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  1. Just testing around. Gotta get used to the fancy coding possible on here. Don't expect too much. :P

    What a twist.​

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    What a twist.

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    Excerpt from the Untheon Heiligschrift. Religious scripture. Associated with humanity. Niche belief in other species:
    "Before the first day, god looked down onto the universe through the eyes in the moons and the suns. God saw the world and made it beautiful. Adornments, towers and statues, all clean and pure. God created the Jewel Cocoon, high above, where the universe was laid, and the Godchildren were sleeping in their cradles. When God lay to rest, the world blossomed.

    Then, the first men came, and the black bile followed. The world became tainted when they began to consider and think, to plan and scheme and deceive. Soon, the first victims of their savagery fell, and their souls seeped into the ground, nurturing something that was as dark as mankind.

    Humanity's insanity clawed at the Jewel Cocoon, tearing apart its shell. Soon, the slumbering gods found themselves surrounded by the fragments of the Cocoon. Filled with rage, the gods descended upon our homes, where their judgement was to be awaited"

    The Current State:
    At the center of the galaxy, at the core of all life, lay the angels. Immaculate statues, erected by an entity nobody knows or has heard of. The universe has been dying for a long time, and now, at the apparent zenith of all that is, it seems a universal pilgrimage towards the mysterious center has begun. Not here though. On this planet, somewhere on the outer edge of the Pthaya System, nobody is concerned with such idealistic, vague nonsense, such as spiritual traveling. Its inhabitants are just as dreary and depressing as the ever-grey, rainy planet, drinking their days away. Even the natura is artifical here, the trees are almost all wired into the earth, kept alive by machines. Lately, however, a few travellers have passed through. It's a lonely existence, really. Drifting through solar systems and entire galaxies by yourself.