequently allowing civilization to stabilize.

    It is our duty to protect was it left. For this is what it means to be a Godglaive.


    take up your arms, glaives

    - This roleplay will accommodate anywhere from 6-12 players, perhaps more. It is fairly flexible.
    - All characters will be Godglaives. Which type of Godglaive is totally up to you. There will, however, be a preference for variety, so consider that.
    - The roleplay will not be first come, first serve. Sheets will be accepted when they're considered suitable.
    - You may have picked up influences and such when reading the IC, and that's okay. I do heavily recommend you treat the roleplay as a seperate world though, and don't just assume things are a certain way. HOWEVER(!) I heavily encourage you to participate in world building. If you want something to exist, make it work, and make it part of this world. I like players who are involved and eager to create.
    - Anime physics, rule of cool, and impossible edginess lies ahead; beware you poor soul!

    - The posting expectations will be "advanced", but I don't require novels. Quality over quantity, but posts should be a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs, so as to give enough for anyone involved to reply properly. If you're uncomfortable writing decently-sized posts, or simply lazy, this may not be the roleplay for you.
    - Posting pace will be at least weekly, ideally faster.
    - For now, only one character per player.
    - Don't post WIP sheets please. Post when you're ready. WIP sheets will not be reviewed are are grounds for being denied.
    - No drama or fighting OOC. Keep it nice.
    - Though explicit sexual content won't be part of this roleplay, because of mature themes this roleplay will be available only to adult members aged eighteen and up. Exceptions may be made for those aged 17, but I reserve the right to decide on a cases to case basis.


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    With paper-thin defenses, and extraordinary destructive force, the CENTURION is a glass-cannon whose primary job is to inflict irreparable damage to the enemy. CENTURION are of average speed, outclassing any normal human, but fall vastly behind the VALKYRIE.

    Destructive Power: ▰▰▰▰▰▰
    Resilience: ▰▰▱▱▱▱
    Agility: ▰▰▰▱▱▱
    Stability: ▰▰▰▰▱▱
    Ascension: ▰▰▰▰▰▱


    Possessing incredible spee and tremendous resilience, the VALKYRIE is a durable fighter, especially dangerous in prolonged conflicts, where their lack of pure power lessens in importance. They lack the brute force to strike down enemies with few blows, but can outlast almost any opponent.

    Destructive Power: ▰▰▱▱▱▱
    Resilience: ▰▰▰▰▰▰
    Agility: ▰▰▰▰▰▱
    Stability: ▰▰▰▱▱▱
    Ascension: ▰▰▰▰▰▱


    The deliberate middle way of Godglaive research, VANGUARDS are the definition of balance, and have no evident weaknesses. They have no specialization, and are all-rounders, capable of working within any environment. VANGUARDS are publicly the most accepted Godglaives.

    Destructive Power: ▰▰▰▰▱▱
    Resilience: ▰▰▰▱▱▱
    Agility: ▰▰▰▰▱▱
    Stability: ▰▰▰▰▱▱
    Ascension: ▰▰▰▰▱▱


    CIPHER are unique, in that they usually don't wield Pieces of Eden, but instead possess seemingly supernatural powers, enabled by purposely increasing their Parca Count. In contrast to other Godglaives, a CIPHER’s AWAKENING is more stable, and less likely to undergo Desynchronization. CIPHER are especially suited for infiltration and inland missions.

    Destructive Power: ▰▰▰▰▰▱
    Resilience: ▰▰▰▱▱▱
    Agility: ▰▰▰▱▱▱
    Stability: ▰▰▰▰▰▱
    Ascension: ▰▰▰▱▱▱
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  4. [clickable and scrollable]

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    To combat Proxies, the global research organization HORUS has developed measures against the enemy, and recruited people with specific, required genetic and mental traits. They are widely known as Godglaives, so much so that even official members of the organization use the term frequently.

    All Godglaives possess a genome that aligns with the Origin DNA, either naturally or by artificially increasing the individual’s Parca Count. This genetic blueprint enables the neurological connection to EDEN-TECH, the technology that birthed the weapons known as Pieces of Eden. Furthermore it allows the Glaive to achieve a state called AWAKENING. Godglaives are capable of resisting a Proxy’s Gravitas, and even survive the Proxies’ immense physical power, making them the only known way to fight and defeat Proxies. They are unrivaled in their ability to endure damage, inflict damage, and even kill Proxies. Godglaives function as special ops agents when not tasked with Proxy-related missions.

    GODGLAIVES officially hold one of four titles; VALKYRIE, CENTURION, VANGUARD, or CIPHER.

