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  1. Just testing around. Both info-dumps as well as coding goes here. Don't post please.

    What a twist.​

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    What a twist.

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  2. [​IMG]

    Excerpt from the Untheon Heiligschrift. Religious scripture. Associated with humanity. Niche belief in other species:
    "Before the first day, god looked down onto the universe through the eyes in the moons and the suns. God saw the world and made it beautiful. Adornments, towers and statues, all clean and pure. God created the Jewel Cocoon, high above, where the universe was laid, and the Godchildren were sleeping in their cradles. When God lay to rest, the world blossomed.

    Then, the first men came, and the black bile followed. The world became tainted when they began to consider and think, to plan and scheme and deceive. Soon, the first victims of their savagery fell, and their souls seeped into the ground, nurturing something that was as dark as mankind.

    Humanity's insanity clawed at the Jewel Cocoon, tearing apart its shell. Soon, the slumbering gods found themselves surrounded by the fragments of the Cocoon. Filled with rage, the gods descended upon our homes, where their judgement was to be awaited"

    The Current State:
    At the center of the galaxy, at the core of all life, lay the angels. Immaculate statues, erected by an entity nobody knows or has heard of. The universe has been dying for a long time, and now, at the apparent zenith of all that is, it seems a universal pilgrimage towards the mysterious center has begun. Not here though. On this planet, somewhere on the outer edge of the Pthaya System, nobody is concerned with such idealistic, vague nonsense, such as spiritual traveling. Its inhabitants are just as dreary and depressing as the ever-grey, rainy planet, drinking their days away. Even the natura is artifical here, the trees are almost all wired into the earth, kept alive by machines. Lately, however, a few travellers have passed through. It's a lonely existence, really. Drifting through solar systems and entire galaxies by yourself.
  3. WIP, obviously

    • Terran's climate is overflowing with variety. Ranging from lush forests to chilly desserts, the general climate is on the cooler side. Almost all landscapes are framed by dangerous mountains, some of which have become the home of small provinces. Terra calls much undiscovered land its own, with an approximate 60% of all landmasses being undiscovered (including Macou). The most predominant nation is Vasthiel, which makes up about 30% of Terran. As the size of the Eastern Macou are uncertain, many speculate what other nations may lie behind the untamable seas.

    • Vasthiel:

      Vasthiel is a quasi-continent seamed with mountains and woods. Its climate is moderate, with droughts being virtually non-existent, though snowfall is not uncommon. The Vasthielian state colours are blue and beige. Vasthiel is the world’s epicenter of Steam Engineering, though this predominant position also made Vasthiel a stronghold for piracy. Vasthiel is the home of the Academy for Technologic Scholarly and Visionary Progress, the most renowned scholastic facility in the world, and one of the few places of true diversity in Vasthiel.

      Its people, the Vasthiel, are an ethnic group varying strongly in skin colour, ranging from porcelain-like paleness, to lighter shades of brown. They are the native and most most wide-spread group in all of Terran's Discovered World. The common tongue in Vasthiel is an ancient language that precedes the founding of the republic. It is called Common Va’e, which an estimated 97% of all Vasthiel speaks. They are, on average, the tallest people in Terran. They’re also considered to be the most gifted in terms of speed and dexterity, which garnered them a position at the forefront of Steam Engineering.

    • Macou:

      The Macou, hailing from the eponymous land--often referred to as “The Great Fabled Grounds”--are a race of people with predominantly average height and constitution. Their skin color tends to lean towards bronze shades, as well as redder tones. Macou are infamous for their stamina. They are thought to be terrifying opponents in times of wars, as Macouan endurance is legendary. Macou are known for their difficult relationships with their Guard Shapes, in spite of their reverence for nature.

      The exact location of Macou is unknown to most, though there’s countless anecdotes concerning it. It is said to be a “Land Beyond the Clouds”, which has lead to speculation that Macou is actually airborne. Artwork and written descriptions of Macou have painted a land with bulbous palaces and temples. Macou also seems to rate fashion highly, as plenty of artworks sold by Macous portray elegant garbs. Macou's sole state colour appears to be red.

    • Tusmala

      Tusmala is a land in the Southwest of Terranl, that begins where the mountains of Vasthiel fizzle out, and where the heat rises. As the sand begins to thicken, and eventually creates a fully-fledged desserts, the first of Tusmala’s silkhouses comes in sight. The Tusmalans live inside elaborate tents, of sorts, for which they have developed intricate Steam machinery that allows quick and effortless setup. This technology is vital to their nomadic culture, and is highly regarded throughout the world. Duo to their nomadic culture, proper provinces are rare.

