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  1. Charles ran,hearing his boots smack onto the cobble road of this small town. He just stole something and he was caught red handed.

    With his mind buzzed with a smudge of speed and his hand grasping onto wallet. He kept running.

    Charles soon lost the officer running after him and stopped in an alley way. Charles pulled out the wallet,flipping though the money as he smiled to himself. He heard a couple footsteps come his way,but not an angry one.

    He looked the direction,hazel eyes glaring and brown hair that needed to be cut,faced the way of the figure.

  2. the figure:
    you are chosen come...
  3. "Follow me." A calm voice stated, green eyes boring into his. "The cops saw you round this corner." The voice belonged to a scruffy boy who had noticed the petty robbery and wanted to help the young junkie. He began to walk away quickly, before realizing that Charles wasn't following him. "Well come on!" He ushered, waving his hands quickly. He kept glancing at the entrance to the alleyway, hearing the sirens as they got closer. He nervously pulled a cigarette out of his jacket pocket and shoved it between his lips. "Come on you moron!" He hissed.
  4. Charles cleared the foggy confusion and ran as quickly as possible,following the man.
    He was incredibly fast surprisingly, like he's been running all his life.
    Like he has heated sirens all the time.
    Charles was unaware that he was running faster then him, all he knew was that he had taken some speed and stole something. That's what it was all about
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  5. Andrew laughed and slowed next to a dumpster in the alley way. He quickly grabbed Charles' sleeve and pulled him back to him. "I told you to follow me not run as fast as you can." He scolded with the cigarette between his teeth. With a hard push he shoved the dumpster away from the wall. The bricks behind it were falling out, revealing a large hole in the building. Andrew quickly ducked inside, expecting Charles to follow.
  6. Charles eyes squinted in suspicion but soon followed.
  7. Inside the wall was a small room. The brick walls were crumbling but the roof was reinforced with wooden planks. It was completely dark before Andrew flipped open his lighter, holding it under his chin. "Welcome to my home." He grinned, lighting a small candle in the corner. Surprisingly, it filled the small space with a warm light. He then fell back on a dusty beanbag chair, releasing a cloud of dust all around him. He laughed, waving it away, before lighting his cigarette. "Smoke?" He then asked, holding a pack out to Charles.
  8. "Yeah,thanks." Charles brought the cigarette to his mouth with shaky hands.

    Charles leaned to his angle,waiting for a light.
  9. Andrew leaned forward and lit the strange boy's cigarette with the end of his, intense green eyes boring into Charles' as if looking for something. He then leaned back again, taking the cigarette out and blowing a stream of smoke into the air. The candle lit the smoke and the room became misty and almost mysterious. Andrew's ashes slowly crumbled to the floor before he finally spoke. "The cops are probably gone now, but you should lay low. If they're bored they may keep an eye out for you." He talked as though he had experience with that sort of thing, and who knows, he probably did.
    "So what'd you get?" He asked, referring to the wallet with a smile on his face.
  10. Charles' pupils of his eyes displayed as he met the other man's. He stumbled getting the wallet out but nonetheless counted the money.
    "...about 100." He smiled.,noticing the speed wearing off.
    "By the way, I'm charles."
  11. "Hi Charles." Andrew gave a small wave. He seemed reluctant to give his own name, as if Charles would run off and tell someone about how he helped him hide or about his hiding place, or some other trivial secret. "So, Charles," he paused to fumble through a box behind his beanbag. "Since I saved your ass," he paused again to unscrew the cap of a glass bottle and take a sip. He wrinkled his nose before passing the bottle to the other boy. "Where's my cut?" He held out his hand expectantly, eyebrows raised.
  12. "I'll split it don't worry." Charles scoffed and gave him 50.

    Charles took a swig of the drink, giving him a glance as he took a sip.
  13. Andrew gave him a crooked grin and slipped the fifty into an inside pocket of his jacket. "Good boy." He teased. He then leaned forward and grabbed Charles' chin, looking him in the eyes with his own bloodshot ones. "I'm really starting to like you." He laughed and shoved the smaller boy onto his back on the beanbag chair before climbing out of the hole. "What do you say we go meet my friends?" He called over his shoulder but was already off into the night.
  14. Charles stood there, still baffled of what happened. Something about the word 'good boy' made him shiver.

    "Uhh, yeah coming." Charles zipped up his jacket, shivering still. It was always cold here.

    " old are you?" He mumbled.
  15. "None of your fucking business." Andrew snapped, expression completely serious.
    Suddenly he broke out into laughter. "You should've seen your face!" He ruffled Charles' outgrown hair before slinging an arm around his neck. "I'm 21." He answered, leading the boy across the street to the more run-down side of town. "At least that's what my ID says." He smirked, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "And hopefully yours too for where we're going."
    Neon signs flickered atop buildings, ones of sexy women for strip clubs, mugs of beer for pubs, and just blinking X's for worse places than that. The thumping of bass slowly grew louder and louder as Andrew led the crashing boy into a dark building.
  16. Charles was defiantly not the age.
    But he went non the less.

    "OI!Where are we going!?" He laughed through the buzzed crowd and thumping music.
  17. Andrew didn't answer, simply gave Charles a sideways glance. They came up to a door where a huge man stood, probably six foot five and built like a truck. "ID's." The man grumbled. Andrew oozed confidence as he pulled out his card, handing it to the intimidating man. After a few heart-wrenching seconds, the man nodded and waved him past. Andrew grabbed Charles' sleeve and tried to drag him in but the man stopped them.
    "Wait." He demanded. "What about the green bean." He referred to Charles.
    "He's a friend of Julio Mendez's." Andrew answered without hesitation and the man's eyebrows shot up. He stepped sideways, revealing a separate door behind him.
    "This one is specifically for Mendez's boys." The bouncer ushered them through and slammed the door behind them. They were in complete darkness. After a moment, Andrew spoke.
    "I have no idea who Julio is." He admitted.
  18. Charles raised an eyebrow at Andrew as he said that.
    He then reached out of his grasp and looked at him in the eye.
    "What does his boys do?" He snarled at andrew.
    Charles then hit him in the shoulder. "What are you getting me into?"
  19. "I'm sure you're glaring at me right now but it's too dark to see it so I'm just gonna assume." Andrew spoke. He pushed a cigarette between his lips and clicked on his lighter. It lit up the darkness for a split second, revealing it to be a long empty hallway with a door at the end. Andrew looked completely calm, lighting the cigarette and sucking on it hard. You could tell when he was nervous by how fast he smoked. And this one was gone in one drag.
    "Well, let's go kid." He mumbled, starting down the hallway.
  20. "Oh god," he scoffed and kept a hand on Andrews shoulder.

    "...this better not be a brothel." Charles laughed nervously. Charles gripped tighter to his shoulder and arm as he heard a small creak here and there.
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