Code Lyoko: Small Group Roleplay?

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A small group of Kadic Academy students recieve lunch detention, but when the teacher leaves to copy papers, they find themselves left to their own devices. Through a series of events they discover a tunnel hidden behind a false wall in a supply cabinet, one of many that leads to an abandon factory near Kadic Academy, and follow it against their better judgement. What they find is beyond their wildest dreams... and their worst nightmares.

I'm looking for one or two other partners to do this with. Three depending on the interest. Each partner will be expected to double no matter the interest.

Good, old fashion, family fun. All of my roleplays involve cursing and getting down and dirty whether it be in battle or in the bedroom, and this is completely fine with me, but every now and then it's fun just to kick back and enjoy something that doesn't involve swearing or who can do more damage to someone's face. Code Lyoko will involve fighting, yes, but not graphic depictions of violence.

While this is a fandom roleplay, this will be completely independent from the original show and entirely character driven. No canon characters! The canon world never existed. This will be a group of unlikely kids (16-18) coming together and figuring out there's more to this world that meets the eye.

You won't need to know much about the original show, only the basics (kids descovered a super computer that runs a virtual world called Lyoko, find an "AI" in Lyoko, has to help AI deactivate towers that link the real world and the virtual world so that another doesn't destroy everything they know and love).

The characters will know each other, but not on a first name basis (meaning they'll most likely just refer to each other by their last names), unless there's a character that completely disregards this courtesy, in which case there should only be one or two depending on how large the cast is.

I feel like going easy with this one, so expect one or two paragraphs from me. With that said, a minimum of one paragraph please. Otherwise, write how much you feel like writing.

Now I realize with the synopsis this is a perfect set up for troubled kids, and this perfectly acceptable! But please, not everyone should be "troubled". One of my characters is in lunch detention for failing a test, and another got involved in a mix up. Maybe one or two should be "troubled" depending on the size of cast?

Depending on size of role, there may be more than one of a role.

"AI" Good
"AI" Bad
Computer Geek
Lyoko Warrior (Anyone helping the Good "AI")
Anti-Lyoko Warrior (Anyone working with the bad AI whether willingly or otherwise)
Giant teddy bears need not apply.
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