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  1. I want to make a Code Lyoko roleplay. I haven't put much thought into the details, so I want a team to help create it. For the roleplay to actually be put into affect, I would like at least six people at the beginning.

    Things you have to keep in mind:
    1. Not everyone will be able to enter the Super Computer.
    2. There will be NPCs, but they will be controlled by those who helped create the RP or I will ask for volunteers to control them, if necessary.
    3. I will play Xana and I will not have another character. I think that would make the RP fair.
    4. I don't want characters or actions to be too unrealistic. What I mean by that is that it will be alright to have natural purple hair and be able to tactfully fight a non virtual opponent. When it starts getting to the point of characters having tails, whiskers and being able to climb completely flat walls, is when I will draw the line.
    5. Ideas and creations may/will be used on other sites.

    Comment if you are interested.
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  2. I'm up for it. I was in a Code: Lyoko RP one time, using an entirely original cast. The plot involved some people accidentally finding a copy of XANA somewhere, and releasing it on the internet. It...ended up being a really really dark comedy rather than anything serious, entirely on accident.
  3. Awesome! I was worried I wasn't going to get any responses. I don't really mind which direction the RP goes unless whatever happens makes sense. However, I prefer roleplayers to show courtesy towards other when it comes to the action. @digiexpert
Thread Status:
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