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  1. [I apologize if this is a bit long! I tried to do some scene setting early on, so that I can avoid doing it later. In terms of world setting, I was thinking something along the lines of Tales of series or Final Fantasy X, but I would prefer it not be related in any way. I'll be categorizing this as fantasy, despite the bland start. I figure we can work out from here.]

    Wind rushed along the tropical beach, causing the long grass inland to ripple along itself. The smell of salt and fish carried with the breeze, and true to this, upwind, fishing boats were floating in to dock. Somewhere along the cliff, a bird cried out. It was a calm and tranquil day; clouds floated along in the sky, and the sun gave the sand underfoot a warm and inviting feel.

    Tucked away a short walk from the docks, there was a small cove. It was here that the women gathered the chat as their children splashed around and enjoyed themselves along the tide pools. It was busy today, and the shrieks and giggles of children could be heard all the way from the docks. Further up shore, away from the splashing waves, a pack of women sat in the shade, occasionally waving to the children and keeping an ever-watchful eye upon them.

    A distance away, towards the edge of the cove, was a girl. In her late teens, and clearly a villager. She was draped around a wind-worn rock, her arms cradling her head, while her legs splayed out behind her, feet buried in the warm sand. Her posture made it clear she was watching over the main group, though her work was lazy and carefree for the time being.
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  2. He watched the sea occassionaly dipping his feet in to see the ripple affect it caused after a few moments he sat down in the sand not caring it it got over his trousers or not. He pulled out a small red apple he found earlier and sunk his teeth into it he would have carried on eating but the smell of fish put him off the apple in his hand
  3. Elsewhere along the cove. The day is not as tranquil as it looks. Despite the beauty of the day. A yound man trains relentlessly against local Bandits. His name is Draven and he is a bit of a loner. He sleeps in a tent just outside town. The local populace thinking him a recluse usually just leaves him be. After all his training gets rid of the Bandits around town so the children are safer to play outside. The Watcher can hear him. Sword singing through the air not far from her.
  4. Her eyes widened when she realized that the sounds she is hearing is not the clinking of the fishermen returning home, but instead the sound of fighting. Again?! She darted suddenly from her rock, her feet sinking into the sand and causing her to nearly face-fault back down. Thankfully, she caught herself in time, using that momentum to sprint off towards the sound of fighting.

    The villagers stared, and kids stopped with mouths agape, but after Lani disappeared from their sights, they quickly returned to their business. After all, it was a fairly common occurrence for their priestess to dart off at moment's notice. She knew things that the villagers would never understand.

    She was pale-faced by the time she reached the fight, staying back several yards to make sure she did not get in Draven's way. Despite the scene clearly playing out in front of her, her eyes darted all over, as if looking for some kind of solution to the fight.
  5. Draven is fighting four bandits and he may have bitten off slightly more than he could chew. He is wounded by one of the bandits. However he does not stop. Running is not in his vocabulary as he persists on. After a lengthy battle Draven does manage to win. However his wounds are getting to him. When the fight is over. Draven see's the priestess. He bows.....And proceeds to pass out before he can utter a word.
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  6. Neko stood slightly his white hair blowing from the wind as he heard something. He whistled and a large hawk flew over to him resting on his shoulder. He whisperd something to the bird and it flew over to find out what was making the sound.
  7. [the sympathetic assasin , please hop over to the OOC discussion please. I think we might have had a miscommunication.]

    A foot slides back as she watches, contemplating whether to turn tail and run or find some way to offer assistance. When the fight finally finishes, her expression is aghast.

    “Stupid...!” A grit of her teeth, and she was half-stomping to where the man was collapsed. With a wince, it was all too clear she knew how badly he was wounded, but she still couldn't shake her irritation. A glance back towards the coast, where the fight took place, and the remains of the monsters were slowly dissipating.

    Lani sighed as she crouched down, grunting with effort as she tried to pull the man's weight onto her smaller frame. She was no healer, and short of helping him to the bay, where others would be able to help carry him, was probably the best assistance she could offer.
  8. The hawk landed at her feet looking over the situation his large wings still held out making him look noble.

