Code Geass anyone?

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  1. A roleplay based off Code Geass/set in the CG universe. Preferably with only original characters kinda interacting within the setting with their own pseudo-political conflict. And of course, what's a Code Geass roleplay without giant mechs?

    So, anyone interested?
  2. Maybe, I would like to hear more first.
  3. Hm, I'm really not yet certain about the plot. I was first hoping to see if anyone was interested in a Code Geass based RP before putting effort into an elaborate plot, lol.
  4. Alright.
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  5. So this seems really intresting will we as characters have geass?
  6. Sure! Your character can have geass if you choose to.
  7. Intersesting......
  8. I object to this for the reason it has to much of a chance for someone to godmod.
  9. I see where you're coming from and I will see to it that the geass will have significant limitations so we don't have 50 Lelouches walking around. (i.e.: something like when Rolo used his geass it put a strain on his heart)
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  10. I reserve my opinion until I see what you do.
  11. Only one person can have each geass and nobody will be able to have lelouh's since lelouch had it.
    i think there should be a roll with the dice to see who gets what geass and that you should make each geass so that it can be random
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  12. Oooh, that's a good idea!
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