    Named in honor of the ORIGIN Patients, the VALKYRIE AND THE CENTURION represent two sides of the same coin; the former are impossible fast and durable, but lack the brute force of the latter. A CENTURION, on the other hand, brings unrivaled force to the battle. Their speed is average, but their real drawback are their poor defenses. CENTURIONS are high risk, high reward-styled fighters.

    A third type was later established, as experimentation allowed for more control. It was called VANGUARD, and it possesses balanced physical attributes, thus representing a mixture between VALKYRIE and CENTURION.

    Lastly, there are the CIPHER, who usually do not wield any EDEN technology, but instead possess seemingly supernatural powers, due to an extremely high Parca Count. CIPHER can still achieve AWAKENING, though it appears that their ascension is generally weaker, as it is an entirely organic process, compared to a technological one. In contrast to other Godglaives, a CIPHER's AWAKENING is more stable, and less likely to undergo Desynchronization.

    It should be note that, due to their unique biological condition, Godglaives enjoy a rather unflattering public image, which has lead to the tradition of utilizing masks during missions, so as to keep work and private life seperate.

    « »

    Proxies are giant creatures with potent abilities, earning them an almost deific status in some communities. Behaviorally, all Proxies are different, although similarities can be observed across the different sub-types. Proxies are made up of a new type of cell, called Parca Cell. It is currently believed that each cell is, at least to some degree, conscious in itself, which could mean that Proxies are a hive mind.

    Beyond their massive size and the potential threat all Proxies pose to humanity, they all share the ability to create an area of effect called Palace, named so due to a mistranslation of early discourse on Parca Cells. A Palace is an area which is affected by a Proxy’s influence, also referred to as Gravitas, and sometimes Madness. Within its Palace, the Proxy can wreak massive havoc upon the environment and everything inside of it. Additionally, humans are commonly exposed to various mental effects. A Palace is easily recognizable (Mono-types are the exception), appearing as fog which seemingly inverts and darkens all color within its reach. Palaces should be avoided at all times, for death is certain.


    ● Monoliths / Mono-type:
    Massive, stationary Proxies. They do not move, communicate, or otherwise appear alive, though signs of life can be measured with proper equipment. Monoliths melt with the environment, effectively becoming part of nature themselves. Some of the oldest known Proxies are part of this group, and their Gravitas, the only Gravitas that does not appear as inverted light, is likely the source of the increased growth and morphing of plants, wildlife, and inorganic landforms. Generally, Mono-type Proxies seem to be rarer than Eater-types and Vestige-types, even larger than any other Proxy type, and uncharacteristically benevolent. Though many areas being chosen as a Mono-type Proxy’s location of rest are walled off and contained--and approaching them is strictly forbidden--they appear to pose less of a threat than any other Proxy, if at all.

    ● Omnivores / Eater-type:
    Smaller than Monoliths, though still massive in size. Eater-type Proxies are ferocious hunters, concerned with nothing but consuming as much mass as possible. They appear mindless in their hunger, and present a rabid threat to humanity. Eater-types are powerful fighters, and tend to channel their rage into even more violent outbursts. Eater-type Proxies' Palaces should be avoided at all cost; fatality rates are almost 100% for civilians.

    ● Vestiges / Human-type:
    Somewhat of a bonding link between the two previous types, Vestiges are the only Proxies that showcase humanoid features. Their appearance usually only roughly mimics human shapes, such as bipedal Proxies with five fingers, and a recognizably humanoid face, but their appearance varies heavily, and despite their coarse human features, they still appear otherworldly. Human-type Proxies appear more composed than Eater-types, but are also more difficult to predict. While they are vicious hunters and pose an immense threat to humanity, Vestiges showcase some unusual traits, which includes pacifistic behavior. It is believed that Vestiges evolved through Eater-type consumption of humans.

    « »

    The Pieces of Eden are a set of weapons, developed as part of the EDEN-TECH project, pioneered by HORUS to combat the Proxy crisis. The Pieces are the only known way to to slay Proxies. Menacing in appearance, and fatal in effect, the Pieces, and the Glaives who wield them, seem to defy reality, achieving miraculous feats.

    They are manufactured by utilizing harvested remains from slain Proxies. The only people capable of wielding these weapons effectively must possess a specific genetic make up, one that mirrors those of the ORIGIN Patients.

    The original prototype was achieved by fusing Parca Cells with the ORIGIN DNA. Though now a catch-all term for suitable genetics, ORIGIN DNA was the genome of the first two known humans whose genetic make up was able to withstand the Gravitas of the Proxies. Originally, the ORIGIN Patients’ DNA was used only to kickstart defensive measures, but eventually their potential to inflict harm on Proxies was discovered, leading to the development of the first Piece of Eden.