    Neko waited for his bird but in the meantime walked along the beach his feet sinking into the hot sand and the waves occassionally landing were his feet were.
  9. About an hour or two later Draven comes around. He takes a look around at all the people and ducks his head down. Thanking the Priestess for her assistance as he washes his face of blood. His back has a large cut on it that will most likley add another scar to him. He seems rather shy of the people.
  10. Scowling at the bird, Lani was in no mood to deal with any of the outsiders. As it happened, the monsters only became aggressive a few months after the first had arrived, and it had made only caused trouble for Lani, a priestess as well as a noncombatant. The only saving grace of the outsiders was their abilities to protect the village from the assaults.

    She didn't have long to contemplate this before Neko was in her sight. Her eyes narrowed, and she shifted the weight of Draven, who was draped across her back. She certainly was feeling too stubborn to ask for help, but the nagging reality that the man she was dragging might be fatally wounded continued to push her on.

    [And we have a time skip, I guess? I didn't want to just RP after Draven woke up, because that would be ignoring Neko.]

    She was completely drained by the time Draven came around, leaning against an outcropping of rocks on the beach. She looks up at the swordsman wearily when he comes to thank her, but eventually sighs and admits her defeat.

    “You should thank the matron. You're lucky she was here, or else you might not have lasted the entire way to the village.” With a stretch of her sore muscles, Lani dug her toes into the ground. She didn't have time to talk. Or at least, she wagered she didn't. If the monster attacks were getting severe enough to hurt the swordsman protecting them, they had a problem.

    Especially with Draven wounded. That only meant that even the weakest monsters would be a hazard to the village.
  11. Neko smiled to himself and called back the bird which landed on his shoulder he walked onto a patch of grass his feat still bare and he sat down on it lying down on the grass.
  12. Equally barefoot, Lani knew she needed to at least take some measures. Groaning to herself at what she knew she had to do, the girl indulged in one final toe-wiggle in the sand before pulling herself up and walked, rather stiffly, over to where Neko had laid down. She bent over, hands wresting on her knees, to peer down at him.

    “You can fight, right? I need you to help protect everyone while Daven is wounded.” It was matter-of-fact and straight to the point, but there was no time to beat around the bush when it came to the safety of the humans. At the very least, this measure would help until she could work out exactly why the monsters were attacking her home town in the first place.

    Though, to be honest, she was already fairly certain she knew.
  13. He raised himself up slightly resting on his arm the hawk still on his shoulder staring at lani "I have been trained to fight, yes" he said trying to be modest he hated bosting about that kind of stuff
  14. ( Im just gonna jump in, ok? )

    Without warning, a boy catapulted from out behind some rocks with a smallish, beetle-like monster clawing at his chest " Ah! Get it off! Get it off! " The child then proceeded to ram into a rock pile in order to squish the beetle, but that only right royally ticked it off, and it started biting even harder. " Kill it! Help! " He continued to wildly run around the place, ramming into what ever seemed heavy enough.
  15. Neko stood took the light wood bow of his back and shot an arrow at the monster attacking him. Neko hardly ever missed his target and the arrow landed exactly in the monsters eye
  16. The boy toppled over, severe cuts and lacerations staining the sand red. " Big bug, Big bug... " He whispered through the pain. He rolled onto his back and started hacking and wheezing, then he saw the beetle-like monster laying dead on his stomach. Then he screamed a ear-splitting scream, blood dribbling from the wounds.
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  17. "Here" neko said wrapping bandages around the boys cuts then walking back to were he was after all the wounds were coverd.
  18. She jumped at the sudden introduction of the boy, startled by the noise and hysterics. Unfortunately for the priestess, everything seemed to happen far too fast, and before she even had a chance to get the word out, the bug was dead.

    “One thing after another...” She groaned, walking to the boy after Neko had retreated, kneeling down to his level and looking over the corpse of the bug. It was a shame that the creature needed to die.

    “Are you alright?” She asked as she peered at him. His wounds had been treated already, but there was still the emotional shock that must have just happened. “That was quite the attack. What did you do to find yourself in that predicament?”
  19. Neko walked back to the bug and took out his arrow cleaning it the blood of it slightly then placing the bow back on his back. "Beast" he said lowly looking down at the dead bug
  20. The boy, looked at the priestess and mummered, " I w-w-was just going for a walk with mama and papa, then, then... T-then I saw this really nice f-flower growing near a mossy rock pile, t-then this giant bug just flew out and attacked me! " The boy was panting for breath, and started crying when he came to the pain.
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