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CoD :Black Ops

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Necropolis, Aug 5, 2015.

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  1. I randomly made this thread to see how many people still play Call of Duty: Black Ops. If you do, I want to talk about glitches or Easter eggs for Zombies or Multiplayer. If you know any, please tell me!
    I already know these ones:
    -The meteor pieces
    -The voice recordings
    -The film tapes
    I also have moon, but the account that has it is no longer connected to Xbox live. I know no glitches on that map.
    Also, if you want to play Zombies or Multiplayer with me on the account that IS connected to Xbox live, please tellme your gamertag so I'll know who you are.
    Also, mine is: Long Gamerz
    Happy game-play everybody! =D
  2. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe


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  3. loool
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  4. My wife bought it for our ps4 because physical was on sale for ten bucks at a local store. She refuses to play it on my profile so a Call of Dude game won't ever grace my trophy list. It was adorable how she looked after my pride like that.

    Was an okay game. Felt just like the rest of the Duty games as far as I could tell. The campaign wasn't bad though.
  5. So you don't have it on Xbox 360 or Xbox 1?
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  6. I liked Black Ops actually. It was the last CoD game I played. I didn't like where the game was going after that though. In my own opinion, I feel like the peak of the franchise was at Black Ops. After that, it all just went to hell. I was also never a fan of Black Ops 2
  7. Ah no. Unfortunantely, it had to go along with my PS3. When my system stopped working a few years back, I sold all of my games. However, if I still had it, I would play it still for sure.
  8. Okay then.
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