    The cell-structure of Proxies appears to be self-destructive, meaning that a Proxy may be immune to all types of damage, but can be harmed by anything that possesses a similar genetic makeup.

    Bodies without either Parca Cells or ORIGIN DNA reject the weapon, which results in severe physical trauma, called Desynchronization. Similarly, the forceful end of an AWAKENING, such as through overwhelming Gravitas, causes a state of Desynchronization as well, during which the Godglaives suffer mental as well as physical consequences.

    « »

    HORUS is an internationally active research company, having emerged shortly after the events of Ragnarök in order to stabilize the new world. HORUS is the major contributor to measures against Proxies, as well as the most valued ally of the New Royal Houses, serving directly under the crown.

    HORUS employs a battalion hierarchy, with each branch representing a so called ROSE. A single ROSE is a dedicated group of HORUS soldiers, researches, or other personnel, with each individual member being a PETAL.

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    Wanted For:
    ● Murder
    ● Conspiracy
    ● Crimes against humanity
    ● Acts of war
    ● Encouragement of war
    ● Public Indecency
    ● Unauthorized Eclipse Seed Usage
    ● Theft


  6. H I S T O R Y

    No name available
    No name available
    No name available

    Cloud 9




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  7. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………​
    NOAH // ♀ // AGE: 24

    ∕ ∕ Appearance: ∕ ∕ ​

    María is a tall woman, standing at almost 5'9". Despite her height, she appears slender, with a lean frame and long, thin limbs. Her bronze complexion is textured by faint hints of muscle, though they are easily found out as being not the result of perfecting her physique, rather than a simple by-product of being rather underweight. Nevertheless, María is somewhat shapely, if judged by conventional, feminine beauty standards, presumably due to genetic predisposition.

    Her soft and clever facial features are framed by stringy, shoulder-length hair, which appears neglected. In fact, due to the dusty and desaturated looking, almost copper-like shade, and the knots all across her scalp, María appears disheveled at times. Nevertheless, she is generally considered beautiful, possessing peculiar red eyes, well defined, cleanly curved eyebrows, a sharp nose, high cheekbones, small, evenly proportioned lips, and a pronounced yet soft jawline.

    María usually dresses in a practical manner. She is often seen with a plain black tanktop, underneath baggy jackets, her favorite being a raddled olive-tone one. She usually wears darkly-colored skinny jeans, some of which are torn all across the legs, and heavy boots.



    • María deeply appreciates the small victories in life. Wrestling with the poor hand she's been dealt in life has not made her bitter or closed-off, instead only feeding her desire to spread the kindness she so desperately craves. Having little self-worth, and the need for a positive bond in her life, she is quick to put other's needs before her own.

      Due to her heavily impaired vision, she has taken to developing an acuteness with certain other senses, primarily being touched. She reacts strongly to physical contact, and whether the response is overwhelmingly positive or negative seems to change on a whim, though panic has the upper hand more often than not. This is further aided by a mild case of autism. Though it has no major effect on her daily life, it does occassionally interfere with her ability to correctly interpret someone's intention when touching her, and has ever since she was a child. Interestingly, she has developed a knack for rubbing the backs of her hands against each other.

      Despite her being legally blind, she is very perceptive of her surroundings, and is able to maneuver around fine, even with the abysmal visuals she can still perceive. In fact, María is so observant, that even minor changes rarely go unnoticed; Something she is particularly verbal about. Changes that seem unfounded to her distress her easily, and she often feels a need to investigate why things happen around her.

      ∕ Likes ∕
      ● Stories
      ● Fire
      ● Intimacy
      ● Morale
      ● Roses

      ∕ Dis.Likes ∕
      ● Thunder
      ● Not standing up to cruelty
      ● Being judged/evaluated
      ● Isolation
      ● Wood, as it splinters easily
      ● Using her ELEGANCE on other people

    • Being one of the oldest NOAH, María's earliest memories are those of hectic tests, scrambling scientists, and a harshly regulated routine. One of the first NOAH to survive the modifications, but failing to exhibit any noticable powers, she primarily served as a guinea pig to create a blue print for future NOAH. From shock therapy, to sensory deprivation, to almost benevolent therapy; All means tried did not seem to trigger any sort development. Just as she was about to be discarded a mere failure, María mourned her consistently worsening eyesight, requesting glasses. As her vision seemed to deteriorate further and further, a new line of tests was developed to research a potential link to the ORACLE Project's modification. After a variety of tests all concluded activity of her cells, leaving no doubt that María possessed an ELEGANCE afterall, she was placed in a sealed mirror chamber for several days, only receiving an air supply and minimal food. The procedure was operated by machines, to avoid any potential human error. On the third day, the footage revealed a peculiarity, with the time display glitching out, and not matching María's movement. After receiving instructions, María recreated the phenomenon several times, leading the scientists to conclude that the girl's ELEGANCE was related to some sort of time anomaly.

