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  1. I want to create a role play based on Call of Duty's Zombies. By that I mean a story about a group of survivors who happen upon a certain location (an old, fairly large building with a series of underground levels, doors that give way to new areas, and a fairly large, intricate property in general, like you would experience in COD Zombies).

    The year is 2013, and the zombies will not be Nazi's. However, the apocalypse is well underway, leaving our group of survivors potentially months into the undead invasion.

    I had the idea that most of us would be strangers who had met up somehow near the primary location, and were forced to band together, seeking refuge from a large horde in the area. We end up at our primary location, and that's when the character & plot development begin.

    I'm not going to lie, I've taken a fair amount of inspiration from ABC's Lost, the television program. Lost was heavily (perhaps more than any other show) driven by character development, and mystery. It was fantastic, engrossing, thrilling, and intelligent. The finished product was one of the most epic, beautiful, profound stories in television history.

    I want to use some of the same principals JJ & Damon used to create this RP.

    As we go along, we'll dive further into who we all are, how we ended up here, and who we were, what we did before the undead rising. At the same time, strange things will begin to happen in this place we're bottled up in. People will begin to have strange experiences they cannot explain. We discover that all of the (many) doors around the first area we enter are sealed shut, seemingly by some phantom force. We'll make a small storyline out of the group trying everything we can to get some doors open. And in time, they will begin to mysteriously open themselves, freaking everyone out, and posing some good questions about WTF is going on.

    The mystery angle will continue to build momentum as character twists are revealed, the group struggles to maintain, and find resources.

    Eventually the issue of getting the power on will come into play. And around the same time, as things are getting very bizarre and juicy, a strange device will be found... a teleporter. Of course, we won't know it's a teleporter at first, we'll have to investigate it, execute a plan to turn the power on, and activate it. Then a dispute could erupt amidst the group over whether or not it's a good idea to put anyone in the thing. What is it? Will it kill people? If it's a teleporter, where does it go? Is this thing safe at all, or should we unplug it?

    I picture us putting something in the teleporter to test it out; it vanishes, but no one knows where. Later, the object is found in a weird place, leading some of us to believe it IS a teleporter.

    Things will start to get very strange and thrilling, I believe there should be a very epic, profound plot twist following the teleporter situation. This location we're in has a detailed underground section housing strange, futuristic technology. Level after level, each getting more strange and raising more questions.

    I had the idea that some sort of mad scientist(s) was behind our being there (somehow, perhaps one or more of the characters is truly responsible for our ending up here), and perhaps the mystery behind the entire zombie apocalypse, but it's only a thought. I'd like to smooth out those details with a group, rather than by my lonesome.

    Any interest, ideas, questions, suggestions?

    Fire away!
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