      Tusmalians are known for their strength, and widely believed to be the strongest of people in the world. Their skin is usually very dark. An estimated 80% of Tusmalians have amber colored eyes, with the remaining population varying heavily. In Tusmala, it is common for women to outgrow men, with the average height of female Tusmalians being 5’8”, and the average height of males being 5’7”.

    • The waters surrounding Vasthiel and Tusmala are part of wild oceans. Though naval ships exist and are somewhat common, particularly in more rural outskirts of Vasthiel, the further out one sails, the wilder the sea becomes. The Eastern hemisphere specifically is almost entirely undiscovered, bar a few sightings of small island made by a luck pilot. Some people believe that Macou lies somewhere inside the Untamable Sea, and that they simply do not wish to share the secrets of passing the dangerous waters.

    • The Undiscovered Lands is a term refering to all the possible lands outside of Vasthielian and Tusmalian control. Macou does not count as an Undiscovered Land in virtually every official document. Many believe that in the foreign countries not yet discovered, great treasures await, and it is not uncommon for overly ambitious young pilots to attempt to pass the Seas, and explore the unknown lands.

    • Content 2

    • With the rise of Steamships, a new age of piracy has begun. In former centuries, the oceans were the prefered hideouts for many criminal organizations, but today, they’re more adaptable than ever, and instead sail the skies. Vasthiel especially is a stronghold for piracy, and as such, the land has adapted to combat the threat. In Vasthiel, an elite army is employed directly by the royal house; The Holy Glaive patrols not just the provinces of Vasthiel, but also the wilderness, and is allowed to detain pirates with any means necessary. Becoming a Royal Glaive is seen as an exceptional privilege, and requires demanding training and a clean state record.

      Pirates, both individuals as well as larger crews, are declared as such explicitly by means of bounties. The hotspot for wanted posters and rumours surrounding famous pirates’ locations is the Wandering Clock Tower, a golden tower that spins slowly over the course of 12 hours. The tower is a national treasure, and the criminal association is often disliked by the nobler men and women of Vasthiel, but the concentration on bounty hunting has since proven to be a valuable social movement.

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  4. L O C A T I O N S | C R E A T E

    • About: Located amidst a crater, Bonheim is surrounded by harsh deserts. It is more militarized than any of the domed cities and enforces propaganda against the outside. Lead by Empress Midas'emir De Gas and her Council, unauthorized individuals leaving the city is forbidden by law, due to the dangers of the outside, and, depending on consequences of the act, carries jail sentences or permanent exile into the toxic outside world with it.

      Three annular "districts" are dividing the city, with the outermost circle being primarily industrial space and low-cost, lower class living quarters. A lot of authoritive stations are located here as well, especially around the various exit gates. The middle ring, slightly lowered, houses immigrant centers and a lot of low to mid-level apartments. A bit of additional industrial and corporate space is reserved as well. The core district is the bustling heart of Bonheim. Here, the Council and Empress are located. Most sophisticated shopping malls and marketplaces, the security bureau, the Dollface HQ, advanced hospitals as well as research labratories are located here. The apartments here are expensive, but usually still affordable by the upper middle class.

      Bonheim is a factual dictatorship. However, the Empress and her council are well respected, and the city is supportive of De Gas's position.

      The city possesses an airway transit system. Laced with suspension railroads, the hang train has access to most areas of the city and provides cheap and effective transporation cross-plattform. The elaborate lightning systems placed atop of the the Golden Halls displays safety levels, and have never been anything but green, even in times of war.

      ● The Golden Halls - The city's’ primary government ground. Top of the line laboratories, the security headquarter, The Council’s halls and the Empress’ chambers are all located within different wings.

      ● Dollface Headquarter - A refuge as well as working space environment for the Bonheim special ops forces. Their operations are mostly kept secret, but they serve the city from the shadows. They are above the law by default, but can be punished by the Empress if deemed to act against the public's best interest.

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  5. B O U N T I E S

    "Monster King" Romeo World Devils Rotten 6!


    Bounty: [​IMG]
    The Most Wanted

    Wanted For:
    ● Murder
    ● Conspiracy
    ● Crimes against humanity
    ● Acts of war
    ● Encouragement of war
    ● Public Indecency
    ● Unauthorized Eclipse Seed Usage
    ● Theft


  6. H I S T O R Y

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    Cloud 9




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