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  1. Hey there Iwaku! Do you like MtG (aka Magic the Gathering)? Great! I'd love to play against more friends online using Cockatrice!! If you don't know what that is, its a free MtG deck builder and play testing program! Yes, you heard me. FREE!!! Allows you to play magic with all your friends online, test out decks you want to build/buy. Its really wonderful! I will link some useful stuff for those interested.

    Where to Download

    Where to Register

    Keyboard Hotkeys/Shortcuts

    And there ya go!! If you join, add me! My name on Cockatrice is the same as Iwaku, F0X.

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  2. I've never played MtG, but I play Yugioh and I understand they share a lot of basics! if I find myself with some spare time this week maybe I'll try it out :3
  3. I'd love to play with you Minibit and teach you how to play magic! I would say Yu-Gi-Ho and magic are the most different among playable TCG's.
  4. @Elle that is all the info you'd need to download it btw.
  5. Oh, here you go too @Fiona
  6. i may be a super nerd for this lol but i <3 MtG.. so much so that a few friends and i have little tournaments where we all get together on the weekends and play ... for hours.. i just recently made this awesome red, white, and green Giant deck.. it needs a little revamping since i found that i didn't put in anything to get rid of other people's enchantments.. but otherwise it's pretty kick ass.
  7. Nice Ace!! I have personally played in 3 Grand Prixes and I am not sure how many PTQ's I have done over the years, but my favorite event was going to Worlds in San Fransisco! That was so amazing!!

    But Ace, I'd definitely look into Cockatrice! It would allow you to recreate your deck and test cards out before getting them!! :)

    OH!! And @Fijoli might like this too!
  8. Legacy/Modern player represent.

    I can't play at the moment tho as there is no MTG tournaments in the middle east (that I know of).
  9. That's awesome, i'll definitely look into it!
  10. Nah, there are others that are even farther away from MTG in mechanics. The Pokemon TCG has even less in common with MTG, for instance.

    Also, I play a fair amount of MTG, almost entirely casually. I'll probably get this and set it up over the weekend.
  11. I play modern. :)
  12. I always felt the Pokemon tcg was more similar to Mtg due to the connection with land and spells and energy and using your pokemon's abilities. Trainer cards are like instants and sorceries in magic. Yes the games are different, but I feel YuGiHo has a lot more differences with Magic. But that is my opinion! ^_^
  13. Heh. I've been using cockatrice mtg for about a year now already. Lets play a match sometime!
  14. Yes!! I would love to! I'd be free in, 20 mins or so if you wanted!
  15. I'll probably use this and make some themed decks out of it.

    Edit: *Clicks on download link* Where's the download?
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  16. I'll make a game room titled Asuras, password Iwaku. Join me!
  17. Currently I'm in the middle of making an 5-Colour Legendary Creatures Commander Deck.
    I call it "The Avengers".
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  18. I need people to play magic against!!!!! I did well at my fnm tonight, but had to leave early to go to a friend's birthday. Won't anyone come play magic with me??
  19. ....That is one huge cards list....
  20. We need to set times for these games to happen at.
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