      The prospect of time control elicited europhoria within the Ecclesian authorities, and María promptly had few moments to herself. Instead, she lived only to attend her educational lessons and participate in tests. After an initial surge of happiness of being treated better, she soon grew to dread them, due to their violating nature. The scientific side foresaw constantly probing the young girl, leading to traumas. When not tested upon, María received a rigorous educational program, as well as behavioral training, which instilled puritan tendencies in María. It appeared that she was indeed prepped to receive some sort of symbolic public role; Unfortunately, María's ELEGANCE was flawed.

      The very same tests that linked María's worsening sight with her abilities ultimately revealed that usage of her ELEGANCE lead to health issues. Though reduced use would only lead to minor repercussions--which would also heal up fairly quickly--prolonged use resulted in long-term complications, some of which seemed to potentially become chronic, such as her impaired sight has. Sooner than later, María's educational and behavioral training was halted, and she was reduced to the scientist's test subject once again, her ELEGANCE deemed a failure serving only to gain knowledge on how to recreate it without any flaws.

      As the ORACLE Project came to an end, María had long reached her psychological limits, being easily startled and prone to severe outbursts. The day of her schedueled disposal came about, and upon receiving no reply as to their destination, María instinctively used her ability, for the first time fully transforming her body, and triggering a larger scale time anomaly. Though she did not know of her supposed execution, she did deduce heavy punishment being due to her using her ELEGANCE against the scientists. Thus, she fled, hoping to escape the facility's perimeter before the effect wore off. In the following time, María hid among the lowly, the homeless, the beggar of Valhalla, where she shed her identity to escape the government's clutches. In spite of her efforts to lay low, she quickly rose to become a central figure amongst the impoverished, towards whom she served as a sort of caretaker. Having eventually gained the attention of Valkyrie, María was recently recruited to become part of FEARLESS.

    • ∕ ∕ The Valutaja ∕ ∕


      A device which distributes small knife from within it. It can either be used by performing a palmstrike-like motion, thus ramming the blade into the target or by swinging the arm and using the sharp blade to cut. The advantage to an average dagger or similar blade being the surprise factor. Lastly, by pressing another button, the blade can be pushed out of its position, and be instead used as desired, the most prominent use being a throwing knife.
    • ● Perceptiveness: María is highly perceptive in spite of her poor sight. She notices distant, and otherwise barely audible sounds,and can detect changes in tone.

      ● Spacial Awareness: María has an excellent sense of her own body and her surroundings, and can maneuver with decent enough confidence despite her blindness. In fact, she is so in sync with her own position that her perception of her surroundings enable her to throw a knife with nearly the same precision as a normally sighted person with similar training.

      ● Cleaning: Perhaps a result of her desire to take care of those around her, María has taken to be a diligent housekeeper, and a very efficent one at that.
    • Prototype CPTM1.1. (Godhand)
      María's ELEGANCE enables her to erase a period of time, with a maximum length of ten seconds. María may form a frame with her fingers, similar to how a director frames a scene. Actions performed in the framed area by any given object or being will be erased. María may only erase time in the past or the future, but never cross over from one side to the other. As such, she cannot erase five seconds of the past and five of the future. If, for example, the firing of a gun is erased, but the bullet would hit a target eleven seconds after pulling the trigger, the gunshot would still occur. However, the gun would still retain the bullet, as the time of its firing never occured.

      This ability is linked directly with Maria's health, and is thus very much regulated by her own well-being. Prolonged use of the ability will severly deteriorate María's health, and can lead to irreversible damage. An example of such a damage is her impaired vision.

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  8. [​IMG]


    Epithet: officially issued or well-established nickname
    Sex: Male/Female, gender identity can be clarified in the sheet
    Date of Birth: DD of MM
    Place of Birth: refer to [Locations]
    - Physical Strength: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
    - Intelligence: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
    - Agility: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
    - Cooperativeness: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
    - Madness: ▰▱▱▱▱▱

    Personal Dossier


    Describe what your character looks like. This section can be used to elaborate on details that can't be conveyed through your faceclaim, and should include all information necessary to get a clear vision of your character's appearance without looking at the picture above. Feel free to include details such as style and specific outfits.


    What does your character believe in, act like, dislikes? This does not have to be extremely in-depth, as characters will - or rather should - change and develop over the course of the roleplay, but I do want to see a clear concept of your idea. Try to include a few positive, a few negative, and a few neutral attributes.


