CoC - Colours of the Blitz



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The colour of the Blitz


[size=+2] 19th September 1940

It is about a week and a half since the first bomb fell on London, Every day we here reports of more raids. I thankfully am far away, but every corner of Britain echoes with the explosions of London and it is the war hat has brought me here, to this small village. But I cannot do this alone, I have sent requests to people who can help. I just hope they arrive soon be before my cover is blown.[/size]

The telegram was delivered like any other, and other than the large red "URGENT" stamp there was no indication that it would set into motion events that could lead to such revelations that would test your sanity. Inside was a simple message:



The rest of the telegram simply stated the need for secrecy and identified the sender as Bill Donovan, a fairly well known lawyer from New York.

21st September 1940

You arrive in the hamlet to find it is simply a single road that runs strait to the small cliff above the small rocky pebble beach. A small number of houses lie next to the road which is much to rough for any sort of automobile. In front of you stands the only pub in which Bill is waiting at a small table, the only person present except the bartender who gives you a glance as you enter but goes back to drumming his finger on the bartop.

Bill who hasn't noticed you yet has in front of him a newspaper and a tankard along with a dirty plate, lost likely the remnants from breakfast. His irish face is was impassive as he scanned the paper but the dark patches under his eyes and spoke of stress and of a lack of sleep.
Angela had read the note over and over, until the paper itself was worn along the edges and bent slightly. Curiousity had spurred her to come here, to seek answers in a small place so far removed from the rest of the world ... Well, maybe not so far removed, she was in East Sussex after all, but still--! Doctor Hartford had deemed her Grandmother in stable condition, allowing her to come without feeling guilt over leaving the woman who had raised and loved her as surely as her own child. Of course, she hoped it would not take long. As adventurous as she was feeling at present, she knew she would soon desire the comforts of familiarity and civility.

Angela was beginning to feel more than a little self-conscious. She was a young woman, traveling alone and should something evil befall her (and she most certainly hoped it would not!) no one would even know it. That was a quite horrifying though and more than a little depressing. But she could not let fear rule her life and she began to take deep breaths. Then she was opening the door and looking around. She closed the door behind her, heart pounding in her chest, grip so tight on the handle of her small suitcase with all her things her knuckles were white.

One step ... then another, followed by another toward the man at the table with the newspaper.
Ashtiana was waiting for a reliable source in a convenient pub in one of the small towns in England, and it was close to London none the less. It didn't really affect her in any way but something just didn't seem to be right. The atmosphere in the room had shifted from a pleasant and enjoyable one to one of a smug nature. and it was this fact that she didn't like at all. it made her feel uncomfortable. she had been waiting for her contact for sometime now and she was starting to think that he wasn't going to show. so she decided that she would have a drink or two then head back to where she was staying for the time being.
Chuck read the letter again to himself, He'd been called here to Brling Gap all the way from Chicago. To top that off through a war-zone, the security searches were ridiculous to say the least, it didn't help that he was told to bring his shotgun in addition to his service pistol. How he finally managed to talk the guards down he'll never know, but he managed, and now was in the cab and maybe five minutes from his destination

Whatever this is it must be big he thought to himself or they wouldn't have called me out here on such short notice

a short five minute passed by and Chuck stepped from the cab, he read the letter again and sought out the meeting place. It was a dimly lit, and almost deserted bar, the exceptions being a single man reading a newspaper, the bartender, and two women who were possibly there for the same reason he was. He decided to wait a while and see how things went, some issues just couldn't be forced.
Bill looked up and lay the newspaper on the table, conveniently covering the dossiers that were lying next to the plate and the young woman approached, and recognizing her from her photograph stood to welcome her to the table with he enthusiasm of someone whose been waiting for something important.

"You must be Ms. Lanceford." he said warmly, his second generation Irish New Yorker accent showing itself plainly. He clearly had a military bearing as he pulled out a chair for her before sitting down himself. "Glad you came I need you to look into something fer me." he looked around at the others present, he recognized them as well and knew they could hear him as he went on, "Several other will be coming to help and I was hoping to talk to you all at the same time but I'm needed in London." he had a kind smile of the kind people could easily trust.
Angela smiled and bent her head slightly, acknowledging his polite gesture by pulling a chair for her. "Thank you," she murmured softly, so as not to interrupt him. She wondered what would be so important. She was only an antiquarian, after all, considered to be a boring occupation by most of her peers. When he mentioned others and spoke louder, she glanced over her shoulder. So these people were here for the same purpose as well? They certainly looked ... qualified to do just about anything he might have required of them.
Right as Ashtiana was about to leave the pub some more people came in and she though that she saw her source. Her source was her friend Bill. He was a good guy and he was talking with someone that she didn't recognize. So she thought that she would head over to where he was and see how he was doing and to see if he had any information for her.

"hello bill. did i make it here on time?""you said that you might have something for me to take care of here?" that was just about all she could say at this point in time. she didn't know who this other person was and she didn't want to make any mistakes and let her self be known.
"Yes Ashtiana, I was just telling Ms. Lanceford about that." He adjusted his chair to better talk to both of them. This small town is important to the war in one way. Its a direct rout from the Reich's airfields in France to London so the our friends put a radar station here." looked around at the others in the pub before continuing. "One problem is it hasn't reported a single raid despite the planes coming from this direction. They ordered the entire system checked and no malfunction was reported. So they figured the base must have been taken over by German agents and sent one of their own to investigate. He says there's nothing amiss but the station still does not report a single plane so London comes and asks me to look into it." he paused to make sure they were following. "American citizens will arouse no suspicion, you're all officially observers and should be let into the station for a tour anytime you like. And one more thing Lt. Jenkins the agent, you should contact him and see what hes found out." he took a sip and waited for any questions they might have.
"Can i safely assume that everyone that is working on this assignment to be working together?" Ashtiana asked. She didn't like the fact that she was yet again doing reconnaissance for the U.S. It just wasn't her style, but she did it anyway. Mostly for the money.
"everyone in this room is asked to help. There will of course be payment and the gratitude of various arms of the U.S. and British governments. I'm not asking you to take any risks just take a tour or the station and report if theres anything wrong. If it has been taking over by Germans our friends will swarm the place and arrest anyone who doesn't belong." he said.

"Though I would still recommend finding Lt. Jenkings." He took out his pocket watch and looked at the time before standing "Now if you'll excuse me I need to get ready to leave for London." he walked up to the bar and rung the bell the owner coming out of the back room and handing him a slip from under the counter before Bill put the money on the counter.

"One more thing, I heard some of the locals talking about strange lights, might be a clue."
"okay and when will we next meet, to give you an update on what all we see that is going on?" Ashtiana wasnt completely sure on how she was going to find this Lt. Jenkins guy. but she wasnt going to stop until she did.