    Your character's life so far. You are free to organize this as you see fit; whether you choose a CV-style list with dates and short elaborations, or full paragraphs with great detail, I want a full account for every significant event in their lives, and a general idea of their lives at large, whether it was important or not. Make their life reasonably easy for us to overview.


    Any additional information you wish to include. Maybe trivia about them, such as their favorite dishes or musical artists, or interesting familiar relations. A theme song. Things like that. This is for your convenience.

    Combat Dossier


    In this section you can list all of your character's abilities. This will likely include your Ouroboros, but may also concern abilities related to your "race", such as particularly strong bites or claws or gils etc. Add as many abilities as you need by copying and pasting more of the template below. Abilities will be judged with a stat system, ranging from ▰▱▱▱▱▱, meaning "very weak" to ▰▰▰▰▰▰, meaning "honed to perfection". For reference, a nuclear bomb would have a destructive power of ▰▰▰▰▰▰. If a rating doesn't apply at all (for example, an omnipresent ability would not have any sort of reach limitations, thus not being an applicable rating), the stat is instead rated as "N/A".

    Ability: Name of your ability.
    Overview: A brief description of what it does.
    Stats: Classify your ability. If a category does not apply, replace the bars with "N/A".
    Destructive Power: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
    Resilience: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
    Speed: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
    Reach: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
    Precision: ▰▱▱▱▱▱


    Essentially the "mortal equivalent" of abilities. Elaborate on your attained skills and talents. Perhaps you're an amazing cook, can pick locks, or possess tremendous physical strength that is attained not by supernatural powers, but hard training? Talk about those things here.


    List your combat-related inventory. Guns, knives, suits, radars, enhancements and other such items should go here. This will vary wildly depending on how much your character needs additional tools, but feel free to get creative.

    Name: (model or "nickname")
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  9. The Paperghost Hero

    Bai Xiao

    General:Bao possesses a rather thin stature with average proportions for a young girl. Being rather lanky, her build has an athletic, runner-type quality. Her light complexion contrasts with the warmth of her soft caramel hair, which she keeps in a playful shorter style with frazzled bangs, often covering one eye. Her juvenile features are soft, and perhaps a tad androgynous. She sports remarkably large, eyes with a lavender sheen. Though she isn't a huge fan of make-up, her eyebrows are always immaculately done, and she almost always sports some sort of subtly-colored nail polish.

    In the comfort of her home, Bai often wears plain shirts and pants, but it is no rarity to see her in a more prim blouse, often rounded out by a cute ribbon, and a skirt - usually of the ruffled kind. She also has a penchant for the more sporty types of blazers and comfortable wool cardigans. Generally, her style would best be described somewhere in between business casual and reasonably chic.

    Costume:(Completely Optional)
    Bai is a fundamentally kindhearted person, wishing for everyone to live a healthy and satisfying life. While she has her flaws, she detests those who inflict harm for no reason, or pick on the helpless. She is also an extremely supportive friend, so much so that she often feels embarrassed about her own short-comings. She is often a little bashful due to the many fortunate circumstances of her life, such as her luxurious upbringing or her Quirk, which she feels she does not deserve.

    Striving actively to shed her formal attitude, Bai has a tendency to play around with any items in her reach, and often fools around. She has few qualms that she isn't the most rebellious person, or the one with the sharpest banter, but she is no stuck-up drag. However, Bai is easily flustered by authoritative people, such as her parents or teachers, and will revert to a very prim and proper behavior if confronted in such a manner. Once jittery, Bai will be extremely accommodating, polite, somewhat quiet, and overall more stereotypically sophisticated. She is easily embarrassed by this, and can be teased quite easily by bringing this reaction to her attention.

    Bai has quite the culinary expertise and sincere interest in the topic, showing impressive prowess when it comes to preparing even the most complex meals. Curiously, her most favorite thing in the world is drinking cheap orange juice out of a carton with a straw; the exact opposite of fine dining.

    Bao's aspiration for becoming a hero is to supply comradery and someone to trust in to all those who feel alone, similar to how she felt for many years, until her cousin and sister helped her follow her dreams. She does not deny that being famous or having fans seem like a sweet deal, however, and indulges in fantasies of fame and glory every now and then.

    Bai was born into significant wealth, her father being the heir to a large publishing company founded by his great-great grandparents, when the Xiao family first migrated to Japan. This has afforded Bai and her older sister Fen great luxury. However, it also lead to a strict upbringing, littered with apathetic caretakers. Bai's and her sister's childhood was strictly organized by her parents and overseen by maids and tutors, so as to groom them for when they would take over the company. Bai in particular was raised with meticulous care, as her Hybrid-Quirk seemed to destine her for success.

    One day Fen announced her intentions of becoming a pro-hero instead of continuing the family business, unwilling to let her heritage distract her from her goal to help humanity. The relationship between Fen and her parents took a critical hit, leading her parents to invest even more into grooming Bai to become their designated heir. Most of Bai's formative years were spent studying with private tutors, further isolating her from her peers.

    It wasn't until one day, when the family's chauffeur ran late, and a young man Bai remembered hadn't seen in years visited her; it was her cousin, Li Jun, who was the occasional target of her parents' slander. Having heard of Fen's decision and his aunt and uncle's reaction, he sought to seek out Bai, so as to ensure her that she, and only she, could choose what to do with her life. He revealed to her that his Quirk can bless others with luck, and that he had blessed her, just like Fen, on the day she was born, because he knew the hidebound attitude and stubbornness of their parents. As proof, he reminded the girl that she was one of the few people in the world lucky enough to inherit a merged Quirk. And so knowing of his gift, she should do what will bring her happiness instead of simply following her parents decree.

    With a spark ignited, Bai rebelled - for the first time in her life - proclaiming her intention to follow Fen's footsteps and become a hero as well; someone to look up to, someone who would do everything she could to help those in need. The young girl's determination was unyielding, repelling her parents attempts to get her back in line. Threats of punishment, pleading, and rationalizations of charitable donations simply evaporated. Faced with the path to becoming a dysfunctional family, her parents relented under the condition that, should Bai fail to make it into the UA, or drop out at any point during the time spent there, she'd have to keep on the family business. The insistence was of no importance to Bai, who developed a determination and drive to match her sisters'.
    Abilities & Talents
    Quirk: Aeriform Paper

    This Quirk is a hybrid of Papyrokinesis, which she inherited from her father, and Gas Manipulation, which she inherited from her mother. With this Quirk, Bai can create and manipulate the properties of paper, such as their sharpness or density. The autonomous conjuration of paper, however, requires Bai to have ingested sufficient amounts of fiber. Bai can also manipulate gas. She can utilize the gas to redirect it, induce chemical reactions, or otherwise command them. Sufficient mastery may allow the Quirk's wielder to melt with preexisting gasses as well. The Quirk's two distinct sides can be used in unison, for example flammable gas may be used to set targeted paper ablaze, or Bai may dissipate into a nearby gas while setting up a remotely controlled paper clone of herself. She can easily utilize oxygen to maneuver the manipulated paper how she needs it, making the two Quirks work well in tandem.

    Quirk Weakness: First and foremost, both sides of the Quirk absolutely require certain things to be fully functional. Bai cannot create paper without sufficient fiber in her body, whereas she cannot create gas through her Quirk at all, instead requiring an external source of gas. While she can make use of the air around her, she must be extremely cautious with this source, as she can very easily suffocate herself; as such, due to her lack of mastery, she does not utilize anything that deprives the environment of oxygen. It is also possible to make her manipulated gas (or her evaporating body) condense, thus not only reverting any changes made to the gas, but also potentially making her paper wet and thus weak. Water in general is a very efficient way to neutralize her Papyrokinesis, as it changes the structure of the material to become weak even through Bai's manipulation. Fire may also be of use, but due to the nature of anything flammable, may be risky.

    Equipment: N/A

    ● very talented chef
    ● quite dexterous
    ● can read and digest information fairly quickly

    ● what she has in brains, she lacks in brawn; not very athletic overall
    ● easy to intimidate
    ● her judgement is easy to cloud; she's a little naive, can take things to heart too much, and is very prone to crushing on others leading to love struck foolishness
    Opinions of Other Students: (Completely Optional)

    - Bai's hobbies are origami, cooking, reading, and making English tea.
    - Her favorite animals are dogs.
    - Bai loves oranges; her favorite meal is duck à l'orange and her favorite drink is sugary orange juice.
    - She speaks almost fluent English.

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  10. [​IMG]

    ɢʀɪᴍɢʀᴀᴍ | Tᴀᴋᴇ Mᴇ Wɪᴛʜ Yᴏᴜ

    「ɢʀɪᴍɢʀᴀᴍ is a dystopian sci-fantasy role-play, inspired by the game franchise “The Dishwasher”, as well as animes such as “Soul Eater” and “Tokyo Ghoul”. It focuses heavily on exploration, guerrilla warfare, and rebellion.」

    To be human, is to be mad.

    Some say the world used to be easier, many decades back, before the Earth was bathed in those odd lights and everything changed. The continents broke and shifted, the people changed and the Madness spread. Some things were lost in the debris, never to be seen again. Some things adapted and changed, like the American Commonwealth. And yet others had to claw and bite to find their place, sometimes literally.

    The entire New Eurasian Federation has been riddled with crime and violence ever since the Shaman Order has reappeared in the depths of China-0's black market, many decades ago, when the world changed. Since then, the dangerous network of Shamans has seized control of districts across various countries. The nations under the banner of the N.E.F. have since turned to the global conglomerate HORUS; the technological giant has a stellar track record in their support for Afrika, Oceanesia, and the American Commonwealth, who fare well against the sinister Shaman. While the organization's involvement has established a consistent force to fight back against the criminal elements, their involvement and the steadily increasing emergence of various human resistance groups has only escalated the situation. The most notorious one - KISEKI BLACK - being a highly dangerous underground organization that is at odds with every side, be it the Shaman Order, other resistance fighters, or government intervention.

    In the New-Japanese capital, Santover, the HORUS initiative has been expanded upon with Her Majesty's approval. Those wielding the special abilities bestowed upon them by the Ouroboros are called Proxies - and Proxies are recruited en masse to protect the city, the nation AND the Federation against the Shaman Order as well as uncontrollable terrorists such as KISEKI BLACK's members. Now, the conflicts have spread to Castellario.

    The Madness spreads...

    Welcome to Castellario, a paradise for urban dreams and all things macabre. A bustling metropolis that has long been fueled by the architecture of cultures long lost in the ruins of Alt-Europa. Here, the people embrace their true nature (and Madness) just a tad bit more than elsewhere; shops catering to voodoo experiments and obscure artifacts are a plenty, eldritch cultists spread their beliefs a little more freely, and the animalistic Halfbloods roam freely. Nevertheless, Castellario's citizens understand the threat of the Shaman Order.

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  11. [​IMG]

    saltillo - gatekeepers


    All Gatekeepers are advised to remain on land until the Granflor Centre for Marine Excursions clears the Heavenly Zones. Please do not approach the Heaven Zones until further notice. ​

    « »
    What would happen if the moon fell out of the sky?


    Pure chaos.

    After the appearance of four mysterious lights in Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, Norway and Greenland, the moon did indeed approach the Earth, homing in on the square the locations carved into the Atlantic Ocean. Though not the apocalyptic event scientific simulations predicted, the Lunar Descension spearheaded a global economical as well as ecological crisis. The world - crowned by a dimly glowing, floating moon - changed. Luckily, humanity wasn't erased through ferocious hails of debris or incomprehensible gravity increases, as if the lights somehow minimized the impact. Some nations, particularly coastal ones, were lost in the floods, while some were merely threatened by it. Overall, however, the continental plates were largely spared from annihilation.

    The most striking immediate development was that of the Atlantic Ocean itself. After roaring instability, massive waves reached high into the sky, towards the faint light of the moon, creating a new and restless ocean that stretched itself from here into orbit, thousands and thousands of meters into the air. Seafaring and other naval endeavors took a hefty step back (as did air travel), as enterprises and researches began to draft up new ways to navigate this new watery deep. Of course, the redirected masses of water meant the creation of terrifying chasms where once was ocean.

    And then there were the four lights - now called Heaven's Gates, brilliant and otherworldly - who remained a mystery to be solved as well. EDEN in Heredia, Costa Rica. ARKANGEL in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast. STARGAZER in Qaanaaq, Greenland. CINDER in Oslo, Norway.

    A quaternity of binding white, never-waning. The areas are heavily restricted and protected by not only the local governments, but intercontinental authoritative bodies. Nevertheless, the scientific community has conducted enough research to conclude that Heaven's Gates themselves are pure energy - what kind, however, remains a mystery. The energy, emitted through the light, was dubbed Centzontotochtin, and possesses no discernible genetic composition - but its existence is self-evident and can be measured as well. The effects Centzontotochtin had on humanity differed significantly between individuals, with some developing fatal diseases, while others instead gained supernatural abilities. Most notably, it kickstarted a strange type of hyperevolution in certain areas, giving rise to the homo piscatus, a mutated type of people that took to the Luna Blue, the vertical ocean.

    Amidst these rapid changes in the world, in its people, and its oceans, a race for the beneficial aspects of Centzontotochtin has begun, with governments, corporations and shadowy groups failing to shy away from even the cruelest of methods to ensure their part of the spoils.

    Are you ready to set sail?

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  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Placeholder
    played by USERNAME
    Name: Placeholder
    played by USERNAME
    Name: Placeholder
    played by USERNAME
    Name: Placeholder
    played by USERNAME
    Name: Placeholder
    played by USERNAME
    Name: Placeholder
    played by USERNAME

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  13. [​IMG]
    • Notes regarding the world for easy overview.
      ● Please don't question the existence of non-human species; I contemplated quite a lot whether I want to make a fully fictional setting or instead insert an event during which these species emerged on Earth. Ultimately, I decided that I wanted to have the familiarity of Earth, but did not want these species to feel foreign either. As the roleplay is inspired by Soul Eater, I decided to go a similar route as the franchise, in that Earth just had these creatures present forever. Mermaids, dragons, etc. simply exist and have always existed.
      ● If you have specific questions in regards to world history and other fictional aspects, and how they fit into world history, just ask me, and I'll do my best to contextualize everything. You're also happily invited to work anything you like into history with me. Plotting is fun!
      ● About 60 years ago, the Granflor Centre for Marine Excursions was built in the cold of Antarctica. It is, essentially, an artificial nation nestled into the freezing white of the continent. There is another Granflor branch in the North African Chasm.
      ● If you'd like to play something outside the given races, pitch me your concept and we can (probably) make it work.
    • Having appeared shortly before the Lunar Descension, the Heaven's Gates are four identical paranormal phenomena that manifest as sheer light. Seemingly swallowing nearby matter without any trace, they constantly emit an otherworldly substance called Centzontotochtin. Each of them has an assigned codename; EDEN in Heredia, Costa Rica, ARKANGEL in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast, STARGAZER in Qaanaaq, Greenland. CINDER in Oslo, Norway.

      All four Heaven's Gates had tightly guarded safety zones established around them shortly after appearing, effectively being walled-off from the public to the best of the world's governments's ability. There is not a lot of information available about the Heaven's Gates, and researching the topic without attaining official licenses is punishable by law in almost all the host countries. It is a major offense to attempt to enter the containment zones surrounding the Gates; guards are employed around the clock, and are permitted to use live ammunition to prevent break-ins, if necessary.

      Centzontotochtin, the substance the Heaven's Gates emit, is one of the world's most controversial substances, being at the center of many intercontinental legislative conflicts; the substance possesses seemingly limitless energy, fueling a plethora of applications, but the unpredictable side-effects are concerning to many people around the world. Furthermore, governments ache to be the first to utilize Centzontotochtin to its full potential for economic growth, effectively kickstarting a legally-grey arms race.
    • The Chasms are cavernous, almost subterranean locations formerly flodded by the Atlantic Ocean. With the emergence of Luna Blue, the vertical ocean, the world's water masses have thinned. In the canyon-like depths now laid open, some pariahs and dangerous wildlife have made them their home.

      The Chasms are not any one nation's legal responsibilities, and as such, do not abide by any localized laws. Most nations have adapted only superficially, and prohibit entry to people (including citizens) having visited Chasms, but the laws are not entirely enforceable. It is heavily discouraged to try and venture into a Chasm, as those dwelling within them are dangerous and deranged, usually unable to exist in modern society. It is also a common dumping ground for illegal substances and other such undesirable things by governments; a grey zone, given the Chasms' lack of legislature.

      Environmental groups have made efforts to protect the zones, but have seen little success. While research on the soil's properties and potential for agricultural utilization has been attempted, the dangerous environment, coupled with sparse but relentlessly hostile dwellers (often of piscine ancestry), has halted conclusive study.

      A notably different Chasm is the North-African Granflor branch, which is a modernized station located within the cleft.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam viverra ex non efficitur semper. Curabitur consectetur mattis nibh et porta. Nunc sit amet nisi lorem. Nunc dignissim, nisi sed elementum dignissim, diam eros molestie leo, ac mollis purus enim id magna. Cras a lectus vitae elit accumsan venenatis. Nulla facilisi. Donec cursus massa ac ultricies suscipit. Ut ut rutrum nunc, gravida placerat arcu. Nam sed est mi. Proin est ex, faucibus id vehicula et, malesuada sed diam. Praesent interdum lacinia lobortis. Fusce ac tristique sapien, eget sollicitudin sapien.

    Cras gravida lobortis eros, ut viverra magna luctus vitae. Ut vulputate molestie nulla, sed lobortis lacus convallis sed. Duis tincidunt euismod lorem, id condimentum ex sollicitudin eu. Pellentesque augue massa, pretium ut purus eget, consequat eleifend diam. Donec ac enim et augue malesuada volutpat non eu lectus. Ut malesuada odio ornare pretium tempor. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Maecenas a felis sit amet urna sollicitudin consectetur quis id purus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec sit amet ex in tellus tempor scelerisque. Duis gravida quam est, vel pharetra ipsum sagittis non. Ut bibendum dui ut lectus pharetra ullamcorper. In convallis suscipit felis. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus id auctor libero.

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    I give up for now D:
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